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Celtics Post Two Wins for Season Opener

April 18, 2013

The Celtics played Awesome to start the season off.  I was so proud of the effort that was put into each game, but mostly the TEAMWORK and ATTITUDE displayed by these young men on the court.  This is going to be a great season, and these men are going to be better basketball players at the end of this season for sure!

I have to call out Jordan Davis for Defensive player of the night.  What a great job holding the big man from the Thunder to very limited points.  Mr. Clutch gos to Dominique Davis for his two Buzzer Beater buckets.  He gave the team a huge lift, and it was simply Awesome to see the smiles on all the boys as they came back to the huddle.  It is great to see this group of young men celebrating the success of one of their teamates.

Great Job Guys!  Keep up the hard work and effort!

Coach McGrew