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Team Captains need to make sure umpires know the rules and their responsibilities in order to ump.   [More Info]

  • Congratulations goes out to The Pirates for winning the Regular Season Championship!
  • Congratulations goes out to The Royals for winning the League A Playoff Championship!
  • Congratulations goes out to Magna for winning the League B Playoff Championship!
  • See Everyone Next Season!

Reminder: a new inning is not supposed to start if the time reads 10 minutes before the next scheduled game (i.e. 7:50 for the 8 pm game, 9:20 for the 9:30 game and 10:50 for the late game). Trying to squeeze in a final inning usually leads to one team feeling slighted due to perceived rule bending by the other in getting themselves out very quickly or stretching the time out to revert back to the score from the last completed inning. It also potentially cuts into the time for the next game.

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