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Dear West Branch Parents and Students,

Sadly West Branch Little Warriors Basketball will be shutting down operations indefinitely. Over the last few years many school districts that would traditionally participate in our league have had declining numbers within their youth basketball programs. I feel West Branch should be commended because we have not had that problem with overall numbers of players. Unfortunately due to those declining numbers at other schools, the stronger programs have been hesitant to come here. There just isn't enough teams to play. This season we have no schools willing to commit to our league without a solid number committed already. The financial strain from that is not something the league could not endure. The last four years have seen team totals go from 49 to 26 (not counting our travel teams). That is a difference of $4800. The lack of support for our fundraisers has also attributed to our financial strains. Wages for admission and concessions workers have also hurt us. Those were volunteer positions that we couldn't fill due to a lack of volunteers. Fiscally, the league is no longer viable.

We do have a plan to keep kids playing basketball at the youth level though. We will be coordinating with the Salem youth basketball organization located at the community center and centerplex. Forms will be handed out at school or available in the office or cafeteria. Many of you are familiar with the operations in that league and I'm sure you agree that they have a lot going for them over there and they will provide a great opportunity for our kids to play and learn basketball. Forms will also be available by link and to download and print from our Facebook page and website while the site is still operational. Damascus Friends Church will also be accepting registrations as well. They are a great option for kids in the area. I will attach their information and a link to their website below. If you have any questions please contact us through:

email at wblwbbpres@yahoo.com
Through messenger on the Facebook page.

Questions for Salem Youth Basketball should be directed to the Salem Community Center at:
- (330) 332-5885

- Forms can be downloaded in the "HANDOUTS" section.

- http://www.salemcommunitycenter.com/2-home/183-2015-2016-centerplex-youth-basketball-league.html

Questions for Damascus Friends Church should be directed to:
- JohnH@dfcnow.org

- https://www.facebook.com/DamascusFriendsSports/

- https://www.dfcnow.com/life-at-dfc/sports-ministry/

All of us here at WBLW Basketball appreciate your support over the years and will miss being part of this program greatly. We've long felt that our league has in many ways helped our school's success in basketball from the bottom to the top. We wish every parent and student good luck in the future and hope that you all get on a court and continue playing basketball.