Championship Series

Congratulations to the Stars on winning the 2018 League Championship  

  • Championship Game 2: Stars 15 Remax Renegades 2
  • Congratulation Stars !!! 2018 League Champions
  • Championship Game 1: Stars 10 Remax Renegades 0


2018 News:

We welcome West Scranton to the Wayne County Jr. Babe Ruth League.

As we did in 2017, 2018 we will implement the new Babe Ruth recommendations on pitch counts, this will be a departure from the inning count we followed in the past.   See handout section for new 2017 rule changes.  150 pitches max per week (Monday thru Sunday), 95 pitches max per game / day.  Up to 45 pitches no days of rest required, 46 to 75 pitches 1 calendar day of rest required, 76 to 95 pitches 2 calendar days of rest required.  A new week does not eliminated the days of rest requirement.  See handout section for official copy of league pitching rules. 

League plays starts May 20, most teams will play their first games at Cooperstown Doubleday Field.

League play will continue with games 3 days a week til around end of June.

Playoffs start July 2nd.

Honesdale Stars - Lee Donat 570-647-7502 cell  

Honesdale Eagles - Pete Goyette 570-470-6882 cell

REMAX Reneagades - Ed Hart 570-470-2060 cell

Forest City - Art Bronson (Kate) 570-470-4890 cell

Valley View - Steve Straka 570-499-2327 cell

North Pocono Blue Demons - Dan Hanna 570-351-3154 cell

North Pocono Orange Crush - Eric Lafave 570-780-1120 cell

Minooka - Tim Higgins 570-575-4306 cell

West Scranton 1 - Tim McHale 570-906-4647 cell

West Scranton 2 - Jack Gariety 570-351-4241 cell

Additional team contacts & email links under the teams tab.