2019 Registration Form

The 2019 Registration Form is available [HERE]

Registration Update From Register (Mike Benedict)

I know a lot of you are wondering about registration and why things seem to be moving slow this year so I thought I would type up an update to our members and explain our changes.

SNS has decided to leave Goaline and move to Demosphere for registration purposes. We usually have online registration open by March 1 but we received our login info on March 15.This has meant that I had to set up WHUSA  personal registration for the first time, including  all forms, waivers, pricing, age groups with years, and the list goes on and on. Been working on this since March 15 and finally have it open.

Demoshere offers a great deal more info and uses for WHUSA and seems to be a lot more user friendly for our members (parents). The biggest change is allowing you to register online and pay at one of our registrations dates if you are unable to pay online.

My ask of you

My ask of you to make this transition a lot easier is register your players online and pay online if possible. You can also register online and log back in and make a payment at a later date, or bring cash or cheque to one of our registrations. If you don’t have access to a computer or internet we will assist you at the Registrations. Our goal is to be paperless this year, but as this is a new system and unsure of how good internet will be at registration sites, we may have to revert back to paper at last minute.

I have tested the online registration and it seems easier than goaline.

By  registering your players online you will be able to ensure data is entered correctly as all info we had on players are not transferable from Goaline so we are starting with a blank program.

I would like to thank you in advance for having patience and I have put more detail in our

Registration Info document

Sincerely Yours

Mike Benedict

REGISTRATION for 2019 is now posted . There has been changes to age groups and prices.











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