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Concession Stand Policy
(Families of each player are required to work at least 2 games)

West Lynn Little League is a volunteer-run organization.  We require families of all the players to volunteer, for at least two games, in support of a successful organization. 

It is very easy to do and does not require any prior experience.  We will provide training and post instructions on how to work the concession stand. 

We appreciate your cooperation! 

Registration Fees


Registration Fees*

4-5 Years old   $75.00

6-8 Years old $100.00

9-12 Years old $125.00


Siblings Fees 

(oldest child pays highest then siblings receive discount - max $300 per family)

4-5 Years old $50.00

6-8 Years old $75.00

9-12 Years old $75.00 


*Includes uniform shirt, hat and socks