• Fundamentals Instruction & Fun Focus for the Entire Roster
  • Qualified CDC & USA Football Trained Coaching Staff
  • Perfect for new players to build basic skills before High School
  • Everyone Plays!

Westmoreland Saints Football

The Westmoreland Saints football program includes flag football for players from K through 8th grade and tackle football for 5th-6th and 7th-8th grade.  We understand and address the real concerns today's parents have in regards to playing football by offering flag through 8th grade and doing tackle the right way - focusing on fundamentals and fun for the entire roster while limiting contact in practice to that needed to teach safer tackling and blocking techniques.  In doing so, we hope to preserve the experience and opportunity for kids to play a sport that can quite simply be the greatest experience a kid can have in their athletic career.


Our flag program includes 1 to 2 practices per week and games on Saturdays from late September through late November.  Our flag practices focus on teaching basic fundamentals of the game such as running routes, pass defense, angles of pursuit, throwing, catching, reacting, and a lot of speed and agility type work.  In fact, many of our players from tackle also play flag as a way to get extra work (think of it as a 7 on 7 type activity).  Plus, it's extremely FUN!  Likewise, our tackle program is very focused on basic skills and fundamentals and our season typically runs from the last week in July through early October with 3 practices per week and games on Saturdays or Sundays.


As required by our organizational bylaws, the Saints will be coached by a qualified staff dedicated to teaching every player on the roster.  ALL of our coaches will be certified through USA Football's "Heads Up" Program.  In addition, our team only plays other teams also certified through the Heads Up Program.  Many of our coaches have played at the college level and have previously coached the game at various levels and we all believe in our program's major focus: to instill core fundamentals and prepare each player for high school while at the same time prioritizing safety and fun for the entire roster.


Our program is a great introduction to the sport for players who are new to football, but as any past player can attest to, our team and schedule are competitive for even veteran players.  We hold onto the belief that programs at this age should remain focused on maximizing the development of as many players as possible.  Our job is to develop the entire roster to the maximum extent and let the high school staffs decide who will be in their starting lineup.  Finally, our program will be designed around the latest player safety recommendations as we are one of the very few programs in the entire area 100% compliant with the Head's Up Program, which is designed to teach players how to minimize head to head contact, restricts the amount of full contact practices, and includes training/certification as well as extensive background checks and clearances for EVERY coach.  If you're considering signing up but would like additional information, we encourage you to contact anyone you might know who played for the Saints in the past!  Or contact one of the coaches listed below.


For additional information or to find out how you can help, please contact one of the following members of the Westmoreland Saints Board of Directors:



Rob Dlugos – 724-255-4871 / dlugos1059@comcast.net



Mike Lucotch – 412-780-5105 / mlucotch@comcast.net



The Football Decision

If you have 30 minutes, this video includes some very important statistics to keep in mind when digesting many of today's attention-grabbing headlines and at the same time making the most informed decision you can with your own child.




8th Grade MVP Awards

Congratulations to each of our 8th grade MVP award winners:

2014: Brando Ciccarelli - QB/OLB

2015: Luke Mazowiecki - RB/OLB

2016: Jack Pedrosky - OL/DE/LB

2017: Danny Dlugos - RB/HB/LB/DE

2018: Nate Dlugos - QB/OLB/S