2018 Berlin 9/10 Tournament Champs!




Little League Baseball is run by volunteers. We need support from everyone to make the league successful. A completed volunteer form, found on our website, is required for all volunteers.

PARENTS can support their children best by providing positive reinforcement on the sidelines during a game. Also, make sure your child is on time for the game and attends practices as directed by the coach. Make sure your child is rested and properly nourished before a practice or game so that they can give their best effort. Set the right example for the children by not criticizing the coaches and umpires during a game. All of us benefit from positive energy on and off the field. Our umpires and coaches are volunteers and give their best effort and many, many hours of their time and for that they deserve our support and respect. And since we are all volunteers, occasional missed calls will happen and questionable coaching decisions will likely happen at times. It is part of the game (even in professional baseball!) and through these difficulties we learn to accept life’s bumps graciously and to move on to our next at-bat or baseball game with our love of the game intact.

If you have questions regarding West Salisbury Little League, please feel free to contact me, Kristen Wheatley, directly at 443-359-1389. We encourage you to check for any updates



Are you a contractor, company owner or executive? There are a variety of sponsorships available. We have over 250 players (plus fans and families) who would be exposed to your business. Ask a board member for details.

Monies raised by your generous support carry out the Little League Pledge of assisting youth in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being through proper guidance and exemplary leadership. The Little League program teaches our youth about sportsmanship and team building while competing in a healthy environment. West Salisbury Little League is a non-profit organization, supported by donations from businesses and people like you. Keep us on your list for future donations.


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