Live it - Learn it - Love it.

Confucius Says:

"One who is out on a called third strike has no one to blame but themself.  There is no excuse one can give to justify standing there and letting the ball go by when you already have two strikes against you."

About WGS

WGS is a community based not-for-profit corporation established and maintained to provide a summer recreational softball program for the girls of Westchester and nearby suburbs.  The league is organized into four main divisions: Softball School, which is an instructional camp on Saturday mornings to teach girls in K through first grade the fundamentals of the sport; Juniors, a competitive group of teams for second through fourth graders that play against each other on Wednesdays and Fridays while still maintaining that learning base; Minors, for fifth through eighth grade girls where the competition on Tuesdays and Thursdays gets tough and teams vie for divisional and end of season tournament honors; Majors - high school level play where players vie against their friends on Mondays and Wednesdays to see who can be top dog in the division and tournament race.  We may be slow pitch, but we are still damned competitive and loads of fun.


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