• 2016 Washington Heights Athletic Association Soccer Sign-ups are open!


Fall Soccer Sign-ups Now Open!

2018 Fall Soccer Sign-ups

Ages 2 - 15

Registration Fee:

Little Kickers $30 (+$20 fundraiser)

Midgets & Juniors $40 (+$20 fundraiser)

Majors & Masters $40 (+$20 fundraiser)


(Fee includes a 10 game season, uniform and participation trophy at the completion of the season as long as the player sells/pays for the fundraiser tickets.  Fundraiser tickets are $20 and will need to be paid up front with the registration fee).

Are you looking for a quality competently run soccer program for your child(ren)?  Are you looking for a program that won't kill your budget?  Here it is!  Sixteen years of experience running In-House and Travel Soccer is teaming up with the Washington Heights Athletic Association to bring you a NEW Soccer Program.

**Any questions, please call Nicole at 412-608-0088


June 9, 2018        Olympia Field          1 PM - 3 PM

                             1001 Virginia Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15211


June 24, 2018      Olympia Field          2 PM - 4 PM

                             1001 Virginia Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15211


July 8, 2018          Olympia Field          2 PM - 5 PM

                             1001 Virginia Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15211


**If you are unable to sign up in person, you can sign up online.  You must mail you registration fee and fundraiser fee in upon completion of online sign up .**




Our new email address is whaasoccer@hotmail.com .  

Most of our communication to our parents, players, officials and sponsors is done via email.  Don't be left out!







The WHAA Soccer program is searching for a few referees.  We need referees for our upcoming Fall Season.

If interested, please email Nikki at whaasoccer@hotmail.com.





Let me be clear as to what drives our referees out of officiating. IT IS ABUSE. Abuse by coaches, spectators and parents. This practice must stop and the adult referees MUST show an example to our younger referees that ABUSE will not be tolerated.

It appears that some are confused about what is actually ABUSE. Let’s be clear. WPA referees are to follow the guidelines listed below. Share these with your fellow referees before and after the game and reinforce that ABUSE will not be tolerated.

  1. Inform both coaches that ABUSE will not be tolerated by the coaching staff, spectators or parents. If there is ABUSE, the game will be terminated.
  2. If during the game, there are signs of abuse, inform the coach that the next outburst will result in termination

So what is ABUSE? What are the signs as to when the referee should get involved? Not limited to:

  1. Constant complaining from the bench.
  2. Questioning every decision
  3. Sarcastic remarks
  4. Personal attacks-----SEND THE COACH OFF IMMEDIATELY
  5. Gyrating actions
  6. Kicking or throwing objects-----SEND THE COACH IMMEDIATELY
  7. Unpleasant comments by the spectators or parents----NOTIFY THE COACH THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED
  8. Personal attacks on any member of the officiating crew-----TEMINATE GAME IMEDIATELY
  10. File report
  11. Call the SRA, Peggy Neason with details

Let’s be clear, this is not the case in every game and there are certain teams, spectators and parents who have a reputation of abuse. Focus on these teams and raise your awareness level. 

Protect our younger referees. They do not deserve the abuse. The question you must ask yourself.
Would I want my son or daughter or my mom or dad to be treated like this? If the answer is no, then you should not take the ABUSE either.