• Welcome To The Willows Swim Club
  • Opening Special - Purchase a New Bonded Membership
  • and the Registration Fee will be waived !
  • EMail WillowsSwimClub@outlook.com with any questions.

Mid Season Special ! - Purchase a Bonded Membership by August 24, 2018 OR UNTIL BONDS ARE SOLD OUT and the $175.00 Registration Fee will be waived. We are currently pro-rating the maintenance fee portion of the bonded membership to $ 150.00 for the remainder of the 2018 season.  Cost for Bonded Membership is $ 450.00 for the bond and $ 150.00 for the remainder of the 2018 season for a total of $ 600.00  In 2019 and beyond you would be responsible for the whole season maintenance fee.

   Please email WillowsSwimClub@outlook.com for more information.


Hours: Everyday 10:30 - 8:30 and Friday until 10:00 pm  



Welcome to the Willows Swim Club!

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Come enjoy the free Wi-Fi at our member-owned, 6 acre pool, tennis and recreational club which is located at 22 Sand Hill Road, Kendall Park, NJ. Free swim lessons for members of all ages. Our pools have been completely resurfaced and are now the newest in the area! 

Memberships are always available! For more information please see the Prospective Member FAQ’s above or email us at WillowsSwimclub@outlook.com