WSFL IV Championship Sunday!!

Hellooooo WSFL Players!!

Well, here we are...the last freaking Sunday of the year. Can you believe it??

From April to December 3rd, over 30+ Sundays, over 270+ games played, over 5,000 hangovers, and it's all coming down to this last one of the year.

This Sunday, we've got the Semi-Finals and Championship of the WSFL IV Fall League. 

The Semi-Final teams will arrive at 11am and can take their time and warm up and probably start around 11:30, and then the Championship will be immediately following on Field 2.

Then the after party and the presentation of The Cowger Cup will be at Kilo Bravo until all hours of the night.

Should be a great last Sunday of the year, until we dream it all up again come February and then Spring Training in March.

So, if you're free and around and want to hang out with your peeps, come on down!!

Good luck to all the teams!!


WSFL IV Playoffs! How does it work?!

Helloooooo Managers and Players of the WSFL IV!!

I had a lot of questions yesterday in regards to the Playoff Structure (all caps) so this is how it goes.

Only 8 out of the 12 teams will make the playoffs, however, every team will have a chance to make it no matter your record.

The "regular season" will be the first 6 weeks (Oct 1st to Nov 5th) of the season.

On Week 7 (Nov 12th) it will be the play-in week.

The top 4 teams on Week 7 will automatically make the playoffs. They will all play each other for 1-4 seeding. 1 vs 2 and 3 vs 4. If 2 can catch 1, or 4 can catch 3 then playing each other will play out with the tiebreakers, which are head-to-head, RA and coin flip. 

The bottom 8 will play each other in a wildcard round. The 4 winners of those games will advance to the playoffs. This means if your team is 0-6 and if you win that game, you will still advance to the playoffs. We are doing this so that every team has a chance all season long to make the playoffs and no teams bail out.

After that, we will seed teams 1-8.

Week 1 of the playoffs will be Nov 19.

We then take the next week off for Thanksgiving.

Week 2 will be Semi-finals and Championship on Dec 3. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.



WSFL IV Opening Day!

Helloooooo WSFL IV Players!!

Alright, the schedule is set, the fields will be set, the umps will be there...the games are ready to go...let's start Fall Ball!

Good luck to all the teams and players. This is going to be a fantastic season!


WSFL IV is Ready to Go!!

Alright, players and fans of the WSFL IV!

Sign ups are officially closed, the draft sheet is getting put together and things are moving forward. 

I will be picking names out of a hat to decide draft order tonight at 9pm. If you have nothing better to do in your life, feel free to join. Just follow Holland Cowger and I'll be there.

Draft night is Friday, September 22nd beginning at 7pm sharp at Kilo Bravo.

Everyone is invited to attend and watch the madness go down.

As of right now, Fall League Opening Day is October 1st. Again this is all dependent upon weather, but as of right now, the weather for the last Sunday of the year for the Summer League looks perfect, so we should be good to go.

Once you are drafted, your manager will reach out to you. Do not freak out if it takes a day or so, there's 180 players and 15+ per team, so it might take a few minutes to get organized. In the event you do not get contacted at all for days on end, then let me know as there may have been an error.

Speaking of managers, here are your teams!!

Manager Co-Manager Team Name Sponsor
Gerald Nina Smart Beer O.O.C. Smart Beer
Cesar Caitlin Pura The Crush The Bedford
Mallory Q Kilo Bravo Fireballs Kilo Bravo
Richie Formato Katie Formato Dirty Dancers  
Kevin Conway/Nat D-Lo RSC RSC
Graham Megan McCarren Magic  Mister Dips
Justin Moench Francesca Romano Ducks on the Pond  Parkview Market
Petemo Stephanie Gall McCarren Hops The Gibson
Dave Martin Moira McCarren All-Stars  
Breezy/Bobby Kahala Clam's Clem's 
Henri Falconi Corey Hanewich Sons of Pitches Soft Spot
Nick Delia Kristen Miller  Spritzenhause Sausage Party  Spritzenhause 


 Alright, let's have a great draft and then we'll be out there in a little over a week for Opening Day of Fall WSFL IV!!


- H