September 1, 2018

Gord T - John 4 1 2 10 (all done)

Glen - Nick 4 3 0 8 (all done)

Bob - Fred 3 1 2 8(Wayne/Oz to be scheduled)

Gord McD - Steve  3 3 0 6 (Wayne and Oz on Labor Day and on a roll)

Tom - Dave  2 3  2 6 (all done )

Richard - Ken 2 4 1 5 (all done)

Lil Bob - Mac 2 4 0 4 ( Wayne/Oz)

Wayne/Oz 1 2 1 3 ( 1 scheduled, 2 more the commish will rule on )




Standings Aug 28

August 28, 2018

Gord T - John 4 1 2 10 (all done)

Glen - Nick 4 3 0 8 (all done)

Bob - Fred 3 1 2 8(Wayne/Oz to be scheduled)

Gord McD - Steve  3 3 0 6 (Wayne and Oz on Labor Day and on a roll)

Richard - Ken 2 4 1 5 (all done)

Lil Bob - Mac 2 4 0 4 ( Wayne/Oz)

Tom - Dave  1 3  2 4(Wayne/Oz on Saturday )

Wayne/Oz 1 1 1 3 ( 2 scheduled, 2 more the commish will rule on )




Details to follow

August 29, 2018

Sitting on the Garrison patio Tom and Dave came by and shared stories about a comeback tie against Bob and Fred.  2 down after 15 Tom nad Dave won 16 and 18 to gain a halve.  Details to come. 

Mac and Bobby win another one

August 26, 2018

A win over Tom and Dave 

Working men play hooky

August 22, 2018

On Wednesday afternoon, August 22nd four working men played hooky and met on the playing fields of Loyalist (Garrison too wet for carts and Mac needed one) to determine which team really is the cream of this year's Waterfield teams. It was one heck of a match.
    FIrst the headlines:
   Steve and GMcD didn't really have much of a chance against such an onslaught of birdies. Or did they ...?

Now the details:
#1. S/G dodge a bullet when Bobby takes three from the fringe to tie Steve's bogey.
#2. S/G dodge another bullet when Bobby three putts. GMcD unexpectedly drills a ten-footer in for par and it's S/GA 1 up.
#3. Bobby uses driver and goes into the hazard. Mac struggles but still has a chance until he leaves his net par putt one pubic hair short. S/G make net pars and they are now up 2.
#4. Mac stroking on a par 3 but can't make it pay. S/G dodge a bullet when Bobby takes three from the fringe. GMCD hammers his birdie putt 12 feet past the hole - uphill!! But he unexpectedly drops the come backer for par and the win. S/G 3 up.
#5. Mac scrambles to get on in 4 then rolls in his 40 footer for net birdie. S/G back to 2 up and the momentum has shifted.
#6. But not for long. Bobby leaves his 40 foot downhill putt 20 feet short and misses the par. GMcD makes his par and S/G are back to 3 up.
#7. Bobby gets over the pond in two and eventually makes par. GMcD has a long birdie putt and blows it 18 feet by. He misses that one, makes net par and it's still S/G 3 up.
#8. Bobby and GMcD are both on. S/G dodge a bullet when Bobby's birdie putt just misses. He and GMcD make pars. S/G still 3up.
#9. Steve loses his drive right and hits a provisional. Booby creams his drive down the middle then puts his second 30 feet above the hole. Then Miracle of Miracles - Steve finds his ball in great shape having doinged it off a tree. He lays up just short. Bobby leaves his birdie putt 15 feet short and doesn't get it to go. Steve gets it up and down for a shocking win and it's S/G 4 up at the turn. Bobby has hit the ball 42 times. Half of them have been putts! That's when things really begin to turn around.
#10. Bobby leaves his second six feet above the hole. Steve sculls his to 50 feet above the hole. But they both take two putts for their pars. Mac also makes par. S/G 4 up.
#11. GMcD has a short putt for par when Mac knocks it in from off the green for 3 net 2 and the win. The momentum has clearly shifted. S/G 3 up.
#12. Bobby drives it 310 yds down the middle and eventually makes birdie. Mac makes net birdie. S/G only 2 up and fading fast.
#13. Mac makes another two putt par. He is on a tear. But everyone else makes par too and it's a push. S/G have stopped the bleeding. Temporarily.
#14. Steve and Bobby both hit the green and make tap in pars. Still S/G 2 up.
#15 Steve and Bobby both make pars. Mac has an uphill putt for net birdie but it stays out. S/G 2 up
#16. Bobby over-cooks his approach into the rough behind the green. Everyone else has a chance for birdie. With the shot of the day, Bobby chips in for birdie. Mac also makes his. Steve and GMcD do not and their lead has dwindled to 1.
#17. Steve and Bobby both hit the green and make two putt pars. S/G still 1 up and dormie and they haven't won a hole in two hours.
#18. Mac goes right. Not o/b but in deep rough. Bobby is thinking a mid-iron to the green for his second shot and a putt for eagle. He hammers his drive. Hard. Right. Way right. Long gone. Three off the tee eventually leads to 7. Mac is stroking but can't do better than 7. Steve and Gord are astounded and grateful for the unexpected gifts. They play conservatively and make pars. The match finishes S/G 2 up. But it so easily could have been otherwise.

Mac 53-45 98 net 74
Bobby 42-38 80 net 73
Steve 42-40 82 net 74
GMcD 43-44 87 net 71

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And it's one, two, three putts you're out..

August 22, 2018

Glen and Nick played their final round robin match on Wednesday matching up against Wayne and Ozzie. Nick highlighted early sinking three twelve footers in the first three holes to start level par and give he and Glen a two up lead after two. Three was a half as Ozzie had rolled in a forty footer before Nick's twelve footer. Trending downwards Nick took 4 from 60 yards including three putts to halve 4. Wayne rolled one in from off the green to win 5. Ozzie rolled one in from the front of the 8th green to a very deep white pin to halve 8. Nick 3 putted 9 from twenty feet to hand a half to W/O. 1 up Glen/Nick at the turn. 

A bogey wins 11 for Ozzie. Glen 3 putts 12 and that hole is halved. Glen is the only one to hit 13 but that is a non issue as Ozzie holes out from 40 yards. One up Wayne/Oz. 

Nick misses from two feet on 14. No blood. Glen rolls in a 60 footer on 15 but he has gone ob and his bogey is not good enough. 2 up W/O.

16 sees Glen win with a double. back to 1 up W/O

17 sees Glen ob and Nick ob but then back in bounds. No worries. Ozzie calmly chips to four feet and makes the only par. All over 2 and 1 for Wayne and Ozzie.

Wayne and Ozzie definitely win the short game challenge. Well done.



A bit more detail

August 24, 2018

In a battle to end all battles Steve and Gord did their utmost to humiliate Ricky and Ken. But was that enough. Read on.

After 9 holes of give and take things were all tied up. But after 10 and 11 R/K were two down. Bummer!

But...Birdie,par,par,net eagle and R/K were 2 up standing on the 16th tee. So sweet. Two clutch  putts from Ricard on 16 and 17 saw them through to a famous ham and egg victory.

2and 1.

Ricky and Ken formally ask Nick for the coveted wild card spot in the playoffs. We feel we're just getting started.

Incidentally on two occasions Steve was granted permission to move his ball to a more favourable spot on the green. They gave us a big Zero in putts conceded. Shame!

Steve   approx 80

Gord approx  92

Richard Approx 90

Ken Approx  87


August 20, 2018

Gord T - John 4 1 2 10 (all done)

Glen - Nick 4 2 0 8 (playing Wayne/Oz this Wednesday)

Bob - Fred 3 1 1 7 (Tom and Dave this Friday and Wayne/Oz to be scheduled)

Gord McD - Steve  2 2 0 4 (3 to go and on a roll)

Tom - Dave  1 2 1 3 (2 scheduled and wayne/Oz to schedule)

Richard - Ken 1 4 1 3 (Just Steve and McD to go)

Lil Bob - Mac 1 3 0 2 ( Mac is back. 3 to schedule)

Wayne/Oz 0 1 1 1 ( 1 scheduled. 4 more to get played)



A brief report

August 24, 2018

Ken and RickY bear McD and Steve 2&1
Details to follow 

Does this mean that we secured the wildcard spot?
Seems reasonable. 

Tom and Dave break into the win column

August 14, 2018

On a day that scared most golfers away tom and Dave braved rain and thunder to race out to a four up lead after 12 over Ken and Richard. Light on details but Tom had to make birdie on the very last hole (#9) to fend off a ferocious come back and secure a 1 up victory.

Waterfield March of the Ventiry

August 17, 2018

Late in the afternoon of Friday August 17th under threatening skies, two of strongest teams ever assembled in the history of the Waterfield Tray completion met to determine supremacy (and year-long bragging rights). Fred and Bob came in with a sterling record that put them at the top of the standings while Steve and GMcD were seeking to extend their winning streak (of one in a row) on their drive to make the playoffs. 
First, the headlines:
Fred and Bob go par or better on 15 holes!
Fred and Bob out-putt their opponents by nine putts - 57 to 66!!
Steve can’t buy a putt over 6 feet!
GMcD misses s crucial 3-footer on 10!
Okay, Steve and GMcD were somewhat out of their league and didn’t really have s chance. Or did they ... ?
Here are the details:

#1. Fred gets things started by rolling in a long one from off the green to salvage a tie against Steve’s par and GMcD’s net par. All square. But not for long.
#2. Fred gets it down in two from off the green at the back and makes the only par. F&B 1 up and the rout has begun.
#3. The rout continues. Fred and Bob make pars. Their opponents do not and it’s F&B 2 up after 3.
#4. All stroking against Steve. Bob not a factor but Fred makes yet another great up and down for par/net birdie. Steve also pars but it’s not good enough. GMcD has made a good third shot from the willows left to pin high and two putts for par/net birdie to stop the bleeding. F&B 2 up
#5. Two excellent shots by Steve put him in birdie range. He comes up just short and taps in for par which is looking very good. That is until Fred andBob both get it up and down. Again. No blood. Fred and Bob 2 up.
#6. Fred and Gord are stroking and lay up right. Bob and Steve are long down the middle. They both have long birdie putts. They both have pretty long par putts. Okay, Bob’s was only three feet. But they both miss. Fred also three putts. GMcD makes bogey/net par and graciously accepts the kind and unexpected gift. F&B 1 up.
#7. Fred and GMcD both on, Steve and Bob close. Four pars. Still F&B 1 up.
#8. Steve on in reg and his birdie putt comes up just short. Bob makes another great up and down (as does GMcD) and it’s a push. F&B 1 up
#9. Steve on in reg and his birdie putt comes up just short. Bob makes yet another great up and down for the push. Is there a pattern here? F&B 1 up at the turn. Bob has had 12 putts, Fred 14!
#10. GMcD stroking. Rolls his 80 foot third from off the green to three feet above the hole. Fred andBob have both made up and down pars (so what else is new?). But a make by GMcD will give his team the win and tie up the match. It does not happen. The ball does not even scare the hole. Ouch! GMcD is cursing and asking the Golf Goddess for one more chance. Soon. F&B 1 up
#11. GMcD’s second chance comes immediately. He leaves his tee shot three feet from the cup and this time strokes it solidly into the hole for birdie. Bob comes close but no cigar. Finally, after F&B have held the lead for two hours, the teams are back to all square.But not for long,
#12. Everyone is either on or close. Steve and GMcD get theirs close from75 feet. Bob and Fred do not and they cannot convert. For the first time all day it’s S&G 1 up. But not for long.
#13. Bob and Fred make solid two putt pars. GMcD goes brain-dead and makes double. Steve can’t get up and down from the fringe and its back to all square, 
#14. Bob goes AWOL, Steve rolls into back trap. GMcD is on but 70 feet away. Fred is 15 feet behind him In the fringe. Fred makes a fine chip to 12 feet,GMcD makes a fine putt to 4 feet. Fred makes the uphill putt (was there any doubt? No). Then GMcD makes his (was there any doubt? Yes). Still all square.
#15. All stroking off Steve. Advantage Fred and Bob. But they squander the advantage - Fred goes hazard and Bob goes o/b left. Steve makes routine par, GMcD makes net birdie and for only the second time all day it’s S&G 1 up.
#16. Fred and Bob make superb chips and have makeable par putts. Steve is chipping from the front fringe and has to get it close. The tension gets to him, he looks early and HE SCULLS IT. It’s going to go 30 feet by. But the line is good and the speeding ball strikes the flagstick. The ball could ricochet anywhere. It chooses to go down. Into the hole! BIRDIE!! Instead of being all square, all of a sudden it’s S&G 2 up and dormie.
#17. GMcD is stroking. Fred and Bob decide that they need a birdie. And damned if Fred doesn’t do just that! He drops a 20-footer from above the hole. Bob also comes close.That should send the match to 18. But wait. GMcD has hit his his 160 yard approach to pin high 18 feet left and slightly downhill. He leaves the lag four inches away, taps in for net birdie and it’s all over. S&G 2 and 1.

A match for the ages!

Fred 40-39 79 net 67
Bob 39-41 80 net 70
Steve 39-38 77 net 69
GMcD 42-39 81 net 65. 

         Your humble scribe

GT and John finish round robin

August 6, 2018
Playing off GT, John and Ken get 4 strokes , Ricky 6 .

Decision by KEN to play the less enjoyable White tees. 
To keep this brief Gord/John are C.S. ( City Slickers ) Ken/Ricky are C.B ( Country Bumpkins of course ) 
First Nine …. No highlights for C.S. …. Ricky hits a good drive on the 1st then butchers the next 3 before rolling in an 11ft. putt for 5 net 4 and the win . Ken makes a nice birdie on 7 . C.B. 2 up after 9 
Net pars is all that can be produced on 10 . Gord birdies 11 and then a good save on 12 and we are all square . Ken makes another birdie on 13 to take lead again . Ricky saves the tie on 14 with a good par putt. Ken makes a historic par 5 ( net 4 ) to tie Johns more routine score . 
16 ….John hits a lovely pitch to 44” above the hole . Roles in a perfect putt ( his longest putt in a while but that is a separate story ) to win the hole and tie the match . 
17 …. Ricky has a stroke but uses it up too quickly . GT in the sand , Ken and John on the green but far away . Gt hits adequate sand shot . Ken and Johns first putt can only get to 6- 7 feet . Gord makes his 20 footer . Ken lips out his par attempt . C.S 1 up. Gord is the only one to make the long trip to the back pin of the 18th in regulation. Ken’s 3rd from a long distance shows promise but the Golf Gods direct it into the cart sigh and then into the front bunker . Ken is there for a bit . Match over . Another nail biter 
Gord 44/37 = 81 = 73 , John 45,39 = 84 = 71 , Ken 83 = 70 , Ricky 90 = 74 ( i Believe )

The standings

August 10, 2018

Glen - Nick 4 2 0 8

Gord T - John 3 1 2 8

Bob - Fred 3 0 1 7

Richard - Ken 1 2 1 3

Gord McD - Steve  1 2 0 2

Lil Bob - Mac 1 3 0 2 

Wayne/Oz 0 1 1 1

Tom - Dave  0 1 1 1



July 13, 2018
On the afternoon of Friday the 13th (of July, 2018) arguably two of the strongest teams ever assembled for the Waterfield Cup (okay, the Waterfield Trays) Competition - Tom Terrific and Davie G and Dr. Steve and GMcD - met to determine who would claim bragging rights for this Millenium. It was a match for the ages.
   First, the headlines:
   No one could possibly withstand the incredible onslaught of pars and birdies unleashed by TT and DG. Or could they ...? Read on.
   And now the details:
#1. TT and DG both make pars. McD can only tie them net with a sloppy net par. But Dr.S has hit his drive over the hazard right and put his second right but it gets a great hop and rolls to 6 feet. He makes the putt for BIRDIE! And it's Dr.S/GMcD 1 up. But that won't last long. Like maybe ten minutes.
#2. DG and McD are both in good shape for birdies - McD 12 feet above and DG 8 feet below. McD misses. DG makes - for BIRDIE! And it's All Square.
#3. Four lousy bogeys. No blood.
#4. A stroke hole for all so Dr.S goes AWOL. TT and DG make pars - Net Birdies. McD chips from the front to a back pin and leaves it 12 past and above the hole. Dr.S gives him the read and McD executes. Net Birdie. No blood.
#5. McD needs three shots just to get it past the hazard in front of the tee and takes his first (but not his last) 7. Dr.S is in good position right but chunks his chip and eventually makes 6 leaving Dave to chip it up from the front fringe with his fourth and can the bogey putt for the win. TT and DG 1 up and the rout appears to be on.
#6. McD is stroking. He could lay up but Dr.S talks him into going for it. Is that a good idea? In this case, yes because he gets his drive to 9 iron distance, his pitch to 18 feet below the hole, and with a perfect read from Dr.S the putt drops for BIRDIE! NET EAGLE! Steve, by the way, made a nice par. TT and (wet) DG did not. Match All Square.
#7. Four routine pars and it's still All Square.
#8. Dr.S goes long and left-ish with his drive, long and right-ish with his second. In fact, he's off the green and chipping back to a red pin. TT makes par, DG chunks a chip and makes bogey as does McD (net par). Dr.S chips up the hill, then down the hill then, incredibly INTO THE CUP for his second BIRDIE of the day (I'm guessing a 1 in 1000 shot) and, against all odds, it's Dr.S/McD 1 up.
#9. Dr.S puts his drive into the bushes right. Or so he thought. After hitting his provisional twice he finds his first ball. Playable. But also too late.McD pulls his second badly but has a shot which he leaves pin high right. TT is nicely on He leaves his birdie putt a centimetre away. McD two putts for par. No blood and it's Dr.S/GMcD 1 up at the turn.
#10. McD gets it on but three putts from 75 feet for net par. TT makes a solid par. No blood. Dr.S still 1 up, but fading.
#11. DG plays it perfectly for tap-in par. No one else does. The match is back to All Square.
#12. DG is hot. A long drive down the left to the 100 and a perfect pitch to 6 feet. (But then, we all know that DG has perfect pitch.) McD hits one in from 125 and leaves himself an 18 foot uphill left breaking putt. He gets the read from Dr.S and the putt drops for BIRDIE! Then DG calmly strokes his in for BIRDIE! These guys are good!! And it's still All Square.
#13. TT is in the trap right and, channelling Mac, takes out his putter. He gets it to 35 feet and then puts the dagger in by sinking the putt. A two-putt sandie! That gives DG license to go for the birdie from 25 that just stays left. McD is on and has a shot but leaves it left and taps in for par. Still All Square.
#14. While walking down the fairway, McD happens to mention to TT that there have been six birdies so far, two for everyone but him. That turns out to be a big mistake because TT now goes flag hunting. DG has gone right but hits a phenomenal shot through the leaves to the back of the green. Then TT hits an incredible chip to 8 feet. Dr.S is in the front trap in 2. Also 3. McD leaves his approach a little short but he can still putt it and gets it close enough for gimme par. TT lines up his birdie par and ... leaves it a centimetre low. Still All Square.
#15. Everybody stroking on Steve. Dave gets wet. Steve makes a fine par but it's not going to be good enough. TT is 15 feet above the hole and McD is 14 feet right. TT lines up his birdie putt and this time ... it misses left by a centimetre. Dr.S gives McD the read and, incredibly, it drops for BIRDIE! NET EAGLE! (And his third birdie of the day - that may never have happened before in Waterfield competition.) Dr.S/GMcD back to 1 up with three to go. But that's the last you'll hear from McD who goes for a crap on the last three holes.
#16. TT is still smarting from McD's comment about birdies on #14 so he sticks his second 25 feet left of the back pin. As he lines up his birdie putt, he asks his partner if he is putting downhill. DG's kind reply was "Uh - you saw what McD's putt just did, didn't you?" TT leaves his birdie putt a few centimetres below the hole. Dr.S has left himself an uphill chip from the right. He gets it to four feet and has to make it to retain the lead. He strokes it in for a gut-wrenching par and it's still Dr.S/GMcD 1 up.
#17 McD is stroking but pulls his drive left and his approach into the left trap. DG goes into the right trap and eventually into his pocket. Dr.S is pin high right. But TT, still thinking about that birdie comment, makes the shot of the hour to six feet right. McD misses his net birdie putt long and Dr.S chips to 4 feet. TT lines up his easiest birdie putt of the day and ... misses by a centimetre high. Dr.S converts for another gut-wrenching par and it's dormie time.
#18. TT is drained. He's still under the willow in three and the left trap in four. DG has gone long right with his third. Dr.S and McD are in perfect position well inside the 100 in two. But McD pulls his third into te trap and eventually makes double. Steve leaves it on the fringe right, makes another great chip to "close enough" and it's all over. Dr.S/GMcD win it 2 up.  
  TT and DG played incredibly well - a best-ball two over par. But Dr.S and McD tofu'd and egged it to a best-ball even par. Great golf. Great fun!
Tom 40-39 79 net 69
Dave 41-43 84 net 74
Steve 42-42 84 net 76
GMcD 41-41 82 net 65


The Dog Days of August

August 1, 2018

Bob and Fred vs Glen and Nick
Everyone up for a good match. On the first hole Nick's drive is a lot closer to downtown Kingston. Nevertheless, he wins the hole with a net par. The second and third holes are split but Glen puts his team up by two when he birdies the fourth hole. Bob storms back with a winning par on 5 and a magnificent bird on 6 to tie the match. Glen is putting extremely well and comes back with his own birdie on 7 to regain the lead. Eight and nine are tied with pars leaving Glen and Nick 1 up after 9.
On the back nine Nick again puts his team two up with a net par, but both he and Glen immediately give back by losing 11 and 12 to Bob and Fred's pars. Thirteen is split but Glen puts his team back in the lead with an 80 foot birdie put on 14!! However, Fred has the deep psychological insight that Nick and Glen have a fear of success and harbor self destructive tendencies. This results in both getting 7's on 15 to Bob and Fred's pars. All even.
Sixteen is a pivotal hole. Everyone hits good drives and are putting for par. Nick and Glen come within a c... hair of making their putts. And then my hero Bob calmly makes a 15 footer to put Bob and Fred ahead in the match for the first time! They keep the lead on 17 with tense pars and despite great shots by Glen and Nick on 18 tie the holes with pars.
Bob and Fred, last year's champs, remain undefeated (3-0-1) with a one up win over Glen and Nick. Scores: Glen 80, Nick 94, Bob 81, Fred 80.

Aye rain. Aye Wind. Aye Golf?

July 24, 2018

Finally a respite from the heat and humidity. A strong southerly wind blows in off and on precipitation. A bit of an important game as Ken and Richard seek to take out Glen and Nick who were very cold last Friday. Nick has had a Monday lesson from Dale. This it turns out will knock two strokes off his Friday score.

Ken gets a stroke. He hasn't played in a couple of weeks. He starts amazing. Par - missed eight foot birdie putt on 2 - bogey, kick in real birdie on 4, par on 5 and 6. A three putt bogey on 7 is a blemish but Ken shoots 39 on the front. What kind of lead does that get you? Well you win 1 when Glen three putts from twenty feet (very slow greens today), half 2 lose 3 to Glen's par and win 4. After 6 you are 1 up and asking the Commissioner what happens if the thunderstorm comes. Surely the match just picks up where it left off? Half an hour later Glen has won 7 and 8 with pars and Nick has won 9 with a par. 2 up at the turn for Nick and Glen. Surely now an interrupted match must be replayed in its entirety. Glen is 41 on the front. 

Off to the back. Dale has fixed Nick's driving. Only his driving. For the nth time Nick splits the fairway on 10. He is lying net zero,  125 yards away in the middle of the fairway. His wedge goes left into the trees. Ken wins 10 with a great twenty footer for par. Ricky wins 11 with a routine par while Glen is trap bound and Nick is in the long grass right. All square, Nick and Glen split the twelfth fairway inside the 100 yard stake.  Glen goes left down the mound. Nick goes far left into the woods. Bogies from Glen, Ricky and Ken and its still all square with six to go.

A gift on 13 as Ricky gets wet and Ken goes way left. Both Glen and Nick hit the green and the hole is conceded.  

Dale's driving lesson wears out. Nick loses the next 5 balls he hits with a driver. Two of those are on 14. But partner Glen is straight and long. After watching Ricky go left in the red stake area and Ken go long in the bunker Glen can and does win the hole with a score less than double. 2 up again for G/N.

Glen makes Nick play 15 by knocking his tee ball in the right hazard. Nick does ok. He hits a hybrid in play, clears the creek then hits a horrible wedge to sixty feet. Ricky has had to lay up and is on in four. Nick three putts for a six net five to halve Ricky. Ken announces his thirty foot birdie putt doesn't matter and goes to pick up his ball marker. Super supportive Gen stops him and makes him try and win the hole. A very strong putt races by the hole giving a wave as it goes by. A half and 2 up with 3 to play G/N.

16 -Nick loses two more balls hit with a driver. Ricky does likewise. Ken hits an out of bounds stake and caroms back into play. Glen is straight and long. For his third shot Ken hits a 100 yard wedge shot two feet high. It bounces and rolls and bounces onto the green stopping about thirty feet away. Glen comes out of the trap to ten feet. A knee knocker three footer from Ken halves the hole and its dormie Glen and Nick.

17 - Glen goes so far right in the long grass that he has to reload. Nick snaps his 5th consecutive driver out of bounds. After Ken and Ricky are in play Nick voices positive thoughts about getting ready for 18. The match is still on. Glen responds by losing his provisional drive. Dale revisits Nick. His third shot goes long and straight into the two club wind ending at the 100 yard marker. Nice Ricky comes to visit Nick with his second shot. Ken goes right of the right trap in two. Nick goes over the tree and actually hits the green in 4. Ricky has to go under the tree and comes up short. He chips on in 4 about ten feet above the hole. Ken delicately clears the trap by six inches. He elects to putts through four feet of fringe. He hits his putt three feet 10 inches. He is not on in 4. Still away Ken blasts his 5th past the pin. Nick is up. He calmly drains a fifteen footer for a bogey and that it. 2 and 1 Glen/Nick

Glen 85 - 73

Nick 98 - 81

Ken 87 -74

Ricky 97 - 81


Nae Wind, Nae Rain, Nae Golf

July 20, 2018

There was no wind. It was a calm Friday.

There was no rain. It was sunny, hot and beautiful  A bit humid.

There was no golf. Little Bob drove well but was still 81 net 74 and the best. Partner Mac was 111 - 87. Opponents were Glen 87 - 75 and Nick 100-83 

A match best forgotten for lack of highlights. Mac and Bobby win 2 and 1 


Battle for the top (sort of)

July 20, 2018

Played July 20th , Off Gord , Bob gets 2, Fred 3 , John 4 . ( Just to make it unpleasant Fred agrees to White Tees . ) 
First 2 matched with solid pars . 3 made difficult by back placed white flag . GT saves for par and win . Bob/Fred get net birdies on 4 to tie. John and GT miss makable putts on 5 to lose again , and another loss on 6 . Oh me God. 1up to 2 down in a flash . Gord birdies 7 to restore hope and 8, 9 halved with pars. Bob/Fred i up at the turn. 

BACK NINE ….. John only stoker on 10 but does not need it as his shot from 182 ends up 11 ft. away …. All square … 11, 12 , 13 tied ( thank’s John, as GT splashes ) 14 seems a square but Fred makes 2-putt , John does not . 15 Fred makes a great 3rd to 6 ft. but John out does him by hitting it to 41inches . OOOPS Fred makes , John misses …. Defending champs back to 2 up . 

16 ( white tees 4.5 par ) John hits 100 yd. drive , Bob some 140 yds. past him . Fred , GT in-between . Pressure of lead , BOB/FRED 2nd shots both find the forest on right side …… John/ GT solid 5’s equal win . Seventeen equals 4 reasonable drives , 2nd shots equal a naked green BUT Fred and BOB both in bunkers …. GT’s good 2nd goes too far but John short of green hits a beauty to 29” . Bunker play not good and John makes a beautiful putt that dribbles in the low side . All square 

18 GT with a good chipping situation so no problem, Fred hits not his best bunker shot, John misses his 16 footer and then Bob from 13 feet below the hole hits a beauty putt 11’ 11” 


Scores I think …. GT 80, John 82,,,Fred = 80, Bob 83 ...


BEST PUTTING ever in a Waterfield Match ! Maybe

July 13, 2018

GT = 8, John gets 4 , Wayne 5, Oz 7 ( White tees by the way ) 

!st split with pars ; 2nd trend begins with Wayne making nervy 42” for split; 3rd Gt rolls in 11 footer for par , Wayne rolls his 6 footer in for split; GT makes a 14 footer to tie Ozzie’s net par. GT rolls in 23 foot putt for par and ! up lead . Again Wayne makes a 37” putt so save a 2 putt and ties Johns net birdie. 7 split with pars and another nervy putt from Wayne. 8 split with pars, 9 as well . GT/ John 1up at turn
10 split with pars and then 11 John 3 putts while Wayne gets up and down. Match all even . Wayne makes another nervy 8 footer to tie John with par. 13 another split with Wayne’s up and down for par. 14 a blemish with bogey split . 15 return to form with birdie split from John and Oz. 
16 GT makes the 22 foot uphill for par and win . Smiley team 1 up. SEVENTEEN front pin GT, John and Oz just off all 40ish feet away ( Ozzie is stroking however ) Wayne then hits his 2nd to 29” below the hole . Ozzie hits a fair chip to 5 ft. below the hole . GT announces to John the team plan and then knocks in the pitch to tie the hole with birdies . GT/ JM retain the i up advantage. 18 not played well by anyone til GT hits another pitch to 20” . hole conceded and the match 

Gt 27 putts and 76 , John 84, Wayne 81 , Oz 85 . 

It's a Team Game

July 18, 2018

Tom terrific shoots a pair of 39's for 78 net 68

Partner Dave shoots his handicap with a 38 - 44 82 net 72

Do they lose to an 82 net 70 and a 94 net 77? Read on for the answer.

Nick gets 6 shots and barely uses 1. He makes 6 on 1, x on 4, x on 6 BUT wins 10 outright, wins 15 outright and uses his stroke on 17 to get a half (hint the match is alive on 17!)

Partner Glen does use his stroke to win 4. 

But to start, on #1 Dave shanks a wedge right at Nick's head in an effort to take him out!!! Little do Tom and Dave know that they are picking on the wrong half of the team. They may throw Nick off the entire front nine but Glen wins 1 with a par, 2 with a birdie, 4 with a net birdie, halves Dave on  7 with a birdie and does the whole front nine by himself and in even par. He does lose 3 to a par and 6 to a birdie (Tom - who could have won the hole with a bogey) but his other front nine pars give Glen and his partner a one up lead at the turn. Front nines are Glen 36, Dave 38 and Tom 39. Nick breaks 50 just. 

So 12 handicapper Glen is even at the turn. What to do? Why not check out? Surely it is partner Nick's turn. And so off to the back nine where Glen will not count on a hole.

After Nick being the only par on 10 and a win,  11 is an adventure. Glen has gone way left and after looking for his ball while the hole is played out emerges from the bushes and proclaims after learning of Nick's bogey " so a half?" Pshaw. an easy win for Nick. 3 up. 

Tom birdies 12 to win that hole by three strokes. 2 up. 

Tom pars 13 to win that hole because he didn't visit the woods. 1 up G/N

The short left  woods reject Nick's ball and after a low snap hook, pitch and one putt the hole is halved thanks to both Tom and Dave lagging their under twenty foot birdie putts. 

Stroking Nick pitches to a foot on 15 making the only real birdie which is enough for a 2 up lead. 

Tom lags a tricky downhill putt to gimmee distance on 16 for a winning par and it's 1 up again. 

Stroking Nick and Tom both are to the right of the 17th green. Tom flops beautifully to 3 feet. Nick comes out of the trap to 12 feet. Nick misses. Tom sinks.  A half and its dormie Glen and Nick.

Very back blue pin. Dave is on the very front and three putts for 6. Glen has topped his second shot and can't get a pitch close enough for a a par. Nick and Tom are about the same amount short. Nick come out of the trap about ten feet long. Tom putts up to about three feet short. Nick misses. Tom can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and head to Colorado for a weeks respite with positive thoughts and a warm glow. Glen and Nick win 1 up.

Tom 78 - 68

Dave 82-72

Glen 82-70

Nick 94 -77




So Far in 2018

July 15, 2018

Gord T - John 2 0 1 5

Bob - Fred 2 0 0 4

Richard - Ken 1 1 1 3

Glen - Nick 1 0 0 2

Gord McD - Steve  1 2 0 2

Waqyne/Oz 0 0 1 1

Tom - Dave  0 1 1 1

il Bob - Mac 0 3 0 0 



Double double Toil and trouble

June 9, 2018
Your theory is absolutely correct. Good news is that piece of shit round dropped a 79 from my 20 rounds and my handicap is now 14 which will mean Dave has to give me a stroke.
John Mc

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On Jun 9, 2018, at 10:18 AM, Gord Thomas <> wrote:

On Jun 9, 2018, at 9:45 AM, Gord Thomas <> wrote:

Well it wasn’t ALL bad ! ( Though yes, since there was a witness , we did tie 18 with 7 ) Also numerous putts under 30” were missed. However there were several net birdies ( not many strokes given ) Tom made a great par on 10. Dave and Gord great sandies on 13 . John, Gord won 5 with good pars . So again there were a few highlights but given 18 , nobody deserved the win thus a TIE .
P.S. I lobbied for the Green Tees of course but no luck. Thus ugliness increased 30 % ( my theory )



June 26, 2018
Bob = 7, Gt = 10, JM = 14 , Mac = 22 so 2, 6 and 12 

Initial note , Mac was a very good cheerleader and companion ( and he did par 11 ) 
Sloppy putting un first 2 holes, by both sides, gave GT,JM a 1 up . Bob then birdie 3 and eagled 4 ( 3 wood from 245 to nine feet then a very good putt ) 
Then Gord and John went to work , no bogies the rest of the way and lots of par saves . John net birdied 6 and 10 . All over by 14. 
Gord breaks 80 from the whites , John 6 over til conclusion of match .
Bob 76, 77 and Mac was very gracious 


June 29, 2018

Taking the honours on the first tee ,as defending champs, Fred and Bob were reminded by Richard that this might be the last time that they had that honour.

Fred and Bob gave it up on 13.

1. Freds par tied Richards net par .    2. Freds par tied Kens par.   3. Bobs par wins (1up F&B)  4. Bobs birdie wins (2up F&B)

5. Freds bogey ties theirs.    6. Freds par wins ( 3up F&B) 7. Bobs par ties theirs.  8. Freds long range birdie wins (4up F&B)  9. Bobs par ties Ricky

4up Fred and Bob.

10. Bobs par ties Ricks net par.  11. Pars all round (after Kens free 7footer for bird comes up 2 feet short)  12. I dont know what happened but Ken got par and we didnt. (3up F&B)

13. Fred bounces out of the hazard and makes par to tie Ken.  14. Fred is magnanimous in giving Ken and Rick their 6ft par putts if they will give him his 3 footer. Accepted (Still 3up)

15. We are blaming the rest of the match on heat stroke. Bob gets to the green in reg. but 3putts for 6. Ken has to lay up on the second shot and gets a 6(net 5). Ricky gets a standard

plunk,plunk,plunk,plunk 2putt 6(net 5) and Fred hits his 2nd off the right bridge into a tree that stops it from the hazard then bunkers it and ends with a 6(net 5)  Dormie.

16. With Bob relegated again to observer status he watches the drama unfold. Only half the players want Ricky to play 17 with a stroke. So-- Ricky in front of the green in 3 (middle pin),

Fred in the grunge to the low right of the green in 3, Ken just in front of the green in 2!  Bob still observing and hoping he doesnt have to lose another ball on 17.

Ricky chips to about 8ft. under the hole. Fred to 8ft side hill above and Ken to 25ft above the hole. Ken leaves it 5ft short. Ricky misses . Fred putts it 4 ft past. Ken misses.

And Fred sinks it to tie the hole in 6s.     3&2  for Fred and Bob.  F&B thank K&R for all their meaningless banter.    It was a fun day.       bob

 Richard 85(net 67)  Ken 85(net 72)  Bob 84 (net 74)  Fred 78(net 66)


July 2, 2018

 The weather outside was frightful but the company was delightful etc. and all that.

Fred and Bob took on bobby and Mac on the holiday Monday. Fred and Bob were very mediocre but played more than half the holes with different scores.

bobby showed flashes of brilliance ( on the fringe of 4 in 2 and a towering drive on 10 that almost got up to Bobs ) and Mac showed encouraging signs of bad play but was ,for the most part, worse than that.

The end was a victory by the past champions Fred and Bob.

July 6, 2018
Steve - 8 ; Gord T - 9 John 13 = 4 , G.M. 17 = 7

1st GT par good enough , 2nd = never mind , 3rd Johns turn to par = 2up , leaders bugger up 4 so now I up, 5 split , 6th John’s net birdie wins again, 2 up. 7 and 8 tired with pars and then John’s par on 9 brings us 3 up ….. The two Gords battle on back , GM net par on 10 good enough, 11,12,13 tied with Gord pars, L’gords par on 14th takes it back to 3 up. The lawyers net Birdie on 15 brings i back to 2 down . 16 tied with pars . 17 ( after too much Bravado from GM ) is won with par from John . Match done 3 and 1 . 
Once again GT and John bore the opposition to death with pars 


July 13, 2018
  On the afternoon of Friday the 13th (of July, 2018) arguably two of the strongest teams ever assembled for the Waterfield Cup (okay, the Waterfield Trays) Competition - Tom Terrific and Davie G and Dr. Steve and GMcD - met to determine who would claim bragging rights for this Millenium. It was a match for the ages.
   First, the headlines:
   No one could possibly withstand the incredible onslaught of pars and birdies unleashed by TT and DG. Or could they ...? Read on.
   And now the details:
#1. TT and DG both make pars. McD can only tie them net with a sloppy net par. But Dr.S has hit his drive over the hazard right and put his second right but it gets a great hop and rolls to 6 feet. He makes the putt for BIRDIE! And it's Dr.S/GMcD 1 up. But that won't last long. Like maybe ten minutes.
#2. DG and McD are both in good shape for birdies - McD 12 feet above and DG 8 feet below. McD misses. DG makes - for BIRDIE! And it's All Square.
#3. Four lousy bogeys. No blood.
#4. A stroke hole for all so Dr.S goes AWOL. TT and DG make pars - Net Birdies. McD chips from the front to a back pin and leaves it 12 past and above the hole. Dr.S gives him the read and McD executes. Net Birdie. No blood.
#5. McD needs three shots just to get it past the hazard in front of the tee and takes his first (but not his last) 7. Dr.S is in good position right but chunks his chip and eventually makes 6 leaving Dave to chip it up from the front fringe with his fourth and can the bogey putt for the win. TT and DG 1 up and the rout appears to be on.
#6. McD is stroking. He could lay up but Dr.S talks him into going for it. Is that a good idea? In this case, yes because he gets his drive to 9 iron distance, his pitch to 18 feet below the hole, and with a perfect read from Dr.S the putt drops for BIRDIE! NET EAGLE! Steve, by the way, made a nice par. TT and (wet) DG did not. Match All Square.
#7. Four routine pars and it's still All Square.
#8. Dr.S goes long and left-ish with his drive, long and right-ish with his second. In fact, he's off the green and chipping back to a red pin. TT makes par, DG chunks a chip and makes bogey as does McD (net par). Dr.S chips up the hill, then down the hill then, incredibly INTO THE CUP for his second BIRDIE of the day (I'm guessing a 1 in 1000 shot) and, against all odds, it's Dr.S/McD 1 up.
#9. Dr.S puts his drive into the bushes right. Or so he thought. After hitting his provisional twice he finds his first ball. Playable. But also too late.McD pulls his second badly but has a shot which he leaves pin high right. TT is nicely on He leaves his birdie putt a centimetre away. McD two putts for par. No blood and it's Dr.S/GMcD 1 up at the turn.
#10. McD gets it on but three putts from 75 feet for net par. TT makes a solid par. No blood. Dr.S still 1 up, but fading.
#11. DG plays it perfectly for tap-in par. No one else does. The match is back to All Square.
#12. DG is hot. A long drive down the left to the 100 and a perfect pitch to 6 feet. (But then, we all know that DG has perfect pitch.) McD hits one in from 125 and leaves himself an 18 foot uphill left breaking putt. He gets the read from Dr.S and the putt drops for BIRDIE! Then DG calmly strokes his in for BIRDIE! These guys are good!! And it's still All Square.
#13. TT is in the trap right and, channelling Mac, takes out his putter. He gets it to 35 feet and then puts the dagger in by sinking the putt. A two-putt sandie! That gives DG license to go for the birdie from 25 that just stays left. McD is on and has a shot but leaves it left and taps in for par. Still All Square.
#14. While walking down the fairway, McD happens to mention to TT that there have been six birdies so far, two for everyone but him. That turns out to be a big mistake because TT now goes flag hunting. DG has gone right but hits a phenomenal shot through the leaves to the back of the green. Then TT hits an incredible chip to 8 feet. Dr.S is in the front trap in 2. Also 3. McD leaves his approach a little short but he can still putt it and gets it close enough for gimme par. TT lines up his birdie par and ... leaves it a centimetre low. Still All Square.
#15. Everybody stroking on Steve. Dave gets wet. Steve makes a fine par but it's not going to be good enough. TT is 15 feet above the hole and McD is 14 feet right. TT lines up his birdie putt and this time ... it misses left by a centimetre. Dr.S gives McD the read and, incredibly, it drops for BIRDIE! NET EAGLE! (And his third birdie of the day - that may never have happened before in Waterfield competition.) Dr.S/GMcD back to 1 up with three to go. But that's the last you'll hear from McD who goes for a crap on the last three holes.
#16. TT is still smarting from McD's comment about birdies on #14 so he sticks his second 25 feet left of the back pin. As he lines up his birdie putt, he asks his partner if he is putting downhill. DG's kind reply was "Uh - you saw what McD's putt just did, didn't you?" TT leaves his birdie putt a few centimetres below the hole. Dr.S has left himself an uphill chip from the right. He gets it to four feet and has to make it to retain the lead. He strokes it in for a gut-wrenching par and it's still Dr.S/GMcD 1 up.
#17 McD is stroking but pulls his drive left and his approach into the left trap. DG goes into the right trap and eventually into his pocket. Dr.S is pin high right. But TT, still thinking about that birdie comment, makes the shot of the hour to six feet right. McD misses his net birdie putt long and Dr.S chips to 4 feet. TT lines up his easiest birdie putt of the day and ... misses by a centimetre high. Dr.S converts for another gut-wrenching par and it's dormie time.
#18. TT is drained. He's still under the willow in three and the left trap in four. DG has gone long right with his third. Dr.S and McD are in perfect position well inside the 100 in two. But McD pulls his third into te trap and eventually makes double. Steve leaves it on the fringe right, makes another great chip to "close enough" and it's all over. Dr.S/GMcD win it 2 up.  
  TT and DG played incredibly well - a best-ball two over par. But Dr.S and McD tofu'd and egged it to a best-ball even par. Great golf. Great fun!
Tom 40-39 79 net 69
Dave 41-43 84 net 74
Steve 42-42 84 net 76
GMcD 41-41 82 net 65


Match 4 G MCD/Steve vs Glen/Nick

June 15, 2018

It was a while ago and the scorecard was lost but the match was played. 

Memorable highlights are Steve taking the clubs out for the second time this year and  birdying one and missing a ten footer for birdie on two, Nice start. 

Glen and Nick ended up winning a back and forth match 

Match 3

GT and John vs Tom and Dave

Friday June 8. 

Short but sweet reporting courtesy of GT

Well it wasn’t ALL bad ! ( Though yes, since there was a witness , we did tie 18 with 7 ) Also numerous putts under 30” were missed. However there were several net birdies ( not many strokes given ) Tom made a great par on 10. Dave and Gord great sandies on 13 . John, Gord won 5 with good pars . So again there were a few highlights but given 18 , nobody deserved the win thus a TIE . 

Your theory is absolutely correct. Good news is that piece of shit round dropped a 79 from my 20 rounds and my handicap is now 14 which will mean Dave has to give me a stroke.
John Mc

Second results of 2018

Ricky & Ken vs Ozzie & Wayne


Tight match. Lovely day. Good banter. Front 9 start. Oz putts the lights out.


Holes 1 & 2 push, push

#3 R&K go 1 up with pars vs bogies

#4 Ricky implodes. Ken bogies. Wayne’s net par wins. A/Square until the next hole where Wayne’s real par wins to go 1 up – but not for long.....R’s net par takes it A/S on 6 where it stays until Oz’s par brings them 1 up on 8.

Stays at W&Oz 1 up until 11. Everybody on the green except R whose ball hooks left. His flop over the bunker finds the hole for birdie.  A/Square.  The momentum of R&K continue on 12... Ken’s par brings them 1 up until 13. Oz plugged in the bank. Wayne hooks left and is in tree trouble. R&K on the green to make pars to go 2 up.  Ozzie’s putting wins the hole on 14 with par and keeps Ken’s game in check.

 R&K 1 up.   Stays like that for a few well fought holes. Oz’s putting is stellar.  Going into 18, R&K looking good at 1 up. But R misses a 30 inch putt to lose the damn hole to Wayne.  It’s a tie.

Ricky 89 net 72

Ken  81 net 69

Ozzie  88 net 71

Wayne 86 net 72


First results of 2018

Ken & Richard vs Mac and Bobby

Lovely evening round beginning at 4:30. Back 9 start. Very hot.

Even, even until 12 where bobby’s birdie beats R&K’s pars to go 1 up where it stays until 15 when R makes net bird but Ken takes net eagle over Mac’s net bogie and Bobby’s par to go even. Hole 18 saw everybody implode but R’s net par takes R&K 1 up.

Hole #1 Ken stiffs his second shot, takes 4 net birdie to go 2 up where they stay until 3. R’s shot nicks the pin but scooches off back of the green. Ken makes par. M&b make bogie. R&K 3 up

On 4 Ken makes net bird to go 4 up with 5 to play.  Hole #5 is a push: Dormie.

Everybody shakes hands on 6 when Ken’s net birdie wins the day. All agree that it was fun watching Ken play so well.

Ken: 80 net 67

RickY: 93 net 76

Mac : 95 net 75

Bobby:  83 net 77


2018 Teams

Bob - Fred

Gord T - John 

Gord McD - Steve

Mac - Lil Bob

Wayne - Oz

Ken - Ricardo

Dave - Tom

Glen - Nick

Where we Stand

Bob Fred     3 0 1 7
GT Mac       2 2 1 5
Nick Steve   2 1 0 4
Ken Glen     1 1 1 3
Tom Ricky    1 2 1 3
Bobby Dave 1 0 1 3
McD's           0 4 1 1

Nick Steve 2 - 1 - 0 4 points
Nick Steve beat Tom Richard
Nick Steve beat GT Mac
Nick Steve lose to Ken Glen

GT Mac 2 - 2 - 1 5 points
GT Mac beat Mcd's
GT Mac beat Tom Richard
GT Mac tie Lil Bob Dave
GT Mac lose to Bob Fred
GT Mac lose to Nick Steve

Bob Fred 3 - 0 - 1 7 points
Bob Fred beat GT Mac
Bob Fred beat Ken Glen
Bob Fred Tie Tom Richard
Bob Fred beat McD's

Ken Glen 1 - 1 - 1 3 points
Ken Glen beat Nick Steve
Ken Glen Tie McD's
Ken Glen lose to Bob Fred

McD's 0 - 4 - 1 1 point
McD's Tie Glen Ken
McD's lose to GT Mac
McD's lose to Bob Fred
McD's lose to Tom Richard
McD's lose to Bobby Dave

Tom Richard 1 - 2 - 1 3 points
Tom Richard beat McD's
Tom Richard Tie Bob Fred
Tom Richard lose to GT Mac
Tom Richard lose to Nick Steve

Bobby Dave 1 - 0 - 1 3 points
Bobby Dave Tie GT Mac
Bobby Dave beat Mcd's



Wayne Gretzky joins in

Starting on the back nine Nick played well on 10 11 and 12 to keep the match even with Gord T and Mac. Nick left and Wayne Gretzky joined. Steve wa a bit confused and his bogey on 13 left Steve 3 over after 4 and the team one down. Four birdies later, monster putts going in on 18, 1 and 9 had Steve playing the next 14 in one under (he had a kick in on 7 that noone said good shot about -- hmm). Mac didn't use his 7 strokes well. Gord was steady but steady wasn't good enough on this day. Mr Gretzky lost 7 balls and shot his sweater number.

Steve and Nick win one

Playing Tom and Ricky. A wonderful 17 hole match.The critical 18th was won with a player finishing after Nick and Rick didn't play, Tom hooked his wedge out of bounds (except Nick found it) and Steve just played the hole normally.

Keep reading

Glen and ken tied McD and John. I am sure Gord will send narrative. Great match. I do love the Waterfield intensity. Best matches of the season!

Waterfield Match July 19 2017 Nick/Steve vs Ken/Glen

Tall and Lean VS Loose and Lucky........ A lot of "lefts"
Beauty day with back nine start. Ken, after nervously working on putter alignment on practice green, sinks a beauty on 10 for a net bird. 1 up

Glen's easy par wins 11. 2 up. All pars on 12.
13. Very slow ahead. Nonchalant and annoying banter about cricket cause Glen to right trap, then right trap, then left bush. Ken's par ties hole.

14. Glen has "left" the game. Nick's brilliant drive leads to winning par. 1 up

15. Nick left, then "left". Steve and Glen on right fringe in two. Steve narrowly misses net eagle putt. Nice chip and longish putt give Glen a bird to tie Steve.
            This inspires a brilliant net eagle putt by Ken. 2 up

16. Nick "left". Steve hits brilliant second to 10'. Ken makes a huge 30' winder from fringe for par! Glen yelps, starts counting chickens. Steve rolls his winder in for a great heartbreaking bird! 1 up.

17. Glen left. Steve's par wins 17. All square.

18. Glen "left". Ken and Nick halve with pars. All square, new 9 hole match.

1. Nick left. Glen's chip, one putt wins hole. 1 up. 2. All pars.

3. Oopsy.... Glen and Nick in left trap. Nick deftly out near back pin. Glen barely hacks out of trap. Glen chips in for par! deafened by gallery and in shock, Nick misses putt. 2 up

4. Ken and Nick tie with net birds. 5. Bogeys all round.

6. Glen swamped. Ken's lay up leads to winning net par. 3 up - dormie.

7 Glen's par clinches match. Another intense and terrific Waterfield match in the books.

Nick 86 net 73
Steve 80 net 69
Ken 82 net 67
Glen 81 net 71


Gord T and Mac so far

June 2nd - Lose 5/4 to Bob/Fred

June 16th - Win 1up Gord/John

June 30th - Win 6/5 Tom/Ricky

July 16th - Tie Dave/L’Bob 



September 30, 2016

L’Bob and Gord play even, Dave getting 6 , Mac 9 . L’Bob / Dave start 1 up ( a FINAL rule, that for some reason, Gord is not aware of ) Course in great shape, NE wind 


1st - Split with pars ( Gord chips to 6” to set a trend )

2nd - Pars again split .

3rd - Mac/Gt pull even with a par as Gord out duels L’Bob from the bunkers. 

4th - L’Bob and Dave go slightly AWOL so Mac wins the hole.

5th - Split with bogies .

CORRECTION - number 5 i got par to hold boggied



6th - Mac/Gt split the fairway . Dave is in the hazard, L’Bob in the lateral left . Mac flubs the next 2 shots , Gord pulls his pitching wedge well left . Sneaky Dave ends up a five, net par and the win.

7th - Dave only one to find the green but kindly 3 putts for a bogey tie.

8th - Macs net par is good enough for the win .

9th - L’Bobs birdie is matched by Macs good 2 putt.


Mac/GT 1 Up tat the turn 


10th- Gords 55’ putt from off the green is for birdie and the win.

11th - The Mac/GT pars are good enough for another win.

12th - Gord goes amiss but no problem for Mac and his solid par. Dave makes great 2-putt to tie.

13th - Gord’s chip from 90’ gets very close and another tie

14th- Gord, another up and down for another tie.

15th - Dave booms his drive 80 yds. BUT then lo and behold, he 2 putts for net birdie and win. Mac/GT 2 up

16th L.Bob ges atypically long and right and in trouble . No problem as Dave makes a great save for his par. Unfortunately for them Gord makes a good save as well, a push.

17th - Mac and Dave stroking , Good drives by both . Mac manages to hit a tree with his second then hits a sloppy pitch over the green . Meanwhile Dave ( in the middle of the fairway ) decides to channel Freddie Boland and asks for a drop! GT in shock sputters “whatever”.

          Dave hits a beauty to 25’ below the hole . Mac wanders up to his ball and from 14 feet off the green decides to putt it . 50 feet later it pures itself into the bottom of the hole! 30 seconds pass before it is realized that Mac has birdied the hole and Dave needs to sink his putt to extend the match . A visionally shaken Dave actual makes a great stroke that talks to the left edge but does not drop .


IT IS ALL OVER Mac/Gord win 2 and 1


Gord 77- 71; Dave 82 - 69 ; L’Bob 83 - 77 and Mac ( 93?? - 76 )


( I don’t have the whole card so corrections are welcome )

Macco and his partner who has never won this, looked out.

September 25, 2016
Playing off Gord , Bob, Glen both get 2, Mac 9 . NorthEast wind , G/M start 1/2 hole up.

Because of NE wind, Mac’s net par is good enough for 1st hole win. 
Pars tie 2. 
Gord’s best shot of day and wise lag putt wins 3 ( Although Bob making GT putt the 14” rankles )
Mac makes a 16 footer for his 2nd putt and net birdie to tie Glen.
5 through 8 tied.
Par is good enough for G/M win on 9. G/M 3.5 up at turn.
Bob makes a great 2nd shot into long 10th and his par wins it.
Bob and Glen both on green on eleven and it seems their hole until GT holes his 11 footer for the sand save and the tie.
12th…. Glen makes his sidehill 5 footer for par. GT , on the same line makes his 4’11” to tie.
13 finds Bob and Glen in hazard but Glen’s is playable and he knocks it to 6 feet, but misses putt.
G/M back to 3.5 up 
14 poorly played but Bob has another 6 footer for par and win . He misses ….
15 is last group stroke hole. Glen is out, Mac is 70 feet away in 3 shots . Bob 22 feet away , Gord 20. Mac 3 putts but then so Bob ! Hole tied and match over.


Gord 76 net 70
Mac 94 net 77
Bob and Glen both net 77

Look out Macco and your partner who has never won this. /b

September 16, 2016


   The mathematical team forgot to read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and were left on the ground.

   Permutations and combinations filled the head of Gord McD, and left Ken a few appliances short of a kitchen.

   Other than that the match was close and the day was wonderful.

1. Gord with wonderful 2putt from the back to tie Glen's hanging lip par.

2. Gord's up and down par wins. G/K 1up.

3.Bob's 3 wins. All square.

4. Glen's 4(net 3) wins. G/B 1up.

5. Gord sinks great sidehill putt for par and Bob gets par from the left woods. Still G/b 1up

6. Glen's par beats Ken's 3putt 6 and Gord's 6 (both with strokes) G/B up 2

7. Glen hits it 50 yards but Bob hits the pin. He putts to 2feet but Ken won't give it. Having 8feet for his ? fourth putt Ken gives Bob his. B/G 3up.

8. Glen is given his par putt after Gord and Ken complete their triple double, B/G up 4.

9. Bob hits a tree on his second and goes directly to the clubhouse to take a shit. Ken actually gets a par to win. B/G 3up and Dormie by the rules as interpreted by Gord.

10. Great par by Glen to tie.

11. Improbable squatting dog 40 foot birdie putt by Gord to win. B/G 2up.

12. Glen/Gord pars. 13. Glen/Ken pars 14. Bob/Ken pars. Still B/G 2up.

15. Gord par(net 4) wins. B/G 1up

16. Glen par wins. B/G 2up

17. Glen and Gord par. B/G win 2&1

18. Gord birdies for the win.

End result---B/G win the front 3up. G/K win the back 2up B/G win the match.

Bob 82(74), Glen 79(70), Gord 85(72) -39 on the back with a triple, Ken still trying to find the missing appliances. Great match. Bob and Glen had 13 holes with different scores.

A little more info

September 14, 2016

Whatever it is about playing Fred and Nick, Bob needs to channel it. Last time he was even par net 62. Yesterday he was 15 pars, a birdie (thinned 9 iron on 11 to two inches), a bogey and an other simply because he doesn't mark his ball and once again played the wrong one (on 14). All agreed he would have parred playing the proper ball. So for the books 74 net 65. Actually another 72 net 63. Well played. N  

Doc examines opponents with long putter......

September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016 Waterfield Playoff: Bob & Glen VS Nick & Fred

Ideal / warm, north breeze and course to ourselves.

Holes 1 & 2 halved with testing par putts by the Doc.
Hole 3 won with Glen's bird. 1 up.
Hole 4 won with net birds by Nick and Fred. all even.
Hole 5 won with Bob & Glen pars. 1 up.
Hole 6 halved with pars by Fred & Bob.
Hole 7 Bob in trap right, Glen 3 putts, Bob makes long par saving putt! Hearts begin to break.
Hole 8 Routine.
Hole 9 Routine.
Hole 10. Lots of Bogeys.
Hole 11. Glen hits past Ladies tee. While sulking (pissing in the woods) he hears a skull and "Oh Bob". Ball ends up 6" from hole for a Bird! 2 up.
Hole 12. Bob scolds Glen for using driver to bush right. Nick bush right as well. Fred bush left. 3 up.
Hole 13. Bob almost birds. Nick halves with nice putting.
Hole 14. Glen and Fred show up with pars.
Hole 15. Stroking Nick recovers from back sand trap to win with net bird. 2 up. Still hope!
Hole 16. Bob's 2 putt par from the fringe wins match 3 & 2.
Hole 17 halved.
Hole 18 halved. Tie break now not possible for Nick & Fred.

Win, lose or draw, eternally grateful to play with such fine fellows!!
Glen 82 net 73
Fred 82 net 72
Nick 83 net 68
Bob 74 net 65

Third Place - Game 1

August 30, 2016

Fred and Nick take on Ken and Gord McD for the second time in a week. After a complete dismantling of the feared K/G duo last game, this one started better for them. 4 down after 4 a week ago this time K/G only lost 3 and 4. 4 was of particular note as team 8's were the best they could put forward. Not to be discouraged they went out and won a hole before sliding back and finishing the front nine 3 down. The back was more neutral but not without tension. In the end it was a 2&1 win for Fred and Nick. Not great golf but great company and fabulous conditions.    

Round Robin Completed

August 24, 2016
On Wednesday, August 24th, two top-rated teams met for a crucial match. It was do or die for Fred/Nick. Lose or even tie and they were done. Win and they claim a place in the playoffs. For Ken/McD  it was a chance to better their secured play-off spot.
First the headlines:
Ken and Gord never really had a chance. Or did they...?
And now the details:
1. Nick's first stroke hole. But he is the only one to make a real par after a deft chip to a foot. 1 Up F/N and the rout is on.
2. Fred sinks a four footer for the only par. 2 Up F/N. But that was about to change.
3. Fred is just over the back. Ken and Gord both take three to get on and then two putt for 5's. Fred's first putt is ten feet past. His second four feet past. Enough is enough so Nick holes a three footer for the winning bogey. 3 Up F/N What a dream start.  
4. All stroking off Fred. Nick makes a real birdie from the fifth fairway. K/McD make net pars so again Nick doesn't need his stroke. Holy Cow. 4 Up F/N
5. Fred and McD play the hole the same way into the wind. Excellent pitches from 60 yards see Gord's five footer go in for par just before Fred's four footer follows. The mo is starting to change. 
6. Nick is five off the tee so again his stroke doesn't matter. Gord uses his for net par. Not enough to win though as fred two putts from 100 feet including an 8 foot comebacker. 
7. Ken is the only one on with a fifteen foot uphill birdie putt. Curiously he lags it. Nick comes out of the right trap brilliantly and makes a halving par save. It is stuck on 4 up F/N but not for long.
8. Nick hits a huge drive 80 yards from the green. But after he three putts Fred has to sink a 2 footer for the par - which is enough to win another hole.  5 up F/N and K/McD are fading fast.
9. Nick is the only one on and 15 feet away. GMcD is in the front trap to a back pin. Ken is over the back. Fred is short of the green in 3 and is away. Asking and playing ready golf, Ken chips and talks and coaxes and builds in pitch until Holy Cow it's in for a birdie. This looked like an F/N lock but it's turned on a dime. Nick can't recover so it's 4 up F/N up at the turn. That is all about to change.
10. Another Nick stroke hole. Again not needed. Fred has his 7th one putt in 10 holes for a par that's enough to beat the bogeys from K/McD. 5up. Surely the fat lady is starting to sing.
11. A chance for Ken even though Fred is inside him. Nope. Par. Maybe Fred will 3 putt. Or Nick could chip in for par giving Fred a free run. Fred finally misses a putt so it's a push. 
12. Steady Fred taps in for easy regulation par. Ken stands over a four footer and thinks "If I miss this are we dormie?" He doesn't miss. 5 up with 6 to go. 
13. Everything looks like it's is not about to change. Again Fred is closest off the tee. Again Nick chips to gimmee distance so Fred has a free run at birdie. Again Ken has four feet for par to extend the match. But this time Ken is not up to the challenge. It's all over 6 and 5.  
In keeping with the day Nick hits his final stroke hole in 2 and leave his eagle putt an inch away. His real birdie would have won this hole as well. Again the stroke not needed. 
Nick 42 - 43 - 85 (net 70)
Fred 38 - 40 - 78 (net 69)
Ken 42 - 44 - 86 (net 74)
GMcD A Lot 

Standings August 24 , 2016

August 24, 2016

lil Bob - Dave 3 0 3 9 

Gord T - Mac 3 2 1 7

Gord McD - Ken  3 3 0 6

Bob - Glen 3 3 0 6

Fred - Nick 2 2 2 6

Tom - John  2 4 0 4

Richard - Steve 1 3 2 4




All Hail The Round Robin Champions

August 21, 2016

Richard and Steve vs Dave lilBob
1 all pars except for Ricky the bird man Saxe R/S 1 up
2 Ricky and bob par , Steve bogey and Dave birdies from the fringe.A.S
3 R/S bogey , Dave pars and Bobby birdies just for fun ...D/B 1up
4 Ricky the "shingle digit handicap", goes the the trees left and never recovers
all the rest make bogeys....
5 Bob and Ricky par ...for the push..
6 Bob makes par but Steve gets a stroke for the push..
7 Bob and Steve make pars...
8 " " " ".....
9 " " " " ......


10 all pars but Ricky" the virus" goes awol.....
11 4 bogeys for all
12 Steve White M.D aka the vet, wins with par A/S
13 " " " " " " " R/S 1 up
14 Ricky joins us with bogeys for the push
15 Bob and Dave par but Dave wins with a stroke A/S
16 all bogey push....
17 Bob and Steve par push...
18 Dave and Steve make par for the push..... A/S

Dave / lil Bob remain forever undefeated in the round robin play, and
should by all rights win out right in a fair and just world, as
opposed to The World according to Nick ( make me happy) Waterfield .

lil Bob 78
Dave 84/71
Richard 92/81
Steve 82/ 78



Thanks to all for a fun time,


August 19, 2016
On Friday, August 20th, two top-rated teams met for a crucial match. It was do or die for Ken/GMcD. Lose and they were done. Win and they claim a place in the playoffs. For Bob/Glen  it was a chance to tie for first place, lose and their playoff hopes would hang by a thread.
First the headlines:
Ken and Gord never really had a chance. Or did they...?
And now the details:
1. Glen and Gord both make long first putts to gimme distance and pars. Ken chips from pin high for birdie but no luck. All Square.
2. Glen and Gord make pars leaving Ken and Bob to attempt makeable birdies. Ken misses. Bob misses. All Square but that was about to change.
3. Ken is the only one on. No one can get it up and down, Ken makes par and for a brief moment it's KdK/GMcD 1 up.
4. Ken and Gord stroking. Gord nicely below the hole. Ken coaches him to leave it just under the hole and he does. Tap in par/net birdie good enough to beat Glen's par. KdK/GMcD 2 up
5. Glen goes O/B and is out of it. McD goes way left and has to use 9 iron to get it into fairway. Ken has to chip from under the tree right. Bob is just off left but makes a superb chip to 3 feet and it's looking like a win. But Ken and Gord make very good chips, McD rolls his in from 6 feet and it's a push. KdK?GMcD 2 up.
6. Bob makes another excellent par. But McD s stroking, plays it safe and his bogey is sufficient for the push. KdK/GMcD 2 up.
7. Ken and Gord are on and below the hole. Glen and Bob are not. Glen's chip not close enough but Bob's is. Ken and Gord both come close with their birdie putts but no cigar. Bob rolls in his par putt (again!) for the push and it's still KdK/GMcD still 2 up but not for long.
8. McD has his first meltdown, flaring his second short and right and hitting his third 40 yards past the hole. He's toast. Glen makes it to the fringe but can't get it done and makes bogey. Ken hits a perfect pitch from 78 yards to makeable distance. Bob dumps his third into the bunker. Then lightning strikes. He holes the sand shot for par, Ken misses and the momentum has shifted. KdK/GMcD 1 up and fading fast.
9. Bob goes O/B! Glen chunks his third into the trap right. McD gets his drive past the 150 - on the first hole. He gets the second back to the fairway and leaves his third 30 below the hole. Two putts later and his par is good enough for the win. KdK/GMcD 2 up at the turn. That is all about to change.
10. Glen and Gord are barely on at the front to a blue pin. Glen's 95 foot putt gets to pin high but 12 feet left. McD takes Ken's advice to go right at the hole and it works. 18 inches, par and an unlikely win when Glen misses and Bob makes 5. KdK/GMcD 3 up
11. Things fall apart for Ken and Gord. Ken's tee shot goes 70 yards. Gord pulls his into the trap. Bob and Glen have relatively easy chips. Then Gord makes his sand shot of the season to gimme distance while Glen and Bob get sloppy and finish with bogeys. KdK/GMcD 4 up.
12. Bob goes left and has to chip out. Glen goes far right and has to hack out. McD hits a fine drive then shanks his next two. But Ken hits a perfect shot to 15 feet. His two putt par wins the hole. KdK/GMcD 5 up.
13. Everything looks like it's about to change. Bob is on while McD is about thirty yards over the green (and over the road -misread the damn distance finder!) and still not on in two while Ken and Glen are in the bushes right. Gord, Ken and Glen all make bogeys. Bob two putts for the wi... wait a minute - the second putt stays out! A push and it's dormie 5.
14.Bob and Gord are on in reg. Bob is significantly closer. Ken hits his third to 12 feet above the hole. McD misses his birdie putt. Bob does likewise. Ken rolls his putt in for par and it's all over. KdK/GMcD 5 and 4.
 Bob, Glen and Gord par 15. Bob makes a wonderful par on 16, everyone else pars 17 (McD after a drive of 210 down the middle - 210 feet that is) and Bob makes a fine birdie from above the hole on 18.
Glen 43 - 43 - 86 (net 77)
Bob 41 - 40 - 81 (net 72)
Ken 38 - 41 - 79 (net 67)
GMcD 40 - 41 - 81 (net 68)

Neither Rain nor Wind nor Lack of Skill Can Keep this Foursome from their Date with Destiny

August 15, 2016
On Tuesday August 16th, the rainiest day of the summer, the two most highly touted teams in this year's Waterfield, Ricky/Steve and KdK/GMcD, met to determine at least North Country supremacy.  They had the course to themselves,
First the headlines:
KdK/GMcD never really had a chance. Or did they...?
And now the details:
#10.  Ken and Gord get in trouble left right away but are still in it until Steve sinks a bomb - well, a hand grenade - from 16 feet for par and a 1 up lead. The rout is on.
#11. Gord gets it up and down from in front of the trap and Ken's birdie putt twists away at the last moment. They tie Steve's par and briefly stop the bleeding.
#12. Gord misses an easy uphill putt. But so does Richard. And so does Steve. R/S 1 up.
#13 Gord misses an easy four footer but Ken comes through with his five footer for par to tie both Ricky and Steve. Ken/Gord hanging on by their fingernails. They are about to let go. 
#14. Ken goes into the woods left. McD is stymied by trees left. Neither of them could even make bogey. Ricky and Steve had no such trouble. Their pars are conceded and it's Ricky/Steve 2 up and starting to run away with the match.
#15. Everyone stroking. Ken and Gord both make net birdies. Good enough for the win, and ever-so-briefly it's back to R/S 1 up.
#16. Steve hits the green with two shots. Unfortunately, that was after his first effort went O/B. Still, his 6 matches McD's. But Ken comes through with a two-putt bogey from 30 feet and it's all square.
Twenty minute rain delay.
#17. Steve, who is about to turn 50, smashes his drive almost a full and for each year of his life. But that's better than Ricky's drive which goes O/B. McD almost goes O/B but stays in, takes two extra clubs from 155 into the wind and ends up on the fringe pin high. Par is good, and, incredibly, KdK/GMcD have a 1 up lead. But that was all about to change.
#18. Ken makes a phenomenal sandie sinking a putt from 25 feet for par and the win. It's K/G two up at the turn.
#1. Ken misses his birdie putt by inches. Ricky makes a great two putt from 65 feet for the net par and a push.
#2. Ricky makes a fabulous chip to gimme distance. McD has to make a tricky six footer for par and the push. It drops.
#3. Everyone has a putt for par. Everyone misses. K/G still 2 up. But that was all about to change.
#4. Stroke hole. McD the only one on n reg but 35 feet above the hole. Ken gives him the read, he leaves it two feet away and makes the net bird for the win. K/G 3 up.
#5. McD pulls his second left into the trees and can only get to the fringe. Ken flubs a chip. Then Steve flubs a chip. Meantime, Ricky has gone O/B. McD leaves his fourth 9 feet above the hole. Ken reads a much bigger break than McD would have played, and the putt drops. Steve's stays out and it's dormie 4.
#6. Steve goes hazard left. Ricky, stroking, goes deep woods left short of the first hazard stake. Ken and Gord go up the right safe then both put their seconds in the trees. Their thirds are no great shakes - still not on. But Ken makes the coup de grace by leaving his fourth three feet away. When Steve's chip for five goes by, Ken's bogey is conceded and it's all over - 5 and 3.
Nobody played particularly well in the very wet and windy conditions, but still, it was a pleasure to be playing golf on a summer evening.
Ricky 97 net 80
Steve 90 net 80
Ken 85 net 73
GMcD 88 net 75


Another play off bound team

August 13, 2016

John and I played Bobby/Dave on Saturday in, of all things, a light intermittent rain.

The condensed version: we won the first hole, they won the next three to go two up after four holes. We won five, but Dave rolled in a four foot putt on six for a net eagle. That's how the front nine ended: Bobby/Dave two up.

Bobby/Dave then won ten, eleven, and twelve. The killer was on eleven where Dave rolled in a twenty-five foot birdie putt from off the green for the win. So, after twelve holes, the other guys were up five. And we were playing OK. We could hear the fat lady warming up the pipes.

We halved thirteen to make the match dormie; we then won fourteen with a par, won fifteen with John's net eagle, won sixteen with a par, and won seventeen with John's net birdie. Could it be? The greatest come from behind tie in Waterfield history? Alas, our opponents are too good to let this one slip away. We tie eighteen with pars and Bobby/Dave win one up.

It was a very enjoyable match- cool weather, good company, and some excellent golf from Dave.

The individual scores:

Bobby. 81 net 75
Dave 78 net 65
John 90 net 76
Tom 83 net 71


August 7, 2016

the first hole. 




10 handicap Bob hits 14 greens, has 3 birdies to balance 3 bogies to shoot level par. 72 -net 62

well done. N 



August 7, 2016
A perfect day starting with Nick's drive well over the ditch and a par net birdie for 1up.
Glen's pars on 2 and 3 matched Fred's but Bob's birdie on 4 squared it up.
Bob's 4 on 5 won but was matched on 6 with Nick's net bird. Still square.
An unlikely birdie by Bob on 7 also won and the next two were halved. 1up B&G after 9.

Tree trouble for the hoofers on 10, long grass and bunker on 11 for the hoofers and suddenly B&G are 3up.
Another unlikely birdie by Bob on 12 and 4up.
13 and 14 tied with pars all round. Fred's birdie net eagle brings it back to 3 down but 16 is won and B&G win 4&2.

   Nick 86 (71) Fred 78 (67) Glen 79 (70) Bob 72 ( 62)

Deja Vu All Over Again

July 30, 2016

Lil Bob gives Fred 4, partner Dave 6 and Nick 7


Fast start again from F/N as Nick birdies net eagles 1.

Fred just misses birdie from ten feet on two so that hole is a push.

Fred drains a ten footer on 3 for a bogey and a half!

Nick takes four from 50 yards on 4. Fred misses from two feet. It's another push with net par.

Nick takes 5 from 130. Lil Bob misses from four feet and it's another push with bogey.

All stroke. Best for F/N is double which doesn't count against LB's par so the match is square.

Gimmee pars on 7. Still all square.

LB tries to give Nick his four footer for par on 8 since Fred has the team par. Nick suggests maybe not since he is stroking. Poor putt so it's another push.

LB ob on 9 with his tee shot. Dave ob with his fourth shot. (figure that out!) So at the turn, once again F/N are 1 up.

All stroke on 10. No change again.

LB stiffs a nine iron and drains the 12 footer for bird on 11 and all square again.

Fred putts from 30 yards including 10 that are fringe and stops it an inch away. Dave does the same. Spectacular. All square.

13 and LB has twelve feet for birdie. His ball moves just before address. No one else sees it. LB putts it without replacing it. Is that the proper thing to do? What to do? LB gives Nick and Fred their three footers and the hole is declared halved. Very sporting.

Fred plays brilliantly on 14 finishing with a curling thirty foot birdie and restoring the 1 up lead.

Nick plays LB on 15. Lb is first in with a 10 foot natural birdie. Nick coaxes in an 8 foot net birdie. Just like Wednesday F/N leave the 15th green 1 up. (p.s. Dave went ob after 4 again just like 9!)

Looks like a half on 16 as Dave is thirty feet above the hole in three while LB has 5 feet of side hill madness for his par. But Dave the shark gets his putt to drop. Once again F/N lose 16 and the match is square.

Strokes on 17 for Dave and N. Nick's ob drive is thrown back into play. On the green he has 12 feet for par while Dave has 8. Nick misses and Dave makes. Oh no. F/N have just lost 16 and 17 and are 1 down going to 18.

Pin right in the middle of 18 with viscous breaks.  LB gives an opening when he goes so far long he is nearly on the chipping area. He settles for 6. Dave flares his approach into the trap and leaves his par putt near the edge. Another 6. Can Fred two putt side hill from 20 feet?  You bet. Not quite deja vu but awfully close. All square.


Lil Bob 79 - 73

Fred 80 - 69

Dave 85 -71

Nick 92 -77




July 27, 2016
Playing off GT, Fred gets 3, Nick 6, Mac 10 .

First hole, Nick is very wayward with his 2nd but just a 15 footer for par , done 1 up
Second hole, weak 2nd by Nick but 7 footer for par , 2 up.
Third, bad tee shot by GT but chipping in solves for winning bird’
Nick’s 7 footer for par on four splits Gord and Mac’s birdies.
GT’s 35 foot par putt cements fith hole victory .
Sixth slit with sloppy play, seventh with better play.
Fred makes his 8 footer on eight to tie GT’s tap in . Nine split with pars . All square 

Mac and Nick both make 10 footers on ten foe net birdies.
GT’s lone par is good enough on eleven.
GT’s three putt is bad enough to lose 12, all square.
Mac splits thirteen but then T/S both par 14 for 1up lead.
15 split with “ good, good “ net birdies from Fred and Mac.
GT makes seven footer for par win on 16 .
Fred MIISSES 8 footer for split on seventeen ! Mac/GT 1 up …
Eighteen tee shots are a curious bunch leading to GT’s sad bogie being good enough for the hole and a 2 up victory… 


July 25, 2016

Bob and Glen took on Steve and Ricky today in a match that saw 13 holes won/lost.

I would like to report the holes like Gord McD. Please scroll down in the speed you would read his reports.

   Feel better now?

   The first 3 were tied with pars. Steve had a 2putt birdie with a stroke on 4 for 1up S&R.
He followed with a 3putt (as did Ricky) on 5 so the match was even.
After R sank his drive on 6, S hit it to 100yards and did a plow boy finally reaching the green in 4. Glen's 4 won. 1up B&G
Birdie by Bob on 7 2up B&G.
Short tees on 8. Bob and Steve 50 yards from the green. Both butchered. Glen and Richard tied with pars.
3 putt bogeys by B&G on 9. 1up B&G
3putt bogeys by B&G on 10 All square.
11 pars--3putt bogey by Steve on 12 1up B&G
13-Bob takes 2 to get out of bunker, Rickie takes 1 but 3putts, Steve takes 1 and 2putts. Glen in the water. Bob leaves his 3foot bogey putt 1foot short. All square.
14 won by B&G with par. 1up B&G
15 won with Rickie's net bird. All square.
16 won with Steve's par. 1up S&R
17 R. with a stroke hits the fringe and chips to 4feet. Not looking good for B&G.
       Miracles happen. Bob sinks his putt for bird and Rickie misses. All square.
18 Bob left but safe and hits it to 60yards. Glen fades his right drive to 100 yards. Steve in the trees and has to punch out to 150 yards. Rickie way right in two.
      Steve hits a perfect shot but the wind knocks it into the bunker. Rickie hits it just in front of the green.
      In the bag? Glen hooks it into the bunker and Bob blades it over the green. Much laughing about ineptitude.
     Everyone blasts or chips and the miracle continues. Bob is the only one to sink his putt for 5 and B&G win 1up!

    Rickie 86( 70) Steve 79( 69) Glen 83 (74) but perfect for the first 8 holes thank goodness Bob 78 (69)
It was a wonderful day. Exciting and a roller coaster. Thanks Rickie for letting us toy with you until the last hole.

Down to Last Putt !

July 24, 2016
Playing off lil Bob: Gord gets 1, Dave 6, Mac 10 

Holes 1 and 2 split with pars. GT’s par wins 3.
Lil Bob 2 putts 4 for birdie to split with GT,Mac’s net birdies.
GT/Mac win 5 with pars but then lose 6,7 to Dave and Lil Bobs solid play .
Mac’s net eagle on 9 bring us back to 1Up at the turn .

10,11,12 split with pars but then Dave/lil Bob both par 13 to even the match .
14 -Dave calmly rolls in his 11 footer for par to match GT’s improbable 45 footer.
Lil Bob’s 2 putt birdie is enough this time to get the win on 15.
Mac bounces back with net birdie on 16. All Square.
Stroking Dave and Mac both get up and down for net birdies on 17.
Mac strokes on 18! ….. Lil Bob decides to play 18 via the 10th fairway but this leaves him with a fourth shot of 40 yards over the right green side bunker. He hits it perfectly to within 7 feet . Stroking Mac makes a good bunker shot so has 10 for par( net birdie ) . Dave’s chip is unskillful and leads to bogie. Mac misses his putt so settles for net par. Lil Bobs putt for par and the tie is……. dead centre !
Great match 
Lil Bob nets to 70 , Dave 68 , Gord and Mac 69. 


Details murky …. much adequate play ..

June 29, 2016
Thanks for the report Gord.   It sounds better if you report that you birdied 18 to win 2 and 0.....
I am sure you remember now!

On Monday, 18 July 2016, Gord Thomas <> wrote:
Ummm .. Mac and I did beat Rickie and Stephen ( played June 29th I believe )   2 and 1   ,,, Details  murky …. much adequate play ..

Tom and John continue spiral

July 16, 2016

After starting so hot at 2 and 0 Tom and John took on Nick and Fred last Saturday. Beautiful day. 

Tom and John lost the tee toss and hit last the entire round. 17 holes played. 15 of them halved. Nick and Fred win 4 when the best T/J can make is a 6 gross. Tom 3 putts 6 while Nick salvages a net par after going in the water. 

That was enough for the 2 & 1 win. Lots of drama especially from Nick. Fred was a sandy and putting star. Nick made a lot of putts, some for crucial pars and some for crucial bogeys. John hit the ball well but had putting problems that turned wins into halves. Tom was steady but unspectacular. Fred rattled his clubs into the bag on 13, distracting John and leading to a ball in the pond. The only contentious moment. 

Nick 86 - 70

Fred 81- 70

Tom 79 -70

John 86 -71



July 16, 2016

Dave and Little Bob scored mostly 3's and 4's to handily defeat Bob and Glen.


Dave roughly net 65, Little Bob 67 while Bob and Glen were around 70 - 72 net.

Stephen & Richard v Tom & John

July 15, 2016

Lovely day for a match; everybody pumped. Usual banter over handicaps.

Ricky hooks his 1st drive. 2nd shot on gravel path right of green. Chips from gravel to a gimme par. Steve makes a normal par while T & J bogey and double respectively. 1 up

2 is halved

3.  R&S pars better bogeys from T&J. 2 up

4. R’s net par puts R&S 3 up

5. John shines with a net par to win a hole.  2 up

6 & 7 are a push

But on 8 Steve’s par wins. 3 up

9. Steve’s par wins again. 4 up at the turn.

10. R’s net bird puts match at 5 up

11. push

12 is won by Tom’s par. 4 up for R&S.... where the match remains until 15


Ricky 88 net 72

Stephen 79 net 69

Tom 88 net 81

John  87 net 72



July 8, 2016

Glen/Bob and Tom/John had a wonderful and tight contest today.

It started with Bob's 3 on 1 matched by John's net 3.

On 2 B&G had good birdie chances and the hole in the bag until Tom sank

a 40footer for bird to win- 1up T/J

3 was won by B/G -all square.

4,5,and 6 were tied with pars- still all square.


Pivotal hole #7. Glen and Tom and probably Bob out of it. John on and

an easy 2putt for par. Bob chips from the right mound and leaves it

4feet short of the green.

Taking his putter (chipping has been a challenge) Bob is about to strike

when Glen says " you should chip-putting is hopeless". Bob responds, as

expected, with " I know what I'm doing.Don't tell me what to do but now

I'm confused". Fuck it he said to himself. I'll prove him wrong. So he

took out his 56* wedge and sunk it. -all square.


8 won by B/G 1up


10,11 tied 12 won by B/G 2up


13,14 tied with pars 15 won by John's net birdie (B&G both had 6) 1up B/G


16 tied and Bob's 4 on 17 closed it out 2and 1.


Glen 40/42 Bob 36/39 Tom 38/42 John 42/46 Thank you, Glen for your

kind advice.



GT/Mac and Ken/GMcD

July 8, 2016
On Friday July 8th at Garrison the two top seeded teams in this year's Waterfield Cup competition, GT/Mac and Ken/GMcD faced off against each other to determine Waterfield Supremacy, at least until they meet again in the playoffs.
First, the headlines:
Ken and McD never really had a chance against the birdie machine. Or did they......?
And now the details:
1. Mr. 20-handicao Gervan hits two excellent shots to 40 ft. Ken gets his second to 35ft. McD is even closer but just off to the right. Mac makes a great putt to gimme distance for his net birdie. So does Ken. So does McD. Meanwhile, GT gets up and down from 60 yards (of course) for his par. All square. 
2. GT goes long out of the trap and takes three from the back for bogey. Mac has gone way left with his drive, avoids the trees with his second, chips on and just misses the par. Ken and McD are both on in the 20-25 foot range. Ken pars (McD doesn't) and K/McD are 1 up. It would be more than two and a half hours before they would even win another hole. By then it would be very late. Perhaps too late...?
3. GT gets up and down from close (of course). Ken does likewise from a bit further out and it's still K/McD 1 up.
4. All stroking. Mr 20-hcap hits three excellent shots to 25 feet. McD goes long and has to putt from downhill from the fringe. After several dire warnings from Ken he lets it feed down to 4 feet. Mac babies his putt to inches and taps in his net birdie. Ken gives McD the read, then closes his eyes and prays to Buddha, Ganesh and the Golf Goddess. His prayer is answered as the putt drops. K/McD still up 1 but that is all about to change. Big time. 
5. Mac (stoking) hits two beauties to the fringe, chips on and misses the putt but he doesn't need it . His net par is good enough and the match is now All Square.
6. Everyone is stroking to GT. McD gets wet but still has a putt for a net bird. It doesn't fall. Ken skulls his second over, chunks his chip and takes two more also for net par. Mac goes really long - over the garden and onto the side of the next tee.But he makes the net par as well. GT has made two great shots to 20 feet. It's looking like a push until GT calmly rolls in the BIRDIE! GT/Mac 1 up.
7. Everyone is on but McD who is on the edge of the woods but manages to get it to five feet. Then miss. But Ken makes the two-putt par, as does GT.Mac then rolls his footer uphill and into the cup. BIRDIE!!! GT/Mac now 2 up and Ken and McD are looking  a little shell-shocked. 
8. Ken manages to staunch the bleeding temporarily with a fine two-putt to match GT whose birdie putt doesn't miss by much. GT/Mac 2 up. 
9. Mac goes O/B with his  second. McD goes 40 yds long (!!)  with his third. But Ken is on the fringe and makes the par. GT has hit it pure from 120 yds to four feet. Of course, he makes the putt for BIRDIE!!! and GT/Mac are 3 up at the turn.
10. GT and Mac decide to play with their opponents' heads by going left leading Ken to whisper to  his partner those famous last words "Gord is out of the hole". NOT! Mac is soon out of the hole and looking in the dense bushes left for his ball. GT gets it to 75 yds. A chip and two putts later he has his bogey. Meanwhile, Ken and McD end up way ant the back and fail to make bogeys. Push. GT/Mac still 3 up and Ken/McD have missed a rare opportunity to win a hole and get back in the match.
11. Everyone on . Mac 80 ft, everyone else around 20 feet. Mac makes a superb two-putt par. Ken and McD miss their birdie tries. Then GT misses by a centimeter almost as it would be just too embarrassing to make another one and further humiliate the opponents.
12. Mac is in good shape just off left. McD is in even better shape 16 feet below the hole. Mac makes an excellent chip to inches and taps in his par. McD has a chance to finally get a win for his team. He doesn't. Leaves it short. GT/Mac still 3 up and time is running out for K/McD.
13. GT gets up and down from close (of course). Mac two putts for par. McD and Ken leave their birdie putt/chip 4 feet short. McD goes first and makes it . So does Ken. But it's GT/Mac up 3 with five to go and K/McD barely hanging on by their fingernails.  
14.  Mac goes into the woods right but still manages to make 6 with his second drive. Ken, GT and McD are all about 135 yds out. Ken and GT both bail to the fringe right. McD decides to go for it and hits a good 8 iron to 12 feet. GT and Ken make long distance pars. Ken gives McD the read then closes his eyes and prays to Allah, Krishna and the Golf Goddess. His prayers are answered as the putt falls for BIRDIE!! Ken and McD have finally won a hole. They had forgotten what that felt like. GT/Mac 2 up.
15. All stroking . Both Gords go into the woods right with their seconds. McD still has a makeable net birdie putt but it doesn't drop. Mac and Ken are in good shape after two. Mac pulls his third to the back, 60 feet away. Ken hits it to 18 feet. Mac goes way by on his first attempt and is still away. The next one is close but no cigar. Ken doesn't even try to make the bird. He taps his putt to ten inches, makes the net birdie and all of a sudden a match has broken out. GT/Mac only 1 up.
16. Mac is stroking. He, Ken and GT fade right and have three trees to contend with. McD pops his drive very short but gets the next one inside the 100. Ken and GT have to go under the branches and end up way left. Mac tries to go through the branches. That doesn't work and his ball pops out sideways to the 150. Four more shots from there give him net bogey. McD is on in three 35 feet away. Then Ken hits the Miracle Shot of the day (so far). Ball below his feet , the left trap almost in his line, he chips it low, it bounces twice, and up onto the green. It stops five feet left of the pin. GT then stubs his chip, just misses with his next and has to settle for 5. It's all up to Ken's putt. Slippery, downhill. He puts it in the heart for a remarkable par and now the match is back where it started. All Square.
17. Mac and McD are stroking . They both fade right and have to deal with the tree. They do so by fading even further right. They are now both pin high with the trap and a small amount of green between them and the hole. GT is on, Ken is just off. They both make pars. McD hits an excellent lob wedge to 5 feet below the hole. Mac leaves his on the fringe and takes two from there for net par. Ken gives McD the read - inside right edge then closes his eyes and prays to Zoroaster, Confucious and the Golf Goddess. Once again his prayers are answered. The putt falls for net birdie and, incredibly, Ken and McD are 1 up going to 18.
18. Mac is stroking but goes well right. Everyone else more or less on the fairway. Mac manages to get through the trees without nicking so much as a leaf, but he's still right and has tree trouble. His third has to go very low and only gets to 80 yds. His next shot is on and below the hole. Ken hits in from 100 and leaves it 25 above a front pin. GT and McD are side by each 98 yds from the pin. GT goes first and wisely leaves it on the fringe below the hole. McD hits it high but a bit right of the preferred line. If it  kicks right it's in the trap. But with a little help from all the deities who have been called upon to this point it hits the good side of the little hill at the front and bounces up towards the hole. It stops two feet away. Eventually it is McD's turn and he strokes in the (un-conceded) putt for BIRDIE!! And the win. The match ends with Ken and McD 2 up.
It says something about this wild and crazy game we play that a team could go 12 consecutive holes without a win then win the last five to claim an unlikely victory. It's really never over till it's over. 
Mac    42-46 88 net 68
GT      37-41 78 net 72
Ken     39-39 78 net 66
GMcD 44-38 82 net 68

What a comeback!!!!

June 26, 2016

    On Sunday June 26, 2016, the two top seeds in this year's Waterfield Cup met at Garrison to battle it out for WF supremacy. Here's what happened:
    First the headlines:
    Ken/GMcD never really had a chance. Or did they ... ?
    Now the details:
1. GMcD only one on in reg but Dave makes superb chip and matches him with net birdie. All Square.
2. GMcD and Ken have tap in pars. Dave needs to two putt from 60 feet. He does. All Square.
3. Bobby is on. GMcD is gone left never to be seen again. Ken makes a great up and down to tie Bobby with pars. All Square.
4. The wheels start falling off for Ken/GMcD as McD takes 3 putts from 20 feet for net par, losing to Dave's net birdie. D/B 1 up.
5. Bobby makes a fine chip for easy par beating a bunch of bogeys and it's D/B 2 up.
6. Abortion must be legal in Canada because K/McD make two - both double to par/net par and it's D/B 3 in a row and 3 up.
7. GMcD gets one back with a 15 foot birdie. D/B 2 up.
8. Dave and Bobby both make pars. Ken and McD don't even come close. D/B 3 up.
9. It looks like It will be a push with bogeys until Dave rolls in a 20 footer for par. D/B an almost insurmountable 4 up at the turn. ALMOST insurmountable.
10. GMcD makes a good chip and a 10 footer for net birdie and a win despite Bobby's two putt par. D/B 3 up.
11. Ken and McD both make 1 putt pars. Dave matches them with a 3. Then Bobby delivers the coup de grace. Birdie from 15 feet and it's D/B 4 up with only seven to play.
12. Bobby hits his drive a good fifty yards past the front tee and left into the bush, finds It and takes a drop then shanks his third. Highly un-Bobby-like. But Dave is up right of the green with Ken and McD. Ken chips long, McD chips short and Dave chips to 5 feet right on McD's line. Incredibly, , McD makes, Dave misses and it's D/B 3 up.
13. Ken takes three putts from long distance. Dave takes a 7. But Bobby makes a fine up and down par. Then Ken gives McD a read and he rolls in the 22 foot birdie. D/B just 2 up.
14. Bobby makes yet another double bogey. Dave makes 5 but Ken plays it perfectly, rolling in a 3 foot second putt for par and the win. All of a sudden there is a match afoot. D/B a mere 1 up.
15. Everybody stroking. Dave bounces his second off the paving stones just over the creek then sticks his third close. Ken is toast but McD also has a birdie putt. So does Bobby. Dave and McD both miss and make net birds. Bobby does not miss making a superfluous birdie and it's the first push in 12 holes. D/B 1 up.
16. Everyone is on in 3. Bobby and McD make bogeys. Dave is 12 feet above the hole. if he misses he could be off the green. He doesn't miss! Par and a dagger to the heart. But wait! Ken is 11.9 feet below the hole. He gets it close but has he given it enough? Yes! Another push and it's D/B 1 up with two to go. 
17. McD is stroking but puts his second in the trap front left. Bobby is 55 feet below the hole. Dave tells him it breaks left to right. Bobby doesn't agree, puts it out a little right and brings it in to gimme par. McD makes a good sand shot to 12 feet below and needs the putt to tie up the match. It ends up just left. Net par. Push. D/B Dormie one.
18. Bobby and Dave both make two putt pars. Ken and McD both have a chance for bird. Ken is just off, left, comes within an inch but no cigar. McD is 20 feet above the hole. With the match on the line his putt slips by right and what would have been a comeback for the ages falls just short. D/B win it 1 up. It turns out to be the last time Ken/GMcD lose all season.

Bobby 78 net 72
Dave 84 net 71
Ken 86 net 74
GMcD 83 net 68


June 10, 2016

First match for two teams that picked early in this year's draft.

Team "A" had 17 pitch shots from inside 40 yards on the first 4 holes. Only 2 (4) of them were double hits. This doesn't count putts. 

The match summary in one hole.

Team "A: one up going to 18 after winning 17 even though they had to give a stroke. The guy getting the stroke on 17 hits it in a divot in the rough on 18, advances it 50 yards into the thick clover in front of the fairway ditch, hacks it to 70 yards and waits to hit his fourth - steam coming out of his ears. Meanwhile long driver on Team "A" starts by nearly driving said ditch dead straight. He then lays up to 80 yards, again dead straight. looks like par will be good enough to at least half the hole and win the match. Team "B"'s partner is going along ok after two shots. All watch's Team "A"'s partner thread the opening to the front pin from about 150. Team B straight shooter from 100 yards pulls it into the trap. Long driver suddenly becomes short pitcher. First pitch goes about 10 yards. Second pitch about 15. His turn to play, the hacker hits his fourth to 8 feet, lying 4. Long driver skulls it on the green in 5 and is outside hacker. Team A partner, after his beautiful approach, admits to lying 6 due to unobserved adventures earlier in the hole. Great sand player on Team B knifes it out almost in to the other trap and then chips back 7 feet past now lying 5. So after great approacher 2 putts for 8, long straight driver 2 putts for 7, hacker has a 2 putt window to win the hole with a bogey. And he does. Match ends all square. Everyone agrees it is probably the proper result. 


Long straight driver Steve 83 - 74

Partner Richard 101 - 86 and seeking therapy

Short straight shooter Fred 85 -73

Hacker Nick 92 - 76 and joining Richard in therapy if Chuck will take us. 



Look Out For These Two

June 3, 2016

On Friday June 3rd the two top seeds in this year's Waterfield met at Garrison to determine which team would remain undefeated. It hardly mattered, however, because they are almost certain to meet again at the end of the playoffs for the championship.

    First the headlines:

TOMMY/JOHN out birdie KEN/GMcD 4-0
SIR JOHN plays 11-14 two under par
TT fires dagger on #1
KdK tries to keep team in the game despite his partner netting to 74

KdK/GMcD really never had a chance. Or did they...?

And now the details:

1. Ken hits his shot of the day to eight feet. From right field TT trumps that with an approach to four feet. Ken misses, TT makes birdie and it's T/J 1 up and the rout is on.
2. GMcD makes a 20 footer to convert a sandie leaving KdK a run at birdie which inexplicable breaks uphill. JMcD matches their pars. It's a push. T/J 1 up
3. KdK two putts from 30feet above the hole for par and it holds up for the win. All Square
4. GMcD and KdK make net pars and they are good enough. Incredibly, it's K/G 1 up.
5. Tom's par is sufficient and it's back to All Square.
6. Ken gets to 12 feet above the hole in three then snakes it in for a fabulous net birdie and the win. Probably. Tom is ten feet above the hole, taps it and, astoundingly, it drops! Real birdie. Push. All Square
7. The two McDs make pars and it's still All Square.
8. Ken is on in reg and makes a fine par. Good enough and it's K/G 1 up in spite of the birdies. But they hadn't seen nuthin' yet.
9. Ken makes a perfect chip from 15 yds left to two feet and K/G go two up. No, wait! The ball rolls by left. A Push. Still K/G 1 up at the turn.
10. Tom makes a fine two putt par to Ken's bogey but the stroke makes it a push. K/G 1 up
11.Four pars. K/G 1up
12. GMcD ten feet above the hole, John 18 feet right. John drops it for birdie, Gord rolls it by left and match is All Square.
13. JohnnyMac rolls in a second consecutive birdie, this time from 15 feet, and the see-saw battle moves to T/J 1 up.
14. T/J put the pedal to the metal, both make pars to K/G's bogeys and it's T/J 2 up with three consecutive wins and all the mo.
15. Ken and Gord grind out pars/net birdies to get it back to T/J 1 up.
16. John dumps his third into the front trap. Tom sends his second deep into the woods right and bogey is going to be good enough. But wait! Tom finds his ball on the edge and actually has a shot. He hits it hard and it goes way over. Or at least it would have if it hadn't hit Ken's ball 15 feet below the hole. Two putts and a bogey, GMcD takes three from the fringe (ouch!!) and T/J and the Golf Goddess have snatched a win from the jaws of defeat. T/J 2 up and dormie.
17. Tom hits his second to 20 feet above the hole. GMcD is hitting from 175 into the wind to a blue pin and gets it to 20.001 feet above the hole. He has to putt first and leaves it two feet short. Tom two putts for par and Gord's putt is conceded. Match done? No. GMcD gets a stroke and the win. T/J 1 up and the match goes to 18.
18. Ken has to dig his drive out of deep cabbage and can only make bogey. GMcD gets a flier out of rough right and ends up 50 feet above the hole. Tommy/John in good shape for pars. GMcD has to make the birdie. He doesn't. Match done - T/J 1 up.

Tom 78 net 70
John 83 net 70
Ken 83 net 70
GMcD 90 net 74

John/Tom played Gord T/Mac

May 27, 2016

The golf was not so great. John/Tom would do everything possible to lose a hole (errant drives, bad chips, poor decisions) and Gord/Mac would do them one better. Ever see some one wince with pain/embarrassment when they won a hole? There was plenty of that.

Thankfully, the match was over by 15. John/Tom 3 and 4. We played 16, 17, and 18 in 22 minutes.

There were no highlights. The weather was beautiful everywhere around us, but on the hole we were playing, there were heavy dark clouds.

No individual scores.

Better golf will be played.

Thomas B Thayer

Two more teams get going

May 27, 2016

    On Friday May 27th, the two top-seeded teams in this year's Waterfield Championship met under perfect conditions to determine which of the would likely finish the round robin undefeated. 
    First the Headlines:







Ken/GMcD never really had a chance. Or did they...?

And now the details:

1. K/G dodge a bullet with Ken's 5-footer for bogey to match Wayne and Rob. All Square
2. Rob makes really good up and down to match pars from K&G. All Square. Then the roof started caving in on K/G.
3. Wayne gets up and down from the front with a fine 8-footer. No on else does. R/W 1 up and the rout is on.
4. Everyone stroking off Rob. Neither K nor G can take advantage. Wayne rolls in yet another one for net bird to put R/W 2 up and to add fuel to the conflagration of K&G's season.
5. A slight stumble by R&W - two doubles - allows K&G some mitigation of the damage to their spirits and it's R/W 1 up. 
6. K asks stroking G to lay up which he does. Stubs his second to 110yds and still isn't on in 3. But a putt well read by K and executed by G leaves him with a tap-in net par to match K's legit par, bettering R/W by one and incredibly it's All Square after 6. 
7. Another McD putt well read by Ken gives him par and allows him to match fine pars by Rob and Wayne. Still All Square.
8. Wayne hits a beauty in and just over to a blue pin. His chip leaves him an uphill putt for par which he makes (of course). Ken is just off the green but 65 feet away. He makes a phenomenal down hill putt to gimme distance to salvage a push and it was still All Square. That would not last.
9. McD drives into Nickland way up the first fairway but gets it to 115 yds with his second. Rob and Ken in good shape but Wayne uncharacteristically pushes his second just O/B. MCD is the only one to get on and 2-putt for par and, shockingly, Ken/GMcD take a 1 up lead to the tenth. But disaster was soon to strike at least part of the K&G squad.
10. Lots of bogeys. K/G 1 up.
11. Lots more bogeys. Still K/G 1 up.
12. A turning point?? McD loses one left. Wayne has hit an excellent drive down the left and bounces a superb second to a front pin leaving it 12 feet below the hole. Ken tries to respond in kind but leaves his second 10 above. A big mistake. Wayne leaves his birdie try just a nose hair short. Ken doesn't quite give his putt enough break. It's sliding by the lip on the low side when it just catches the edge... And drops!! Birdie! K&G 2 up. But that wouldn't last more than ten minutes.
13. Wayne goes to the beach. Rob is short then short. Ken is between the green and the trap but GMcD hits a beauty to 14 feet above the hole. A cautious putt to two feet and a make for par beats three bogeys and it's K/G 3 up and smelling an upset.
14. After two drives into the crap left all that McD was smelling was wafts of disgust and self-loathing. But Ken gets it to the fringe and the three he takes from there are good enough for a push.
15. Four big drives, four good seconds. McD closest (about100 feet) and stroking. A chip to 10 feet below the hole and despite pars all round, the match is conceded 4/3.

Wayne 86 net 73
Rob 88 net 76
Ken. 83 net 70
GMcD 93 net 76

Under way in 2016

May 13, 2016

Birdies and Bogies and Mac, oh my !

The good 
Glen 2 natural birdies, 1 net
Bob 2 natural birdies 
Gord 1natural birdie
Mac 4 net birdies ( thank’s partner )
Match went back and forth on front but Mac’s net birdie on 9 got us 2up
11 split with birdies but then Gord/Mac’s steady play over the next 4 holes was the difference ,
Scores ( after match on 15 ) Mac +13 / GT + 3 / Bob +7 / Glen +9

Champions Dinner

January 23, 2016

Many thanks to champion Steve for hosting and cooking, Steve's wife and children for letting us invade their home and having them prepare the dinner and decorate the surroundings in a golf theme and co- champion Ken for being Ken.

A new twist on partner selection has the following teams set for 2016. Two groups of three picking in order determined at random

Richard with the first long time loser pick - Steve

Gord T with the second pick - Mac

Fred with the third pick - Nick

Dave with the first pick of the short time loser group - Lil Bob

Lil Bob with the second pick of this group - N/A as he has been picked

John with the third pick of this group - Tom

Remaining six golfers paired up as followed to make sure there were no partnerships from the previous three years.

Wayne - Rob

Ken-Gord McD

Glen - Bob

Great to spend an evening with Chuck and Michael. Chuck has put himself forward as an available substitute.

Many thanks to everyone for making the event so enjoyable. 

Don't forget - Play responsibly.






Champions of 2015

October 23, 2015

Congratulations to the first repeat champions - Ken and Steve who easily defended their title on a cold October morning. 


A frost delay of half an hour. Starting on number 10 
Nick and Mac start one up. Mac gets 8, Nick 4 and Ken 2.

#10 Steve and Ken's bogies win it. All square
#11 Ken gets it to a foot of the cup for birdie. One up
#12 Ken's par wins it. 2 up
#13 Everyone but Steve in trouble. His par makes it 3 up.
#14 Everyone bogies. 3 up.
#15 Tide turns. Nick's net birdie takes it.2 up
#16 Nick gets his second shot hole high and 15 feet from the cup. His par does it. 1 up
#17 Steve and Nick halve the hole. 1 up.
#18 Steve and Mac halve the hole. 1 up.

Glen joins the group for photographic work. His neutrality is questioned but he manages to keep his cheers to a whisper.

#1 Ken's par wins it. 2up
#2 Ken's par wins it. 3 up
#3 Nick strikes back. His par wins it after a fine floating pitch over the bunker to about 5 feet. 2 up.
#4 Ken's net birdie wins it. Back to 3 up.
#5 Steve rattles his second shot from the trees on the left of the green to 20 feet. Mac has a par putt to halve but misses. 4 up. Dormie.
#6 Mac and Nick stroking. Ken in the water. Nick ob. Steve pars. Mac cannot get the win that he needed. Game over. 4 and 3

Steve 84 net 75
Ken 84 net 73
Nick 98 net 84
Mac 96 net 77

Many thanks to Nick for another great year of doubles competition. 

Tiebreaker update

Limited details but I believe the following is correct.

Rob/Lil Bob vs Fred/GT : Saturday in the wind at Napanee the day after the Geese when GT is second and Fred is poised to win until he takes three from the sand on 16.
Rob/ Lil Bob win both nines, the match and are up nine after all 18 holes. Rob and Lil Bob are at 24 points.

Rob/Lil Bob vs Bob/GMcD : Sunday at the Glen on a beautiful fall day.
"Those guys are too good. We out birdied them 4-1 and we still got clobbered. They won 8-5 and both nines. Sheesh!" GMcD
Rob/Lil Bob win both nines, the match and are up three after 18 holes. R/LB get 12 more points for a total of 36.

So on Friday if one team in the Bob/GMcD vs Fred/GT match can win both nines, the match and be up 16 after 18 holes they will win. Otherwise it's a semi-final of Ken/Steve vs Rob/LB with Ken/Steve starting 1/2 up.


September 27, 2015
It is Sunday September 27 and the round robin is closed. We have a three way tie for the third and final playoff spot.
To break the tie the three teams with 7 points will please do as follows.
Play a round robin before Friday October 9. Two matches each. Three games in total. The team with the most points from the round robin will be third.
If you can't complete the round robin by the 9th I will award third place to the team that has played both its matches EVEN if it does not have the most points. This presumes that there is ample opportunity for you six to schedule these games over the next 12 days. 
Score as follows:  2 points for winning a nine. 2 points for winning the match. 1 point each for halving a nine or the match. 2 points for each hole you are up after playing ALL eighteen holes. In the event of a tie the first tiebreaker will be the result of the match between the two tied teams, and the second tiebreaker will be a draw from the hat that I will do. If there are three teams all with the same point total I will draw a winner from the hat. 
Otherwise the team with the most points after two matches plays Ken and Steve starting 1/2 down. Maybe the semi-final could be played Thanksgiving week-end?
Good luck

Final Standings Sept 27, 2015

September 27, 2015


Nick - Mac 5 1 1 11

Ken - Steve 5 2 0 10

Bob - Gord McD 3 3 1 7

Fred - Gord T 3 3 1 7

Rob - lil Bob  3 2 1 7

Tom - Wayne  2 4 1 5 

Ricky - John  2 4 0 4

Glen - Dave  1 5 1 3






Final Round Robin Match

September 26, 2015

Dear Czar 
    Yesterday Rob and Bobby were a little too much for Bob and me and they walked off with a 4 and 3 victory. That gets them to 7 points. Fred and GT have 7 points. So do Dr. Bob and I. And, if I understand the rules you have made clear, today is the last day for round robin matches. That means that unless Rob/Bobby get in their last match today they are stuck at 7 and we have a three-way tie for third place. 
    We (Fred, GT, Bob and I) trust that there will be no last minute changing of the rules to extend the time for matches. The integrity of The Waterfield Trays competition would suffer immeasurably.
    So, unless by some miracle that final match is played today, we all await your indication as to how the three-way tie will be resolved.

Geriatric golf at its finest!

September 20, 2015

tom and wayne did play rob and bob yesterday...a down to the wire defeat for me and tom, so our journey ends this year
write up from robbie to follow


Geriatric golf at its finest!
    First controversy , Rob and Tom hit balls into bunker on 11.Hit each others balls on way out. Much discussion, decided to disqualify Rob and Tom.Subsequently determined player must identify his ball in hazards(2008 rule change)Who knew?....After much back and forth, match squared on 16. Rob about to 4 putt on 17 when Tom and Wayne announce they have hit each others balls. Up one. Bobby drifts his second shot to middle of 18 with a 5 iron. Birdie conceded after eagle miss. 2 up for BS and RM.


I don't know about you guys. There's an awful lot of playing with each other's balls! F.

The climb out of the cellar

John & Ricky

Glen & David
The climb out of the cellar
Front 9 start
Began at 3:30 hoping we could finish before dark.  We just made it.
1. R's kick in putt for a sand save net par. John also net par. G&D with bogeys.  1 up
2.  R sinks 35 ft putt for bird. 2 up  R&J lightheaded
3. G&D with pars.  R&J bogeys. 1 up
4. R&J with net par win. 2 up
5. G&D win with pars. 1 up
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11,  are all a push. R&J still 1 up
12. Lousy drives all round. J hits R's ball. Controversy. G phones Mike Raymond to see if R still gets to play. He plays anyhow but shanks ball out of play. Moot controversy.  ALL SQUARE
13. J's par wins. Everybody else bogeys. John hasn't missed a short putt yet.  R&J 1 up
14. Into strong setting sun.  R's ball lost somewhere. Everybody pars. Push.  1 up
15. J with net bird. 2 up.  R&J are giddy
16. Glen with fabulous sand save for par. Couple of lip out puts. Back to 1 up. G&D are giddy
17. R&J with net birds and planning the victory parade route. High fives. Glen is long on right fringe way above hole.  Impossible chip - but he holes it for birdie!  Amazing shot.  R&J still 1 up going into 18. Tension.
18. Push.  Everybody is cold. It`s dark. There were several shots we all wanted back.
Richard & John climb out of the cellar
John net 68
Ricky net 73
David net 71
Glen net 69

Battle of the Cellar-Dwellers. Wayne/Tom take on Dave/Glen

September 9, 2015

Despite sharing the Waterfield cellar, the four players had all been playing well, particicularly Dave , who the previous day had a recorded a career best round of 73, including five birdies.


Wayne dominated the early going with a net birdie on one and a par on three to put the team two up. Tom added a net birdie on four: Wayne/Tom 3 up after 4 holes. Dave comes back with a net birdie to take the sixth hole and Glen rolls in a birdie on nine to reduce Wayne/Tom's lead to one at the turn.


Everyone butchers the 120 yard eleventh hole except Wayne who parred it for a 2 up lead. Then Tom birdies 13 to go three up; Glen birdies 14, back to 2 up; Dave net birdies 15, back to 1 up.


What a match! Every player in every hole; each player gunning for par or better. The dreaded “Your hole, partner” is never uttered. Three difficult, pressure-packed holes to go; no strokes. A match that could go either way.


Both teams par the last three holes; Wayne/Tom win 1 up



Glen 81 net 74

Dave 78 net 67

Wayne 83 net 70

Tom 78 net 69

Fred and Gord Come Up Short

September 9, 2015

A sweltering Wednesday at Garrison

Fred gets 5, Nick 6 and Mac all but the par threes.

The highlights:

Fred shoots 75 net 65. He birdie/net eagles 4 and 15.

Fred misses many putts by half a turn or less. Very impressive except when he three putted 6.

Gord T eagles 17 - that's right 17. He is an up and down 75.


Mac is 20 strokes better than the previous Wednesday. 40-42 82 net 60. MAC ATTACK.

Mac plays his non stroke holes in 1 under.

Nick is needed for a couple of holes from his 84 -net 72.


Exhausting match decided early it turns out. Nick wins one with net birdie and Fred wins four with net eagle. Then Mac wins 5, 6 and 7 - 7 with a firm chip that rattled off the flagstick and dropped. 3 up it stayed until Fred won 15 with another net eagle. Gord is looking at twenty five feet for birdie on 16 but Mac chips to six inches for a net birdie and a 3 and 2 victory. GT's eagle on 17 is after the match is done.

Mac and Nick top the round robin and go directly to the final with a one up lead.






Rob, It did not end up short of the hole. That thing that must remain nameless.

September 5, 2015

Rob/Lil Bob vs Ken/Steve


Ken 3 putt no.1 BM up 1. Bob and Rob bunker and shank their way to bogies. Steve obligingly 3 putts for a tie. Ties till 6, Ken net birdies for all square. Steve birdies 8 for 1 up..On nine Ken is ob off the tee. Steve 3 putts from 12 feet for all square.On ten Rob net birdies for 1 up. On 11 we all miss the green from 110 yards. Ken pars for all square. On 12 Bobby is OB left, Rob wedges short for a bogey. Ken 3 putts for a bogey. On 13 Steve 3 putts , Bobby 2 putts for 1 up. Ken and Steve are bunker buddies and bogey 14. Bobby and Rob 2 up. On 15 Steve in hazard off tee , Rob behind cedars.Bobby thru green in 2 for a birdie . Rob chips out net birdie. Ken has a 4 footer for eagle, has an old mans ejaculation which ends up near- but short of the hole.Hole tied. On 16 Bobby OB off the tee, others tie with bogies. On 17 Bobby and Rob miss green and Ken is tight.Bobby makes a 10 foot bender for a par. Ken has a 4 footer which he putts 3' 10". Match over 2up for the Sly- McRib duo.



It did not end up short of the hole. That thing that must remain nameless.
   It ended up on my shoes. K

Second Play Off Spot Available

September 2, 2015

On Wednesday September 2nd, two different titans of this year's Waterfield Cup competition, Mac/Nick and Bob/GMcD (aka The Professionals), met on the playing fields of Garrison to battle for Waterfield supremacy and a playoff position. It was a great battle that went down to the last shot. Consider these headlines:




Bob is even after 14. He only needs a little help.Is it available? And now the details;

1. GMcD's three putts but so does Nick. Bob lips out a thirty footer. Even.
2. A long two-putt for par by Nick matches pars by The Pros. Bob misses a ten footer. But wait. Even..
3. Bob's chips first and is way short. Nick chips next and is shorter. Mac putts next and is even shorter. From eight feet Mac pushes, Nick pulls and Bob hits his line which is the wrong read. Bogey for a half. 
4. Everybody stroking. Nick wedges to a foot. Not given. You waited. Bob rolls in a sixty footer for a birdie. Nick does sink so his net eagle puts the Pros 1 down
5. Bob's chip from pin high left gets close. Then closer. Stopping three feet away it doesn't matter as Nick sinks from thirty feet and McD from twenty seven. Halved in par

6. Bob drives the tiny hazard long right. On the green in three he sinks another thirty footer for his sixth straight 4. Nick doesn't get up and down(again) so its a par/net par half. The Pros 1 down. But that's about to change.
7. Mac chips stone dead for par. But Bob makes an even number 2 with a side hill thirty footer for birdie. All square.
8. Bob and Nick have tree trouble off the tee. Bob gets on while Nick is short left. Nick chips to ten feet. Bob leaves it six feet away after his first putt. Nick misses. Bob (what else) sinks. At last The Pros are 1 up.
9. Nick and Bob play from over on number one. Nick gets on in three whereas Bob flares into the right trap. A poor sand shot and a poor chip from McD means Nick's par wins it and it's All Square at the turn.

Bob played the front in 36 with 7 4's a 2 and a 6. Mac is halfway to a plaza with a nice round 50. McD was overshadowed by Bob's fine play but would be needed on the back. Nick was in play but had a three putt and only got up and down twice out of six chances. Something would surely give on the back nine. 

10. McD hits wedge (alright sky high driver that went 120 yards). Then a solid fairway wood and a laser measured real wedge for a net three. Mac lips out from five feet and it's 1 up for The Pros.
11. Nick plays Bob. Bob sinks his second putt from three feet to halve Nick's tap in par. Still 1 up for The Pros.
12. Three balls on (Mac is watching from the right long grass), a long way away. Three approaches that lead to good good and pars. Still 1 up for The Pros but that is about to change

13. Bob makes 3 from fifteen feet. Nick has another up and down go awry.Now it is 2 up for The Pros.
14. Bob drives it in the right trees and hits a provisional. The trees reject his first ball. He hits the green from 200 yards and lips out an eighty footer. Nick has a twenty foot chip and a seven foot putt. Best putt of the day for Nick goes in the middle so The Pros are still 2 up with 4 to go. Bob is level par. 
15. All in play and all safely over the creek in two - EXCEPT Bob who goes right in two and ends up with bogey. Here is where McD steps up with his stroke - EXCEPT he wedges into the trap. Nick makes par net birdie and it is enough to restart the faint hopes of M/N. The Pros are 1 up. 
16. Good drives in play all round even if McD does start his out of bounds and just clears the trees and just curves enough to get back into play. Mac goes into the long grass to the right again. Bob and McD are thirty yards short left. Nick is fifty yards short right. Nick stays below the hole. Bob skulls it into the trap. McD goes above the hole. Bob done. Nick two putts for bogey. McD lags the curvy downhiller to 18 inches. Bob says he doesn't believe it will be given. McD doesn't commit and pulls it. Holy Cow. It's back to ALL SQUARE.
17. All get a stroke from Bob. Gord Thomas is shagging balls by the green eager to find out what's going on. Time for McD to step up. McD goes ob. Mac is in good shape until he chips it in the trap. Nick forgets that shot and wants Mac to putt out for his bogey (net par) that is in actual fact double (net bogey). Mac misses from 16 inches. Nick hits a beautiful flyer into the green that goes thirty yards long. Bob watches a terrible chip from Nick that stops thirty feet away above the hole. Nick didn't want to have to putt which is why he had Mac go for the pretend bogey. Bob after a weak 8 iron just needs a chip and putt for par to win the hole ( he has forgotten that Nick gets a stroke). But his chip sucks. His fifty footer lips out. And when Nick two putts and takes his stroke the hole has been won by M/N and The Pros are in trouble! One down. 
18. Mac and his stroke out drive Bob long and straight. Bob inexplicably goes ob left. McD pulls his approach left and takes two chips. Mac gets a chip over a bunker to ten feet. Nick lets him 2 putt for a net par and it's all over/ Mac/Nick have won the last four holes to win 2 Up. 


Mac 50 -52 102 net 78
Nick 39-41 80 net 67
Bob 36-42 78 net 72
GMcD 42-47 89 net 76

Waterfield Slugfest, Aug 30, 2015

August 30, 2015

Dave & Glen vs Bobby & Rob.

Perfect weather, uncrowded course.

Dave & Glen: down 4 after 6 holes, Win 8, down three to start 2nd 9.

Bobby & Rob: give back 12, 14 & 15 to even match. Both Bobby & Rob 3 putt 17 to go 1 down.

Dave ties 18 to seal the win!!!!!!

Glen 82 / 74
Dave 81 / 69 (my hero)

Rob 81 / 70
Bobby 80 / 74

First team set for the play-offs

August 26, 2015

Steve (minus his favourite wedge) and Ken vs The Putters From Hell

Everyone netted to a 70 except Steve who is happy that his name only has one syllable and does not end in an 'n'.
Friendly match. No one commented on Mac's persistent flatulence. He also shot 43 on the front.

Mac gets 12 strokes. Nick 3. Ken 1

#1 Ken's 13 foot par putt drops while Nick's 12 foot birdie putt is woeful.

#2 Ken's par wins it when Nick three putts and Mac misses a shortie. 1up
#3 Mac three putts this time so Steve's par wins it. 2 up.

#4 Ken and Mac halve it with net birdies. End of Ken's strokes.
#5 A push because Ken gets behind a tree on his drive, punches out to 130 and then leaves it 4 inches away for a par and a half.

#6 Mac and Nick's net pars win it. 1 up 

#7 Mac chips to gimmee par to halve Ken. Steve given a forty foot chip for his par. 1 up

#8 Mac net birdies. All square. Mac has had six bogies and two pars so far!
#9 Mac's first worst than bogie. But Nick gets a routine par to halve both Ken and Steve. Push At the turn all even.

#10 Mac leaves his net birdie putt a quarter turn short on the lip. Par/net par all round. A push.

#11 Ken hits the green and drops a nice twenty footer in for the first birdie of the day and a 1up lead.
#12 Three tee shots to inside a hundred yards. Mac is lost. Nick jerks a wedge, makes a poor pitch and then yanks a six footer nowhere close to the hole. A par wins it for S and K. 2Up.

#13. Steve lips out his tee shot and stops 18 inches away. Nick apologizes to Mac for not making birdie from the sand. An incredible shot. But it stops an inch from the cup. And Steve does make birdie 3 Up.
#14 Mac and Nick go awol. Steve pars. 4 up. Dormie

#15. Nick plays it safe with his stroke. Steve in the hazard off the tee. Ken thins his little pitch through the green so net birdie keeps the match going. 3 up.
#16 Into the wind Nick hits a three wood off the left slope to thirty feet. Mac has a stroke and plays it cool to about thirty five feet in net two. Putting woes. Bogies halve it and the match is over.

S and K win 3 and 2.

Mac 94 70
Nick 83 70
Ken 80 70
Steve 84 75


But Ken & Steve better ball net about even after 16 - Mac and Nick net better ball about three over after 16. Ham and egg wins over ham and ham and rightly so.  

The Greatest Match Of All Time ?

August 14, 2015

On Friday August 14th, the two titans of this year's Waterfield Cup competition, Wayne/Tom and Bob/GMcD (aka The Professionals), met on the playing fields of Garrison to battle for Waterfield supremacy. It was a great battle but W&T proved absolutely unbeatable. Consider these headlines:


    W&T played 3 under gross best ball. No one was going to beat them on that day. And no one did.

And now the details;

1. GMcD's net birdie beats Tom's par and it's The Pros 1 up.
2. A long two-putt for par by Wayne matches pars by The Pros. The Pros 1 up.
3. Bob's par matches those by W&T. The Pros still 1 up.
4. Everybody stroking. GMcD's net birdie matches Wayne's but all for nought. Tom lays his third (okay, sculls his third) to 5 feet and makes the putt for net eagle . All Square.
5. Bob's chip from pin high left gets close. Then closer. Then it disappears into the cup for birdie and it's The Pros back to 1 up.
6. GMcD 40 feet above the hole but even a net par looks like it will win - until Tom rims the cup with his chip from deep right and makes par. McD's second putt from 6 feet above the hole slides by left and it's a push. The Pros 1 up.
7. Bob and Tom make two-putt pars. Wayne takes his second consecutive X. Still The Pros 1 up.
8. Bob has tree trouble off the tee. GMcD makes a good chip for an easy par but it doesn't matter. Tom is in close and drops it for birdie. All Square.
9. Wayne and Tom both on in 3, both The Pros in 4. McD makes a pretty good lob wedge from a tough spot left. Tom takes three more and Wayne makes a shaky first putt. He's closer than McD but accepts a good/good offer and it's All Square at the turn.
Wayne was about to catch fire. Tom was about to start sending guided missiles to pins and it would all be too much for The Pros.

10. Two pars, two net pars, no blood. All Square.
11. Wayne and McD are both inside 15 feet but don't convert. Where are those birdies? Stay tuned. Still All Square.
12. Tom is one over par to this point. He goes deep left and is not seen again until the 13th tee. Meantime, Bob and McD are on in pretty good shape below the hole. Wayne makes a good putt from off the back and has a good shot at par. But it doesn't matter. McD heeds Bob's entreaty to get it to the hole and rolls it in for birdie. The Pros 1 up. But it wouldn't last and they would never be up again. 
13. Bob makes 3 from a long way away giving McD a shot at birdie. No go. Tom has hit it to 5 feet and strokes in his third birdie of the day. All Square.
14. The Pros both in trouble right, chip out and pitch on. Wayne and Tom no such trouble. Good drives, good approaches. Tom then nails the putt for yet another birdie! W&T 1 up.
15. The Pros screw up off the tee McD left and O/B, Bob in the hazard right. Tom plays it solidly for par/net birdie. Wayne plays it even better and  makes birdie/ net eagle and the rout is on. W&T 2 up with three to go. Wayne would play the last three in par - net birdie - bogey. And the Pros have to win two of three just to get a tie. Not bloody likely.
16. Tom essentially retires as he is one over after 15 and clearly worried about his handicap. Wayne makes a fine chip from in front to a red pin and makes the putt for a rare par on 16. It could be all over. But Bob has hit an incredible laser 5 iron from 165 to 4 feet. He makes the crucial putt for birdie and The Pros still have life. But they are on assisted breathing. W&T 1 up.
17. Tom? Who's he? Apparently he thinks four birdies are enough of a contribution. But Wayne, who has gone a little long and left makes a good chip to 9 feet above the hole. Bob, in the meantime, is probably O/B left. But he isn't! He's 128 away and hits it perfectly (again) to 8 feet. GMcD leaves his birdie putt 5 feet short. Then Wayne ( makes another crucial putt for par/ net birdie (yes, you read that right, folks) and it could be all over. But McD rolls his in to tie and Bob drops his birdie putt for good measure. Still it's W&T dormie 1.
18. Tom (remember him ?) goes hazard left, chip out, chunk, then over and an eventual double. Bob flies his wedge way over and goes long on his fourth. Bogey City. Meanwhile Wayne and McD have hit good drives but lousy second shots putting them in tree trouble right. McD has an opening and hits his shot of the day to 35 feet above the hole. Wayne can't avoid a high branch with his third and leaves his fourth on the fringe right. He makes an excellent putt to 4 feet. McD now has to two putt and leaves his first 5 feet short. With the match on the line he rolls it in for the win and the match ends All Square.

  Why may that be the greatest Waterfield match of all time? Consider these facts:
1. The four players made 9 birdies between them and had a best ball gross of 63;
2. They birdied six holes in a row from 12-17. I dare say that has never been done before and likely never will again;
3. Bob and Tom each made consecutive birdies on the same nine;
4.Wayne made seven consecutive 4s on the back sandwiched between two fives;
4. Bob played the 3s and the 4s in even par; and
5.Fittingly, nobody lost.

Wayne 46 -38 84 net 70
Tom 37-42 79 net 70
Bob 37-38 75 net 68
GMcD 40-40 80 net 66

Wayne/Tom with their 0-3 record take on Ken/Steve, 2014 champions and a 4-0 2015 record.

August 6, 2015

The match was characterized by good sportsmanship and shaky putting. Ken/Steve took an early lead with a par at 2, but Wayne/Tom came back to win 3, 4, 6, and 7 to take a 3 hole lead at the turn. They increased their lead to 4 with a birdie at 10. Ken/Steve took 14 with a par, but Wayne/Tom parred 16 for the win, 4 and 2. Notable moments: Tom sank a 65 foot put on 10 for a birdie and Wayne sank knee-knockers on 12 and 15 to keep the match out of reach. On the negative side, there were lots of missed short putts. Most notable was on 13 where Tom, Ken and Steve all missed puts of less than 4 feet. It was a nice win for Wayne/Tom, but no one was bragging about how well they played. 


Addendum from Ken is that Tom was even after 12

Todays Match - Ken and Steve vs Richard and John!

July 22, 2015

Mac gives advice to Ken and John on tee one, and the bickering against Ken continues on and on....

Richard plays stellar on the front nine... 40
John leaves several (about 8 putts) on the edge, despite having a wonderful off the tee day.... drive for show....putt....I'll stop.
Ken gives advice on number 5 as Steve has an almost gimme 2 foot putt - to "just don't 3 putt,"... just as Steve is thinking...if I make this 2 footer, we win the hole and even the match.
Ken and Steve ....natural birdies on 11, Steve birdies 12, and Ken follows this with another on 13... to take 3 holes in a row.
Richard net eagles 15... so that they are 1 down going to 16...
Ken takes 16 with a par - to make it go dormi into 17, and pars halve this hole, so that Steve and Ken win 2 and 1.
Steve 78 (net 69)
Ken 81 (net 71)
Richard 82 (net 67)
John 87 (net 72)
I don't know about the rest of you... I am real happy that we don't play stroke play anymore!

Ricky & John McD vs Wayne & Tom T

August 5, 2015

 Both teams enter the match winless on a back 9 start.

10 Push

11  R&J go 1 up with J’s par

12 Push

13  Wayne & Richard in the sand right. Tom & John on the green. Wayne’s super bunker shot drops for birdie. All square

14  R’s par wins. 1 up

15  J’s net bird brings R&J 2 up

16  J’s bogie wins. 3 up

17 Push

18  J’s par wins.  4 up at the turn


1   Tom’s par wins. Everybody else takes 6. R&J 3 up

2   W&T both take bogies and win the hole.  R&J 2 up

3  Push

4  Push

5  John bogies to win.   R&J 3 up

6  Wayne with a stroke wins. Down to 2 up

7  Ricky’s tee shot is close enough to kick in for bird.  R&J win 3&2

 Richard 90 net 76

John  85 net 70

Tom 86 net 76

Wayne  89 net 74



The Professionals vs The Shorts

July 24, 2015
First the headlines:






Unfortunately for The Pros, they caught The Shorts on a day when they were were incredibly solid - only one over par gross and minus three net. Virtually unbeatable ... or were they?

Now the details:

#1 Fred's great chip leading to a net birdie was better than The Pros par and net par (and GT's bogey) and the rout was on - early. Shorts 1 up.
#2 GT, Bob and GMcD all missed birdie putts of 15-25 feet for a push. Shorts 1 up.
#3 GT, Fred and Bob all get it up and down for pars. Shorts 1 up.
#4 Fred, Bob and GMcD make net birdies for another push. Shorts 1 up.
#5 Fred makes another great chip for gimme par. Bob matches him. (So does GT.) Shorts still 1 up.
#6 Bob drills one long and right, O/B. Or at least that's what we think. But the Golf Goddess has granted him a gift by using a tree to knock it down and keep it in play. Everyone else in great shape. GT makes yet another par. Fred and GMcD make net pars. Bob scrambles for his par and it's another push. Shorts 1 up.
#7 Fred's in the left bunker and makes bogey. Everyone else just off the front. They all get it up and down for pars. Shorts 1 up even still.
#8 Tees way up. Too close for Bob to clear the trees it turns out. And his next one puts a dent in the big dead tree on the left before bouncing back to the 150. The Gords hit good drives and get on. GT makes a great putt (again) to gimme distance for his 7th consecutive par. GMcD drifts his 25 footer left but makes the 2 footer to match GT. Hey! Wait a minute! Doesn't he get a stroke on 8? Yes he does and The Professionals have finally won a hole!
All Square.
#9 GT and GMcD both just off at the back to a blue pin. Both get up and down for pars. Meantime, Bob has hit his second to 50 yards from left field and his third to four feet. A solid putt drops for sweet birdie and all of a sudden The Pros have a one up lead at the turn.
#10 Fred is in the cabbage left of the green and his restricted swing means the best he can do is leave it 40 feet short. Bob and GT make one putt pars (what else is new?) and it looks like a push. But then Fred makes the putt of the day for an incredible net birdie and The Shorts are back to even. Or are they? GMcD still has a putt from 18 feet above the hole. It curls from the left and drops! Net birdie as well and The Pros are still 1 up. But that was all about to change.
#11 Fred's in the bunker, GT just off the back, Bob and GMcD in good shape on the green. Fred makes a pretty good sand shot. GT makes a fabulous putt to gimme distance for par and Bob rolls his birdie putt just left. GMcD then drills his putt, it hits the back of the hole and drops. Birdie! The Pros 2 up.
#13 GMcD suffers from the common affliction following a birdie, goes right and the ball is never found. Bob leaves his approach 35 feet short of a blue pin. GT hits a near perfect shot to six feet. Bob makes his par then GT makes his bir... Wait! The ball spins around the hole and stays out! Push and The Pros still 2 up. GT has now made 11 consecutive pars.
#13 The Gords are safely on in the 30 foot range. Fred and Bob go left, have to chip through the trees and can't make the par putts. GT's uphill putt slips 5 feet by. GMcD gets his to 2 feet. Incredibly, GT misses, GMcD makes and it's The Pros 3up .
#14 All good drives. GMcD is the only one on but he's the farthest away. Leaves his lag 3 feet short. Bob asks him to putt it and it drops for par. Then three very good chips for birdie but they all stay out . The Pros 3 up .
#15 Four good drives, four good seconds, everyone on in reg, everyone makes par (three are net birdies) and it's The Pros dormie 3.
#16 Four good drives, four good seconds to the area in front of the green. GMcD is farthest away and tries to bump it into the slope and jump it up to the front pin . He hits it too hard and it hits the green. He's expecting to be left with a 40 foot downhill putt for par. But the ball slams into the pin. It could go left. It could go right. But it does neither . It drops straight down into the hole for an unlikely birdie and it's all over. The Professionals win 4 and 2.

    GT is only 2 over in the 16 holes. Bob is only 1 over. Fred has made four net birdies. GMcD is only 1 over on the back despite a triple bogey. The Professionals are 3 under gross and 7 under net (playing off GT). As Fred puts it over a beer "We ran into a hurricane today". Indeed.

Bob 36-39 75 net 68
GMcD 41-39 80 net 66
Fred 41-39 80 net 67
GT 37-39 76 net 72
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July 17, 2015

 The Professionals (Dr. Bob and GMcD) met up with Ricky and JMac onFriday July 17th under threatening skies but thankfully the rain kept up all afternoon.
    First the headlines:
The Professionals never really had a chance.
Or did they?
Read on.

#1 GMcD has to make a 6 footer for bogey to match Ricky and does. All Square
#2 Bob puts on a clinic - drive to 60 yds, chip to 6 feet, putt for birdie and it's The Pros 1 up. But it wouldn't last.
#3 GMcD fails to get up and down from the fringe. Ricky does not fail and we're back to All Square.
#4 The McD/MacD's match net birdies. Still All Square.
#5 Three doubles, one par. Bob sends The Pros into a 1 up lead. But that was all about to change.
#6 Everyone in trouble but Bob. His par and GMcD's net par beat doubles. The Pros 2up.
#7 Bob and GMcD leave birdie putts just short. Ricky and JMac leave par putts just short and it's The Pros 3 up.
#8 Bob goes deep O/B into Nick-land. But GMcD gets on and has a 20 foot uphill putt for birdie. It doesn't fall. JMac makes a superb up and down to salvage a push. Still The Pros 3 up. 
#9 GMcD's and JMac's pars don't matter - Bob rolls in another birdie from 5 feet and The Pros are 4 up at the turn.
But the back 9 would be an entirely different matter.
#10 Richard starts the comeback with a fine net birdie and The Pros are only up 3 and wobbling.
#11 Four pars and a push but Ricky/JMac have now found their rhythm .
#12 GMcD has 8 feet for birdie which does not fall. But his par can not be matched (except by Bob) and The Pros are back to 4 up.
#13 JMac, Bob and GMcD all make two-putt pars so no blood.
#14 Bob gets into trouble right. Then even bigger trouble left. Goodbye yellow ball. But GMcD is able to get down in 4 from 210yds and match two bogeys so it's dormie 4.
#15 That was the signal for Bob to get silly. He hits driver and predictably goes O/B left. Then he hits driver and goes hazard deep right. GMcD hits a good drive but leaks his second just into the right deep stuff. He eventually makes 6. JMac matches that with a sloppy three-putt. But Richard makes a great putt from just off the back for gimme par and what may be the most incredible comeback of all time has begun. The Pros dormie three.
# 16 Determined to keep the most incredible comeback of all time going Ricky and JMac... don't. They both make doubles, Bob and GMcD bogey to finish the match 4 and 2.

P. S. In an effort to keep his handicap from melting away, Bob turns his putter around on18 and hits the ball with the end of the blade. The 15 footer still goes in for his third birdie of the afternoon!

Final scores:
Richard 94 net 79
JMac 91 net 77
Bob 77 net 71
GMcD 83 net 69

Todays Match - Ken and Steve vs Richard and John!

July 22, 2015

Mac gives advice to Ken and John on tee one, and the bickering against Ken continues on and on....

Richard plays stellar on the front nine... 40
John leaves several (about 8 putts) on the edge, despite having a wonderful off the tee day.... drive for show....putt....I'll stop.
Ken gives advice on number 5 as Steve has an almost gimme 2 foot putt - to "just don't 3 putt,"... just as Steve is thinking...if I make this 2 footer, we win the hole and even the match.
Ken and Steve ....natural birdies on 11, Steve birdies 12, and Ken follows this with another on 13... to take 3 holes in a row.
Richard net eagles 15... so that they are 1 down going to 16...
Ken takes 16 with a par - to make it go dormi into 17, and pars halve this hole, so that Steve and Ken win 2 and 1.
Steve 78 (net 69)
Ken 81 (net 71)
Richard 82 (net 67)
John 87 (net 72)
I don't know about the rest of you... I am real happy that we don't play stroke play anymore!

Champs on a Roll

July 3, 2015
After an unfortunate event for Tom... Ken contemplates competition and finds Gord and Bob....
Ken and Steve get 2 from Bob, and Gord gets 6 from Bob...
Several memorable events....
1 - Ken and Steve make solid 6's... down 1
2, 3, halved
4 - Steve and Ken net birds ... all square.
5 - halved
6-  Gord lays up, hits a good second, chunks his third.  Ken just short in 2, chips for a gimme 4.... Gord then chips in for a net 3....  Steve sinks a 15 footer for 3 to halve... Bob ... not to be undone... sinks a 20 footer for 3 as well...looks like we know what we are doing.
7 - Steve and Ken confuse the left and right side of the cup... go down 1.
8- Kens 4 takes the hole... square now.
9 - halved with 4 pars.
10 - Gord beside the hole in 2 (he also has a stroke) - sculls over to the back trap... he then sculls back again to lie 4 - Says... "I'm done."  Ken, Steve and Bob.. tie with 5's... As they are walking away.. Gord says... Wait... I could still make this for a net 4... proceeds back to the rough... only to chunk it... he was done for sure.
11 - Bob and Ken lay up.... Steve makes a putt for 2... Ken and Steve up 1
12, 13 - halved.
14 - 4 balls in the fairway.... I say 4 balls in the fairway!  Ken and Steve take the hole with a par to go up 2.
15 - Bob a natural bird... the rest of us - net birds.
16 - Ken and Steve make solid 6's again... to go to only 1 up... not feeling good about 17.. with Gord stroking.
17 - Blue flag... but at left front of the green... Bobs approach lands within a foot... but goes to back of green.. normal blue position...Gord finds ob on the left... but keeps trying.... Ken and Steve par to take it 2 AND 1...
Steve 80 - 71
Ken 85 - 75
Bob - 78 - 71
Gord - 87 - 72...
Go figure.

Champs at it again

June 26, 2015

Beautiful day. Ken and Steve vs Dave and Glen

Dave gets 3. Ken gets 1.

#1 Ken's par wins it.
#2 Ken and Steve pars make it 2 up.
#3 Glen's par takes it.
#4 Ken makes curling 20 footer to halve Dave's easy net bird.
#5 Steve's par takes it. S/K 2up.
#6 Dave's net par halves it.
#7 Halved.
#8 Steve's par wins it
#9 Steve's chip in birdie wins it. Also a sand save! 4 up

#10 Dave and Glen bogey for win. 3 up
#11 Ken's par wins it. 4up
#12 Halved.
#13 Halved.
#14 Dave wins it with par.
#15 Great drive from Steve. 200 yard marker. Scintillating rescue club to edge of bunker. Fine chip for eagle rolls in.
Steve and Ken win 4 and 3.

Dave 82/ 69
Ken 81/ 71
Steve 82/ 73
Glen 83/ 74

June 18, 2015
Thursday June 18, 2015
Fred and Dave getting 6 , Glen 3 

First 3 split with pars, Freds net eagle does 4 and Gords par on 5 good enough . 2 up , Dave net birdie wins 6 but again Gords par on 8 is good enough. Glen and Gord both par 9 so Shorts 2up at the turn. Dave does his thing again on 10 , net birdie . 11,12 split with pars but Gord makes his 20' putt on 13 for birdie to restore the 2Up lead. Fred calmly rolls in a thirty footer on 14 to go 3 up . All Over ?? Not according to Dave,  net eagle on 15 and net birdie on 17 takes it down to the last hole!  However Shorts rally for pars on 18 to end it  1 up .

Waterfield On Friday June 19, Steve is one under par after 11, gross . Nuff said says me ...


Gordon Thomas

Wednesday Action

June 24, 2015

Glen gives Dave 3, Nick 4 and Mac 11

Lots of pars. A few net birdies. Huge winds from the south. 

Glen pars the first three providing a 2 up lead by winning 2 & 3.

Nick wins the 4th with a straight forward net birdie. 1 up G/D

Glen chips stiff on 5 but it's only a half when Nick curls in an 8 footer for his own par. 1 up .

Dave uses his stroke on 6 to reward his own stiffed chip as a winning net birdie. 2 up G/D.

Macco pars 7 with a nice three footer to keep the lead at two.

Stroking Mac drives it 70 yards into the trees on 8 but then recovers well unlike Glen or Dave. Bogie net par is enough to reduce the lead to one.

A howling wind into our faces mean drives on 9 barely clear the ditch. Advantage Mac and his stroke. No problem for Glen who simply chips in for a real birdie. Mac can't match and the lead is two again G/D.

Strokes on ten are frittered as Nick goes left and Mac three putts for bogey. Glen gets up and down to par and halve the hole.

Dave plays Mac on 11 and wins with a regulation par. Easy game. 3 up G/D. Mac and Nick have been here before. 

Good drives on twelve are not followed by good seconds or good chips. Nick is just away and manages to roll his four footer in for par. Glen does a three sixty from four feet so surprisingly the lead is cut to two again.

Three very nice irons on 13 see birdie looks for all but Mac. No one negotiates their twenty footer so it's another hole halved in par.

Dave hits his fourteenth straight fairway to cover for his wayward partner. A not so good second is made up for by another running chip shot to eighteen inches. Nick hits fairway, green two putt. Once again pars are the order of the day. Glen and Dave are just running out the clock. Two up with four to go.

Stroker alley for Mac. Stroke for Nick and Dave. Dave goes in the creek to hand an advantage to the  M/N. They seize it. Mac has ten feet for birdie/eagle. It isn't needed as Nick is first in with a net birdie that is enough. 1 up G/D

A howling wind right into the group for 16-17 & 18. Nick gets nearly on in two, chips to a foot and makes a real par on 16. the match is now square.

Nick goes ob on 17. Mac comes through with a tree assisted bounce into the middle of the fairway allowing him an 80 yard pitch to fifteen feet and two putts for bogey/par. Enough as the wind has Glen and Dave not near in two or three and unable to better than bogey. Suddenly M/N are dormie!

Mac doesn't play 18. Nick plays two straight shots into the teeth of the wind to about sixty yards. Glen and Dave both get on from 150 but are a serious distance away. Nick pulls his pitch. Dave and Glen both lag beautifully to three feet from about 30 yards away. Nick three putts leaving his second putt short. Kiss your sister it's a tie.

Glen 80 - 71

Dave 81 - 68

Nick 84 - 70

Mac 94 - 71







Defending Champs First Action

June 19, 2015
Boland Match June 19th - Ken and Steve vs Fred and Gord T.
Wonderful weather, luscious greens, some lucky breaks... some real good shots... some really ugly ones...
Steve birdies 1
Pars half 2,3, 4, 5...
6 - the tides change... when a fly on Fred's ball distracts him on a 2.5 foot putt....
7 pars
8 - halved with the ugliest hole of the day.... Ken ob, Gord and Fred make solid bogies, after Steve chips in for a 5!
9 - Steve and Ken win to be up by 3.
10 - Ken duffs his second, but makes a miraculous par,.. to take the hole with a net bird...
.... Match ends on more Luck by Steve when his 2 errant tee shots find the woods to the Right of 14... As they are looking for the balls... Ken finds Steve's first out in the fairway.... Pars halve the hole... and match is over - 5 up for Steve and Ken.
Steve 76 
Ken 82
Fred 82
Gord 73

Standings June 18, 2015

June 18, 2015

Nick - Mac 3 0 0 6

Fred - Gord T 2 0 1 5

Bob - Gord McD 1 0 0 2

Rob - lil Bob  0 1 1 1

Ken - Steve 0 0 0 0

Glen - Dave  0 1 0 0

Tom - Wayne  0 2 0 0

Ricky - John  0 2 0 0

Bounce Back

June 17, 2015

Nick and John are low. Ricky gets one on 15 (back nine start), Mac gets four a side.

A stunningly beautiful day to play after days of torrential rain. Little roll to be had and bumpy greens from all the wetness.

Hot off his 100, Nick hops out of the car and onto the tenth tee and proceeds to win 10 & 11 with pars.

Ricky comes back to win 14 with a par when Nick 3 putts and 15 with a par net birdie. all square.

Mac nets to par first on 17 to win and 18 to halve for a one up lead at the turn for Nick and Mac .

Nick turns in 39, Ricky 41, John 46 and Mac 49.

Nick three putts 1 to let John halve the hole.

All par 2 and bogey 3. Still a lead for the good guys.

Showing a little fatigue John and Ricky wilt on 4 allowing par to win and reestablish the 2 up lead.

Another bad putt from Nick leads to bogey for only a half on 5.

5 penalty strokes off the sixth tee. Nick goes ob for his only lost ball of the day. Everyone else is in the pond. Many whacks later everyone has made 6 but Mac has a stroke so its dormie time.

Nicks hits closest on 7 and only needs to two putt for the win. 3 & 2 Nick and Mac.


Nick 80 - 66

Mac 97 - 73

Ricky 86 - 71

John 90-76 


Shorties vs Old Sticks

June 7, 2015

Gord - 5 , L'bob gets 1 ; Fred 5; Robbie 6

First 2 holes split , Fred's par wins 3 . Bob makes chip to gimmee range on 5 to even match . Shorts win 6 with par . Pars split 7-9 but Fred makes net birdie on 10, shorts 2up . Bobs par wins 11! Bobs birdie wins 13 ( recurring theme , Gords equalizer hangs on the lip ) Much excitement the last holes but end result is 5 ties and a tied match !

Gord 76 - 71
Bob 75 - 69
Fred 82 - 71
Rob 91 - 78

100. Men Who Care

June 10, 2015

Nick and Mac take on Tom and Wayne. Nick and Wayne get one a side, Mac gets five a side.

Starting on 10 it becomes apparent it will be a crazy day. Stroking Mac is nearly on in two but a strong pitch followed by a three putt opens the door for Tom to win the hole with his one putt par.
Nick wins 11 with a bogey. Enough said. Even.
12 - Nick lose the first of many balls. Mac three putts. One up Tom and Wayne.
13 - Nick loses the second of many balls. Mac three putts. Two up Tom and Wayne.
14 - Nick loses the third and fourth of many balls. Tom birdies. Three up Tom and Wayne
15 - Rough on the left stops Nick's ball going out of bounds. A magnificent three wood, pitch to four feet and one putt means Nick's stroking birdie/eagle beats Tom's on in two, real birdie. 2 up.
16 - Tom sinks a pressure five footer for a par. Mac has the same line from four feet but pushes it to make the hole halved. The rains come. Hard! And the winds.
17 - Nick is in play in the rain but a strong chip and two putt means the team bogey only halves the hole when par would have won it.
18 - More rain. Wayne is lost right. Tom is right and tops his second still in the trees. Punching out to 150 he hits an approach to three feet and can make par from an impossible predicament. Nick is safe up the right but the trees swallow his next shot and the ball is never found. Mac is in a groove and hits a strong drive again. The second is not so good. Nor the third. But the fourth finds the green about fifteen feet away. Is it time Mac to make a putt? Of course not. Bogey net par for Mac. Three feet for an improbable half for Tom. Not to be. A jerked stroke gives the hole to Nick and Mac and it's one up at the turn for Tom and Wayne.

A little rest around the pro shop has Tim telling us there is a huge storm coming. Wayne is insistent there is no point in playing in what is coming. Nick looks at the radar screen and wonders where the storm we have just played through is on the radar screen. Surely it will be visible but past us. No says Tim. Hit the refresh button says Nick. Oh says Tim as the impending storm turns out to be the one we just played through. So much for Wayne's sage advice to avoid playing in those conditions!

Back to golf.
Mac is driving well and chipping better. A little two footer on one slides in the side door to take the hole from Tom. Even.
2 - Nick hits a green. Mac hits the seventh green (almost). Two chances for Tom and Wayne from ten feet to halve but no go so Nick and Mac have their first lead.
3 - A beauty tee shot from Wayne and two putt par wins the hole and squares the match.
4 - Wayne drives in the left trees and ends in the centre of the fairway. Not bad. One should take advantage of a good break, especially on a stroking hole. Not to be. Stroking Nick loses another ball after a good drive. Mac makes an interesting bogey/par and again Nick and Mac are one up.
5 - Nick drives long up the left side into the wind. He then proceeds to block it out of bounds. Mac goes chug chug but too many chugs means the hole is Tom and Wayne's with bogey. All square.
6 - Nick and Wayne both botch green side activities but Nick was green side in two while Wayne took three to get on. Nick's bogey wins so it's one up Nick Mac again.
7 - Nick and Mac make bogey (A theme?). Tom and Wayne have chances but their putts don't drop so it's another hole halved'
8 - Nick loses another ball. However partner Mac is long and straight and has thirty feet for net eagle. No worries as Tom has twenty feet for par. But finally a putt drops. Tom has par. Mac is tentative. Three feet to win the hole and the match. Best putt of the day for Mac as he gets a regulation par net birdie. Two and one for Nick and Mac.

Nick 9 lost balls 100 (symmetrical nines of 50) net 86
Mac 94 net 70. And a few putts in there
Tom 84 net 73
Wayne 87 net 73

Mac and Nick find a balance

May 31, 2015

Playing in a nasty east wind with intermittent rain, Lil Bob(6) gives Rob and Nick 6 and Mac 14.

New stroke hole allocations see Nick winning 5 of his 6 stroke holes - 1 (net par), 4 (net birdie), 6 (net birdie), 15 (net birdie) and 17 (net birdie) . Rob won 1 of his 6, 10 (net birdie). Some good ball striking by Lil Bob but not much in the way of scoring.

Nick and Mac one down after Rob birdies 14 come back with excellent putting to win 15 with net birdie (Nick), half 16 (Mac net par), win 17 (Nick 70 foot two putt net birdie) and half 18 (Mac net par with a rammed 15 footer). Nick counts on six holes. Mac counts on six holes. Look out field.

Bob 80 - 74
Rob 89 - 76
Nick 89 - 76
Mac 99 - 76

Battle of the Sand People

June 5, 2015

Gord - 5 ; Fred and Wayne receiving 6 strokes , Tom 5

Net birdies for Tom/ Fred on 1 . Shorts both par 3, good for 1up lead . Tom putting is clutch on 4 as he rolls in the four footer for 3 ( NET DOUBLE EAGLE 2) !!! Mediocre bogies on 5 for all . Tom/ Fred again match net birdies on 6. Birdies on 8 and 9 from Fred then Gord lead to Short 2 up lead at the turn . Fred can just manage a 3 ( net eagle ) on 10. 11 and 12 split with pars . 3 up Shorties . All over ? Gord gets wet on 13, Fred visits the trees . 2 up . Tom and Wayne both have closish birdie putts on 14 but par is good enough . 1 up . Fred hits a beauty pitch 3rd on 15 to 2 feet then confidently rolls it in the side door. 2up No one betters bogey on 16 ( but Wayne does make a gutsy 5 footer so save his sides 5 ). Seventeenth hole ....( in the poring rain ) strokers Fred and Wayne are both on the fringe . Wayne 80' away , Fred 22' ,,, Wayne chips to 5 feet , Fred to 30" . Wayne makes for par ( net birdie ) Fred equals .... match over ! Shorts win 2 and 1
Gord 80 = 75
Fred 78 = 66
Tom 76 = 65 ) I think ..
Wayne 86 = 7


Bob and McD vs Glen and Dave

May 29, 2015

Here is my report of our Waterfield Match last Friday:

Bob and GMcD took on the unbeaten, untied powerhouse team, Glen and Dave in idyllic conditions on Friday, May 29th.
First the headlines:
Now the details:
#1. Glen and Bob hit great shots in and have great chances for birdie, especially Glen. GMcD not so much being 89 feet away (three putts for a net par). Dave visits the sand. And the woods. Bob's putt just comes up short. Glen just misses his 10 footer. All Square.
#2. Glen has another great birdie chance from 20 feet. He just rolls that one by but has a great par chance. He just rolls that one by but then has a great bogey opportunity which he cashes in. Dave also three putts but from a lot farther away so it didn't hurt quite so bad. GMcD hits his approach way long but gets down in two from 80 feet making Bob's par putt moot. Bob/GMcD 1 up.
#3. Dave is on pin high right and just misses the birdie putt. GMcD is a little closer and below the hole. Bob gives him the read and it was perfect. So was the putt. Birdie and a win. Bob/GMcD 2up.
#4. Everyone stroking. The birdie goes to his head and GMcD pulls one left, hits trees on his next two and is chipping from the back for par which doesn't happen. Bob, in the meantime is going for the green with his second shot. He hits the green... bushes right and short. Glen and Dave both make pars and the tide has turned. Bob/GMcD 1 up.
#5. GMcD hits another couple of trees on his way to double, and Bob makes a less-than-stellar chip, settling for bogey. Dave plays it beautifully, makes a two-putt par and the match is back to All Square with the momentum now strongly with Glen and Dave.
#6. The wheels which had been wobbling now fall completely off the bus for Bob and GMcD. Bob's in the hazard left and GMcD's in the drink. The best they can manage is double and net double! Incredibly, however, Glen and Dave both look the gift horse in the mouth and gag. They both miss putts to win and their doubles mean a push. All Square.
#7. Dave, Glen and Bob are all on and make pars. Still All Square.
#8. Dave hits a beautiful shot in, cozies it up and makes par. GMcD is stroking, makes a chip to 5 feet then misses (ouch!) and settles for net par. Still All Square.
#9. Glen is on in reg and just misses the bird. GMcD hits a good one from a bad lie 65 yds out to 6 feet above the hole. Bob gives him the read and it drops for birdie. Bob/GMcD 1 up at the turn.
#10. Bob finds the hazard right with his drive. Dave hits a great second in to pin high just off left. GMcD has hit a long drive and is stroking but pulls his second left of the green and close to the woods then leaves his chip 12 feet short. Dave makes a masterful birdie putt from off the green that just falls off at the last moment. Bob gives GMcD the read and calls for "drop weight". He meant from the top side, but no matter - the ball just drops in the front door for par/ net birdie and it's Bob/GMcD 2up. But that was all to change on the next hole.
#11. Bob is the only one on. Glen and Dave both miss from about 10 feet. Bob calmly rolls his in for par and it's Bob/GMcD 3up.
#12. Dave is on in reg but everyone else is close. Glen finally drops a putt -a good one from a little left and above the hole, but GMcD matches it and everyone walks away with pars.
#13. Glen misses left, Bob's on, Dave and GMcD are close. Three pars later it's still Bob/GMcD 3up.
#14. Dave is on in reg yet again. Bob is just off at the back. They both par, Glen and GMcD bogey. Still Bob/GMcD 3up.
#15. Everyone stroking.GMcD is way right but hits a good blind shot to 85 yards then leaves the sucker short of the green. Dave samples both sand traps by the green. Glen and Bob are both on in reg but Glen is stroking. His birdie putt fails to drop and GmcD gets down in two from the front, so matching pars and it's Dormie time.
#16. Once again, Dave gets to practice his sand game. Twice. GMcD and Bob make bogeys. Glen is pin high just off left and chips on needing par to extend the match. The ball picks up speed as it heads toward the hole then continues to do so as it passes the hole. The 18 foot come-backer for par does not drop and it's all over. Bob/GMcD 3 and 2.
Then just to show he's not "working on his handicap", GMcD hits one in on 18 from 90 yards to 5 feet above the hole and rolls it in for his third birdie of the day - matching his birdie total from his first 17 rounds combined which means he made birdies at 17 times his rate up to then. He now wants Bob reading all his putts, all the time.

Glen 39-40 79 net 70
Dave 43-44 87 net 77
Bob 41-38 79 net 72
GMcD 43-39 net 66

Teams For 2015

May 27, 2015

Ken - Steve

Short Shorter
Richard - John
Mac - Nick
Dave - Glen
Bob - Gord McD
Tom - Wayne
Lil Bob - Rob


First Match of 2015

May 22, 2015
Congrats to my wonderfully short partner! And congrats to Richard and John for scaring the Bejesus out of us.

Gord = 5 , Fred = 12 , John = 14 , Richard = 15
Rickie wins 1st with net par after sloppy play from Shorts. 2 through 4 has  solid golf as Shorts win 3 with par ( Fred makes 6' on 4 to save the 2 putt and match John's net birdie ) . Net par on 6 is again good enough for R/J win . 8th won with Rickie's net birdie and a 2 up lead . Heroics on 9 with Gord sinking his 2ND bunker shot ( Fred is atypically absent from the hole )  John then calmly sinks his 19' par putt to match GT.  Again R/J 2 up .
10,11 matched with pars and then a sloppy 2nd from Fred and sloppy putting from Gord leads to another R/J win.  A shift in wind direction on 13 leads to a green absent of golf balls . Shorts bogie is good enough . Freds clutch putting on 14 wins another for Shorts, so only 1 down . on 15 Fred plays with his partners fragile mental state but does manage to get up and down for net birdie and another win . 14' par putt on 16 from the awoken Fred leads to a 1 up lead for Shorts . Strokes abound  on 17 but sloppy play from the 3 strokers leads the low ( short ) guy to finally show up with a 16' putt for birdie and a 2 and 1 win for the favorites.
Gt - net 73, John 74, Fred, Rickie 76 .
( the defeated are of course  welcome to revise if appropriate )

Gordon Thomas


October 25, 2014

Hi to All!

I must preface this by congratulating all who participated in the Waterfield this year, in making it one of most memorable of recent history.  Nick, congratulations for making this happen again this year!
It was amazing (frightening)  to have so many possibilities going in to the last few regular season games, and with the amounts of ties... it is obvious that there was some really good close competition this year.  
With the amount of ties into the Waterfield playoffs - it has also led to more golf for me in October then in any other year.... It also reminded me why I have not played much golf in Octobers past - I think of the 6 games I played in the month - it rained every time for at least part of the match.... but having said that - I have enjoyed the ups and downs of the last several matches!
Yesterday, the final match of the Waterfield was played - and while it started out promisingly.. blue skies, dried out course - by 11, the weather gods had changed their tune.
As you likely know by now, partly because I am writing this... Team Dekok and White were victorious yesterday over Nick and Gord... meaning the playoff rounds are finally done.... Ken and Steve 2 wins, 2 ties,  Glen and Rob 1 win, 2 ties, and Nick and Gord 2 ties.
Yesterdays match....
Final scores - 
Ken 84 - net 72
Steve 78 - net 68
Gord - 77 - net 73
Nick 89 - net 76.
Memorable moments...
Ken and Steve steady play on the front are 3 up after 9.... Steve shoots even par through 9 for 36 - and importantly makes pars on the stroke holes - for net birdies, beating Gords even par on the same holes - numbers  5 and 6 .... sorry Gord.
Nick - inspired by Glen's video with that ongoing fist pump on Number 10 - basically taps in for a net eagle on 10 - beating Kens solid net birdie.... Nick then goes on to stellar play on 11, 12, 13, .... But.....
Ken equally stellar - fights off both Gord and Nick through 11, 12, 14, 15 with pars and Steve shows up for the first time on the back with a par on 13 (after Ken loses 2 balls in the water) - This all keeps Gord and Nick 2 behind going into 16- and needing to win all 3 holes to have the Waterfield continue!...
Steve feels good about his partner - until Ken stands over the tee and says "keep an eye on this one, I just took off my glasses and I can't see much!" -- Steve thinking to himself - why are you changing anything at this stage?....  However, for probably the 10th time this season - Ken gets a routine net par on 15 for the match, and it ends 3 and 2....
I am not quite sure how to explain all that happened on 16, other then to say, Ken and Steve were quite confident after witnessing the tee shots of Nick, Gord, and then Nick again - and then Gord trying to swing, out of the seemingly Gorse like substance on the right!  Hand shake happens in 16 fairway!
With all sincerity, I thank everyone for the fun, challenges, and good competitive matches over this past summer, and I look forward to it again next season.  I do enjoy the competitiveness shown by all in this event, and when others ask why I am playing golf in the middle of October in the cold, wind and rain... it is hard to convey that feeling as to why I am doing it to those who don't participate - it is one of those special things that I think we all share in common with this game,  - and what really makes the "Waterfield Cup" meaningful to us all... Thanks to all for the opportunity to participate together once again.   I will see you at the Waterfield dinner in the near future.


Waterfield Match 2 of 2nd Round Robin.

October 22, 2014
Waterfield Match 2 of 2nd Round Robin. 
Oct 22, 2014.  Garrison golf club. 
Gord/Nick vs Rob/Glen 
A cold north wind sweeps across the leave covered course.  Glen and Rob 
trod to the first tee; Rob after a sleepless night and Glen in a 
self-induced Robaxiset coma. 
The first 5 holes are a blur. Rob/Glen down 5.  Decide to relax and 
enjoy one of the last days of golf before the dark winter. 
Hole 6 is tied by Rob against the normal par by Gord. 
Hole 7 halved by Rob's par after Gord's bird attempt missed. 
Hole 8 won by Rob's nervy par. 
Hole 9 Rob's bird wins hole. (wry smiles exchanged......) 
(snack bar closed) 
Hole 10  Won with Rob's net par. 
Hole 11 Halved with Glen's par.  Both Nick & Gord missed birds by a dog 
Hole 12 Halved with pars all around. 
Hole 13 Won by Glen's par.  Playing long into the wind, Glen's tee shot 
screamed at eye level across the lake, hit the bank 1' past the water 
and rolled to 12'.   Gord's tee shot long and short-sided against a 
tight back blue pin. 
Rob/Glen now only 1 down.  Not for long. 
Hole 14    Gord's brilliant bird gets them back to 2 up. 
Hole 15    Glen and Rob to normal pars.  Nick from right hits trees 
and/or ruff. (3 times)  Crosses the bridge and finds his first ball but 
cloaked in the trees.  Gord uncharacteristically sends 2nd shot to right 
rough.  Both end up with brilliant and remarkable bogies. Rob/Glen down 1. 
Hole 16 down wind.    All drives in play. Nick to 140 out!!   Nick to 
left trap.  Nick to 1' from left trap.  Nick punishes the trap with 4 
sharp blows and helicopters club towards OB but gets caught up in tree. 
Very quiet now.  Glen manages a 2nd shot to left fringe 15' below blue 
pin.  Par net bird conceded after chip and missed putts.  Match even!!!! 
Hole 17 Halved with Rob's par. 
Hole 18 Glen & Rob have reasonable drives. (Rob at ditch) Gord's drive 
in right rough with crappy lie.  Nick to left OB but has a stroke. 2nd 
drive over ditch in middle.  Glen and Rob's 2nds to inside 100. Nick's 
4th well right pin high.  Gord's 2nd shot plays with willow tree.  At 
this point the author forgets details beyond Rob's 3rd shot which is 3' 
from pin and eventually conceded. Victory recorded for Rob/Glen 
We do thank Gord and Nick for a fine match and wish them all the best 
against our true enemies........... 


first match of the second round robin

October 20, 2014

Steve and Ken take on Glen and Rob in the first match of the second round robin... given the ties all around in the first round robin could not determine a winner.

Once again - rain and cold set the tone to the match - First tee conversation was Rob suggesting that if one member of the team (ie Glen) gives a putt to the other team, then it is not given until the other member (Rob) confirms that the putt is given - namely that both members of a team must agree and confirm that the other team may be given the putt --- after much conversation down fairway one, to the second tee  the conversation continues until  - in a nutshell- Ken says Rob ought to !#@king work the thing out with his partner.!
Any way - hole 1 looks like an easy win for Ken and Steve off great drives - until a wall of water explodes in front of them as they contemplate their second shots--- Garrison mgt decides to blow the water lines at that exact moment of their second shots.  Rob and Glen - both played the hole down the right, in the rough - kinda behind trees and take advantage of their dry approaches to take hole 1.
Hole 2 - Birdie by Steve - rams (no need to analyze any break)  his 25 foot putt solidly in the middle of the cup - All tied.
Hole 3 - no good play 4's everywhere.
Hole 4-  pars halve the hole....still tied.
5- Steve in Nickland - despite his 1 and extra stroke - Can't get any of his 2nd - 5th shots more then 8 feet off the ground - not good with trees in the way... But his steady partner Ken - Basically stymied behind trees in 2 on the left - get up and down and gets a miracle net bird for the win - up 1!  Rob misses a natural birdie putt... 
6- Steve and Glen find water and leave it up to Rob and Ken- Ken looks like a sure par on the green in 2 - but a tricky position - drains his 3rd putt for 5.... Rob shocked by an opportunity to make a putt for the win - misses a 3 footer....  still up 1
Mac shows up in the rain to watch the display.  Thanks for the fan support!!!
7- Ken a sure 2 from 3.5 feet for a bird - makes an easy 2 putt for the tie!
8- Steve under the hole in 2 - an easy 2 putt for the win - makes a solid 3 putt for the tie.
9- Rob - only one on the green in 3 (or at least close to the green in 3) - makes his par - - all square to the back 9.
10 - Rob on in 2 - the rest of us- scramble for 5's or so..... Glen and Rob up 1.
11 - Beautiful tee shot by Glen - "a swear" as it is slightly long.
Beautiful tee shot by Rob - 1 foot over the bunker and comes back into the bunker.  Ken on safely - Steve puts it about 12 feet tight.. Slams his putt (this is becoming a theme.) - into the middle of the hole though - and gets his 2... (Slamming meaning if it doesn't hit the hole - has an 8 footer coming back!)  all square
12 - Halved with pars.
13- All on the green!  All 2 putt - Still square....
We Thank Mac for coming - he leaves recognizing that the PGA is not at Garrison this day.
Glen - a sore hip seems to be coming an issue - more so....
14 - To sum -Glen a 25 footer for 4....Steve a 24 footer for 4 (same line basically) - watches Glen cushion it up for a sure 5.... Ken and Steve analyze the putt and Steve slams it at the hole - for the 3rd time - hits the back of the hole and down it goes for a 4..... (May have had to chip back on the green had it missed.)  Rob after a sensational sand shot has a 7 footer for 4 as well...makes it for the half...
Walking off the green - Ken asks Steve - you did see how easy Glen hit is first putt?
15 - all over the water in 2 - all in the GUR... all clean and place their balls exactly as the wish from 100 yard or so...  Glen pulls in the bunker left.  Rob leaves his shot in the GUR.    Ken at least gets it past the GUR.  Steve finds the green - has a Left center of the hole putt from 2 feet for the par and win... slams it safely in on the right!...
Rob mutters to Glen - "he didn't hit that very well."
Steve and Ken up 1.
16- Ken stroking - plays the hole fantastic and is left for a sly 2 footer to win the hole - (treacherous pin position) - drains it for net 4... Mentions as he is walking off - that in his mind he was even thinking a lag and a 2 putt from that position would have been ok...  Steve just glad Ken made it....Steve and Ken up 2.
17 - Glen physically ailing - Hip not working at all - Rob trying his best to carry on - Steve and Ken on the green in 2 basically are given the hole, when Rob and Glen are struggling for a bogie.... match ends 3 and 2 for Steve and Ken.
Net score - 
Glen 86 net 77
Rob 79 for 70
Steve 81 for 71
Ken 85 for 73


Match 3 Video. Way to go Glen!

October 18, 2014

Match 3

October 15, 2014

Gord and Nick to Play Ken and Steve. Gord starts a series of questionable emails because a drizzle is in the forecast. Ken shows up and is prepared to win by default. Eventually everyone shows up, the skies clear and 18 holes are played in a hot, humid calm weather.


Steve gets 5, Ken 6, Nick 7.

The good

Nick plays the par 3's in three under.

Gord is a par machine

Ken plays the back in 38

Steve's ball does a 180 on 11 for the camera.


The bad

Wait for it


The ugly?

Glen and Rob tag along as observers! 


Holy start. Steve drives the ditch but still isn't on # 1 in four. Gord knocks it to 10 feet but never threatens the hole. Ken lags to a couple of feet and calmly sinks it for a starting push.


#2 Steve drives over onto 8 but is close man putting for birdie. Nick and Gord miss from about thirty feet but so does Steve from fifteen. Push.


Three good chips on #3 from Gord, Ken and Steve. Pars look certain. No matter. Nick has hit the green and coaxes in a thirty footer for a winning birdie. 1 up G/N


Stroker alley. Everyone in play on #4 near the hundred yard marker. Gord goes long and with no stroke doesn't matter. Ken lags from well away to give Steve a free run at his 18 footer. He runs it twelve feet past. Net birdie. Nick has wedged to fifteen feet and when that drops for a birdie - net eagle it's a quick two up lead for G/N


#5 sees Nick in the right trap with a blast out to ten feet. The putt stays high and net par for all is a push.


Four good tee shots on #6. Steve gets his wedge on the green forty feet away. Gord has about a fifteen footer for birdie. Nick is nine feet on the fringe and stupidly tries to putt. Bad choice. Way short. Bogey net par. Gord misses. Par. Steve two putts and the net birdie means the lead is one.

Back blue pin on #7. Three on the green. GT is ten feet tight. Ken and Steve both have to putt before Nick chips. They get par. Nick is no longer putting from the fringe. Bingo. Birdie. 2 up G/N


Four good drives on #8. Four poor seconds. Bad lag from Nick is to ten feet and a miss. Ken chunks and is out of it. Steve is aggressive and eight feet away. Gord is the best of the bunch at four feet. No worries. Steve sinks and Gord misses. 1 up G/N. Picture by the plaque.


Nick strokes on #9 and after Ken misses his twelve footer and Gord misses his four footer, Nick two putts from fifteen feet for a winning net birdie.


The Good - Front Nine

Gord 37

Nick 37

Ken 40

Steve 41


#10 Nick drives in the creek. A drop and a 7 iron later he is closer than Ken after 3 shots. Ken misses. Nick sinks for par - net birdie. Steve stays focused on a three footer and the hole is halved in net birdie.


With the honour Gord hits his 135 yard shot on #11 to four feet. Ken and Nick end up with par. Steve hits a shot that looks like it might end up in the front trap. It barely clears and caroms forward to the back left blue pin. Glen is up filming for posterity and lets out a woop! The ball has circled the hole and is a gimmee bird! Gord dials in and does what is expected. Hole halved with real birdies. 2 up G/N


Ken Gord and Nick play #12 well. Ken does it the best by coaching his left to right fifteen foot slider to a front left pin into the hole for yet another birdie. That beats two pars and the lead is now one G/N.

Three on #13 green. Ken just off and putting. Steve's long attempt comes up way short. Gord slides by for an easy par. Ken looks and looks but ends up just on the edge. Par. Nick has hit another green. This time to eighteen feet. Gord has the team par so why not sink it? Nick's third par three birdie of the day! Some sort of record. 2 up again.



Nick doesn't play 14, 15, and...

Putters from hell.

Where did all the birdies go?

Steve is playing Gord on #14. Gord clips a tree branch on his second but his 80 yard wedge ends up six feet away. Steve is on in regulation but a muscle spasm first putt leaves him five  feet away. Gord's putt is low and never threatens. Steve and Ken consult but Steve doesn't execute so the hole is halved in bogey. Nerves? Lead still 2

Steve talks to his wedge on #15 likes it's a piece of ****. It ends up two feet away max!. Gord nearly holes his third but stops about six feet away. Gord misses. But so does Steve!!! Lead is still 2 with three to go.


Stroke hole on #16 for all. Steve on in two but at the front to a back middle pin. Ken short in two and chips on to twelve feet. Nick in the sand in two and watches as his sand shot spins and stops instead of running out. Fifteen feet. Magic confident stroke dead in the middle from Ken means par net birdie and the lead is down to one.

Gord is in the right trap on 17. Ken is ok on the fringe. Nick hits a good iron and has a birdie putt. Not as good as Steve's wedge. Again pleas are issued to the ball to behave and again it listens, stopping ten feet away. Pars from Gord and Nick mean Steve can win with a good putt. As if. Push. G/N lead by one going to #18.


The third match to go to #18 with a team dormie.


The Really Ugly #18

Nick and Ken stroke.

Nick plays safe then snaps his second out of bounds.

Steve is nearly in the ditch, hits the willow. comes up short, chips long and makes bogey.

Stroker Ken is good in two but after stick handling has six feet for par net birdie. Nope. Net par.


Best Ken and Steve can do is a net par. And they must win the hole.


Gord is fine, fine, quite long and off the green left to a front right red pin. Lying three. Fourth is a downhill lag putt is inside Ken. His fifth is for the WIN.

His fifth is a five foot dead push that never has a chance. Mr Par makes bogie on #18.


The third tie!


Gord 76 -72

Nick 79 - 66

Ken 78 - 66

Steve 81 - 71


Some fabulous golf on a fantastic fall day. 




Round Robin Match 2

October 6, 2014
Waterfield final round robin event....
Ken and Steve vs Glen and Rob....
Started out wet cold and that kind of weather that your wife wonders - You're doing what?????
Hole one - Glen starts the day with a controlled draw - almost a hook - kind of summed up his driving day... no matter - partner Rob saves the day with a par - and Ken runs his putt by the hole in Tom Watson style and yes - halves the hole with his solid come back of 7 feet!
Hole 2 - Highlight of the day as we see the post going up on our tree off of 8!!!!!!!! in the rain!  At any rate....Glen comes back with a fantastic 2 putt from 60 feet - Steve 3 putts from 61 feet -  down 1.
Hole 3 - Glen continues stellar green side play - 3 takes the hole - Steve and Ken down 2
Hole 4 - Glen continues with his hook - only Steve and Ken basically follow - Rob dribbles his tee shot, and hits his second shot to the ladies tee! .....
 In the end,  fantastic advice from Ken saves Steves misread - and hole halved with Glen with pars!
Hole 5 - All rain clothes disappear and the sun comes out!!!!   Steve makes a net 2! --- No matter say Rob and Glen - good that he wastes his birdie now -  down 1
Hole 6 - Steve and Ken find the woods left, and Glen finds the hazard - Rob all happy....Then a bit of controversy - a slight error in judgement, but great confidence in his partner - Glen mistakenly gives a net par to Ken (Steve makes par anyway) - just before Rob has his 12 foot birdie - causes Rob to seem distracted - leaves his downhill putt an inch short - still down 1. - Rob not happy
Hole 7 - Rob distracted - 3 putts, and Glen semi sculls his chip  All tied.
Hole 8 - Ken lays up in the right to the R side of the fairway - but comes back with a fantastic par to win the hole - Steve and Ken up 1!
Hole 9 - Ken and Rob find ob on their second shots.....Steve in tight for a birdie putt - misses - Glen aggressive on his birdie 50 footer downwind - runs it by 7 feet - makes his par - still Steve and Ken 1 up.
Punching the back 9 - the match continues on the second front 9!
Glen laces out another strong draw (hook) and Steve and Ken play wisely - Glen comes back with a fantastic play for par...Ken plays a strong chip - right at the center of the pin - stops it dead for a gimme par...still 1 up.
11th - Ken now has the same 60 footer as Steve and Glen on the front - only he 2 putts to halve the hole with Glen and Rob --- Yes Rob is beginning to contribute!!!  still 1 down though.
12th Rob - hits the best drive and has an easy chip and an almost gimme 3 (Ken and Steve don't give it to him...Ken in jail, Steve chips it past the hole and off the green - but! - makes the 30 footer slider on the way back - Rob makes the putt!  still 1 down.
13th - Steve in tight for a downhill slider for 4 - Glen has a bigger challenge for birdies - in the end Steve and Glen have 2 footers for par - and Ken a 3 footer - they all pick up for the half - still Steve and Ken up 1.
14th - Glen needs to make a 25 footer for par to half the hole!!!  Ken automatic with his net par.... Pay back for hole number 12 - Glens best putt of the day - no blood.---
15th - Glen and Rob make a deal to give no gimmes on this hole no matter what unless there is consultation - Steve finds the hazard and the rules are read out to him - don't touch the 3 foot blade of grass, or anything in the hazard - or else - Under close scrutiny of Rob - Steve gets it out - but it doesn't help - Ken keeps the pressure on Rob who makes a solid par - match is all Square!
16th - Par 3 - Glen and Ken go left, ---- and Rob and Steve are left with long putts - Steve yells for his obviously weak putt to go - leaves a 2 footer (way closer then he thought) - Rob - a similar but shorter putt - drifts it by about 5 feet for a downhiller--- makes his putt - Steve able to halve him.
17th - A good drive and second shot by Steve - in fine style I must add - lands soft to the pin, and hits the side of it - leaving a 1 footer - not given at this stage of the match - Glen and Rob - continue to play hard, and make pars - but not quite good enough - now find themselves one down with 18 to play...
18th - Stellar play leave all 4 golfers with chips for birdies - all are left with challenging putts for par - Rob sneaks his in - and Ken has about an 8 footer to tie ---- close but not quite good enough- Rob shows up when it counts and ties the match!!!!! ---
Steve 79 - nets 69
Ken 83  - nets 70
Glen - 79 - nets 70
Rob - 84 - nets 74
So - Now Steve and Ken must play Gord and Nick  - if either side wins outright - the Waterfield is theirs - If they tie - then all are where they started last week - a three way tie!....
Stay tuned for the next match!
Next email will show the crowd that gathered for the tree plaque ceremony

In more detail

October 1, 2014

Lovely weather. North East wind. Rob gets 3, Glen 2 and Nick 6

Gord makes 15 pars and 3 bogies.

Rob is one over on the front.

Glen wakes up on the back.

Nick plays a different course.

Best lag putting possible - will anything ever drop?

One is a push with two putt pars from all but Glen. Gord stops his on the edge to set the tone.

Two is a nervous good good for par between Rob and Gord. Gimmees in the three foot range for par.

Nick plays his first par 3 from the left trees and after a penalty drop, just about holes a fifty yard punch runner but its a bogie. Gord chips for a given par. Rob and Glen both burn the edge with thirty footers. Push.

Four - Nick strokes. His curling twelve footer for net eagle stays high. Rob's same line curling eleven footer goes low. Nick wins with his stroke. One up GT/N

Garry shows up on 5 - walking in from the back nine. His presence distracts Rob. His calling out to explain why he is walking in is done in the middle of Nick's back swing. That doesn't work out so well. Glen chips close and makes net birdie to square the match.

Three balls on six in two, inside of ten feet. All have very curly putts. Nick is not on but is chipping straight uphill to the front left pin. He pulls the chip but taps in for net birdie. Rob cuts that with his own net birdie as the difficult putt refuses to drop.

Nick lays up on 8 avoiding the pond and tree trouble. Rob lags his forty footer for an easy par. Gord's chip runs on six feet but he pours that in the centre for another push.

Rob runs into the back trap on 8. Glen is playing hack hack. Nick is just over the back and has 18 feet left. Rob putts his twenty yard bunker shot through the sand, over the non lip and grazes the edge of the back right pin stopping two inches away. WTF. Making his only putt of the day Nick trumps Rob and once again its one up GT/N.

Downwind nine is a bit tricky to a front left pin. Glen goes nearly to the back of the green and then leaves his putt on the left edge of the hole. Gt navigates a straight four footer for his par. Nick has a free run straight uphill but pulls it so once again it's a push.

Rob 37. Gord 37 Glen 40 Nick 39

Don't worry says Rob to Glen. Nick doesn't get along very well with the back nine. We just have to beat Gord.

Nick waves at a nine foot straight putt. Ugh. Net par - same as Gord who lags to a couple of feet. Glen woke up with the putt on nine and calmly holes his five footer for a halve.

Left trees again for Nick on 11. Deft wedge to three feet but unnecessary as Gord burns the edge again for a par. Glen leaves it dead on line and half an inch short to halve in par again.

Downhill forty feet for Glen on 12 burns another edge. Curling twenty footer for Gord does the same. Is there a hole to be found?

Easy par three 13. Nick in the left trees again. Gord stubs a three foot par putt and with Glen sinking a four foot par putt we are tied again.

Ramping up the tension Glen chips it into the back bunker and hands 14 to GT/N who have both hit the fairway and green for easy pars. Rob has hit trees but nearly holes his fourth from well off the green. Not quite. One up again GT/N

Rob gets a flyer from the right rough and hits a masterful shot onto 15 in two about twenty feet away. Not wanting any pressure, he has his partner putt for a winning birdie after Glen has delicately chipped to two feet. Gord has burned the edge with a thirty foot downhill birdie try. Glen obliges by missing. Rob is pissed he can't ram his eagle try so instead lags it to a couple of inches and a winning birdie. All square.

Poorly played 16. Bogies net par win it for G/R. Nick hits second tee shot and wedge to the green but his sixty footer tails a bit right at the end and the best he can do is the same as Gord. One up for the first time in the match to G/R.

Gord has another putt take a good look at the back middle hole on 17 before stopping just past. Rob surprisingly doesn't threaten the hole with his putt from off the green. No more good good. Gord and Rob sink tiny little second putts to halve the hole in par. 

18 downwind. Rob hits his second behind a tree, hits the tree, hits it above the hole to forty feet and burns the edge. Bogey. Glen is in the green side bunker in two and three. On the fringe in four. Burns the edge with too much speed in five. Bogey. Fifteenth par of the day for Gord and the match ends all square.


Whew. Probably a fair outcome. Nick's putt on 8 is the longest one made all day. But had it been a string game....


Gord 75 - 70

Rob 78 - 69

Glen 80 - 72

Nick 83 - 70 











First Play Off Match

October 1, 2014

Was Fun Match!

Nick played well but a bit unconventional:

1 from 9
2 from 3
4 from 5
8 from 2
9 from 1
10 from 1
18 from 10


Final Standings 2014

September 27, 2014

Nick - Gord 4 2 1 9

Glen - Rob 4 2 1 9

Ken - Steve 3 1 3 9

Ric - Tom  3 2 2 8
Chuck - Lil Bob 3 2 2 8

McD - Mac 3 3 1 7

Bob - Wayne  1 3 3 5

Dave - Fred  0 6 1 1


September 23, 2014

 On Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 23rd the HOTTEST TEAM IN GOLF (that would be Mac/McD and which is hereinafter referred to as "HTIG") met one of golf's all-time grittiest competitors, Fred Boland, playing shorthanded (and just plain short) without Dave who is on the DL. This was Fred's 10th round in the past eleven days and he was at the height of his powers. Mac, on the other hand arrived stressed and with no time to warm up. This was a crucial match for both teams. Fred wanted to erase that big ZERO in the wins column. HTIG wanted to finish the year at .500 after losing their first three. Here's what happened:
       First, the headlines:
       Here are the details, starting on #10:
#10 Mac's three putt from 90 feet for double matches Fred's bogey. All square.
#11 The rout begins when Fred pars and both Mac and McD bogey. Fred 1 up.
#12 Everyone makes one-putt pars. Fred 1 up
#13 Mac is having trouble on this one these days, but McD is only 15 ft away. Fred makes a great up and down from behind left, McD misses birdie. Fred 1up.
#14 All bogies. Fred still 1up
#15 Fred and McD make pars. Fred even still 1up.
#16 HTIG has a great chance to win but McD takes four from 95 yards on his stroke hole and only matches Fred's good putt bogey.
#17 Fred makes a classic Boland sand shot to two inches and par. McD matches him with a ten footer. Mac makes a great chip from deep left then drains the putt for NET BIRDIE and the win. All square.
#18 Fred and McD par, Mac net pars. All square at the turn.
#1 Fred and McD trade bogies. All square
#2 Fred has best chance for birdie - from 15 feet and just misses. Three pars and it's still all square.
#3 Fred finds a bad lie left and can't get it to the green, then misses a crucial putt to match Mac's and McD's bogies. Mac's chip had hit the hole and just stayed out. All of a sudden for the first time all day it's HTIG 1up. But that was all about to change.
#4 McD makes par, Mac makes net par, Fred makes mistake with chip and bogey. HTIG 2up.
#5 All bogeys but Mac and McD are stroking and just like that it's HTIG 3 up.
#6 Fred goes in the drink but recovers and with a great downhill putt makes 5. Mac stutters his way to a 6 but it's good enough for a push. HTIG 3up and dormie.
#7 McD chips to two inches meaning Fred has to sink his chip from the right to keep the match going. That does not happen and it's HTIG 3 and 2.

       It is so difficult to play against two people. They can make the occasional mistake but you can't. Fred hung on gamely for almost three hours then seemed to fade a bit as fatigue set in,
Nevertheless he played well and who knows? With a healthy partner they just might have given HTIG a run for their money. As it is, HTIG finishes the tournament with their heads held high having taken seven of a possible eight points in their final four matches. The commissioner really ought to let them into the playoffs on the strength of that, right?
       Thanks to everyone for seven wonderful matches (some more wonderful than others).

Fred 81 net 70
Mac 96 net 72
GMcD 83 net 70


Another pair at 8 Points

September 22, 2014

Chuck and Lil Bob over Fred and Dave. No details.



Itch Itch

September 20, 2014

A rather scratchy affair today in the wind. Steve shot 82. Dave 85. Me 86. We think Fred shot a 84/85.
We tied the other guys on the last hole. Only thing I pulled off all day! Dave made some crucial putts. Farewell.

Another match goes to 18

September 22, 2014


Glen and rob over bob and Wayne. 1&0

Tight match. Robs putter........


September 20, 2014

On Friday, Sept. 20th the two real powerhouses of this year's Waterfield competition, Chuck/Bobby and Mac/McD met in perfect conditions to battle it out for Waterfield supremacy. McD announced, as he usually does this time of year, that it would be his final round of the season.
    First, the headlines:
    It was always going to be a rout.
    Or was it?
    Here are the details (back nine played first):

#10 Chuck chunks his second and third shots and is still 80 yards out. McD is on the fringe and takes two to move the ball 80 feet. Unfortunately the hole is 81 feet away and he takes bogey. Chuck (Mr. Never-Say-Die) makes a great chip to 8 feet and drains it for the net par and a push.
#11 Everyone on or close to it. McD takes two putts to move the ball 75 feet. Unfortunately... You guessed it -three putts and a bogey. Chuck makes a great chip and gimme par, matched by Bobby. Mac makes a great two putt par. All Square.
#12 Bobby is inside 100 (sigh). Chuck goes for a crap. Mac and Gord beside the green in two. Mac makes a fine chip and solid putt for NET BIRDIE. Bobby's tap in par not good enough. Mac/McD 1 up.
#13 Mac uses the only stroke he gets on a par three to lose it left. Bobby short but Chuck and McD on and inside 25 feet. Chuck gets it to gimme distance. McD does not. But with a little help from Mac he drains the three footer for the push. Mac/McD 1 up.
#14 Bobby makes par with a good up and down. everyone else makes bogey but Mac is stroking. Still Mac/McD 1up, but Chuck is about to go on an incredible tear.
#15 Chuck three solid shots a good putt and a gimme par/NET BIRDIE. Bobby also a solid par. Mac out of it. McD two good shots to 112 yards out. Hits his shot of the day to five feet above the hole and has to make it to match Chuck. It catches the side of the cup and drops for BIRDIE and the push. Incredibly, Mac/McD still 1 up. but that was all about to change.
#16 Chuck makes a good third shot to 20 feet above the hole. He drains it for NET BIRDIE! Bobby rolls in his from the fringe for BIRDIE. McD has a chance with an 18 foot side hillier that misses high. All Square.
#17 Bobby on in two. Mac short but makes a good chip. uncharacteristically Bobby three putts while Mac drains his for par/NET BIRDIE. Mac/McD back to 1 up
#18 Bobby hammers his drive up the middle and his second just right of the green. Then, shockingly, dumps it in the trap and ends up with bogey. But Chuck is on fire - he's on the fringe in three, and gets down in two for par/NET BIRDIE. McD hits his approach from 105 yards, covers the flag and leaves it five feet below the hole. The birdie putt does a 360 and stays out. ouch! Still, a NET BIRDIE to match Chuck. Mac/McD 1 up.
    Incredibly, Chuck has netted to 34, Bobby is only three over and they're down one, But all that was about to change.
#1 Chuck continues his tear. Two great shots to the front fringe, a good putt and a gimme par which matches Bobby. Mac has hit one of his duck hooks left and short and gets the next one to the 100. He's still not on after three shots. But he makes a fine chip and drains the pressure putt for 5 net 4 and the push. Mac/McD still 1 up.
#2 Chuck hits a beauty second to 12 feet. McD is on at the back and makes par. Mac has hit his drive long and straight. He hits his second really long and not so straight, but gets a good look at the pin placement on #7. He then makes a great chip to 10 feet. Chuck drains his for real BIRDIE! Mac then drops his putt for a come-from-nowhere par/NET BIRDIE and the push. Mac/McD still 1 up.
#3 It all starts going south for Mac/McD on this hole. Bobby pars. Every one else bogies and it's all square with the momentum clearly with Chuck/Bobby.
#4 McD makes a terrible third shot and is out of it. Chuck is long with his fourth and long and off the green with his fifth. Bobby has hit two monstrous shots and is on the fringe right chipping for eagle. Then the bizarre happens. Bobby's fine chip hits an unrepaired ball mark and skitters down hill. He can only make par. Mac has hit three solid shots. Two putts later he has a par/NET BIRDIE and it's Mac/McD back to 1 up.
#5 Bobby hits two monstrous shots (yet again) and has a makable birdie putt. Chuck is nicely below the hole in three with a shot at net birdie. McD makes a lousy chip and ends up with six. Mac has sprayed his third left but makes a masterful chip and drops the putt for a net par. After Bobby and Chuck both come close but no cigar it's a push and Mac/McD still 1 up. 
#6 Maybe the pressure is getting to them but Mac goes into the front left hazard and McD, trying to play safe, pulls his hybrid tee shot and it drops into the pond. Bobby goes long but left and may be in trouble (he is and ends up with double) but Chuck plays it perfectly - up the right, into the middle then onto the green. McD is about to take a drop behind the hazard when he sees his ball in a shallow muddy spot with half the ball showing. He rolls up his pants and gingerly steps in. Looking back, the other guys see that he has pulled out a hybrid rather than an iron. WTF?? But he makes great contact and leaves his ball only 85 yards short. He makes a mediocre chip but a good lag gets him a bogey and a tie with Chuck. Mac/McD still 1 up with three to play.
#7 Mac is short. Chuck is short. Bobby is short. But McD has hit a fine shot to 15 feet below the hole. Mac and Bobby go way long with their seconds but Chuck (did I say he never says die?) makes an excellent chip to three inches and par. Feeling the pressure, McD knocks his birdie effort 2.5 feet by. Mac gives him the read and it drops. Mac/McD hang on by the skin of their teeth still 1up.
#8 Mac is stroking and promptly puts his ball deep OB. Everyone else is safe and on the fairway. Chuck leaves his second well short. McD hits an excellent shot from 180 to the fringe about 20 feet from the cup. Then Bobby uncharacteristically chunks one way short. He eventually makes six. But Mr. Never-Say-Die drops a good putt for five. McD, perhaps feeling the pressure, leaves his putt from the fringe four feet short. He looks to Mac who says "That putt's not going anywhere." Indeed it rolls straight and in for par and the win and that's all she wrote. Mac/McD win 2 and 1.

Over beverages we learn that this is Chuck's birthday. He is 67 and, incredibly, he has just netted to 67. It was a joy to see him play so well. It was a joy to see how long and straight Bobby can hit the ball. It was a joy to see Mac make clutch shot after clutch shot as we tofued and bean sprouted a very good team for a very satisfying victory. This is why we play The Waterfield. This is why we play golf.

Chuck 83 net 67
Bobby 81 net 76
Mac 94 net 70
GMcD 83 net 70

Another Tie

Glen and Rob tied Lil Bob and Chuck. Took 10ft birdie putt by Glen on 18 to accomplish!!!

Chuck/lil Bob Vs Ken.Steve

August 27, 2014 – 11:30 AM
Chuck says he will write it up. Incredible match. We lost by one. Chuck made everything. They were three up with three to go. We won 16. We won 17. I had a stroke on 18 and netted to birdie! Bobby made a 8 footer to stay one up and win.But what happened earlier would require a novel. Chuck and myself 83 (I had back nine 39) Steven 81. Unsure of Bob's score. Great match played in the best spirit. k

most extraordinary round of putting i may have ever seen...congrats w

September 1, 2014


The two acknowledged powerhouses of this year's Waterfield met on Labour Day to determine ultimate supremacy. Here is what happened:

#1 McD rolls in a 9-footer for par but it's not good enough. Wayne has left himself only six feet below the hole and confidently rolls it in for his first birdie of the day. W/O 1 up
#2 McD rolls in a 6-footer for par and that turns out to be good enough. All Square
#3 Bob makes a fine chip from short left and makes par. McD sends his chip long and left above the hole but rolls in a 12-footer for par and a push. All Square
#4 Wayne and Mac run into trouble and doubles. Bob is on in reg and makes par. McD is just over, has a brain fart and sends it 30 feet by. He makes a 4-footer for net par and the push. All Square
#5 Mac, who hasn't played for a month, has been up since 3am with jet lag and has started with four doubles, finally wakes up. He makes a good fourth shot and rolls in the putt for net par. Bob has a fine 2 putt par. McD rolls in an uphill 12-footer for par/net birdie and Gervan/ McD are 1 up, but not for long.
#6 McD goes in the drink and is out of it. Wayne, Bob and Mac all in good shape with their drives. Second shots not so great but after three they all have make-able putts. Mac rolls in a 15-footer for net birdie, Wayne burns the edge and Bob is irrelevant. G/McD 2up
#7 Wayne and Mac are on, Bob and McD short. McD's chip is still short but he nails the 14-footer for par allowing Mac to take a run at a 25 foot birdie. It drops! The birdie puts G/McD 3 up
#8 Bob is on in reg (for the 6th time in a row) and leaves his birdie putt one turn short, opening the door for McD who rolls in a 10-footer for par and a push. G/McD 3 up
#9 Everyone has a birdie (Mac net birdie) putt, no one makes it. G/McD 3 up at the turn (which was somewhat amazing given that Bob was only one over par and his partner had contributed a birdie), but the back nine was to be a whole different kettle of fish.
#10 Bob taps in for another two-putt par, Mac and McD miss their net birdie chances as did Wayne. G/McD 3up.
#11 McD and Mac start to fall apart. Wayne is on and only 12 feet fro birdie. McD is trap-bound (with Bob) and doesn't come close with his par effort. Mac is over then skulls his chip 22 feet by. It's an easy win for Bob/Wayne. Or is it? Mac lines up his putt, channels Gord Thomas and nails it. Wayne comes close but no cigar and it's an unlikely push. G/McD still 3 up.
#12 McD and Mac continue their poor play. Bob is on yet again in reg. Wayne is in the woods. McD and Gervan take four shots just to get on the green. Then, out of nowhere, Mac nails another long putt for net par, Bob just misses again and it's a push. G/McD still 3 up but fading fast.
#13 Mac and Gord continue to fade with mediocre tee shots and lousy chips both more than 20 feet away while Wayne and Bob are on with legitimate birdie chances. McD goes first from 25 feet and incredibly, the putt drops. Mac makes his as well. Wayne and Bob both make routine pars but appear ever-so-slightly stunned and discouraged by the astounding display of putting by two guys who are not generally in anyone's top ten putters.
#14 The discouragement shows on the tee. Bob gets hung up in a tree only 80 yards out. Wayne does not get hung up in a tree. He's way over them right in Nickland. His second effort goes way left. Mac and McD are safely in the fairway. Mac knocks his second up near the green and is lying net 1. McD has a good look at his ball and realizes it isn't. His, that is. It's Mac's. Ouch! Loss of hole and the tide has finally turned. G/McD only 2 up
#15 Juiced by their unlikely win on #14, Bob and Wayne give it their all on #15, Bob deeply into the hazard right, and Wayne O/B short left. Mac also self-destructs after a great drive. McD plays it solid down the middle and his par is at least two better than everyone else. G/McD back to 3 up and Dormie
#16 Mac hits another great drive and then again gets into trouble. Bob hits a great second to leave himself below the hole. Wayne is left but only about 12 feet away in three. McD's third is still short and his fourth 8 feet below and left. Bob makes yet another routine par, Wayne makes net par, and McD can end it with one more putt. Mac gives him the read, he strokes it and the ball falls into the heart. Game. Set. Match - 3 and 2.

In 16 holes, Mac and Gord have had twelve one-putts none of them gimmes, and were three under net. 

Mac continued to falter on #17 and. #18 going quadruple/double. Bob made two more pars for a total of 15. Wayne finished 5 - 5. McD looked bad on #17 making double, but was on about 20 feet away on 18. He said "why not?" then rolled it in for birdie and a fine finish.
Mac and Gord set a new all-time Waterfield putting record - 28 and 26 for a total of 54. We predict that that record will last for eternity.

Bob 37-39 76 net 69
Wayne 42-45 87 net 72
Mac 46-50 96 net 72
McD 39-42 81 net 67

Gord McDiarmid

It Came Down To Putting

July 25, 2014

Early morning for some; greens smooth and true.
On 1 Ken's surprising birdie shocks gallery.
After eight holes Steve and Ken 4 up. Many of Bob's putts graze cup and fail to fall.
   9 Wayne net bird.
10 Bob birds.
11 only Ken pars.
12 Bob birds.
Steve and Ken 2up.
Halve 13 with bogies!
Steve and Ken win 14. 3 up.
Halve 15. Halve 16. All over. 3 and 2.

Bob 82/75
Wayne 90/74
Steve 84/74
Ken 78/66



August 8, 2014
Am only reporting this because it feels like we won.

Bob and Wayne vs Tom and little Richard (he felt good)

It turned out to be a close and almost exciting match. Tom and Richard expressed the need to play Bob and Wayne because they had been losing and wanted positive reinforcement.
Bob and Wayne knew that their games were not up to scratch and were happy that the match was against Tom and Richard.

1. Miracle shot from >200 on 9th by Tom for par and a win.
2. Putt(yes) by Wayne to tie.
3. Putt by Bob to tie.
4. Putting confusion by Wayne and a win by Richard's good play.
5. Putting confusion by Wayne and a win by Richard's bad play. Tom and Rickie up by 3.
6. Great putt by Wayne to tie.
7. Putt by Bob to tie.( pitiful attempt at a 6 foot birdie by Tom).
8. Putt by Wayne to win.
9. A whole bunch of fucking missed two footers by everyone and a win by Richard. T&R up by 3

10. Wayne and Tom tie.
11. Bob and Tom tie. (pitiful attempt at a 5foot birdie by Tom).
12. T&R concede before reaching the green.
13. Pitiful 3putt by Tom leads to win by Bob.
14. Pitiful chip by Richard leads to win by Bob. Match even.
15. Wayne and Tom are on the fringe in two but Tom sinks a birdie putt after a pitiful chip but is matched by Wayne.
16. With one foot in the left bunker Tom chips to 3 feet and sinks it for a net 3. T&R up 1.
17. Rickie and Tom both leave their birdie putts 1cm from the hole. Bob leaves his 1foot.
18. Wayne plays the hole perfectly and is given his birdie net eagle. Match is tied.

Only match play can let freaking craziness feel good and it was a good day. /bob


Battle of the Gord's

July 24, 2014

Another lovely day for a Waterfield. 3 :30 start time that Mac thinks is 4:00. Chanelling Fred and looking for every psychological advantage.  No worries as it's men's night and one can tee off almost at will.

Nick still gets 7. Gord gets 8. Mac gets everything but the par 3s

Off to a fast start Gord's tie one and two with pars. Mac could have won two with a ten footer but in a foreshadowing moment misses the putt.

Nick talks to GTs tee ball on 3 and it dutifully rolls to the back of the green for a front red pin. Glare. And a huge putt right in the middle for a birdie and 1 up.

Stroker alley. Nick pars them all for net birdies and it's suddenly 4 up after 6.

7 sees Nick's twelve footer going in the middle but it hits a green bump and breaks uphill to end the birdie streak. Stalled at 4

8 has Nick nip a 50 yard chip into a foot and a half. McD uses Nick's ball to stop his fast moving chip and set up a good good half in par. Still 4 and the karma feels different.

Sure enough McD pars 9 and 10 for net birdies and wins. The lead is down to two and the times they are a changing.

Except Mac and McD go right on 11 and can't get up and down so GT's par wins

The tree on 12 takes both Gord's balls and throws them deep in the woods. So Mac plays Nick and their matching three footers halve the hole in par -net par.

And then the Gords play each other on 13 and GT leaves it on the edge while McD sinks. The lead is back to two.

Mac hits it deep in the trees on 14. After suitably rattling around it lands in the rough and two shots later he is putting for net birdie. However he and his Gord have putting challenges and their net bogie loses to Mr 69's par. Three up.

Nick bounces off a tree on 15 nearly ob.  Not playing. However GT stripes his best drive and even a not so wonderful second leaves a reasonable chip and a three footer for birdie. Mac can halve via a sandie and does. McD can win but his net eagle putt never threatens the hole so it's a halve and dormie.

Nick hits a hundred yard drive on 16 which is good because it is not lost. McD stripes a drive and a second to the fringe. Nick hits his hundred twenty yard third inside McD's chip. And GT makes a routine par. All over 3 and 2

Lots of wonderful play on a gorgeous night. Too big a lead in the end

GT 76 -72

Nick 83-70

McD 84-70

Mac had one par on 15 and so many nearly ins that it could have been his to win.





Respectful Pricks down to the last putt

July 23, 2014

Mr 69 and Nick versus Dave and Fred. Lovely north wind day with an empty course

Fred and GT played together on Monday when Gord was 69 and Fred 77.  Nick had emailed Fred on Tuesday asking him to put some scores in for the last two weeks. Fred on Tuesday replied he put them in on Mondays. disrespectful prick.

so GT give 4 to Fred, 5 to Dave and 7 to Nick.

Nick pars 1 into the wind for a lead.

Nick birdie net eagles 4 for a 2 up lead.

Nick holes a four footer for a 4 net three on 5 to halve both Fred and Dave.  Nick starts with 5 fours.

Fred pars 6 with a stroke and 8 with a ten footer to get the match to even

Stroker Nick is the only one to gross par downwind nine so at the turn it's one up GT and Nick.

Fred and Dave are looking forward to their third free drink!

Stroker Fred hits the tree on ten with his second and caroms nearly into the ditch. But he recovers wonderfully to twelve feet only to miss the net birdie and halve Gord who makes par from the garbage on the left.

Nick birdies 11 and the lead is two.

Dave pars 12 and birdies 13 to square the match.

Nick takes x on 14, 15,16 and snap hooks it deep left on 17. Gord makes a lovely par on 14 to halve, birdies 15 from twelve feet to restore the one up lead but then his shoulders get tired and he allows Dave to par net birdie win 16 and again square the match.

17 no Nick again. Fred makes a wonderful sandie par. Gord lag putts from nearly the back of the green to a side hill four footer. He marks. Dave's fifteen foot birdie putt rolls directly over Gord's marker. Fred wonders if hitting the marker affected the ball. Nick hopes so. Disrespectful prick. Gord in another show of brilliance nails the curly putt to send the match to 18 all tied up.

Stroking Nick hits downwind 5 iron off the tee. He hasn't had a tee ball in play since 11. Another 5 iron and he's inside the 100 along with everyone else. Nick's wedge is to two feet and with the stroke it's game over. Another wonderful day of golf with friends. 

Fred 81 net 72

Dave 79 net 69

Gord 75 net 71

Nick 88 net 75

how did those two win?





New Standings

July 23, 2014

GT Nick              2 0 1 5
Ric Tom              2 2 0 4

Glen Rob            2 2 0 4
Bob Wayne        1 0 1 3

Ken Steve          1 0 0 2

Chuck Lil Bob    1 1 0 2

Dave Fred          0 2 0 0
McD Mac           0 2 0 0

More updates

Hi Nick

Our record is incomplete.

Glen and Rob have won over Mac & Gord McD and Tom & Richard.

Have lost to Nick & GT and Ken & Steve

We are 2204



So Far in 2014

July 22, 2014

What I have so far

Richard and Tom beat Mac and McD
Richard and Tom beat Fred and Dave

Chuck and Lil Bob beat Richard and Tom

Rob and Glen beat Richard and Tom 1 up

Ken and Steve beat Glen and Rob 3 & 2

Bob and Wayne beat Dave and Fred 1 up

GT and Nick beat Glen and Rob 2up
GT and Nick beat Chuck and Lil Bob 3 & 2

GT and Nick tied Bob and Wayne

Am I missing anything?


GT Nick              2 0 1 5
Ric Tom              2 2 0 4
Bob Wayne        1 0 1 3

Ken Steve          1 0 0 2

Chuck Lil Bob    1 1 0 2
Glen Rob            1 2 0 2
Dave Fred          0 2 0 0
McD Mac           0 1 0 0

YING,YANG, WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT and an incredible match.

Wayne and Bob started in bulldozer fashion and carried it for 11 holes over Fred and David.
1 and 2 tied with pars.
3 (with all four on the green) but Wayne sinking the birdie.
4 Wayne's net bird puts his team 2up.
5 tied with pars.
6 Bob in the right hazard and Wayne's long and well thought out safety 5iron (he had a stroke) in the drink lets David's par win.
7 tied with pars
8 and 9 won by bob with 4s Wayne and Bob up by 3

10 sandy save by Dave ties it.
11 birdie by Bob wins it. Bob and Wayne up by 4 with 7 to go.
12, 13 and 14 won by Fred and David with pars. B&W up by 1.
15 David birdies. Match square.
16 Fred net birdies. F&D up by 1.
17 Bob cleverly sculls his second,bumping it over the bunker to 8 feet and gets the bird to win the hole and tie the match.
18 All play the hole well, each just missing birdie putts but Wayne's net bird closes Dave and Fred out . Bob And Wayne win 1up.

Another wonderful Waterfield with the lesson being that anything can happen with golf. Match in the bag and then lose 5 straight.
Both teams want Pepto-Bismol sponsorship.

Fred 42/40 82(net 72) , David 40/37 77 (net 67). Wayne 42/42 84 (net 68), Bob 36/39 75 (net 67).

Tom and Richard recap to date

Glen/Rob lead the whole way to win 1 up. A very good match; at times Glen/Rob seemed to want to give it away but R/T always gave it right back. Verbal sparring match between Richard and Rob resulted in a clear victory for Richard. Glen acknowledged that he is partially deaf.

Everyone netted to the 60s except for Tom.

Tom and Richard are 2 - 2 

Victories over Gord McD/Mac and Fred/Dave

Losses to LB/Chuck and Rob/Glen

Ken and Steve start well

July 22, 2014

Waterfield # 1 for Ken and Steve vs Rob and Glen:

Summary - a friendly match - 30 mls of rain the morning of the competition led to a rather long conditioned course!  While the match ended on 15 - the weather conditions are summed up by Robs play on 17...He lost his ball on 17 in a Sandtrap!  Too much water!  Not sure what the ruling would have been had the match still been on --- Does anyone know?  Losing a ball in casual water!
Glen and Rob had awesome rounds of golf!  The problem for them - was that their low 70 rounds were shot the day or so, before our match!  On the actual day.....Glen and Rob did not play their best for the first 15 holes or so  (I think they would attest to this.) 
Steve and Ken partnered their play quite well...all about coordination!
The end result - 3 up, 2  to  play - Waterfield to Steve and Ken!

Teams For 2014

Rob Glen

Bob Wayne

Fred Dave

Steve Ken

Chuck Lil Bob

Gord McD Mac

Tom Richard

Gord T Nick

Record Keeping

July 22, 2014

Congratulations to Rob and Glen for their victory in the 2013 Waterfield. Capped off by a fabulous dinner at Rob's Mums house catered by a fine Italian dish

Pre-billed as the match of the decade results in an 18th hole victory.

August 16, 2013
Ricky & David vs McD and Wyne
The pre-match banter involves discussion over which tees to play. More strokes are granted to White-Blue vs White alone. White is decided. No names; don't ask; don't tell.
Everybody plays off of Wyne's 10 handicap, something he is unused to. R gets 5. McD gets 3. Dave gets 1.

Hole #1 sees Ricky's second shot skull under the tree right find the green. What a lucky break! His par wins the hole.
2 is a push but Dave's par on 3 wins.  R&D 2 up.
4 is ugly ugly for most. However there is a winner in Dave's par. 3 up.
Everybody goes on cruise control for a few holes until 9 where W&McD's bogeys are good enuf to win. R&D 2 up at the turn.
Cruise to 15 where Wyne's par wins. R&D only 1 up.
On 16 R has the only stroke which is squandered right into  woods. W makes a magnificent putt for par and to square the match. A pall is cast over the R&D team's spirits. All square. Oh-oh.
On 17 green McD is spotted with eyes shut tightly, head towards his heaven listening for Dave's par putt to win hole not to drop. And it does not. Still all square walking to 18 tee. Silence prevails.
Good drives for all. W puts his 2nd shot OB left and hands over responsibility to McD.
The others advance admirably towards the green and get on (or sort of on) in 3. BIG tension on the green as one could imagine.
R chips to about 8 feet... not his best.
McD putts a long one to about 3-4 feet. Pretty good. 
Dave putts to 3 feet.
R lips out. McD lips out and it's up to Dave to win the match. McD is again spotted with eyes shut, head upwards to his heaven but alas, he hears the sound of Dave's ball in the hole to win a well contested match.
D net 71
R net 75
McD net 72

W net 74

Standings Aug 15, 2013

August 15, 2013

Team                Won Lost Tied Points


Tom - Ken             6      0     0     12

Bob-Mac                4     2     1     9

Rob-Glen               3     2     1     7

Fred-Nick               3     3     0     6

Richard - Dave        2     4    0      4

Gord T - Lil Bob      1    3      1      3

Gord McD-Wayne     1    3    1       3

Steve-Chuck           1      4     0     2



Perfect weather for Friday round.

August 9, 2013
Waterfield Match Aug 9, 2013 
Rob/Glen  vs  Richard/Dave 
Perfect weather for Friday round.   R/D off to a slow start losing #1 
and then losing #2 to a bird by Rob.   All 4 par # 3. 
Long bomb putt by Dave on #5 for net eagle is definitive.  All bogey 7 
with front left pin position.  R/G win 8 to restore 2 hole lead. 
Never look back.  Nice long bomb par for Dave on 16 keeps match alive. 
Match ends 3&1 with Glen's bird on 17. 
Glen most grateful to once again ride the wave of Rob's great August play. 
Rob    74 net 68 
Glen    79 net 71 
Richard    87 net 71 
Dave    80 net 69 

Shortest report ever

August 14, 2013

glen rob beat richard dave 3 and 1


July 31, 2013

Richard and Dave are being shy ( or embarrassed ) but on July 31 they beat us 4 and 2. I was 76 ( 36 back nine but no birdies made ) They were BOTH net 67 ( or 66 ) ie. l'bob and I were doomed ...

Rolling On

August 13, 2013

August 13


Ken/Tom vs Glen/Rob


Under threatening skies and controversy, Ken/Tom prevail over Glen/Rob 3 and 1 to bring their record to a dazzling 6 – 0.


Holes 1, 2, and 4 are tied with pars. Bogeys halve #3. At the end of 4, all even.


Ken/Tom make the most of their strokes on 5 and 6 with net birdies to go up by 2.


Holes 7, 8, and 9 are tied with pars. Controversy on 9: Tom's birdie attempt misses by an RCH. Tom, thinking he had been given the 2 millimeter putt for par (and a halve), scoops up his ball and marches off to the 10th tee. Apparently no such concession was made! Glen/Rob confer. After much back and forth, they decide to do the gentlemanly thing. Ken/Tom +2 after 9.


Ken's birdie (net eagle) wins 10. Ken/Tom +3.


Holes 11 through 13 are halved with pars. Hole 14 generates a mini controversy: Ken plays out of turn, hitting a perfect shot to green. Rob and Glen play their shots AND THEN tell Ken he must replay his shot. Ken comes up with an obscure counter argument, presented with such confidence and authority, that it is immediately accepted. Glen and Rob apologise for being so cantankerous and the 14th is halved with pars.


Glen's birdie wins 15, the first and only hole they won all day. Ken/Tom +2


Ken and Glen get net birdies on 16. Glen/Rob are dormie.


Hole 17 brings more controversy. Four pathetic drives down the left side. Ken hits hybrid into stiff wind close to green. Glen and Rob are behind trees and facing difficult shots to the green. After much discussion on how to play the next shot Glen steps up and hits Rob's ball into a tree. Rob follows by hitting Glen's ball around the tree to the fringe of the green. On discovering their error Glen/Rob concede the hole and the match. It was a sad way to end an exciting match.




Glen 78 net 70

Rob 79 net 73

Ken 78 net 67

Tom 80 net 69

Tom and Ken flooded with emails before match, wishing them well. Mac presents Ken with legal letter

August 14, 2013

Bob wins first hole with two putt par.
Mac, Bob and Tom par two.
Ken's two putt par wins #3. All square.
Mac's net par ties Ken's par.
Ken misses easy net birdie putt on 5. Push
Mac's beautiful approach after long, long drive leads to net eagle.
Evil twins up one.
#7 tied.
Bob and Tom both par 8.
Bob, Tom and Mac halve 9.
After 9, Bob and Mac up one.

#10. Bob sinks twenty foot par putt to take hole. 2 up.
Mac double hits from bunker. Ken's downhill 12 foot birdie putt reduces
lead by one.
Ken's two putt par makes it even.
Routine par for Tom gives his excellent team the lead after Bob and Mac
approach green from opposite sides.
Bob makes six footer to half #14.
Mac makes net birdie after fine chip makes up for botched third on 15.
All square. Three to go.

Bob's birdie attempt on 16 misses by a whisker.Ken's net birdie wins it.
One up for Tom and Ken.
Ken double hits from fringe. Bob's long birdie putt just misses. Mac's
chip is short. Mac, Bob and Tom tie.
#18. Tom and Ken above hole by 12 feet in regulation. On same line. Bob
has birdie putt from just off green. Almost pin high.
Push. Tom and Ken win one up!

Ken reads legal letter. Mac has forced him into early retirement. Rude
letter from scattish lawyer.
Next stop, Human Rights Commission. Huge settlement for gratuitous,
excessive and public humiliation.

Mac 87 net 67. Bob 79 net 72
Tom 85 net 75. Ken 82 net 70.

Longest match ever!

Wayne and McD beat Chuck and Steve 1 up in the longest match ever! It took 2 days to complete 


August 9, 2013 – 02:00 PM

A wonderful and exciting match between Wayne and Gord McD. and Mac and Bob highlighted by extraordinary skill and requests to Bob for referral to psychiatry.
We wished it could have gone on longer but we were already 'twilighting'.

1. Bob's birdie wins. 1up M&B
2 and 3 pushed with pars. Still 1up
4. Mac's first stroke hole and a net bird for the win. 2up M&B
5. Wayne's first stroke hole and a wonderful putt for net bird. 1up M&B
6. Gord and Wayne's net birds win. All square.
7. Wayne's 2putt from off the green beats Bob's 3putt. 1up W&G
8. Mac took only 4 from just short of the ladies tee so his 5 (net 4) won. All square
9. Boring pars. All square.


10. Mac's bird (net eagle wins) 1upM&B
11. Gord's birdie wins. All square
12. Mac's birdie wins. 1up M&B
13. Gord's birdie wins. All square
14. Bob's chip-in birdie wins. 1up M&B
15. Mac, with a stroke, hits it to the rock. Bob, behind him, strategically asks him to hit first so that he might 'go for the green'. Bob hits 6iron safely over and wedge to get 5. Mac finds his ball in the hazard and puts both parts of his rescue club gently in his bag. Gord gets 5. Still 1up M&B
16. Group butchery but Gord's net 4 wins. All square
17. Mac, with a stroke, hits his second just short of the trap. Gord and Bob essentially gone. Wayne's second is far left down by the road. After waiting for Gord to extract his ball from the long shit between 17 and 18 ( do we need rangefinders for this?) Wayne hits the most incredible pitch to 2 1/2 feet. Mac hits a good one but misses the putt. Mac's 5 beats Wayne's 6. 1up M&B
18. Bob's boring par (drive into the hazard-sand wedge to the 200-rescue club near the 10th-60* to the green and 1putt) isn't good enough for Gord's two down the middle and chip from past the green and knee knocking par (net birdie) putt. If you want to stay awake just imagine Gord putting with his knees knocking. All square.

I have only highlighted the best on each hole. There was much angst out there but our respective partners were always there. Everyone netted below 70. Another great Waterfield . Mac and I feel most fortunate for the draw. /bob


August 9, 2013 – 02:00 PM

On Friday, August 9th Mac and Bob, 4-2 and seeking a pass into the playoffs met Wayne and McD, 1-3, who were seeking to keep their winning streak going.  The result was an exciting match that came down to the last putt. Here's what happened:

#1. Bob hit three perfect shots - a drive to about 130, an approach to about 12' on a soft green and a solid putt into the cup for BIRDIE and the win. Would his mastery of the approach shot continue? B/M 1 up
#2. Bob, Mac and McD on in reg. Bob makes the solid par, Mac just misses his bird, and with a little help from Wayne on pace, McD gets down in two from the back for par and a push. B/M 1 up
#3. No one is on, but McD is closest. Bob makes a good up and down for par. McD leaves his chip 5' short, but rolls it up the hill for par and a push. B/M 1 up
#4. Mac and McD stroking. Both right in three. Mac makes a great chip and knocks it in for net BIRDIE. McD does not. B/M 2 up and the rout is on.
#5. Everybody is stroking (except Bob, of course). Everybody is on the front apron in two. Bob makes the best chip and taps in for par. McD misses. Wayne has gone 9' past the hole but rams it home for net BIRDIE. Mac just misses and it's B/M 1 up
#6. Everybody is stroking (except Bob, of course). Bob goes into the hazard long right, then slashes it out a la Gord Thomas. It takes him two more to get on. Mac scuffs his drive, goes into the trees right with his second then drills a shot at the boys on the next tee. Richard opens his legs just in time to let the ball fly through. Wayne is on in two. McD is just short but chips it reasonably close. Their pars (net BIRDIES) are good for the win and it's All Square.
#7. No one hits the green. Bob makes an uncharacteristically poor chip and misses the putt. So does McD. Mac also makes 4 from deep in right field. Wayne uses his putter in long thick grass left and amazingly gets it to 3' which, as we all know, is routine for him. He makes it and it's WO/McD 1 up.
#8. Mac has a stroke and uses it to get his drive almost to the ladies' tee. His next two aren't so great either but his chip is excellent leading to a bogey/net par. Bob gets down in two from 50'. Their pars are better than WO/McD's sloppy bogeys and it's back to All Square. WO/McD held the lead for a good twelve minutes and would never hold it again.
#9. Wayne and Bob make solid pars. Mac has a good  chance for a net birdie but just misses and it's still All Square.
#10. Mac hits a beautiful shot to 12' below the hole then rolls it in for BIRDIE (net eagle). B/M 1 up
#11. Mac, Bob and Wayne all hit the green and have long putts, none of which drop. McD gets a good bounce of the front mound and leaves his ball 4' away. He rolls it in for BIRDIE and the win and the match is All Square.
#12 Four good drives, but only Mac makes a good approach. After everyone else has missed, he calmly rolls his 15' putt up the hill for another BIRDIE and a remarkable 3-3-3 start to the back nine. B/M 1 up
#13 Wayne covers the pin all the way and ends up 18' above it. McD is pin high just off right. Mac finds the hazard. Bob goes ker-splash. Wayne is short (with his putt, I mean) but McD gets his to drop for BIRDIE and the win. All Square
#14 Four good drives. Bob makes the worst approach so has to go first from about 25 yards. He is disgusted with himself and nonchalantly chips on. The sucker rolls up to the cup and drops! A fifth consecutive BIRDIE for the group. Wayne and McD miss by inches and it's B/M 1 up yet again.
#15. Wayne goes into the hazard right but everyone else gets off the tee well. Mac is longest and he is stroking. Bob wisely (or maybe not) gets him to go first and Mac scuffs it into the hazard. After another lousy shot, Mac realizes that it is all the fault of the club which he slams into the turf. Suffice it to say that that club will never hit another ball. Meanwhile Bob and McD hit good shots and reasonable chips. Both miss by centimeters, settle for pars and it's still B/M 1 up
#16. Stroke Hole - Bob hits another great drive and another crappy iron shot. He manages to get on but can only make bogey. Wayne goes right again, has to slash it out (which he does remarkably well), but can do no better than double. Mac and McD both end up five feet from the cup in 4, McD below and Mac above. McD makes, Mac just misses and it's All Square once again with two to go.
#17. Bob hooks badly but drops out of a tree (the ball I mean). He eventually scrambles for a 5. Mac, who is stroking, is on and pretty close in three. McD makes his one bad shot of the nine into the crap right and makes double. Wayne has gone left with his approach but makes a masterful chip to 4'. His uphill putt strangely ends up still 4' away but he now has a downhiller for bogey. His putt for double bogey is conceded but Mac's bogey wins the hole and it's B/M 1 up and Dormie.
#18. Mac and McD are stroking. Mac hits a lousy drive, second and third shots, pretty good fourth, fifth and sixth shots and a terrific seventh because it goes in. Bob knocks his drive into the hazard left. He slashes it out, again a la Gord Thomas, then hits yet another crappy iron shot leaving him way right of the green. Wayne and McD hit acceptable drives and second shots. Wayne is a little short (with his approach, I mean), and McD is a little long (with his approach I mean) into the long grass at the back. Just when it seems like they have it in the bag, Bob comes out of nowhere with a great pitch to 10' below the hole. McD manages to chip to 5' below the hole. Bob makes the putt for an incredible par. The match then rests on McD's putt which, politely, finds the bottom of the cup for net BIRDIE, the win and a tie of the match.
Mac 45-43 88 net 68
Bob 37-39 76 net 69
Wayne 30-41 80 net 69
McD 42-38 80 net 65

Standings July 21, 2013

July 22, 2013

Team                Won Lost Tied Points


Bob-Mac                4      1     0     8

Tom - Ken             3      0     0     6

Fred-Nick               3     2     0    6

Rob-Glen               2   1       1     5

Gord T - Lil Bob      1    2      1     3

Steve-Chuck          0      2     0     0

Richard - Dave       0     2    0     0

Gord McD-Wayne    0    3     0     0


Funny noises of glee are emitted from Ken’s mouth.

July 22, 2013

Dave & Richard vs Tom & Kenneth

Played Sunday, July 21, Blue/White


1                     Even though R takes par and there are 3 other bogies, Ken walks to #2 tee thinking he had the honour.  The tenor for the match is now set.

2                     Push

3                     Ricky stumbles his drive 90 yards off the tee. Everybody else is close to the green. But Ricky’s par wins hole. R&D 2 up

4                     R’s net par wins. 3 up

5                     R’s net par wins. 4 up. R is even par thru 5 holes and is amazed.

6                     The fun ends. Ken’s birdie wins hole.

7                   Ken & Tom par. R&D bogie and  are 2 up

8                     Push

9                     K&T par. R&D double bogey  are now just +1 at the turn.

10                 Tom's game kicks in with a par to win. All square

11                 Push with 4 pars

12                 Tom & Ken drive into thick stuff right of fairway and must hack their way out. D&R lick their lips in anticipation. However, Tom’s 3rd shot is well crafted and is 10 feet from the hole. Stupid R&D bogey the hole. Tom pars to win and to go 1 up. Funny noises of glee are emitted from Ken’s mouth.

13                 K&T go 2 up, each with par

14               Is a push

15                 Ken’s par wins the hole. 3 up. Dormie.

16                 Long story short. K&T win the match. R&D hang their heads and walk to 17 tee



Ricky 87 net 69
Dave  83 net 72
Ken  81 net 70
Tom 81 net 71


July 17, 2013 – 04:00 PM

Bob shows up at my house to pick up the evil A/C that had buggered up my back, obviously hoping for a reoccurrence . His plan backfires as I am fine but he hurts his shoulder removing it from his vehicle . His ego then takes a hit as L'Bob shows up and with one hand casually carries it into Bob's house . Young guys 1up.

THE MATCH ( played from Bl/Wh hybrids )
1st hole Old bob evens the psych war with a wedge to 8' and a birdie 
2nd Bob lips out birdie , Gord does not . All square
3rd Gord's 2 putt par good enough , Young 1up
4th Net Eagle for Mac , All square
5th Net birdies win it for Bob/ Mac

( all holes won with 3 so far)

6th boring par wins for GT/L'bob
7th 3's again win it for youngins
8th - Mac again makes another net 3 ( GT and L'bob just miss the tie )

So 8 holes 4 holes for each team , 7 with 3's 

9th finally tied with pars , as is 10
11 - Bob wins with 2
12,13 split
14 - GT and l'bob just miss birdie . Illegal putter Bob roles in 25' for split
15 l'bob lays up, then hits his 210 yd shot to 19inches for possible Shot of the year . Bob rolls in his 8 footer for split .

Oldins 1Up

16 - both Bobs uncharacteristically 3-putt for split
17 Mac returns to the fore with another net 3 for the VICTORY !! 2 and 1 

Summary Bob 4 birdies , 3 gross 
Mac 3 birdies , 1 eagle 
Bob - 75,6 Gord 77,78 L'bob 76,77 Mac 42/ 50 

These Guys Were Hot

July 17, 2013 – 12:22 PM

Hottest day of the year for Wayne And McD vs C flight champion Fred And D flight also ran Nick

Wayne gets 2. Nick 3. McD 5

It's a humidex near 40 but the match is scheduled so off we go.  All as expected except Fred who has driven to Ottawa on Tuesday and has a bad back.

Good front nines from Wayne and some of Nick. Nick wins 1 with a par, 5 with a par net birdie and 7 with a real birdie from 3 feet. Wayne wins 2 with a par, 3 with a par, 8 with a par and shoots 38.  Throw in Gord's net par on 4 for a win after Fred misses from a foot and first in par on 9 for a win and it's 2 up at the turn for Wayne and McD. Fred hasn't factored in a single hole. He retreats to the car for more Advil.

Fred  3 putts 10 but it doesn't matter because stroking Gord wins with a net birdie. 3 up.

Wayne and Fred on 11. Nick is in the bunker hoping Fred won't 3 putt for the fourth time today. So he holes out for birdie and the unlikely win. Back to 2 up

Nick pars 12 to win and it's 1 up.

McD makes a wonderful chip from over the back of 13 to a foot which halves Nick's  green and 2 putt par. 13 holes and Fred hasn't been needed. But Advil takes time to kick in. 1 up Wayne and McD.

Wayne doesn't make the fairway on 14 . He hits his second so far right the trees throw it back in the rough at the one hundred marker, A simple wedge puts him thirty feet for par. McD hits trees with his first second third and then takes a drop. Not a factor. Fred stripes a drive and a second but the second runs into the back trap for a front red pin. Sandy Fred is magnificent. Out to three feet and he makes while Wayne misses so we are all square with four to go. 

15 and McD is the only drive not only on but even close to the fairway. Unfortunately he is in the bushes with his second. Fred is a strategic master and his lay up followed by wedge to a real birdie gives the lead back to Nick and Fred for the first time since hole # 1.

Stroking for all on 16 sees Wayne and McD on in net two with twenty feet to go. Nick is out of it. McD is woefully short and three putts before Wayne. Wayne is woefully short. Fred just misses a real par but has a downhill foot left  Wayne misses for 6 net 5. Fred sucks it up and holes for a real 5 and a half.

17 has Wayne hit first to 15 feet above the hole Beauty. Fred counters. 10 feet but also above the hole. Wayne hits a good putt but is short. Par  Fred hits a tentative putt but it's enough to half and be dormie going home.

18 is Wayne and Fred on in regulation. Wayne thirty feet and Fred fifteen.Wayne taps in for par. Nick lips out a chip for par. Fred leaves his 15 footer short by 17 inches with break. Remember 4!!!! No. This one goes in. Last shot wins a marvelous match on a very hot day. 1 up Fred and Nick. Partners who never really saw each other.

18 holes played. Only 5 holes halved incluing the last three. 

Wayne was 38 on the front before faltering on the back

Fred who faltered on the front was 38 on the back

McD started with an x and was a good match play partner

Ditto Nick who was 42 - 49 with two real  birdis and a net birdie.

Big is better as far as Bobs go

July 17, 2013 – 03:30 PM

     +1, 0, -1, 0, +1, 0, -1, 0, 0, 0, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1 AND FINALLY MAC-FOR 2&1.
The scorecard looked like a computer program and if we weren't having fun we might have called Garry for help.

Wonderful golf with almost unbearable heat and torrential rain. Waiting out the rain forced us to cart quickly on the back and the change of pace affected Mac and Gord badly.

1. Bob 3 1up
2. Gord 3 all square
3. Gord 3 1up G&lb
4.Mac net 3 all square
5. Bob net3 (thank you Gord for the stroke) 1up B&M
6. Gord and lilbob with 4s (they screwed the string of 3s) but won by many strokes. all square
7. lilbob 3. 1up G&lb
8. Mac net 3. all square
9. Boring 5s all round. all square

!0. Bob and Gord 4s. all square
11. Bob 2. 1up B&M
12. Bob and lilbob 4s. 1up B&M
13. Bob misses a short putt for par but Gord misses an even shorter one. Still 1up B&M
14. Gord and lilbob on in two. Bob jerks it in the trap and plays out to thirty feet. Gord and lilbob clean leaves from their putting line ( into Bob's line) and both lip out. Bob ,disgusted by his play , opts to leave the leaves in his way and whacks it into the hole. 1up B&M
15. Bob duck hooks his drive to 180 from the cross hazard. lilbob hits it inside the 200 but almost unplayable on the left. Gord and Mac hit good drives but both hit their seconds into the 'swamp' as Mac said to Gord. Bob hits 5iron over the creek but lilbob has to chip out and then hits a rescue club from 205 to 2feet. Bob hits sandwedge and sinks the putt as does lilbob (not being given it). 1up B&M
16. Bob and lilbob on in 2 with easy putts. Gord on the fringe and almost chips in. 5s all round. 1up B&M
17. Mac strategically misses his only drive of the day and hits a hybrid to the green for a 4 net 3. 2&1 for Bob and Mac.

It was an exciting match (as have been all Waterfields for us) and Mac and I thank the other team for missing so many good putts by a fraction and thank Garrison for giving Gord the most unbelievable bad lies multiple times. We also thank the weather and late timing of the match for having Gord in a cart for the back 9. Don't we all play better with a cart?

It being Gord's 58th birthday Mac and I magnanimously bought the beer.

   Mac 42/49 91(net 71) Bob 39or40/36 76 (net 69)
   Gord around 36/43 79 (net 73) lilbob around 37/ 38 75 (net 69)


July 12, 2013 – 04:00 PM

 A most wonderful match at the Glen between Mac and Bob and the two Boland Cup captains( who seemed to have put bitterness and glee aside). It was spoiled only by the usual Glen terrain and the bandstand. Prince would have killed for the cover of Purple Rain and we all would have supported his justifiable homicide plea. But back to the match...

1. Boring 5s all square.
2. Mac's 3putt bogey with a stroke beat Steve's 3putt bogey (he picked up before 4putting) and Chuck's 3putt 6. Nice lower pin placement. Steve's second was only 6feet away and his third was only 15feet away. 1up M&B

3. Strategic layup off the tee for Chuck and a wonderful pitch for par which won. All square.
4. Boring 5s. Chuck did manage to hit the green in regulation but ended up 2putting. All square.
5. Beautiful 5 net 4 for Chuck to win after everyone else had quit. 1up C&S.
6. Steve lips out for bird, Mac skirts the hole for net bird and Bob lips out for bird. Shithead winning captain Chuck sinks his bird to dredge up a hint of bitterness (but not from the losing captain) 2up C&S
7. Mac misses short birdie and ties Chuck. Steve last seen looking for his ball on 8 fairway. 2up C&S
8. Pars for Steve and Bob. 2up C&S
9. Stroke hole for Steve (and everyone else-almost). Bob channels some short hitting PGA player and hits driver 3/4 wedge to 3feet and makes it. 1up C&S

10. Pin 2feet from the front and everyone makes the mistake of flying to the green. Mac's 3putt 5 wins but it wasn't an easy three putt. All square.
11. Wonderful tee shot by Mac to tie Steve with pars. All square.
12. Pars by Steve and Bob. All square.
13. Stroke hole for Steve (and everyone else almost). There is an almost new ProV somewhere in the left hay with Steve's name on it. His play on his stroke holes had us offering him more but he graciously declined. He did mention that Rob wouldn't have. Bob hit a perfect drive-a perfect 6iron to 18feet directly under the hole- and a putt to 1foot. Chuck butchered his way to a 6 but wouldn't give Bob the putt. Still all square.
14. Hello Gervanator! Mac hits an incredible chip off a sidehill lie to 4feet and actually sinks it for net bird. 1up M&B
15. After lighting a smoke and getting the yardage from his machine, Chuck, in full concentration mode, hits his best shot of the day. Mac cannot find his perfect drive. It's no wonder. It is already on the green having been hit by Chuck. Bob and Steve both mishit to the green and make par. 1up M&B
16. Did I already say Hello Gervanator!? Perfect drive-perfect 6iron-perfect 2putt for net bird. Steve's 10foot birdie attempt was only 3feet short. 2up M&B
17. 3s by Bob and Steve close it. 2&1 for M&B

Chuck 41 on the front (off a 17) followed by 48. 89(net 72)
Steve 45 followed by 38. 83(net 73)
Mac 46 followed by 42! 88(net 67)
Bob 40 followed by 38 78(net 71) It was a wonderful, close and intense match- as is becoming the norm for the Waterfield.And another win for a Rangefinder deficient team.


Standings July 3, 2013

July 3, 2013

Team                Won Lost Tied Points


Rob-Glen               2   1       1     5

Tom - Ken             2      0     0     4

Bob-Mac                2      1     0     4

Fred-Nick               2     2     0    4  

Gord T - Lil Bob      1    1      1     3

Steve-Chuck          0      1     0     0

Richard - Dave       0     1     0     0

Gord McD-Wayne    0    2      0     0





June 28, 2013 – 02:00 PM

 SYMPATHY CAN ONLY GO SO FAR- or until Mac gets strokes on the last four holes.

  Knowing that this was David's first Waterfield match and still feeling kind to Rickie after his medical issues ( like how long can we do this?), Bob and Mac again lowered the level of play of everyone and kept the match even through 14 holes. Bob purposely hit OB on 12 and plunked one on 13 to make it close and Mac strategically made no pars with his 6 strokes until then.

   However Mac did sink a six footer on 15 for his only par-net birdie to put his team oneup and Bob bladed a pitch on 16 to 7 feet above the hole and miraculuosly holed it to keep it at 1up. Of course Mac's 5(net 4) on 17 finished it at 2&1 after David's 3 putt.

   Dave played well and Rickie's poor play did not really get the sympathy he was looking for. We are hoping he continues his form for the Boland Cup.

   No scores to report. /bob

Five Footed To Death

July 3, 2013 – 04:30 PM

It was steaming and sticky. The course was getting firm. The greens were late afternoon slow. Lil Bob and Gord had long pants on. Fred and Nick were comfortable in shorts.

In a match that was decided on the greens there was constant pressure, some superlative shots and some downright clunkers.

Fred was the five foot star. He did miss from one foot on 6 and five feet on 11, but he holed from 18 feet on 2 for birdie(win), five feet on 10(net birdie - win), 12 (par to half GT in the hole already), 14 (par to half GT in the hole already), 16(net birdie - win). Nick holed from 2 feet on 1 (half after GTs own 10 footer dropped), 2 feet on 3 after a 40 yard flop wedge over the tree and trap (half), 5 feet on 4 for net eagle to beat Bob who had hit a 230 yard 3 wood to 12 feet but missed his eagle, and the deciding 5 footer on 17 to half GT at par and seal the match at 2&1. 

Lil bob sunk all his putts at once - a forty footer on 5 for an improbable net birdie(win) after a drive that bounced over the creek in front of the forward tees. Think about that drive. 

Gord sunk a bunch but also missed a bunch on the lip and three putted 15 for a par. 

3 real birdies for the group (one of them a net eagle), none for Gord.

2 net birdies for Fred and one for lil Bob. 

So the line score for Fred - Nick was:

AS, +1,+1,+2,+1,+1,+1,AS,AS at the turn



Lil Bob had his phone ring in Nicks backswing on 2 and tried to give Fred his net eagle putt on 4 so that Nick wouldn't get a line on his own net eagle putt. Nick talked him out of that gift. Wonderful grouping and a real mix of pressure and pleasure. 


Fred was 80

Nick 88

Lil Bob 82

GT mid - high 70s

Fred and Nick Get Their First Win

June 28, 2013

It was a damp and drizzly Friday as the radar was checked and non Waterfield players bailed but Rob, Glen, Fred and Nick put on their rain gear and headed out for battle a little after 1p.m.

An encouraging start saw Rob hole from 15' on 1 to win with par into a head wind, 8' for bird on 2 to go 2 up and then put the curse on Fred on 3 so he missed his par from 2', handing a third hole to B team pairing.

Fred and Nick. 0 and 2 and now 3 down after 3. No wonder Fred hasn't had to host dinner yet!

But wait. Stroke alley. Nick is on the far rough of 5 with his tee shot. Left and left with shots 2 and 3. But a chip to 2" from 40 yards still counts as a par net birdie and the lead is 2.

Rob hits it to 6' on 5 but after stroker Fred rams a 20 footer into the cup, Rob flinches and the putt is pulled. 1 up.

Stroker Nick plays #6. His 70' putt stops on the lip for another net birdie and after neither Glen or Rob can sink their 30 footers the match is square.

Nick hits the flagstick on 7 with his line drive 9 iron and settles 18' away. Not necessary as Fred rolls in his 30 footer for the fourth team bird in a row and the underdogs are suddenly 1 up.

Halves through 11 are played out with each hole seeing Fred and Nick have not only 2 chances per hole to win but better chances.

Hole 12 is a gift as pressing Glen and Rob both chunk their way to bogie. Fred is a par machine - splitting fairways and hitting greens in regulation.

13 has two good birdie chances from Fred and Glen to a back right pin but no blood and pars keep the lead at 2. 

Rob has the long drive on 14 but he is between clubs annd comes up on the front fringe. Fred and Nick both par and hope for another half. But Rob is woefully short from the fringe and then pulls his 4 footer. An unimagenable 3 up lead.

Rob makes a beautiful 4 shot birdie on 15 to cut the lead to 2.

Nick takes 16 off. Fred is in the left bunker in 2. Rob has 2' for par. Sand wizard Fred settles 12 curling feet away with a stroke. Playing for an easy 2 putt and dormie at worst, the putt drops and the match is all over. 3 and 2 for Tall Short.


Fred doubles 18 to finish 38-39 77-67. 

Nick triples 16 and doubles 18 to finish 81 - 68

As Rob says "tough to beat as there was never an opening". 




Well Well Well. 3 games in the rain.

June 28, 2013

Fred and Nick got into the win column with a solid victory over favourites Glen and Rob 3 & 2.

Bob and Mac persevered over Dave and Richard 2 & 1.

Ken and Tom opted for a delayed start and triumphed over McD and Wayne.


Standings June 25, 2013

Team                Won Lost Tied Points


Rob-Glen               2   0       1     5

Gord T - Lil Bob      1    0      1     3

Tom - Ken            1      0     0     2

Bob-Mac               1      1     0     2

Richard - Dave       0     0     0     0

Gord McD-Wayne    0    1      0     0

Steve-Chuck         0      1     0     0

Fred-Nick               0     2     0     0  



A match beyond fun for drama and good golf

June 23, 2013 – 03:15 PM

Waterfield Report June 23 Rob/Glen vs GordT/LilBob

FMB!!!!!! Put 4 players in a pressure cooker, close the lid and
turn up the heat! A match beyond fun for drama and good golf.

Bobby's 5 birds and great chipping, including two chip-in birds on 10
and 12, took him to a gross 73 / net 67. Glen scrambled to gross 75 /
net 68. Rob and Gord won or held key holes as wonderful partners will do.

Team Nets: Rob/Glen 70 GordT/LilBob 69.

Only 6 holes won or lost. High drama on 17 & 18. R/G licking chops on
17 after Bobby left with little hope, Gord right of trap, Glen 8' for
bird. Gord lobs a chip which hit pin. Easy par! Glen missed putt.

Rob and Glen each 12' to white pin for birds on 18. Gord in right
trap. Bobby skulls to back fringe. Another great chip by Bobby for
tap in par! FMB again!!

GordT/LilBob score line. 0 0 0 +1 +2 +1 +1 0 0 / +1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
0. Match a draw!!! Neither team could win but refused to
lose....... A fitting result.

Birdiefest at Rivendell

June 21, 2013 – 01:30 PM

Waterfield Match Report June 21, 2013. Rob/Glen vs Chuck/Steve

First day of summer was a beauty day. Finally hot and dry on the
Rivendell course which was in perfect shape. Magnificent greens.

Ch/S off to a fast start going 3 up after 3. Steve with a fine long
putt to birdie #2. Must have been those new-fangled range finders. Both
Chuck and Steve spent better part of the match gawking at flags. R/G
did not panic (outwardly) and the battle continued to the final putt on
The match featured 8 birdies equally distributed between teams. Most
remarkable was Rob's on #11! Most fun was the finale with both Rob and
Steve birdying 18 to decide the match.

Most intimidating was Chuck whose intense demeanor combined with
impeccable clothing style and pristine equipment emitted a formidable
aura. His stare at the cart girl on 15 was blood curdling.

Chuck and Steve's score line
1 2 3 2 1 2 1 1 1 / 0 -1 -2 -1 -1 -2 -2 -1 -1.

Rob/Glen Net 71 (win 1up with no holes to play)

Chuck/Steve Net 75

Rob (my hero!)

May 31, 2013 – 03:30 PM

Waterfield Report / Match May 31, 2013 Mac/Bob vs Glen Rob

Fantastic weather for a 3:30 tee time. Nice to play into the evening. Garrison greens finally rolling nice. Too bad, cause all bogeyed the first hole with definite "nerves".
First damage on No 4 with a Bob birdie. Mac first of many lips on 5 can't match net birdies by Glen/Rob. Bob birdies 6 but Rob counters with his own bird after ball teeters in the left side of hole. Routine bird by Rob on 8 puts Glen/Rob up 1. Mac's strokes have yet to kick in.

After sleepy 9 & 10 Mac/Bob win 11 with pars and 12 with another Bob bird. A Glen par on 13 brings match back to even. A Glen par on 14 after errant drives and yet another Mac lip wins hole to go 1 up. Not for long: Bob birdies 15 to even the match.

Tee at 16 saw Bob O.B. and Mac's 2nd shot in bush right. Glen/Rob 1 up. Mac's cold putter could not take advantage of stroke on 17 and match is dormie. Glen/Rob routine pars on 18. Bob in Nick territory on far side of 10 but forgot Nick's yardage book! Mac on in 3 but............ Glen/Rob are grateful to win hard fought match 1/0.

Glen 77 net 70
Rob 76 net 68 (my hero!)

Bob 75 net 69 (4 birdies!)
Mac 93 net 74 (warm heart - cold putter)


Tominator of the Fairways

May 29, 2013 – 12:15 AM

In Summary:

Tom chips in from 100' on three, sinks from 25' for birdie on 9, sinks from 18' for birdie on 11, sinks from 90' for birdie on 15 and sinks from 15' for par on 16. Three birdies versus six bogies adds up to 75 net 66.

Ken did more than provide moral support. He was very demanding of his partner. He did hit the wrong ball on 1. He did three putt 2 to snatch a half from the jaws of a win. He did halve 4 with a par,  win 5 with a net birdie and sink a halving 4 footer on 12 after Tom had missed from a foot. Plus he was good company who shared fabulous news that Stef had been accepted into Macmaster's medical school. 

Fred beat Nick on the 14th to contribute to the other team.


Nick's score counted alone on 1, 4,6,7,8,10,13,15 and 16.


A great match on a fantastic day for golf. Ken and Tom win 3, 5, 9, 11. Fred and Nick win 8 and 14. 2 and 1 for one of the pre season favourites.

Tom 75 - 66

Ken 81 - 71 (with a 7 on 1)

Fred 83 - 73

Nick 81 - 68


Mac and Bob win all four par 5's. So it did come down to 18

May 25, 2013 – 01:30 PM

 Another wonderful Waterfield match where no team was ever up by more than 1.
That should be noted should anyone have any questions regarding the participants handicaps.

1. Bob managed a 5 to tie the hole. Being the recorder, I only say this to get my name briefly in the summary.
2. Nick's par wins. 1up Nick and Fred.
3. Mac chips up Fred's surprised ass. He says he didn't mean it but it was the start. Tied with 4's.
4. Mac and his partner played the hole as a twosome. Match even.
5. Nick and Fred stroking both had net birdies. 1up F&N.
6. Mac and Nick tie. Nick hitting a wonderful shot from right of the big bush after his strategic fairway wood safety shot.
7. Everyone short except Mac whose putt from the back of the green stops inches away. Tie. Still 1up F&N.
8. Mac's net par wins. All square.
9. Mac's net eagle wins. 1up Mac and whoever.

!0. Bob and Nick manage to sink putts for par and net par respectively.
11. Tied in pars. Still 1up Mac and whoever. It could have been anyone.
12. Fred and Nick play as a twosome. All square
13. Beautiful birdie by Fred. 1up F&N.
14. Tied again with bogeys.
15. Who would have guessed it if they had been following but Bob is successful on a long birdie putt. All square.
16. Mac asks his partner to help him take off his pants. He is obviously more comfortable asking this than his partner is at doing it but it is accomplished after kind , well rehearsed words and Mac nets par for the half.
17,18. Mac is net par, net eagle-almost sinking his third shot. Nick was last seen on 18 humping a tree on the right trying to extract his strategic fairway wood safety shot.

   So it came down to 18 tied and Mac came through magnificently. And it was about time. I was getting tired of carrying him.

Underway for 2013

May 17, 2013 – 01:15 PM

Here's my report of our first Waterfield match on Friday May 17th:

    A lot of bizarre things happened at Garrison this past weekend. Glen went four up in a Mano only to lose that lead to Fred, only to win it back and put the double defending champion in grave danger of not getting out of the round robin. Chuck won his whole division of the Mano in one round. Yours truly took only ten shots to play 3, 4 and 5 on Saturday (I will give $10 to the first person who beats that this year) including an ace on #3. Chuck and Fred were 6 down after eight to GMcD and John McDonald, who made five pars on the back and still lost to back-to-back birdies on 17 byChuck and on 18 by Fred. But the strangest, craziest, most unlikely event occurred when winless-to-date GordT and Bobby Sly beat the previously undefeated and heavily favoured Wayne/GMcD team in a Friday Waterfield match. Here's how they did it.

#1 Wayne and GMcD have tap in pars. GT is off the green. The bastard rolls in a 50 footer for bird to put his squad one up.
#2 Wayne and GT par for a push
#3 GMcD has the best shot to 12 feet. But LB gets up and down while GMcD goes putt-putt-putt and GT/LB are 2up.
#4 Wayne gets one back with a net birdie. GT/LB 1 up
#5 Wayne's net par matches LB's par. No blood.
#6 GMcD's net par matches GT's par. No blood.
#7 GMcD's par matches those of both his opponents. No blood.
#8 Wayne's 15 footer for par drops to match LB's of similar distance. No blood.
#9 LB makes 7 but everyone else makes 6. No blood.
#10 Wayne's net par matches real ones by the other guys. No blood.
#11 All 3s. No blood.
#12 GT plays it "maturely" (his word), doesn't go for the back right pin but leaves it pin high 25 left, then rolls it in for birdie. Blood. GT/LB 2up
#13 GT and LB both make par. Wayne's three putts and GMcD's bath mean it's GT/LB 3up
#14 GMcD makes par. Nobody can match it. GT/LB 2 up
#15 A turning point hole. Wayne is close in two then goes brain dead and ends up with 7. GMcD is able to match GT's par. LB is in the trap left. He hits the sweetest little sand shot this reporter has seen in many a year. It settles six inches from the hole. Birdie from the sand! What do you call that?? GT/LB Dormie.
#16 Everyone nets to 5. It's not good enough. The unthinkable has happened - GT/LB win it 3 and 2.

LB 41-38 79 net 73
GT 38-37 75 net 69
Wayne 42-48 90 net 76
GMcD 44-47 91 net 77


Additional info , Wayne missed some putts but also made 4 CLUTCH 5' + putts 

 Please add the following to my report:
                 "While GMcD did not putt particularly well, Wayne made four clutch 5+ foot putts to keep his team in the match. These guys will be a major force to be reckoned with."

I don't know if i'd go that far : )




January 1, 2013

The fire starts again
New bonds as yet untested
Waiting for the burn.


Teams Set For 2013

December 14, 2012

Chuck - Stephen

McD - Wayne

Bob - Mac

Gord T - lil Bob

Ken - Tom

Glen - Rob

Richard - Baker Dave

Fred - Nick

haiku for 2012:

Thank god the tofu
Was left on the putting floor
Scraps to eat next year.

THE FINAL - 2012

On Friday September 23rd, the reigning Waterfield Champions, Gord and Tom, met the pretenders, Chuck and Steve on a blustery afternoon to determine who would cook the 2012 Waterfield Champion's Dinner.

First the headlines:

Sometimes one team's got it and the other.... read on

Now the details

#1. Steve's the only one on in reg. Tom and Gord both miss par putts from inside 10 feet. Steve leaves his first putt 5 feet short and then just misses on the low side. Tom and Gord squeak out a push and remain 1 up.
#2. Tom and Steve are both on in reg., Steve a lot closer. Tom makes par. Steve just misses and Tom and Gord squeak out another push to remain 1up.
#3. Tom is the only one on, but way at the back. His birdie putt comes close but then it keeps going. And going. A good 25 feet past. His 4 matches those of Chuck and Gord. Meanwhile, Steve has mad a good chip to 15 feet.This time he does not miss. It's in the heart and the match is All Square.
#4. Gord is inside the 100 after two, makes a good chip and a good two putt par. Meanwhile,Chuck is a good 180 out after two. He takes out a 3-hybrid and hits THE PERFECT SHOT to 15 feet then drains the putt for BIRDIE! Chuck and Steve 1 up
#5. Tom is giving everyone a stroke. Gord takes three putts from well above the hole. Chuck blows his par putt 12 feet by but nails the comebacker for net par and the win. That's three in a row,and C&S are 2 up.
#6. Chuck takes a break from his role as supernatural hero, three-putting for 7. Steve also makes a mess, and his double is nowhere near Tom's impressive one putt par. Tom and Gord claw their way back to one down.
#7. Tom and Gord each make solid pars. And they still lose the hole! Steve leaves his tee shot a mere 3 feet below the hole and makes no mistake with the BIRDIE putt. C&S back to 2 up.
#8. Gord hits the tree on the left and his ball is never seen again. Well, not until he's on the ninth tee when a woman from the group behind hands him his ball which she had picked up from the right(!) side of the fairway. Meanwhile Tom is on but at the back. His three putt finish lets Chuck back in the hole and he makes not mistake to get the push. C&S 2 up.
#9. Another great opportunity for T&G. Tom leaves a makeable birdie putt just short, then Steve calmly rolls in an 18 footer from just off for par and it's another push. C&S 2 up at the turn.
#10. Tom and Steve make great one putt pars to halve the hole. But wait! There's Chuck 35 feet below the hole trying to be the hero again, and damn if the putt doesn't drop for net freaking BIRDIE! C&S now 3 up.
#11. Gord makes par allowing Tom to go for it and ... The putt drops for BIRDIE! The comeback is officially on! C&S a mere 2 up and fading fast.
#12. Tom is on in reg. It takes Steve twice as many shots to be on the putting surface. But Steve takes only one-third as many putts as Tom and it's a push. The comeback is officially stalled. C&S still 2 up.
#13. Tom and Gord makes bogeys. Chuck and Steve make pars. That usually means trouble and in this case it means the Chuck and Steve are 3 up with 5 to play. The comeback is officially deceased.
#14. Gord's in the front trap.Tom takes four shots to get on. Things are looking grim for the defending champions. But Chuck and Steve get sloppy around the green and make bogeys while Gord makes a miracle shot out of the trap to three feet above the hole and drops the par putt for an unlikely win. The comeback is on again! C&S only 2 up and showing signs of disintegrating.
#15. Tom is eventually in his pocket but Gord makes a solid par. So does Steve. So much for the disintegration. C&S 2 up with 3 to play.
#16. Steve is on in reg,and it looks like its going to be all over but he generously uses the flat stick three times. Gord is stroking and a bogey would do the trick. But there was no joy in Mudville for T&G fans (and they are legion). It took him six shots to finally can it for a net bogey and push. C&S 2 up and dormie.
#17. Gord tries to keep his team alive with a one putt par, but Steve has hit two perfect shots - a drive to 70 yards and a chip to 15 feet. He lagged the first putt to impossible-to-miss distance and it was all over.


#18. Tom makes BIRDIE. Sigh. Just a little too little, a little too late. While walking up the 18th, Steve shares the secret of his team's success. He pulls out of his pocket a crappy Top Flite with an even crappier Toronto Maple Leafs logo on it. He says that he found it during a mid-season match when he and Chuck were four down. He put it in his pocket. (Most of us would have thrown it into the woods.) They turned that match around and pulled out a victory. Then they never lost another match! So the Leafs are actually good for something after all!

It was a good match but Chuck and Steve were definitely the better team on that day and very deserving of the win. They made some crucial putts either for wins or ties when it looked like a win for Tom and Gord. So there will not be a repeat Tofu Dinner. But Tom and Gord will still go down in history as the most dominant team of all time - twelve wins and a tie in their fifteen matches over two years!
And thus ends another great year of Waterfield competition. See you all next year.

Chuck 86 net 72
Steve 83 net 73
Tom 82 net 73
Gord 89 net 78

Haiku #2

So against the wind
They tacked so beautifully
What a paradox!

Congrats to Chuck and Steve

Semi Final 2012

It was an odd sight for a team match play semi - final. Stephen and Chuck versus Nick. Lil Bob out for the year with a broken wing thanks to softball.

So with Gord McD as a playing observer the threesome headed out for the inevitable. Big Bob set up a pool for people to guess what hole the match would end on.

The first was a precursor of things to come. Nick takes three to get up and in from the fringe letting Steve's par win. Chuck takes the hole off. 1 down Nick
On 2 Chuck sinks an 8 footer for par and a win while Steve takes the hole off. Nick 2 putts from 7 feet after a poor chip to lose. 2 down
3 Nick misses a three foot par putt to hand victory to Chuck's four foot par putt. 3 down. Anyone take the 10th as the finishing hole?
4 Nick wedges to four feet but is woefully tentative while Chuck scrambles and makes a five footer to half the hole in par. Still 3 down
5 Nick and Chuck stroke. Another poor chip and putt turns a possible par into a bogey net par for Nick which is halved by Chuck.
6 Nick has four feet for par but Steve is in his pocket and Chuck is putting for 6 from ten feet. The conceded par gives Nick his first hole and cuts the lead to 2.
7 A pulled nine iron leads to another bogey for Nick which is easily beaten by a routine par from Steve. Perhaps Lil Bob could have come out just for the par threes! 3 down again
8 Nick gets the only par by playing the hole the way it's supposed to be played. 2 down.
9 Nick is pressing and nearly on in two. Another poor chip to 18 feet looks bad. But wait. He finally sinks a putt for birdie which wins the hole and narrows the lead to 1 at the turn.
10 Nick is long and straight and on in regulation. Makeable putt but it doesn't go in. Is par good enough? No. Chuck is stroking and his bogey net par is enough for the half. Still 1 down.
11 Par 3. You know the story. Nick bogeys and loses to a par. Back to 2 down.
12 Nick has a side hill slider for birdie that stays high and slides by. But he par is enough to win the hole and again cut the lead to 1.
13 Another bloody par 3. Another bogey for Nick and he can get close but can't maintain momentum. 2 Down
14 Nick drives in the woods right and has to chip out to where Chuck and Steve's drives are. But Nick gets on the green from 130 and makes bogey while both Chuck and Steve stickhandle a bit. The hole is halved in bogey. Still 2 down.
15 Chuck doesn't play 15. After two shots Nick and Steve are about even 60 yards from a back left pin. Stephen grinds and hits a decent wedge to fifteen feet. Nick goes far too long and hands the hole to the pair by not getting up and down. Hoping for a win from 60 yards and a tight match going home, the worst has happened and the lead has become huge. Dormie.
16 The drives are all in play with Nick and Chuck stroking. Chuck is short in 2 and plays a reasonable chip. Nick pulls his 7 wood and cant chip close. Chuck lags to a foot and sinks for 5 net 4. No magic with Nick's 15 footer. Those who bet on the match going to 16 win. 3& 2 chuck and Stephen.

Final Standings

August 30, 2012
Won Lost Tied Pct.
Gord McD - Tom 5 1 1 11
Nick - Lil Bob 3 2 2 8
Chuck - Stephen 3 2 2 8
Fred - Rob 3 3 1 7
Bob - Ken 3 3 1 7
Glen - Ricky 3 4 0 6
Ian - Gord T 1 2 3 5
Mac - Wayne 1 3 2 4

Hurricane Isaac Gives Playoff Chances A Blow Job

August 30, 2012
Final Round Robin Match. Nick and Lil Bob (who shows up two minutes before tee time thanks to train traffic) vs Stephen and Chuck.Steve gets two shots,Nick and Chuck 6.

The wind is about 35 mph from the south. Better for low ball or high ball hitters?

Steve and Bob drive inside the hundred. But Steve three putts so Lil Bob's par wins.1up
Steve drives long and straight on two, He has driven to 40 lasered yards from the pin. The laser shows he is 30 yards from the pin after two. 20 yards after three. Has a twenty footer after 4. Chuck's two bunker shots don't help. The six is easy to beat so its 2 up LB/N after 2
Five footers on the same line on 3 have Steve going high and giving the line to Nick who sinks so it's the best start imaginable and 3 up for LB/N After 3.

Downwind on 4 Bob and Steve's 6 irons are wonderful and lead to matching birdies. 3 up.
% is long into the wind. Bob drains a huge 40 footer for real par. Chuck chips wonderfully to 3 feet but yanks it for 5 net 4. Another half.
On to 6 and Chuck is in the hazard left. Steve is in the hazard right.Nick is straight and choking but a wonderful chip after a yanked wedge means another win and its 4 up after 6.

Remember the GT/Ian match.

Chuck makes the only par on 7. 3 up.
Lil bob has ten feet for birdie win on 8 and after missing the six foot comebacker its another win for Chuck/Steve's par and 2 up.
Huge wind in on 9. Bob's 8 iron only goes 100 yards and ends up in the front trap. Chuck hits a boring hybrid under the wind from 120 that ends up 10 feet away. Another par wins and its 1 up Lil bob/Nick at the turn.

Nick chips to 18 inches on 10 and misses. Half
Nick hits 9 iron to 18 inches on 11 and misses. Half
Chuck wins 12 with a routine par so we have a six hole match for playoff marbles.

Chuck and Steve hit bad chips and miss the putts on 13 and Lil Bob sinks a four footer. 1 up again.
Steve purposely skulls a chip from the front of 14 and makes the 3 footer to get a halve when LB misses the bird from 12 feet.
Lb hits nothing but beauties and his six footer in the heart wins 15 with a bird. 2 up

3 holes to go. Lil Bob hits straight driver into a 35 mph wind. A 3 iron goes 160 leaving a 75 foot putt. Magically two putts later he has halved Steve and his stroke so it is dormie Nick and Lil Bob.

17. Nick snap hooks and is lost. Lil Bob has 4 iron in and goes in the bunker right. Chuck hits the shot of his life under a tree limb with a draw to twenty feet. LB's sand shot shot is ok but leads to a 5. Chuck two putts and we go to 18.

18. Chuck and Nick stroke. Nick is almost in the hazard left, almost ob, almost on in 3 with a miraculous purposeful low snap hook from under the trees. Still net 5 is the best from LB/N. Chuck is straight,straight, a bit left and the a chip to two feet. 360 degrees later it is in the hole for 5 net 4 and a halve.

Exhausting. Big wind wins.

Nick 92-79
Lil Bob very good at 77 - 71
Chuck 86 - 73
Steve 83 - 74

Huge Comeback

August 23, 2012
Gord t and Ian vs Chuck and Stephen

Light on details

Gt/Ian start on the back and are 4 up after 10.

The match ends 2 & 1 for Chuck and Steve

Back on Track

August 24, 2012
WAYNE SOLID ON 4'S, PARRING 1, 8, 10 and 12
Some days one team's got it and the other... Well, read on.

Now the details:

#1. Tom hits his drive a solid 95 yards and hits the tree solidly with his second. Shades of things to come? Wayne makes a good chip and a putt, and Mac pars as well. Gord leaves his first putt 5 feet short but gets it to drop for par as well. All Square.
#2. Tom and Gord make solid 2 putt pars that turn out to be good enough when Wayne just misses. T/G 1 up.
#3. Tom makes a phenomenal shot to 12 feet. His tap in par is good for the win. T/G 2 up.
#4. Tom and Gord both go a little long and can't get up and down. Mac makes a solid bogey/net par for the win. T/G 1 up.
#5. Everybody makes five. T/G still 1 up.
#6 Mac gets a sweet bounce out of the hazard (Gord's bounce wasn't too shabby either). No one is on in two. In fact, Mac is long and left with a treacherous downhiller from the fringe. He makes a masterful putt to inches for his bogey. Gord babies his downhiller to almost gimme distance for his bogey. Tom sweeps it away. Gord yells at him. Only then does Gord realize that Mac has a stroke and has won with net par. Oops! All Square.
#7. Mac is closest, but Tom makes a wonderful chip and the putt for par. Gordcomes close with his birdie try. Three pars means a push. All Square.
#8. Mac and Wayne are short right, Gord in trap right and Tom is on. Wayne makes phenomenal chip to five feet and drops the putt. Tom gets his par with a crucial 3 footer. Still All Square.
#9. Only one guy on in reg- that would be Tom (from deep left field). Only one guy makes par. That would also be Tom. At the turn it's T/G 1 up.
#10. Gord and Tom are on in reg 30 and 25 feet away. But Wayne has hit it in to just 8 feet from the cup and stroking Mac is pin high in the fringe. He makes a chip to four feet. Tom misses his birdie putt, but Gord rolls in his from above the hole. Wayne's birdie putt fails to find the hole but Mac saves the day by making net birdie. T/G still 1 up.
#11. No one hits the green. No one makes par. Four bogeys and T/G remain 1 up.
#12. Wayne andGord both on in reg, Wayne a little closer. They both come up just a little short, and their pars mean T/G are still 1 up.
#13. Gord just over the hazard, Mac just over the green, Tom on, Wayne wet. Gord makes a good chip to three feet and makes the par. Mac makes a great downhill putt to two feet and makes the par. Tom goes for the birdie, the putt is dead on line but stops inches short. Another push. T/G 1 up.
#14. Tom goes long into the bushes with his second but Gord hits a good shot in that gets a great bounce and ends up six feet from the hole. Wayne gets to the same place in three, they both two putt and it's a win for T/G who are now up 2.
#15. Mac is in the hazard, in the hazard again, and out of the hole. Wayne stymied by a tree left but chips it out then hits one to the fringe. Gord and Tom in good shape after two. Tom chips on, Gord leaves his chip short and his next one a little long. Wayne stubs his chip. Gord drops his 12 footer. Tom's birdie putt just stays out.Wayne has to sink his second chip and doesn't. Another win for G/T who are now 3 up and Dormie. But Mac and Wayne would play the last three under par...
#16. Everyone is stroking. Nobody is parring. But Wayne and Mac make net pars and that is good enough. G/T 2 up and fading fast.
#17. Everyone is in pretty good shape with their drives. Gord pulls his approach a little left but still hits the green 35 feet from the cup. Tom also hits the green, 25 below. Wayne hits the tree on the left. Mac hits the longest putt of the day - about 130 yards along the ground but incredibly gets it to stop pin high right maybe 20 feet from the hole. In the process of putting his bag down, Gord gets his right ring finger caught in the stand mechanism. He leaves part of his finger therein. When he lets go of the damaged fingertip, blood starts to spurt - on the ball, the green, the putter. Wincing in horrible agony (okay, maybe slightly distracted by the pain), and holding the putter with a new three finger right hand grip, Gord strokes the putt on a good line, the ball approaches the hole... and it drops for a blood-soaked birdie and the match! And not a moment too soon. After Tom rolls in his fabulous but now irrelevant birdie, incredibly, so does Mac! The match ends 2 and 1, but Wayne and Mac both par 18 while Tom and Gord do not (Gord taking a painful three from the fringe to miss 79 by a shot).

A fine match that easily could have gone the other way.

Mac 85 net 69
Wayne 89 net 75
Tom 81 net 71
Gord 80 net 67


August 29, 2012
Now the edited details:
1:After Ken hit more trees than are on the hole, Bob's par from the ditch on 9 tied littlebob's lip out birdie.
2:Ken's birdie from nowhere wins when Nick's birdie putt hits a spike mark and goes straight right. 1up
3: lb hits a pro iron that stops pin high but misses the putt. Ken hits through the green, chips to 20 feet and sinks for the tie. 1up
4: Stroking Nick hits into the right woods-manages a net par. Bob hits his second almost ob right but flops it to 4feet for birdie. 2up
5:General butchery with everyone net 5. 2up
6:Clever Ken hits into the hazard and bounces out.Stroking Nick goes ob. lb pulls left after the perfect drive,gets 5 and Ken 3putts for the win. 3up
7:Ken stiffs it for birdie. 4up
8:lb putts from behind the green, hits the pin and stops 2inches. Bob gets par.4up.
9: lb birdies for the win. 3up

10: Bob hits a tree on his second that redirects it onto the green. Stroking Nick takes 3 from the fringe. Still 3up
11:lb and Bob with par. 3up
13:Following Nick's instructions lb leaves his 12foot birdie putt 4feet short and sinks the next to tie with Bob. 2up
14:Nick and lb don't like 14. Bob hits 2 bad putts but the second goes in for par. 3up
15: lb doesn't hit driver but 3iron to the 200.Nick scuzzes to the edge of the hazard-hits a rope hook off a downhill lie to the edge of the green in unplayable grundge-chops out to close and birdies. lb gets 6 which is an improvement from previous matches. 2up
16: Stroking Nick hits tee shot and provisional somewhere near 13. lb and Bob both on the front in 2. Bob gets read from lb and 2putts. lb doesn't 3&2

So many swing holes and every one to the Quirks.The match could have been the other way around.
Happy to see littlebob fucked by another family member. /bob

Tom-McD vs Lil Bob-Nick

August 17, 2012

Sometimes one team's got it and the other topples off their pedestal.
Here are the details:

#1. Tom and Nick make one-putt pars but they are irrelevant. Bob hits perfect drive, perfect second and perfect 15 footer for birdie. N/B 1 up.
#2. Gord, Nick and Bob make pars (Nick's from the sand) but they are also irrelevant. Tom rolls in a 14 footer for birdie and it's All Square. These guys are good!
#3. No one hits the green but Bob makes the best chip, converts and gets the win. N/B 1 up.
#4. Nick and Bob seem uncomfortable with the lead, so Bob makes a double (and has to make a good downhill putt for that),whirl Nick makes a Roman Numeral ten. Gord's net birdie wins easily. All Square.
#5. Gord leaves his 9 foot birdie putt just short but the net birdie is good enough (as is Tom's). T/G 1up.
#6. Gord and Nick are stroking. Gord is on at the bottom and just misses his birdie putt by six... yards! Nick is pin high left, makes a good chip, drops the putt and when Gord misses the comebacker it's back to All Square.
#7. Gord and Bob make two-putt pars for the push. All Square.
#8. Bob makes routine par, but Tom scrambles to match him with a good chip and putt. Still All Square.
#9. Nick goes way (WAY) left, then flies the green with his second and stubs his chip leaving him 25 feet away. Then he drains it for the birdie! Tom plays the hole somewhat more conventionally but still needs a good seven footer to match Nick with birdie. All Square at the turn.
#10. Gord pulls his second into the bushes and ends up with double. Nick battles nerves successfully to make bogey/net par which is good enough to break the log jam. N/B 1 up.
#11. Bob makes a routine par. Tom and Gord don't. Now it's N/B 2 up.
#12. Nick and Bob make solid pars. gord makes a shaky one but it's enough for the push. N/B 2 up.
#13. Everyone is on but Nick. Gord can't get a two putt from 65 feet, but Tom can from 35 to match Bob's solid par. N/B 2 up.
#14. Bob goes deep (and high) right and utters those words made famous by Mr. Waterfield: "Your hole partner." Nick responds with a par to match those of Gord and Tom. N/B still 2 up.
#15. Tom takes a break after going o/b. Gord and Nick are side by each about 60 yards out. Nick makes a pretty good chip and two putts for par. Gord makes a very poor chip followed by a crappy chip followed by a lousy putt. Needless to say it's a win forN/B. N/B Dormie.
#16. Stroking Tom is on in reg. Gord and Nick in "net reg". Gord's putt does not drop. Tom's putt does not drop.Tom's next putt does not even drop. Nick makes a solid chip, a short par putt and it's all over. N/B 4 and 2.

The better team won.
The pedestal is toppled.
Contrary to popular belief, it turns out that Tom and Gord are merely human.

Nick 81 net 67
Bob 82 net 76
Tom 79 net 70
Gord 85 net 72

The end of an era

August 10, 2012
Nick and Lil Bob took on the defending champions. Torrential rains threatened the game but in a most appreciated display of timing the heavens opened Thursday before and overnight Friday after the game.
Tom gets 2 strokes and Nick and McD 6.

Terrific front 9 from most.
Lil Bob birdies 1, pars 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 for 38.
Tom birdies 2 and 9 and pars 1,4,5,6,8 for 36
McD pars 2,net birdies 4, 5 and 6. No wait he 3 putts 6 for a net par. Pars 7 and 9 for a 40.
Nick's a match player only but does help with a net birdie on 6 and a real birdie on 9 for a 43.

So the front nine goes
1 up NLB with LB birdie.
Even with Tom's birdie
1 up NLB with LB only par
Even with McD net birdie (Nick and LB both make X)
1 up TMcD with net birdies from both
Even after McD and his stroke 3 putt while Nick and his stroke sink a three footer for net birdie.

Six holes played, Every hole won outright by one team or the other.

7 is the first half as McD and LB get down in 2 putts from long range.
8 is halved as T gets down with a deft chip from off the green while LB lags a huge putt to gimmee distance.
9 is halved as Nick makes a weak chip but a good 20 footer for bird while Tom tags along with his own 10 footer for bird.

9 holes down and it has been great golf and a real back and forth battle.

10 changes that. McD goes unplayable left around the green and barely makes 6. Tom goes way right with his second and is dead so he makes 5. Nick hits the fairway but after seeing the cock ups from T and McD he is stroking and choking. He barely holds it together to sink a two footer for a 5 net 4 and the win.
11 sees LB hit a wedge to 6 feet. He still hasn't putted when both Tom from the trap and Gord from the right settle for bogies, 2 up and we're calling it a bird.
12 is pars from Nick and LB. Not so from Tom who can't coax his six foot par putt in. McD had thirty feet for the win but still has four feet for the half. Whew. It drops and the lead stays at 2.
13 is a repeat. LB is gimmee 3 from long range. McD three putts. Tom comes up way short but this time he sinks the three footer for the halving par.

Little Bob has had enough. He retires. 5 off the tee on 14. In the long grass right on 15. Three off the tee on 16. Stymied on 17. At least three off the tee on 18.

Nick's most favourite part of the course. He loves being left alone!
7 wood, wedge, good chip and good two footer means par for a half on 14 to keep the lead at 2.
60 yards away on 15 after 2. Playing just McD from the same spot almost (Tom is ob). Nick's wedge goes to 18 feet. Turning point! McD shanks. Then he barely gets on the green and is still away. Best he can get after his long putt won't drop is a double. Nick burns the edge but par is enough so its dormie. The champs won't win this one.

But 16 is coming and there is no LB. Everyone strokes so noone has an advantage.

Three good tee shots from the active players. McD is short in 2. Tom is on in 2 but has forty feet. Nick strikes a solid 6 iron and is below the hole on the fringe but inside Tom. McD makes the team 5 when he leaves his par putt on the lip. Tom hits a decent lag putt but still has three downhill feet left. Nick chips to eighteen inches below the hole. Not conceded. But Tom's putt is not struck firmly and it wiggles off line. Now Nick is conceded and it's all over 4 and 2.

Great match. No putting wizardry from either Tom or McD. Huge fries and gravy for Nick and Lil Bob.

Nick and Lil Bob best ball 72. Worst ball 91.
Tom and Gord best ball 76 worst ball 87

Nick is 81 67
Lil Bob is 81 75
Tom is 36 - 43 79 69
McD is 84 - 71


August 10, 2012 – 01:30 PM
Ken putted like a star and Ian putted like a black hole. Now the edited details:

1: Ken's par bettered by Gord's perfect birdie. 1down
2: Ken's par wins. All square
3: Ken's 11foot par salvages a half against Gord's boring par. All square.
4: Ken's 10foot par wins against Gord and Ian's 3putts. 1up
5: Ken's 2putt from the back of the green for net 3 wins. 2up
6: Ken's 2putt from the back of the green for net 3 ties Ian's incredible 4 net 3 from in the hazard. 2up
7: Bob's 3 matches theirs. 2up
8: Ken's 6footer ties the hole. 2up
9: Ken's long 2putt for par matches Ian's 3putt for net par. 2up

!0: Ken's 10foot second putt for 5(net 4) ties Gord's 4. 2up
11: Ken's long 2putt for par ties Gord's long 2putt for par. 2up
12: Bob's chip and gimmee (although they didn't) par matches Gord's missed birdie. 2up Ken would have sunk his.
13: Bob's par wins. 3up Ken would have sunk his.
14: Bob's par matches Gord's. 3up
15: Gord's birdie wins. 2up.
16: Ken's 2putt for 5(net 4) ties Ian's 3putt 5(net 4) but those were two wonderful shots, Ian, to get so close in two. 2up
17: Bob's birdie putt is left an inch short and Gord's 8footer burns the edge 2and 1 for Ken and whoever he would be playing with.
18: after the match thank god. Ian's net birdie wins the hole.

Ian only missed significant putts on 2,4,5,9,13 and 16. But what do you expect from someone who makes his living blowing it.

Originally wanted to call my partner Ken deux Kok for his putting but have changed it to Dieu Kok.

ps. Noted that Gord McD. and Tom lost today and was happy to contribute to their sadness by reminding them that there wasn't free beer for them because they owed us for renaging on their win against us.

Gord 75 and a really boring 75 (net 69) Ian 87(net 73) but an 87 that had our hearts racing on 2,4,5,9,13,and 16. Ken and Bob -net 34front 36back. /bob


July 31, 2012
Won Lost Tied Pct.
Gord McD - Tom 4 0 1 9
Glen - Ricky 3 4 0 6
Nick - Lil Bob 2 1 1 5
Chuck - Stephen 2 2 1 5
Ian - Gord T 1 1 3 5
Fred - Rob 2 3 1 5
Mac - Wayne 1 3 2 4
Bob - Ken 1 2 1 3

What's in a Handicap?

July 20, 2012
Finally a report on the Tom/McD vs Chuck/Steve match where Tom started a controversy by misstating his handicap. Ruling on another site!


And now the details:

#1. Tom 2 putts for par after Steve gets his 1putt par to go. Gord starts with double, Chuck with 5. All square.
#2. Paradox show a glimpse of what is to come with a pair of 2 putt pars, while Tom takes 3 putts and his partner also bogeys. The rout is on. Paradox 1 up.
#3. Steve hits his tee shot a good 65 yards and somewhat left but no one is on. Gord and Tom make the best chips and their pars are good enough to even the match temporarily. All square.
#4. Tom and Steve are on in reg. Tom blows his first putt 15 feet by but makes the come backer just to add a little drama to the match. Gord gets up and down. Chuck does not. All square but Tom and Gord are just hanging on.
#5. Tom and Steve his huge blasts to inside the 100. Chuck plays it up the middle, on in 3 and 2 putts for his net par. Gord goes way left, chips back out, puts it on then with the help of the Golf Goddess drains the downhill 20 footer for net birdie. Tom, who also has a stroke, and Steve make their pars too so it's a win for Team Tofu. Tom and Gord 1up, but not for long.
#6. Steve hits the longest drive on this hole your correspondent has ever seen - to 55 yards from a white pin.The longest drive, that is, except for Tom's - on the apron 35 yards from the hole. Tom makes the better chip to 6 feet below the hole and when Steve's birdie putt stops short, he masterfully strokes it up and in for birdie and the win. Tom and Gord 2 up, but not for long.
#7. Three players on, Steve just over. Chuck leaves birdie putt short and par putt right. Tom makes his par. Gord's birdie effort misses by a couple of neatly trimmed beard hairs. Steve can earn the push with a five footer but doesn't. Tom and Gord 3 up.
#8. Tom blasts one to 60 yards in the middle, but is short with his pitch and way long with his chip. Chuck is O/B and out of it. Steve and Gord are on in reg, Gord somewhat closer. Steve leaves his first putt 14 feet short. Gord leaves his 7 feet short. Then Tom (remember him?) calmly drains a 25 foot downhill twisting putt for an unlikely par. Good thing because Gord three putts and Steve makes his second for par and a push. Tom and Gord 3 up and reeling ever so slightly but profusely thanking the Golf Goddess.
#9. Tom blasts one to 190. He and Steve are chipping from 40-50 yards left. Tom makes the better chip, and drains the birdie putt after Steve just misses. Gord and Chuck also played (bogeys). Tom and Gord 4 up at the turn. Steve has shot 38, but Tom is in with 35.
#10. Tom and Gord are in big trouble left while the Paradox are down the middle. Gord is hitting his second from 115 out and eventually makes bogey. Steve is on about 70 feet above the hole. Chuck tells him it breaks left. At the last moment he tells Steve that it actually breaks right. It does. Steve leaves the putt 2 inches from the hole. Meanwhile Tom has hit a beautiful pitch to 12 feet and makes the putt to stay under par for the round. Tom and Gord 4 up.
#11. Chuck and Steve are both on and are threatening to turn the match around. Tom and Gord are both long. Gord goes first from 60 feet, the ball takes the break and nestles into the hole beside the pin for birdie. No one can match that. The Golf Goddess has let her preference be known. Tom and Gord 5 up.
#12. Chuck and Steve are both on and are once again threatening to turn the match around. They take 5 putts between them but that means one par (Steve). Tom is long left and sort of skulls his chip. "Never fear" says the Golf Goddess who guides the ball to gimmee distance. Push. Tom and Gord 5 up.
#13. Steve needs three to get on and makes an uncharacteristic double. Gord also needs three to get on and makes bogey. But all that is irrelevant. Chuck has hit his third green in a row, and is threatening to turn the match around single-handedly. His birdie putt goes long and his par is conceded. Tom, meanwhile is short, but his good chip and fifth one-putt in a row are good for the push. Tom and Gord 5 up and dormie.
#14. The Golf Goddess decides to make one last appearance just in case there is any doubt as to where her affections lie. Toms scuffs his iron shot off the tee, but the GG guides it right down the middle to 130 yards. He puts his second to about 12 feet. Steve hits a monster down the right to 75 yards and also leaves it only 12 feet away. Gord has to chip out from the trees right then leaves his approach barely on and 50 feet from the cup. The GG says "no problem". The putt drops. Steve needs his birdie putt to keep the match alive. The match dies. 5 and 4. Tom leaves his birdie putt just short but is still one under par.
#15 - #18 Exhausted from her labours, the GG retires, and Tom's and Gord's games go all to hell. Chuck and Steve play the last four in two over apiece. Tom and Gord considerably more.

Steve 78 net 69
Chuch 86 net 74
Tom 75 net 65
Gord 88 net 74

Is this the end of Glen and Ricky?? They are in Second!

July 27, 2012 – 02:07 PM
Hi Nick

Happy to report that Glen & Richard prevailed over Mac & Wayne 4&3.

Not a great golf day with exception of super-Rick who netted to 69. I was 82/75.

We all done 3 4 0 6 points


Are Two Docs Better Than One?

July 27, 2012 – 02:00 PM
7th place Vetere White vs 8th place West deKok

Result 2 and 1 for Vetere and White.

Summary... Chuck and Steve played ok...

West and deKok... played less then ok...


Low Points... Ken will agree... Picking up his ball on his 8th shot in trap in front of 16 green... Up to that point.. he figured his score might still help him!


Ouch! But thank you for not bringing up the really low points. /bob


July 27, 2012
Won Lost Tied Pct.
Gord McD - Tom 3 0 1 7
Ian - Gord T 1 1 3 5
Nick - Lil Bob 2 1 1 5
Fred - Rob 2 3 1 5
Glen - Ricky 2 4 0 4
Mac - Wayne 1 2 2 4
Chuck - Stephen 1 1 1 3
Bob - Ken 1 1 1 3


July 20, 2012
A wonderful match on the tarmac. No-one up by more than 2 and
finishing on 18 in a tie. Now the edited details.

1: Bob wins with a 4. 1up
2: Bob wins with a bird. 2up
3:Push with 3's. 2up
4:Mac has beautiful sidehill chip to win with his stroke. 1up
5:Wayne sinks from off the green to salvage his butchery for 5 and to
tie Bob's 4. 1up
6:W&M both in hazards off the tee and Ken has 4 net 3. 2up
7:Mac has an incredible pitch from somewhere near the 8th tee and ties
with a 3. 2up
8:Bob has 60 yards to the green. Wayne puts his 3wood in the trap and
Mac tries to kill himself by hitting the trees on the right and
rebounding over his head to OB. 3up.
9:Bob 160 away after his drive but blocks his 7iron right. Wayne curses
his drive near the OB right and then hits a 5wood to the front. Mac in
the bunker. Ken boringly down the middle and then just in front. B&K
play to easy birdie and Wayne sinks for 4 (net 3) 2up

10: Wayne and Ken with strokes on in 2 and looking at another net eagle.
Ken just misses to 2feet and Wayne lays up to win the hole with 4(net 3) 1up
11: 3's work for B&K. 2up
12:B&K both 3putt to match Wayne's 5. 2up
13:Mac misses a birdie putt by an inch. Ken gets up and down from the
left trees. Push. 2up
14: Four drives at the 100yards on the fairway. Like when does that
happen? Mac misses his birdie putt by an inch. Push. 2up

STROKER ALLEY- Mac with strokes on all 4 and Wayne with 16 and 18.

15: Mac with a boring 5(net 4) 1up
16: Mac with a boring 4(net 3) all square
17: Mac leaves his 4(net 3) an inch short. Bob makes birdie. 1up
18: So Wayne hits a pitiful drive-has to play his 3rd from the far side
of 10. Remembers Nick's yardage book and hits it on the green and 2putts
for 5(net 4). Ken's chip for 4 hits the stick but doesn't go in. All

Ham and eggs for W&M tofu for B&K. Does anyone else get beat up and
tired in these matches? They have been wonderful.

Ken 79(net 69) Bob 74(net 69) Mac 87(net 69) Wayne can't remember(net 70)


July 18, 2012
Subject: Waterfield July 18

Ken and Bob had a gross 68 managed through 15 holes alternately scored.
While the end score was 4&3 the match was more interesting and fragile.
So- the details with the observers edited out.

Starting on 10:

10- Ken with a stroke on in two. Bob off the green and Glen with a
spectacular 3rd from the trees on in 3. Glen misses. Ken's first of a
standard 3putt win 5 feet short. His second 7 feet past and his partner
after Ken's begging sinks a 6footer for the par and win. 1up
11- Bob's 3foot birdie wins. 2up
12- Bob with two OB presses Ken who birdies. 3up
13- K,B and G on. Richard hoping a frog is a princess. No luck. Bob
2putts. 4up
14-Bob and Glen par for a push. 4up
15-Easiest hole on the course. B&G OB on the drive. Ricky lays up and
then OB on the 3rd. Ken boringly on in 3 and Ricky on in 5 after the OB
and sinks for 6(net 5) and Ken sinks his 10 foot second putt for 5. Bob
and Glen play out until they reach 7 and not on the green. Push. 4up.
16-Glen and Ken make easy 4's for the push.Ken's fourth being a
sliding 8footer. Push. 4up
17- Perfect 3 by Glen. 3up
18- Ken plays out of the cross hazard after his best drive. Glen muffs
a pitch but just misses his birdie. Ken chips and then sinks for 6 net
5. Push. 3up. Incidentally,Bob dropped his handicap to 5 and that gave
Ken his stroke on 18. 3up

1-Bob two pathetic shots and a pitch to 2 feet for Par. Glen par.
Push. 3up
2-Glen's drive into the bunker right up to the "who the fuck cut edges
on this bunker" requiring a sideways Open type extraction. Ken with a
simple bird. 4up
3-Glen with a beauty to 20 feet. Bob almost on in 2. Push with 3s. 4up
4-Glen lucks out with another putt for 4. 3up
5- Stroker heaven. Richard hits his 3rd to 3feet. Bob left of the
green. Richard's 4 net 3 matches Bob's 3. 3up.
6- Blocks back by the blues. Richard and Ken lay up perfectly to 180.
Glen and Bob smoke it over to wedge distance. Ken butchers his second,
pitches to 12 feet and sinks to win the match.

Fun and lots of 'what the fuck happened?'

Ken 79(net 68) Bob 76( net 71) Glen 80(net 73) and Richard.

Another Tie

July 19, 2012
No details but Fred and Rob tied Chuck and Stephen sometime ago.

McD nets to below rating for the 8th time in 10 games

July 11, 2012
OK I'll second this report.

Thanks Gord.


> First the headlines:
> Some days one team's got it and the other... Well, read on.
> Two undefeated Titans met on the field of battle on a hot Sunday afternoon. At stake was first place and at least temporary bragging rights. Here's what happened:
> #1. GT makes a good chip and the putt drops to match Tom's regulation par (and Ian's sandy). All square.
> #2. GMcD makes the only par. T/McD 1up.
> #3. Everybody bogies. T/McD 1up.
> #4. Ian has to chip through the GUR but gets it close and makes the par/net birdie. GMcD makes a two putt par to match. T/McD still 1up.
> #5. The Undefeated (and untied) Ones totally screw up. They need their strokes just to net to bogey/double bogey. GT and Ian are par/net par and it's all square.
> #6. Ian and Tom make three putt bogeys. The Gords need only two putts to do likewise. Ian and GmcD are stroking so it's a push. All square.
> #7. Tom and GMcD both make easy one putt pars. So does Ian. GT does not. All square.
> #8. GMcD is the only one on in reg. Everyone two putts. Par is good. T/GMcD 1up.
> #9. Tom is almost O/B right, chips out to the left rough, drills one past the green left and scuffs the chip. GT makes a good one putt par and Ian nets to par. GMcD has a possible par putt, but it doesn't matter. After four lousy shots,Tom makes one good one. The chip goes in for a miracle par and a push. T/McD 1up at the turn.
> #10. Ian is beside the green in two, makes a mediocre chip then nails the putt for net birdie. Tom's second is going to be right but takes a big hop left and ends up six feet from the blue pin. He makes the crucial birdie putt to preserve the push. T/McD 1up.
> #11. Par, par, par and par. T/McD still 1up but not for long.
> #12. Ian goes left and utters the words made famous by the tournament's founder and namesake: "It's your hole, partner." And indeed it is. Tom and GMcD both end up above the hole and make bogey. GT ends up below the hole and makes par. All square and the momentum is all Ian/GT.
> #13. Tom is the only one on but three putts prove to be his undoing. Ian and GMcD also bogey,but not Mr.Thomas. His chip and easy putt for par are good for the win. The rout is now in progress. Ian/GT 1up
> #14. Tom and GMcD step up to the challenge and make pars. Should be good enough, right? Wrong! Ian hits a beauty to ten feet and nails the birdie and the coffin of T/McD. Ian/GT 2up with only 4 to go
> #15. The excitement of being on the verge of taking down the Big Guys is too much for Ian and GT. They both go in the kaka and take 7and 6 respectively. Tom and GMcD make pars and it's Ian/GT 1 up.
> #16. Stroke time. GT uncharacteristically misses a modest uphill putt for par. Ian takes four from in front. Tom makes a spectacular side hill lag and net par. Suddenly it's all square again with two to go.
> #17. GMcD has to hit first from158 yards and hits his best shot of the day to12 feet. Ian makes a great shot too and is just off, maybe 15 right. GT needs four just to get on and is out of it. Tom is pin high right, makes a good putt from off the green then nails the par putt. Ian's birdie effort misses by a pubic hair. But he has shown Tom the line. He gives it to GMcD. The birdie putt drops, and, incredibly, it's T/McD dormie.
> #18. The pressure of following up a birdie proves too much for McD. He pulls his drive left, it hits a tree and is never seen again. O/B and out of it. Tom has tree trouble right, has to go farther right, then stays right with his third. His chip leaves him a 14 footer for par. Meanwhile Ian's on the back in reg and has a stroke, and GT is on below the hole. Ian's three putts still leave him with net par as do GT's two putts. It all comes down to Tom's putt. He and his partner both over-read the break, the ball stays above the hole and the match is over right where it started - all square and two undefeated teams.
> Gord T. 81 net 75
> Ian 88 net 73
> Tom 83 net 73
> GMcD 82 net 68


July 17, 2012
Won Lost Tied Pct.
Gord McD - Tom 3 0 1 7
Ian - Gord T 1 0 3 5
Nick - Lil Bob 2 1 1 5
Fred - Rob 2 3 0 4
Mac - Wayne 1 2 1 3
Chuck - Stephen 1 1 0 2
Glen - Ricky 1 3 0 2
Bob - Ken 0 1 0 0

Putters from hell

July 16, 2012
Glen and Richard vs Lil Bob and Nick. Very hot and humid Friday the 13th.

Glen gets 2 strokes, Nick 7, Ricky 9

Ricky chips poorly and Nick leaves it on the lip. # 1 halved in bogey.
# 2 Glen misses the first of many 15 foot birdie putts while Nick has to scramble with a 3 footer after a woeful lag putt from 30 ft.
# 3 Nick misses his own 15 foot birdie putt. Ricky misses from three feet but Glen gets a half by coaxing in a downhill 2 1/2 footer. Still AS.
# 4 Nick plays fairway fairway to 50 yards and then poor pitch 3 putt makes net par. Glen matches after missing from 20 feet.
# 5 Glen takes 4 from pin high left. Richard takes 3 from around the green. Nick is conceded par net birdie and the first lead of the match.
# 6 Glen is pin high with a ten foot slider for birdie. Lil Bob is below the hole by twenty feet. LB leaves it three feet short straight uphill. Glen is too aggressive and rolls outside LB. Glen misses and Lb makes so it's 2 up.
# 7 has Ricky with an easy par halved by Nick first in for his team with a weak pitch but a strong 4 footer for par.
Stroking Ricky on number 8 hits the hole with his third. That is a bit of overkill because Glen is conceded birdie after a wedge to six inches. 1 up lb/n
# 9 has stroking Ricky conceded a routine par net birdie. Stroking Nick is pin high in 3 but again can only lag his first putt to 3 feet. Again it drops so after nine it's 1 up LB/N.

Nick and Ricardo stroke on ten. Nick goes left into the tress and up against an exposed tree root. Slashing an 8 iron and leaving a big gouge in the root poor Glen is flabbergasted because when you are dead like that you should be dead not on the f***ing green with thirty feet for net eagle. Two putts later the net birdie by Nick means the lead is 2.
# 11 is a gift as Glen goes long right and Richard goes in the sand. They can't get it up and in so Nick's par makes the lead 3.
# 12 has Richard putting out first for a 5. LB has thirty feet and leaves it two feet short on a strange line. Glen whacks his 20 footer three feet by. Nick hits his 18 footer 2 1/2 feet short and on the wrong line to boot. Glen sinks for par. Nick is not lag putting well but again he sinks the little one to keep the lead at 3.
Glen is the only one to hit 13. He is conceded par after a great lag putt from 30 feet. Nick chips from the path to ten feet but that is not his range. LB is in the fringe just short and chips to just outside concession range. Using all the hole he makes the putt for a halving par. 3 up with 5 to go.
Cue the comeback. Glen makes a conceded par on 14. Little Bob after a strong drive comes up short right with his short shot, chips to 3 feet above the hole and under reads and under hits the putt to take a bogey. 2 up.
Lb drives his usual into the cedars on 15 and is out of the hole after failing to clear the creek in 4. Ricardo is stroking but a drive ob ends his chances. Glen is just short in 2. Nick drives the right hazard and cant get up and in for a par so Glen trickles his 5 foot birdie putt to an inch and his par wins. 1 up.
With the honour Ricardo drives ok on 16. Glen cranks it hard left ob. For a millisecond. Hitting a tree at just the right angle the corresponding bounce is onto the left portion of the fairway at the 200 yard mark. LB hits a beauty to 150. Nick swings at warp speed and manages to hit his drive 100 yards dead left but in bounds. Nick hits his second into and out of the right trees at the 100 yard mark. Ricky tops his second to the 102 mark. Glen hits his second out of bounds for good. LB hits his second in the left trap. It's between stroking Nick and Rick. They both wedge to about thirty feet. Ricky is away and calmly lags it to ten feet. Glen is not impressed. Words are spoken. Nick sensing an advantage totally misreads his and leaves it three feet away. Ricky wants to live. He knocks it in the middle. Three feet is Nicks length today. Another stressful 2 putt. the hole is halved in net pars. 1 up LB/N with 2 to go.
Ricky goes left in the crap and takes three to get on. Nick is pin high in two but can only pitch to 8 feet. LB has thirty feet followed by 18 inches. Glen's wedge covers the pin but his twenty footer teases all the way before just sliding by for another par. Nick can;t make 8 footers. too long. LB can make 18 inchers but only by using all the hole and giving everyone a heart attack. Dormie.
Rick and Nick stroke on 18. Rick goes right with a driver and into the wind can only get to the front in three. Glen has his pitch bound hard past the front pin and settle just on the fringe with another 15 feet for birdie. Nick hits a 7 wood tee shot into the middle of the 18th fairway but then advances the ball up the 10th fairway for safety. 85 yards left with the tall poplar right in the way is challenging. A well struck sand wedge goes over the tree and settles over the flag just on the fringe 30 feet away. Richard chips four feet past in 4. Nick finally lags a putt to a foot away. Glen charges his birdie putt but it spins out. Richard pulls his par putt so no net birdie there. Nick is conceded par net birdie and it's 2 up Little Bob and Nick.

Steady golf from Glen. Lots of pars and a birdie on 8. Not a putt dropped all day and the three putt on 6 was costly. He actually got strokes for a change but lost 5 and was out of play on 16. Strokes? Bah!
Richard had streaks of brilliance but they were fleeting. He fought his driver all day.
Little Bob was coming up short and right all day after very good drives. Not good for scoring. Not a birdie to be seen. And what is with this using all the hole to convert putts under two feet?
Nick was as steady as he can be which was just enough to hold onto an early lead.

Exhausting battle. Totally draining even though the scores were not that good.

Glen 38-39=77/69
Richard ??
LBob 43-40=83/77
Nick 42-43=85/70

Gord McD Shoots Personal Best Ever

July 11, 2012

Sometimes one team's got it and the other... Well, read on.

Now the details:

#1. Bob and Tom are on in reg. Bob takes two putts, Tom takes three, the other two guys bogey and the rout is on. Bob/Ken 1 up
#2. Ken goes left and is never heard from again, but fear not - Bob has a makeable birdie putt which he almost makes. Tom and Gord are both on but Tom is in the 416 area code and takes three putts. Gord gets his 25 footer to 3 feet and knocks it in for the push. Bob/Ken 1 up
#3. Ken makes a brilliant chip to gimmee distance. Bob has a makeable birdie putt which he almost makes. Tom and Gord are both on and makes pars. Bob/Ken still 1up and looking invincible.
#4. Welcome to Stroker's Alley. Bob has a makeable birdie putt which he almost makes. Gord makes a good little chip to gimmee distance and his net birdie is enough. Tom/Gord get it back to All Square.
#5. Bob has a birdie putt that he almost makes. Tom does likewise but he has a stroke. Net birdie and the win. Tom/Gord 1up
#6. Bob makes a great chip to gimmee distance and the easy par. Tom is on in reg but his three putts put the pressure on Gord who barely stayed out of the pond then flubbed his second He got his third on, but just when he needs to baby it up to the hole he hammers it with enough power to send it 20 feet by. Luckily the hole gets in the way, the putt dropsand the net birdie is good for the win. Bob and Ken are just ever-so-slightly stunned. By the putt, I mean. Tom/Gord 2up.
#7. Ken's great lag and gimmee par let's Bob go for the bird which just misses. Gord leaves his longish putt from just off close enough to coax in the par. Tom also makes 3.Tom/Gord 2up.
#8. Bob makes yet another great chip for a easy par (his 8th in a row). Tom makes another 3 putt bogey. Gord makes a good little chip and knocks in the par for a push. Tom/Gord 2up, but how much longer can they withstand Bob's play of perfection?
#9. A messy hole. Gord is stymied by a tree on his drive, Tom hits the Bob/Ken cart with his second, Bob goes over in three, and Ken takes four from100 yards. In the end, everyone makes 6 which would be a push except that Gord has a stroke. Bob is only one over but it's Tom/Gord 3up at the turn. How is that possible? Never mind - things are about to change big time.
#10. Bob makes his standard 2 putt par. Tom makes his getting-to-be standard 3 putt bogey(actually he would never three putt again). Ken makes a phenomenal chip and drains the par/net birdie. Gord misses his. Tom/Gord only 2up and fading fast.
#11. Everyone's on. Gord doesn't even come close. Bob does. So does Ken. Then it's Tom's turn from 7 feet. Oh so close. Push. Tom/ Gord 2up.
#12. Bob has lots of trouble and eventually makes bogey. Ken is close and just misses the bird. Gord makes a good chip to gimmee par. Push. Tom/Gord 2up.
#13. A turning point. Bob can't get up and down from the left, nor can Ken from the trap, nor can Tom from the fringe. But he gives Gord the read from the fringe and Gord makes the only par. Tom/Gord 3up.
#14. Tom's second goes backwards off a tree and his third is never seen again. Bob and Ken are both on, Gord is just off. Tom gives him the read and he leaves it inches away. Par. Bob and Ken come close with their birdie tries but settle for pars. Tom/Gord 3 up.
#15. Tom goes O/B with his drive. Bob and Ken are on in reg and come close with their birdie tries. Gord hits three really good shots and he's only six feet away. He leaves his putt just short (ouch) but his net birdie is good for the win and the match. Tom/Gord 4and 3. Bob is only three over par but, incredibly, Gord is only four over.
#16-18. Ken helps his handicap by going 7 7 6. Bob pars out. Tom also pars out. Gord starts to lose it but good chips on the last two lead to a 5 5 5 finish and his best ever score at Garrison.

Bob 75 net 69
Ken 90 net 78
Tom 84 net 74
Gord 78 net 62

P.S. The chance of a coin flip coming up heads ten times in a row is 1 in 1024. Tom and GMcD have now won ten in a row.

Haiku #2 as would be written by Gord McD.

July 12, 2012
Nice bird on 5 Tom
I did the rest by myself
Kind gallery though.

Tom and Gord won 4&3.

Gord 78(net 62), Bob 75(net 69) Tom and Ken observers.

Thayer/McD Stay Undefeated

June 20, 2012
Some days one team's got it and the other... Well,read on

Now the details:

Glen and Richard met Tom and GMcD on an idyllic late spring late afternoon for a titanic struggle that would stretch all the way into a summer evening. Glen knew that the Undefeateds were vulnerable and he set out to prove just that. Here's what happened:
#1. Glen makes a routine two putt par. GMcD makes a lousy chip from the back, but with a little help from his reader, rolls in the 12 footer for par and a push. All Square
#2. Glen makes a routine one putt par. GMcD takes three putts for bogey, but Tom cozies his birdie putt close for the tap-in par and push. All Square
#3. Glen makes a routine one putt par from pin high left. Richard takes 4 and GMcD takes 5. But Tom makes a good chip from the right, and drops the par putt. All Square
#4. Glen makes a routine two putt par. The man is a par machine. No one else does. Luckily, they have entered Strokers' Alley, and GMcD's bogey is good enough. All Square. Will Glen ever make a mistake?
#5. Yes. Glen makes bogey. Tom hits a phenomenal 6 iron from the left side to the middle of the green and two putts for a net birdie. T/G 1 up
#6. Glen gets bushed and bogeyed. Richard makes lucky number 7 for a third consecutive hole (which would have been great if he'd been playing a one-armed bandit instead of golf). GMcD can't get it up and down from the front, but have no fear, Tom Terrific is on pin high and taps in for par and the win. T/G 2 up
#7. That gets Glen and Richard mad, and the comeback begins. Richard makes a phenomenal chip from short and makes the putt which sets up Glen to hammer his 45 foot birdie putt - right into the jar for the win. T/G 1 up, momentum going in the direction of Fast/Saxe.
#8. Glen and Richard keep the momentum going in their favour with solid pars. But TT is there in reg, gets a bit of a read from his partner and drops the 10 foot birdie putt. T/G 2 up
#9. Glen makes a routine two putt par. So does GMcD. Tom only needs one putt for his par. It's a push. T/G 2 up at the turn
#10. GMcD makes the only par, and with his stroke wins the hole with room to spare. T/G 3 up
It's looking like a comfortable lead but oh how things can change in three holes!
#11 Glen makes a routine two putt par. So does Tom. T/G 3 up
#12. Richard makes a routine two putt par. Glen takes only one putt for his par after an unbelievable shot from behind the green. Tom and GMcD also make pars. Push. T/G 3up
#13. Richard goes left, Tom goes bunker right, GMcD is on but at the back with a front pin. Glen cleverly leaves his shot short, then chips to gimmee distance. Can GMcD two putt from 45 feet downhill? Not bloody likely. But sometimes the unlikely happens as it does on this occasion. T/G still 3up. Things CAN change in three holes, but in this case they didn't.
#14. The best score Glen and Richard can manage was 6 (and that is Richard). That is twice as many as Tom needs -a perfect drive to 80 yards, a perfect pitch to 5 feet and a perfect putt for birdie. T/G 4 up and dormie
#15 Now Glen and Richard really begin to pour it on. Between them they play #15 in only 3 over par. Surprisingly it isn't enough. Tom's routine two putt par is good for the hole and the match. T/G 5 and 3
Glen and GMcD each took 14 more shots to finish the last three holes, Tom took 15 including yet another birdie on #18, and Richard took 17.

Glen 79 net 71
Richard 98 net 82
Tom 76 net 67
GMcD 84 net 68

And yes, that WAS Thayer/McD's last match of the season. But now that it's summer, they will be happy to meet their remaining foes on the fairways in the weeks ahead.

Everybody Wins

June 29, 2012 – 01:45 PM
Mac and Wayne Square their record with their first victory over lil Bob and Nick. A howling south wind on a steaming hot summer day.

Playing off lb Nick gets 6 shots, Wayne 7 and Mac 10.

1 is halved in sloppy bogies. 2 and 3 are won by lb as Wayne and Mac have short game issues and its off to stroker alley.

Mac net birdies 4 and Nick misses a 4 footer. Mac and Wayne net par 5 for another win. Ditto on 6 and they have a 1 up lead.

7 lb leaves it on the edge for birdie but is halved when W sinks his 1 1/2 footer after Mac has missed his 2 footer after a glorious chip. Mac strokes on 8 and hits the green in reg and makes a simple 2 putt net birdie. 2 up M/W. Strokes on 9 are countered by lb ramming a putt off the flag stick and in at warp speed. M and W can't counter with a net birdie into the wind and the lead is 1 up M/W at the turn.

10 is halved in net pars. 11 with real pars. 12 is won by lb with a par after Wayne comes up short on his birdie putt and misses the par attempt. All square.

13 has Mac lag a long putt to gimmee distance countered by lb's par. 14 has Mac and lb on the fringe. Lb comes up well short and Mac goes 2 feet above the hole with a tricky downhiller. Lb misses and Mac just catches an edge so it's 1 up M/W heading into stroker alley part 2. Mac drives the edge of the right hazard on 15 and plays out short of the creek in 2. In front of the green in 3 he chips to 5 feet but misses for a bogey net par. Nick contributes for the first time with a par so it's 1 up with 3 to go M/W.

16 is all lb. Huge drive into the wind. Iron from 155 to 15 feet and a real birdie. Fantastic display. All square. 17 Mac strokes and after a strong drive catches the right tree with his second. The bounce is forward and in good shape 20 yards short of a front pin. Again lb hits a superb iron from 155 to six feet. Mac chips to a gimmee par net birdie. Lb lags his putt!! 1 up M/W. Mac plays 18 strong and has 2 putts from 20 feet for another net birdie but Wayne sinks his curling 15 footer for his own par net birdie and the match is over 1 up M/W.

Mac 89 - 69
Wayne 85 - 70
L Bob 80-74
Nick 94 - 79

Who will Survive !

June 29, 2012 – 01:37 PM
Playing off Gord's 6 , Rob gets 2 strokes, Fred 3 and Ian 8

Rob/ Gord split first with pars but then Rob pitches in from 25 yards for the winning birdie on 2. Gord only one to hit the third green but Rob gets up and down for the split . Stroking Ian has 3' for birdie on 4 but Gord roles in a 23' just to be sure. Rob gets net bird on 5 to restore the one up lead. 6 split and F/R win 7 with PAR ! 2 Up . Gord knocks it close on 9 but then Rob drains a 20' for his bird . Gord makes the 4' putt for bird to match but I / G still 2 down at the turn.
Back nine begins with wrong ball possibly hit rules fiasco which actual has FRED WILLING TO OVERLOOK!!!! , Ian misses his par putt to make the possibly contentious win mute. hole split with pars. Rob and Fred go awol on 11 , handing the hole to I / G . 12 and 13 split with pars and Fred roles in his 18' for par ( after a clumsy chip ) on 14. Ian has had enough and roles his 13' for birdie ! MATCH ALL SQUARE ! IAN strikes again with a net birdie on 15 . One Up . FRED gets his net Birdie on 16 so back to all square !17 , Gord lips out his birdie putt so off to 18 where Ian calmly rolls in his 28" putt for the NET BIRDIE and the win !!

Gord 74 - 68
Ian 84 - 68
Fred 83 - 73
Rob 77 - 69

Gord and Ian Still Perfect

June 21, 2012
Blazingly hot and parked behind a foursome of beginners for the first nine two undefeated teams took to the fairways of Garrison for their battle. Playing off LBob Gord T got one stroke, Nick 6 and Ian 8.

Starting on 10 Nick three putted to turn a win into a half. Not to be inconsistent he also three putted 11 to turn a tie into a loss. Twelve LB missed an uphill ten footer to keep the short guys ahead.

A beautiful strike on 13 followed by a seeing eye thirty footer for birdie by LB evened the match. A good four foot par saver by GT halved 14 after LB left his 18 footer on the lip. GT drove long and straight on 15 followed by a rocketballz to just in front. Nick went in the clover out right, in the clover up by the trap but then hit a nifty chip to three feet. GT panicked and screamed his pitch well past. GT missed and Nick made and it's 1 up for the tall guys.

GT strokes on 16 and really doesn't need it to win the hole and even the match. Ian strokes on 17 and is looking good for net par when GT gets up and down from the trap and cements the win. 1 up short fellows. N and Ian stroke on 18 into a big wind. Ian plays conservatively and has ten feet uphill for a real birdie. N goes way right in 2 but uses his laser tool to get a yardage and get on to twenty feet. Nothing drops for either side so after nine it remains 1 up Gord and Ian.

1 is a push when both G and LB nestle long range birdie putts to gimme distance. 2 looks good for N and LB after Ian is out of it and Gord skuzs one into the bunker. But wait. The skuz is so bad it lands short of the trap, bounces over, slows down in the fringe and settles ten feet from the hole. Unsettled Nick chunks it from 65 yards. LB goes long but lags well again for par. Gracefully GT does miss so again a half. 3 is very good tee shots from 3 of the 4. N has a gimme par as does G from twenty feet. 12 down. 6 to go. 1 up GT and Ian. Stroker Alley.

LB is pin high in 2 on 4. He's also pin high in 3 and 4. The 5 is conceded. Ian doesn't use his stroke well. GT plays 3 good shots to 6 feet. This time Nick is undaunted. He flips his 60 yard shot from the clover to 5 feet and makes the putt. All square. 5 is a gong show into the wind but after GT sinks his 30 footer for par and LB misses his 6 footer the less tall guys are 1 up again. Ian and GT drive right of the pond on 6. N and LB drive over it on the fairway. Ian pops it into the trees and plays a long running shot over the back in 3. GT chips about 4 feet past. LB leaves his birdie chip on the lip. N snap hooks 2, runs a punch shot over the green and chunks the next. Ian patiently takes out his rescue club and drains it from off the green. Par net birdie and 2 up with 3 to go.

After the euphoria of holing out on 6 Ian does it again on 7. Holed it out right in the pond. GT goes right and hits a poor chip and a low putt for bogey. Routine regulation pars for both N and LB cut the lead to 1. Four drives in the fairway on 8. GT hits his rescue club right on line to 8 feet. Nick is on with a dead straight twenty footer. Nick pushes it but so does GT. Dormie and Ian is stroking. One extra shot to reach the green leaves Ian with ten feet for par - net birdie and the guaranteed win. Cursing while he hits the ball, it never has a chance and falls off low. Net par. GT finishes a fine round with a par. LB hits a cracking second shot to just in front. He finally figures out a chipping cue and runs it up to 2 feet. Birdie and the rabbit is out of the hat. All square. Very exciting.

GT 74 - 67
Ian 87 - 71
LB 77 -71
N 87 - 73

Haiku for McD

Avoiding the hook
Straight down the middle and yet
Caught up by the net.


June 19, 2012
Won Lost Tied Pts.
Gord McD - Tom 1 0 0 2
Nick - Lil Bob 1 0 0 2
Glen - Ricky 1 1 0 2
Chuck - Steph 1 1 0 2
Fred - Rob 1 2 0 2
Ian - Gord T 0 0 1 1
Mac - Wayne 0 1 1 1
Bob - Ken 0 0 0 0

Maestro was in tune. Ricky helped. The doctors needed medical attention.

June 15, 2012 – 02:52 PM

Richard & Glen took on Drs Chuck and White on a steamy Friday afternoon. Ricky preambled with tales of his bad back. Steve’s preamble was with tales of new bifocals he was getting used to.

#1 was a push. Glen wins 2 with a bird. 1 up. Long wait on 3 leads to ball spraying but Chuck chips his short drive close and makes his putt. Glen sinks a very long par putt and apologizes to Chuck. Richard & Steve watch. Richard & Chuck split #4 with net birds. On 5, Ricky drives left, hits 2nd shot OB, puts next shot 30 feet from pin, makes the putt for 5 net 4 to split hole with Chuck. Glen also took par. Steve watched. Ricky takes par net bird on #6. 2 up. R&G make par on 9 to C&S 6&7 respectively. 3 up at the turn.

Glen is out with 35, Ricky 43, Chuck 42 and Steve 45.

#10 is halved as is 11. On 12, Ricky and Chuck hook into the woods. Steve left handed hooks 2 balls into long grass right and never found either ball (or anybody else’s). We all watch Glen make par. 4 up. Skip to 14 where Ricky makes par and is feeling good but Steve wakes up to bird. 3 up for R&G. 15 is a comedy of errors…Chuck and Steve make par while R&G make higher numbers. 2 up. Hole 16 sees Ricky on the front of the green in 2. Four putts later he makes double. (The 4th putt is the easiest). Glen makes his normal par. Steve watches. 3&2. Hands are shaken.

Glen shoots 74.

Kiss Kiss

June 15, 2012
One of three matches played on Friday June 15

Gord playing off 7 meant 6 strokes for Wayne, 7 for Ian, 9 for Mac

Sluggish beginning but match picks up at Strokers Alley as Mac net birdies 4, Wayne does the same at 5 then Ian follows suit on 6 . M/W 1 up then 2 up as Mac net birdies 9. Ian returns the favour with a good up and down on ten for another net birdie , Mac moves it to 2 up again with an unanswered par on 12 . Gord wins a ragged 13 with par, being the only one to get up and down. Mac and his pesky strokes makes ANOTHER net birdie on 15 to restore the 2 up lead . Net par splits 16 but then Ian/Gord win 17 with par and then Gord roles in his 24' putt on 18 to split the match....

Mac nets to 72
Wayne 75
Ian 70
Gord 71

Lil Bob Shows Up!

June 15, 2012
After a fine fifth place finish in the national hickory open lil Bob showed up with a modern driver and his old irons to try and carry Nick around.

Pointing out that fries and gravy is the way to partner the two of them lost number 3 to a par but then won 4, 5, 8 and 9 with real or net birdies. Nick made all these birdies. Lil Bob did halve 6 with a bogey to Fred's net bogey.

Two shanks - yes real shanks - on 11 cut the lead to 2. Robbie hit his 9 iron to 8 feet on 12 and the comeback was in full force. Nick wasn't playing the hole so it was all on the young gun"s shoulders. No problem. 4 feet. And when Rob misses and LB holes it's back to 3 up.

Fred nearly holes out on 13. But Nick chips in and Fred misses so now it's 4 up. Robbie claims he is finally into the match on 14. He clanks it off the flag stick with his 60 yard second and his birdie wins. He is nearly on 15 in 2, chipping to 6 feet. LB hits his 100 yard wedge to 20 feet. Again LB steps up and drains the putt. Dormie with matching birds.

Nick and his stroke don't play 16 and the net par from Rob keeps the match going.

Rob and Fred go wide right in 2 on 17. Fred stays in the bunker. Rob chunks his chip and is still away after 3 with Nick inside him in 2. No magic and it is a 3 and 1 win for the underdogs over one of the pre season favourites.

Nick and Lil Bob (net) birdie 4,5,8,9,12,13,15
Fred and Rob (net) birdie 14 and 15

fries and gravy

Fred 82 - 71
Rob 80 - 72
LB 78 - 72
Nick 86 - 71

Water Field

June 1, 2012
For some reason Fred and Rob played Ricardo and Glen at Picton in the pouring rain. Match details are a bit sketchy but the emails read as follows:

Fred: Robs memory is better than mine. Think Glen had the card. I recall that for some reason Ricky and Glen walked morosely to the clubhouse after 16 while Rob and Fred continued on to enjoy the very fine day.

Ricardo: Picton?
I believe that time has expired to report on that Watersoaked match.
My clothes are still drying and I've only recently stopped shivering
Let's replay if you don't remember results.

Glen: I agree
The card was soaked and not readable after 12th hole
Can't remember a damned thing except birdying 3 and 6

Fred: I seem to recall Fred and Rob birding #'s 2,4,5,7,8,9,10,11, 12,13 and others.
What a nice day. So far it was the highlight of our water field year!

Rob: we won 2 and 1

Paradocs first victory

May 25, 2012
Yes Nick... Steve and Chuck beat Wayne and Mac...


May 25, 2012 – 02:00 PM
Sometimes one team's got it and the other... Well, read on:

On a summer like Friday afternoon, May 25th, Tom and GMcD began the defense of their 2011Waterfield Championship and undefeated season. They had had a mediocre pre-season with The Maestro loudly trumpeting their vulnerabilty. And he was right. Things started badly for them very badly. Fred and Rob were ready to take advantage of every miscue.
1. McD skulls his chip and misses the par putt. Tom takes three from 90 feet, the first one stopping 15 feet short. Rob makes a routine par. F/R 1 up
2. This time it's McD who 3-putts from the back for bogey. but Tom just misses the birdie from12 feet and taps in to tie Fred and Rob with par. F/R 1up
3. Fred makes par from a tee shot just off left but pin high. Tom and Gord take 9 between them and lose another. The rout is on. F/R 2up
4. McD makes a total mess of the hole with 7, but Tom plays it well, just misses the bird and settles for par. We look for Rob's ball left rough within 100 yds of green for a good six minutes before giving up. Fred takes 6, so T/G actually win one. F/R 1up.
5. Stroker's heaven, but everyone makes bogey and the hole is halved. F/R 1 up
6. Tom takes three shots to get over the water and is out of it. Fred also takes double.Rob and Gord are pin high off right. gord makes a good chip to gimmee distance for par/net birdie. Rob's chip fails to drop and the match is All Square.
7. Fred, Rob and Gord all make pars. Hole halved. Still All Square
8. Fred takes three putts for long distance, allowing Tom and Gord to steals half with their bogies. Still All Square
9. Gord flies the green but Tom is safely on. Rob takes three from the fringe,Fred takes seven from the tee, and a par/ net par for the reigning champs put them in the lead for the first time this year. T/G 1up
10. Gord gets into trouble and even with his stroke can only get to bogey. Tom 2-putts from a fair distance to match pars by Fred and Rob. All Square
11. T/G both in bunker and in deep trouble. Rob is safely on. Fred makes a good chip but doesn't need to putt as Rob drops a 6footer for par. tom is over intro and makes Bogey. mcD gets out of the trap nicely to five feet. Tom gives him the read and the putt drops for a sandy and a half. All Square
12. Fred and Rob make routine pars. Tom makes routine bogey. McD is over in two. And leaves his chip well above the hole. but Tom reads the putt perfectly, McD executes and the putt drops. Still All Square and Fred is starting to utter unintelligent (Newfoundlander?) curses about McD.
T/G 1up but hanging on by a thread
13. The thread finally breaks. Fred and Rob make routine pars. McD makes a lousy chip, Tom takes three from the back, and just like that the match is All Square.
14. Bizarrely, after good drives, Fred goes right, into the hazard, Rob goes long into the bush and Tom goes long through the trap. McD also went long but caught a break when a rake stopped his all from dropping into the sand. Fred calls a penalty on himself for doing some landscaping in the hazard. rob chips out the hips to gimmee distance. but so does McD, and his par wi s. T/G 1up
15. Rob makes it to the fri vein two but the slow green leads to a 5. Fred visits the creek. Tom and Gord are both on in reg. Gord three-putts, but Tom sinks a crucial come-backer for the par and a push. T/G still 1 up, but not for much longer.
16. Fred and Gord both in front. Gord's chip stays below the hole, his putt just stays out but the net par is looking good. Fred's chip has scooted 20feet past the hole. Rob is stymied by a tree, left but pulls off an incredible shot along the ground, through the trap and onto the green 8 feet away. He makes the putt to tie Gord. Then Fred cans the long and difficult downhill/side hill putt for a shocking net birdie. The match is All Square with two to go and the momentum has strongly shifted to F/R.
17.Fred and Tom both take three to get on. Rob's Scott from around 100 yds is pin high just off left. Gord hits from155 yds into the wind and it's his shot of the day. Pin high right about 15 feet away. Tom makes the perfect read and the putt drops for birdie. Everyone else takes 5. T/G1up
18. Tom's drive goes into the hazard long left and is never found. Gord hits two pretty good shots to about 115 yds. Fred and Rob make routine-ish pars. Gord's third is pin high left. Tom recovers with a good chip and a putt for par and it's all over. gord makes his par/net birdie to put an exclamation mark on it. T/G 2 up.

Fred 84 net 73
Rob 80 net 72
Tom 86 net 77
GMcD 83 net 67 (I'm sorry but I can't help it. When I've got Tom reading the putts they just see to drop more frequently than otherwise.

2012 Teams

Tom - Gord McD
Gord T - Ian
Richard - Glen
Ken - Bob
Fred - Rob
Wayne - Mac
Michael - Chuck
Nick - lil Bob

The long season ends
With the hope of more to come
And on the single stroke.

Author known

Final Standings

October 31, 2011
Final standings for the pool

1 Gord McD - Tom Won final
2 Bob - Glen Lost Final
3 Chuck - Ken Lost Semi Final
4 Nick - Rob Lost tiebreaker for 3rd
5 Fred - Michael 2 4 1 5 points
6 Gord T - Mac 2 4 0 4 points won head to head
7 Richard - Wayne 2 5 0 4 points
8 Ian - Little Bob 1 4 0 2 points

Not played

Mcd-Tom vs Ian-LB
Gord T-Mac vs Ian-LB


October 14, 2011
Some days one team's got it and the other, well...

And now the details:

The two remaining teams met on the playing field on Friday, October 14th, an afternoon that saw some sun, a lot of wind, then thunder, lightning and torrential rain leading to a half hour rain delay at the turn and a huge change in the all-important momentum. Fittingly, it all came down to the last putt on the 18th hole. Richard Saxe accompanied us the whole way. He wanted the walk. But he also wanted to see history made.
Thayer/McD had not played a match since August 5th. They were clearly a little rusty. But they scraped that rust off on the practice tee and were ready to go when the bell sounded. Bob/Glen were fresh from a convincing victory in the semi-final, and were hugely motivated to avenge their one loss all season, a 1 up victory for Thayer/McD in which they had gone to the 18th tee all square.

Here's what happened:

Thayer/ McD start the match 1 up by virtue of their first place finish in the round robin.

#1 Bob and Tom hit mammoth drives inside the 100, and are easily on in reg. Bob is only 10 feet from the hole. Gord has to hit his second from the rough, 200 yards out. Incredibly, he leaves his hybrid shot only 6 feet away and right on Bob's line. Tom makes par. Bob just misses his birdie with his hickory long stick, Glen's par is conceded. Tom gives Gord the read. Gord stokes it in for birdie (his first birdie on #1 all year). Thayer/McD 2 up.

#2 Bob is inside 10 feet, Glen is on but a long way from the blue pin, Tom is just off the back and Gord is in the trap right. Tom leaves his fringe putt close enough for gimme. Bob just misses his birdie with his hickory long stick. Gord makes his sandy par. Glen makes a fine 2-putt. No Blood. Thayer/McD 2 up.

#3 Bob and Gord just in front, Tom in the left trap and Glen a bit short left. Tom sends his sand shot 15 feet by. Gord skulls his chip 35 feet above the red pin. Bob makes an excellent chip for a routine par. Glen's is conceded. Tom gives Gord the read, and, incredibly, the putt drops. No blood. Thayer/McD 2 up.

#4 Glen is in the woods left and has to chip out. He eventually makes 6. Tom is stymied by a tree left and has to go down #5. He eventually makes 6. Bob is on in reg and has a shot. Gord leaves his third short, but makes a good chip to 7 feet. Bob just misses his birdie with his hickory long stick. Tom gives Gord the read and the putt drops - his fourth one-putt in four holes. The stroke gives him net birdie and the win. Thayer/McD 3 up.

#5 Everybody screws up to some extent. A total of 20 strokes needed to finish the hole. Tom and Gord both far left, but in good shape in two, and they are both stroking. Lousy chips and they both eventually have downhill putts for 5. Gord misses his. Bob just misses his par putt with his hickory long stick. Glen's got a short downhiller for par. It hits the left edge and rolls away. Tom's got a shorter downhilled for bogey/net par and the win. It hits the right edge and rolls away. Ouch! That's it for Tom's strokes. No blood. Thayer/McD 3 up.

#6 Tom goes way right and has to chip over the trees. He ends up left, sends his chip a ways by, but drops a nifty 15 footer for par. Bob goes left, leaves his approach left with Tom, flops it on, then just misses his par putt with his hickory long stick. Not to worry, though. Glen has powdered his drive and left his approach shot pin high about 7 feet right. Meanwhile, Gord has hit a good drive to 140 but left his approach a little long and left. His putt from the fringe hits some bumps and stops 6 feet above the hole. Glen just misses his birdie. Tom gives Gord the read, and Gord drops the downhiller for par net birdie and the win. But he wouldn't win another the rest of the day. Thayer/McD 4 up.

#7 Tom's on about 70 feet below, Glen's just short, Gord's left and Bob is on and threatening. Glen can't get up and down. Gord can't get up and down. Tom leaves his first putt 8 feet short. Bob misses his birdie putt with his hickory long stick (which is beginning to look more and more like kindling). Tom masterfully strokes in his par putt, Bob makes his come back and it's a push. Thayer/McD 4 up.

#8 Tom is the only one on in two. Gord misses his par putt. Glen, who has made a lousy chip, finally rolls one in from 20 feet. Bob doesn't have to putt. He is visibly relieved. Tom leaves his birdie putt two inches away, and it's another push. Thayer/McD 4 up.

#9 In order to give his hickory long stick a little more rest, Bob goes o/b with his second, and picks up. Tom's on in reg. Gord's on the fringe. Glen is long and right. Gord can't get up and down. Tom two putts for par. Glen cleverly stubs his chip leaving him 25 feet for the push which he makes while Bob is half way to the 10th tee. An incredibly important putt as it turns out even though it didn't seem so at the time. Thayer/McD 4 up at the turn. Skies are rapidly darkening. Wind is picking up. Rain is beginning to fall. Rain that was to dampen and dull Tom and Gord's skills while lubricating the putters and spirits of Bob and Glen.

#10 All players hit their second shots in the deluge before the horn goes off calling them in due to the proximity of the lightning. They cool their heels at the proshop foe a good half hour before setting off in the rain, the lightning having moved father away. Tom was the only one on and he makes another routine par. Bob is able to match him getting down in two from just off. No blood. Thayer/McD 4 up 8 to go.

#11 Bob is inside 10 feet. Glen is safely on and makes his par allowing Bob to go for it. Tom and Gord are beside each other, Gord on and Tom just off, both 50+ feet away. Tom's chip is short, Gord's lag is to 4 feet on Bob's line. Tom's putt fails to drop. Bob lines up with his hickory long stick and... just misses left. Gord nails his par putt. Push. Thayer/McD 4 up, 7 to go and Bob/Glen have yet to win a hole. That was all about to change, as was a crucial piece of equipment.

#12 Four pretty good drives but only Bob gets on, albeit 14 feet above and right. Three chips to makeable spots, but all are irrelevant. Bob bends way over, strokes the downhiller and the birdie drops! Wait a minute. Bends way over? Bob has pulled out a short putter and finally made a putt. A quick check of his bag reveals the legal limit of 14 clubs. What gives? Apparently he broke a club recently and rather than replace it, he threw in the hickory long stick. Needless to say, he regretted that decision. Nevertheless a win for Bob/Glen. Now it's Thayer/McD 3 up, 6 to play.

#13 Bob and Glen make good pars. Tom is way at the back and takes 3 from about 70 feet. Gord is in better shape just off the front. But a poor chip and a pulled putt mean bogey and a win for Bob/Glen. The momentum has clearly shifted in Bob and Glen's favour. Thayer/McD 2 up, 5 to play.

#14 Glen and Bob go left. Then Glen goes right into the hazard and Bob stays left into the front trap. Gord also goes into the hazard with his second. Tom, meanwhile is solid - down the middle, on the green and two putts for par. It was good enough. A huge win. Thayer/McD 3 up, 4 to play.

#15 Tom calls this "an almost sure birdie for Bob" so he reaches for his driver. Gord convinces him to put it away and hit 3 wood. He leaves his drive just 20 feet from o/b left under a tree. But he hits a phenomenal second to the front apron. Glen goes into the crap right with his second, but gets it on the green. Bob, true to form, is on the front fringe in two looking at a back pin. Gord gets it to 110 yards in two and to the middle in 3. Tom chips long to the back fringe, then fluffs the chip back and takes 6. Glen putts up and shows Bob not only the line but also the speed. Bob takes out the hickory long stick (?!?) and leaves the eagle putt a good 10 feet short. Gord's lag is to six inches. So it's all up to Bob and his hickory long stick to make the birdie. He doesn't. Close but no cigar. Push. Dormie. Thayer/McD 3 up, 3 to play.

#16. Gord is stroking and all he needs is a tie. So he promtly pulls it o/b. Aarrgh! Tom, Bob and Glen are all long and good. Bob goes left of the left trap. Glen leaves it in front. Tom goes into the woods right! Then he hits a provisional to pin high. Unfortunately, Gord finds Tom's ball on the edge of the woods. Tom gets his club on the ball. A little too firmly. The ball scoots over the green and through the trap. His chip goes 25 feet by and his putt doesn't fall. Double bogey. Bob chips on, misses his putt and takes 5. Meanwhile Gord is 3 off the tee, 4 short right and 5 15 feet above the hole. Tom gives him the read and he drops the putt. ll of a sudden, Glen's 5 footer up hill for par means everything. Glen is sweating. He says "Why do we do this to ourselves? This is supposed to be fun?".Then he gathers focus and sinks the putt for the win. Thayer/McD 2 up, 2 to go.

#17 Four good drives, but Bob and Glen are on, Gord and Tom are a little short. They make mediocre chips to 10-12 feet. Bob putts first and just misses his birdie. Glen is 35 feet away left. He strokes it and the ball tracks to the hole. Then, just when it looked like it was going to go in... it did. Birdie! It's going to #18 and Tom and Gord are on the ropes. Thayer/McD 1 up, 1 to play.

#18 Did I say Tom and Gord are on the ropes? It looks like they are down for the count. Tom's drive doesn't even make it to the fairway. Gord almost pulls it o/b then skulls his second. He's still short of the ditch. Glen goes a little left with his second but hits a masterful shot under branches then over the trap and way back, just off the green, pin high left to a blue pin. Bob makes three good shots and has a 20 footer for his birdie. Tom's third is short, he skulls his fourth through the trap right and is on a close in 5. Meanwhile, Gord has hit his third to about 115 yards. It's uphill, into the wind and the gathering gloom. He thinks about the power of positive thinking ideas in a book about Arnold Palmer that he had been reading in bed that morning when he should have been sleeping. He hits it pure and straight. Does he have the distance? Nick and Rob, standing at the back of the green can see that he has. Pin high, 6 feet left. Glen is long enough but just misses his birdie effort. Bob needs to make his birdie putt. He misses by inches. Now Gord just has to two putt from 6 feet. Should be a foregone conclusion, right? But this is Gord McDiarmid we're talking about, with everything on the line. And it's a slippery downhiller. Tom gives him the read. Gord strokes the putt. It misses left. A good four inches left. That's ten full centimeters. The putt is not conceded. The putt is made. Thayer/McD end where they started the match - 1 up.

And thus ends another great Waterfield tournament and an absolutely magical 7 - 0 run for Tom and Gord, something that has never been done before. Team Tofu will now spend the winter devising a creative menu for the Waterfield Dinner, replete with tofu in its many styles, raw vegetables, tempeh, bean sprouts and tofu. We thank Bob and Glen for a thrilling, gut-wrenching match. We thank Richard for being there, watching every shot even in the rain, even when it did not seem like an exciting match. And we thank Commissioner Nick for the concept and the organization of the Waterfield Tournament.

Tom 82 net 74
Gord 84 net 70
Bob 77 net 70
Glen 77 net 70

UNDEFEATED CHAMPIONS (and deservedly so)

October 14, 2011
Gord McD and Tom were a perfect partnership and showed their mettle by
coming through whenever it looked like we had an opening.
Gord had a natural birdie on 1, Tom an easy par on 2, Gord sunk a
50 footer for par on 3 followed by a net birdie on 4 and another on 6.
With the 1up start we were 4 down by then.

Tom then reeled off pars on 7,8,9 and 10. Gord had a great 2 putt par on
11. Still 4up. Glen and Bob also played those holes well.

A birdie by Bob on 12 and a par by Glen on 13 brought it back to 2 down
only to lose 14 to Tom's par.

15 saw Bob's 3 putt par and Gord's great par so dormie 3.

16 saw Glen shit himself over a 5 foot par putt after Gord hit one out
of bounds and then sank a long downhiller for 6(net 5) But he made. So

Glen sunk a great birdie on 17 to take it to the last.

After some butchery by the winners on 18 Gord came through with the
clutch perfect 4th shot in. B&G missed their birdies and Gord easily got
his 6(net 5) for the win 1up.

A well deserved victory for Gord and Tom and a wonderful season for
them. Congrats. /bob


September 30, 2011
Chuck kept score and announced the results impeccably and IMHO Bob drove his team cart to perfection. Ken and Glen-being supported thus-were able to play golf well.
Starting 1/2 hole up Glen and his chauffeur were able to increase it to 2 1/2 following an opposition butchery on 4 and a great net bird by Glen on 5.
Not knowing he had a stroke on 6 Ken nonchalantly whiffed in his second putt for the win. He was unlikely to sink it if he had known.
On 7 Bob and Glen both hit long and left but both made spectacular pitches for easy pars before realizing they had played the wrong balls. Glen still feels the glob of mud on his partner's ball looked exactly like the drug rep logo and there are drugs that can get you up and down.
Back to 1/2 up. 8 was won by G and B after Ken's strategic dumped chip and 9 as well.2 1/2 up again.
Spectacular net birdie/net eagle by Ken on 10 (we gave up) followed by Chucks first par on 11-but Ken birdied. Back to 1/2 up.
Ken followed his birdie with the usual two shanks on 12 for a B&G win. Then Ken chipped in for bird on 13 only to be followed by Glen's birdie.
1 1/2 up for the stroke givers.
On 14 Ken made a wonderful chip and Glen was standing in the bunker chipping off a side hill up hill stance. Wonderful creative shot and he made the putt whereas Ken did not. 2 1/2 up.
15 was a standard birdie by Bob-random theory says that this has to occur sometimes-and the match was over 3 1/2 with 3 to go.

Glen finished par(net bird) par birdie-against his partner's advice-Ken finished par(net bird) birdie par. Chuck finished net par par net par and Bob finished X bogey par as he had instructed his partner to do.

The match was much closer than the result. Glen's putts on 13 and 14 were game changers and Ken played beyond his skills excepting for his tanking on holes 4,5,8,9,12,and 15.

We look forward to the final. /bob

Addendum to my report.

Chuck did par10(Ken birdied), 11( Ken birdied), 13(Ken and Glen birdied) and 15( Bob birdied). We wished he had parred more often.

Final scores- all mid 40's on the front. Back- Glen 35, Ken 36, Bob 39 and Chuck 40. /b

The Eagle Has Landed..and landed and landed

September 18, 2011
Sunday September 18.

The tiebreaker between the two teams tied for third is played on a perfect calm hot September Sunday. The course is hard and the greens fast.

The fast recap starting on ten. All holes saying birdie or better are a win for Chuck - Ken.

Their card:

net birdie, lose to birdie, halve, halve, halve, birdie, birdie, net birdie, par (win), lose to par. 3 up at the turn.

par, par, lose to par (2 up). NET EAGLE, NET EAGLE, NET EAGLE. 5&3

Chuck was a best of the year 79 with 3 natural birdies (15, 4 and 6) 3 stroking birdies (10, 16 and 5)and 6 strokes.
Ken helped a great deal in the early going contributing on 12, 13, 14.
Rob lost his driver and shot 80.
Nick three putted 2 of the first 3 holes and lost his swing in the middle of the 16th fairway.

The best ham and egging I have witnessed. Hats off to a man who found his game!!


September 17, 2011
w l t pt
Gord McD - Tom 6 0 0 12
Bob - Glen 5 1 1 11
Rob - Nick 3 3 1 7
Ken - Chuck 2 2 3 7
Fred - Michael 2 4 1 5
Gord T - Mac 2 4 0 4
Richard - Wayne 2 5 0 4
Ian - Little Bob 1 4 0 2

Battle of The Basement

September 16, 2011
Friday the 16th
Mac/ Gord vs Wayne/Rickie
Off Gord's 7 , Wayne gets 3, Richard 6 and Mac 9

To summarize , there were some basement low points 1 and 11 were tied with bogies and Richard's game was still "erratic" ; Wayne's putter was initially cold as ice ....But then again .... Gord had birdies on 2 and 8, Mac net birdies on 4 and 9 ( matched on 9 by Wayne's approach to gimmie distance ! ) Wayne also made clutch putts on 12 and 13 to keep the match going..... but after Gord 2 putted from 50+ ft on 14 , Mac and Gord got back to 4up. Tying pars on 15 ended it

Mac/Gord have won 2 in a row and look forward to a great leap in the standings by taken down the formidable pair of Ian and Bob

Retirees Retired

September 16, 2011
Bob and Glen showed the stamina of working people to outlast the pensioners Fred and Mike. But it was close.
Glen brought out his new pitiful $330 Cleveland driver and Bob had to go with two putters. There is a blessing in breaking a club and having room for two marginals.
The first nine was back and forth - Glen hitting a spectacular 2nd on 5 through the trees where his pitiful drive left him- but Bob birdied 8 and 9 for a 2up.
M&F won 10 and 11 and 12 were pushed. Pensioners double dipped on 13 so it was again 2up. Great 4 by Fred on 14 to lead into Mikes stroke alley (all the rest) but Mike's perfect drive on 15 ended in a divot and then the creek and Fred's 3rd ended in the big sand divot. Glen hit a good wedge over the trees on his 2nd after the usual pitiful drive and his par left B&G 3up. Pedestrian bogeys on 16 ended it.

A fun match that was closer than the end score. Michael was recognized and seems much the same despite his long absences.


September 3, 2011
w l t pt
Gord McD - Tom 6 0 0 12
Bob - Glen 4 1 1 9
Rob - Nick 3 3 1 7
Ken - Chuck 2 2 3 7
Fred - Michael 2 3 1 5
Richard - Wayne 2 4 0 4
Ian - Little Bob 1 4 0 2
Gord T - Mac 1 4 0 2

Buzz saw chops ken and Chuck at the knees

September 2, 2011
Details to come but Ian shot 80 off a 17. He and little Bob had 5 birdies to one for Ken and Chuck. 5&3.

Mac/Gord vs Fred/Michael - THE RETURN OF THE MAC ATTACK !

August 31, 2011
Playing off Gord's 7 Fred receives 3 Mac and Michael both getting 9 ....
Mac shows he means business by making great up and downs for par on 1 and 2. M/G 2up ... Fred counters with clutch 14' for par on 3 to win the hole . Mac counters with a 2-putt net birdie on 4 only to be tied by Fred's 25' birdie putt! M/G 1up
Fifth hole , Fred shows his age by giving Gord his 11' for bogey , making Mac's equal putt for double good as well . Fred now has to make his 5 footer for bogey, net par ! NO PROBLEM , match all square.... Fred uses his stroke on six to get his team a 1 up lead ! Gord makes an appearance , birdie on 7 draws it square again , Gord is comfortably on 8 in regulation when Fred the pest knocks his 70 yd. shot to gimmie distance!! Still all square ...
No one can match Mac's smooth net birdie on 9 , M/G i up at the turn.....

Mac's net par on 10 gives us a 2Up . Fred's 20' for birdie wins it , ( Back and forth it goes ) Pars split 13th but Michael rams home his 2nd putt for par on 14 to bring the match back to square,
15 means water for the hot team and Mac's net birdie is more then sufficient for the win . M/G back to one up . 5's across the board on 16 maintains status , Gord pops up again to make a routine par on 17 and just like that ,,, it's done! Mac/ Gord win 2 and 1 .
Mac net 71 , Gord 72 , Fred 72 , Michael 74 , Play ( excepting all the good putting ) not the best but a very good match with lots of swings...

Nick and Rob Complete Round Robin

August 23, 2011
Nick and Rob did all they could to make the playoffs with a 2&1 win over little Bob and Ian Tuesday August 23. It was a fine day for golf. Calm and hot.

Starting cautiously lb's balky putter showed up right away as he wasn't even close on a ten foot birdie putt on one. Nick covered with a routine par.
2 was sloppy with bogies all round.
Rob won 3 with a par and 5 with a par. Nick went in the hazard on 6 butt stayed below a front left pin and was able to get up and in for 5 net 4 while everyone else went long and putt-putt-putted to a double at best. 3 up.
Cue the comeback.
Ian sinks across the green on 7 for a winning birdie.
Par wins 8 for the newbies.
Par net birdie wins 9 for Ian and it is all even at the turn.

Nick gets up and in from the right of 10 so when lb chunks a wedge after a great drive, par is enough to win N/R 1up
11 is halved in bogey. Nick has 18" for a winning par but isn't given. Nor is he away. But he is told to putt out of turn. the ladies back on the tee are making noises about hurrying up. Too confusing. Nick misses. Ian sinks .Halve
A mad Nick drives it to 50 yards short of the green and nips a wedge in to the magical 18" length. Again it is not given. Lb/Ian make bogey so it ends up being conceded and the lead is 2. Feels like the front.
LB airmails 13 with his wooden sticks. Ian visits the pond. 3 up with 5 to go.
A great par from the trees by lb makes Rob 2 putt from 25 feet and 14 is halved.
Pars halve 15 and it is dormie.
No problem. N and R drive ob on 16. 2 up. even more like the first nine.
Nick goes wayward on 17. Rob is on but 90 feet away. No problem. Ian is out of it and lb is over the back. But wait. Lb chips to 4 inches. Rob must 2 putt to end the match before Ian strokes on 18. Ian mistakenly hits a putt from the same zone as Rob. rob learns and hits a great putt to 2 feet followed by the winning putt. 2 & 1.

Four! Sale!!

August 12, 2011
Fred and Michael vs Rob and Nick.

Fred brings out a brand new Odyssey and putts the worst any of us have ever seen.
Nick starts with 8 straight 4's
Rob is 1 over at match end
Michael is very impressive off the tee, a little rusty around the greens and unable to compete with Nick and Rob by himself.

Michael drains a 20 footer for par on one to half both N & R
Four lousy chips on 2 but Nick and Rob sink their 6 footers while F& M miss their 8 footers 1 up
Rob pars 3 with a nifty chip to two feet. a pulled 4 footer by Fred hands a hands a 2 up lead heading into stroker alley.
Michael strokes on 4 and hits fairway, fairway, wedge to 20 feet and an easy par, net birdie. Nick hits a 7 wood on to 25 feet and after a bomb goes off in his hands for the eagle putt, the three foot comebacker is made for the half.
Nick stokes on 5 and his 20 foot 2 putt is an easy win when Fred comes up lame on his halving 15 foot par putt. 3 up
All safe drives on 6 are followed by not so good but on the green irons and 2 putt pars net birdies for Nick and F/M for a push.
Horrible tee shots on 7 look good for F/M when par is conceded after a great chip by M but Rob knocks in a curvy 10 footer for a halving par.
M strokes on 8,9 and 10. He has a lock on 8 with a deft chip to 2 feet for 4 net 3. Nick makes his 8th straight 4 with a 7 foot second putt. Fred grinds over his 2 footer for 4 and is proud to make it and tell Michael to pick his marker up. Unfazed but maybe distracted Michael realizes Fred's putt was immaterial. He pulls the near gimmee and N/R have dodged a bullet. Still 3 up.
Michael strokes on another par 5. Nick's string of 4's is broken. Net birdie for M with a lovely 6 footer means it's 2 up N/R at the turn.

Nick's tee ball disappears on 10. Rob makes a lovely par. It's not enough as stroking Fred hits it past the tree, on the green about 30 feet away and a lag putt to gimmee distance. The lead is now one but Michael has no more strokes until 15.
Nick and Rob miss 20 foot birdie putts on 11. Fred has 2 feet for the half. It barely touches the right lip and the gift means the lead is 2 again.
Downwind on 12 puts all the approaches nearly over the back. Nick nervously drops his 18incher for the half. 2 up still.
3 balls on 13 with Nick not on but the closest off the green at the back. Michael comes up way short with his first putt and then goes 4 feet long with his par putt. Fred comes up 4 feet short with his birdie putt. Rob lags to 2 feet. Nick goes for the birdie chip and is 3 feet past. Fred hits his second putt outside of Rob. Michael misses a cruel breaking 4 footer. Ugly double. Nick is confused to even be putting and misses light. Ugly bogey. Fred just curls in his bogey putt. Rob check that a half is in the bag already and then watches as his 2 footer dives hard right and just goes in. 3 up.
Nick is in play on 14. He comes up short but hits a chip that looks in all the way settling for a tap in par. Fred is on the fringe in 2, comes up way light and then doesn't touch the hole with his par putt. Dormie and the putter is officially for sale.
Michael is stroking and makes a strong par, net birdie. Rob nearly drives the ditch, hits a 6 iron into the front bunker, pops it out to 6 feet and promptly drops the putt for a real birdie and a 4 & 3 win.

Some strong golf.

Rob is 1 over at the finish.
Nick plays well except for the lost(maybe picked up by duffers playing 1) ball on 10.
Michael is very steady but a couple of poor chips/putts make the difference.
Fred ah Fred. His only advice is don't bring a new putter to a match situation. The pressure will make it under perform.

A lovely day of golf and how pleasant to have a rare game with Micheal/N

Titanic Blood bath

July 17 , 2011.....Ken / Chuck v Fred / Mike....a titanic struggle ending All Square....blood spattered everywhere .


# 1 ) Everyone chipping for an up / down.......very front pin....Ken , furthest away in rough at back of green , least likely to par...chips to 3 inches above the hole !!....everyone else bogies....K & C ,1 UP

# 2 ) Ken & Fred par......# 3 ) 3 4`s, Mike 5......# 4 ) Ken & Fred par...Chuck, after 3 excellent shots , and with a stroke , 3 putts from 25 feet......a front nine pattern....Chuck still putting LAST weekend`s ++ fast greens , can`t adjust to today`s sticky / humid greens...keeps missing short till the back nine .

# 5 ) Fred --4 , Mike & Chuck net 4` openings so far least someone from each team making an easy par every hole .

# 6 ) Chuck & Mike stroking....C is pin high 8 --10 feet....M is just on upper right of green....12 --15 feet.....M DRILLS it in ....bounces off the back of the cup for net bird......C SHORT AGAIN .......All Square

# 7 ) 4 --3`s.....then Mike`s 7 footer drops for bird !!.........F & M...1 UP

# 8 ) Everyone chipping except Ken , who has a 2 foot gimme bird.....BUT....Fred , chipping from 10 feet off the green and 35 ? feet of curving green SINKS blood

# 9 ) Mike gets 7 with a stroke....Fred is bogey....Ken makes easy par to win......Chuck makes par too...just because he can....and so he can have 2 , rather than just 1 legit par on his card .

Match All Square at the turn

# 10 ) Chuck and Mike stroking.....C makes a POOR pitch.....M makes a GREAT chip......wins with net bird...F & M ...1 UP

# 11 ) C & K play bozo golf.....Fred`s par wins....F & M ...2 UP

# 12 ) F & M give it back....both get 5...Chuck finally shows signs of life....hits perfect 7 iron to back left high ...5 --6 feet....Ken makes easy par so Chuck is totally relaxed over birdie putt...which he misses , but at least makes a good putt ....F & M 1 UP

# 13 ) Chuck right over the flag.....middle of the green...15 + feet above the hole.....everyone else facing challenging up & one up to the challenge...Chuck wins with easy par .......Back to All Square .

# 14 ) Everyone with a chance for par......everyone gets 5

# 15 ) Fred , as he`s been doing all day , stripes a long drive dead center .....everyone else play the hole well....on in 3 with birdie chances...from 180 out and in the middle of the fairway , Fred tops it into the protected cross stream....still just misses par
The birdie tries....who will break the log jam ?....Mike , from 20 feet , tries to reshape the hole as he did successfully on 6....this one lips out...a great try....Ken misses from 8 feet......Chuck makes from 6 --7 feet....having FINALLY grasped the principle , that a putt not hit hard enough to REACH the hole , can`t go IN the hole.....K & C ...I UP....and in the lead for the first time since # 4

# 16 ) Ken in his pocket after nasty drive right......C , M , and F, all stroking....M & C get 6....Fred makes good chip & par....BACK TO ALL SQUARE

# 17 ) The strain of the match seems to get to the 2 oldest players.....who happen to be on the same team.....Fred bogies...Mike in his pocket after ugly drive into kaka right.....Chuck ...short of left bunker in 2, hits a sweet 62 wedge to 5 feet .....par wins it...Ken , inspired by Chuck`s follow up par on #9.....also pars......" because he can "......K & C ....1 UP......1 to go .

# 18 ) Michael stroking.....plays hole poorly .....lying 3 on the front lip of left front bunker...awkward stance...right foot in bunker....Fred is done his pocket with 7.....C & K in good position after 2 shots....both hit poor 3rd shots to front of green....2 putts not certain....M...hits the shot of the day ....chips to 18 inches in front of the hole....certain net bird.....C & K both 3 --putt
Match ends ALL SQUARE

Comments :

Fred...Solid like the rock he grew up on all day.....driving , 2nd shots , putting....only bad shot was glitch on # 15 ...82 ( net 71 )

Michael WOW...seems to have figured out how to compensate for wonky hands.....long game respectable for the most Mike in his prime when the shot is critical......becomes a + handicapper in the clutch .

Ken...On his own for the front 9.....keeps the team All Square at the turn with a 37..a tired 45 on the back....82 ( net 74 )

Chuck....Brain dead till # 12.....but contributes form then on...84 ( net 70 )

The Golf Goddess rightfully decrees that ALL SQUARE is the fairest outcome for this match


August 9, 2011
w l t pt
Gord McD - Tom 6 0 0 12
Bob - Glen 4 1 1 9
Ken - Chuck 2 1 3 7
Fred - Michael 2 1 1 5
Richard - Wayne 2 4 0 4
Rob - Nick 1 3 1 3
Ian - Little Bob 0 3 0 0
Gord T - Mac 0 4 0 0

Ricky and Wayne Dominate

August 7, 2011
Ricky and Wayne dissected Rob and Nick on a fine day for golf, Sunday Aug 7 at Garrison. Wayne split most fairways and putted confidently. Ricky could control his muscles with fewer drugs in his system. Rob was lacking a partner. Nick was immaterial.

Wayne won one with the only par. Fairway, green, 30 foot lag putt to gimmee distance. Ho Hum.
Rob birdied 2 for all square.
Wayne slams a 30 footer into the hole on 3 for a halving par with Rob.
Wayne is 20 feet for net eagle on 4. 2 feet for net birdie. 3 feet for net par and in a surprise move sinks that putt for a half. A lovely gift think Nick and Rob.
Ricky wakes up and pars 5 for a net birdie 1 up.
Both par net birdie 6 for 2 up.
A delicate chip from the back of 7 to a middle pin means a par wins 7 for Ricky and the rout is on. 3 up.
Rob coaxes in a 4 footer for par on 8 but when Nick three putts 9 to hand a half to R/W its 2 up at the turn.
Lovely chips from the right of ten lead to 6 foot par putts by both Nick and Rick. It is a win as Ricky has a stroke. 3 up
Ricky chips to gimmee distance on 11 but the bastards won't give it!! No problem! Boy was Wayne pissed when Ricky missed! Comeback time? Wayne has 40 feet to negotiate in 2. No problem. Wayne lips out and is conceded his 4 incher for another half.
Ricky birdies 12 with an 8 iron to 6 feet for a 4 up lead.
Ricky loses his lucky ball on 13 and Wayne stumbles on his long chip. First in for par, Nick sends it back to 3 up.
Wayne flips a wedge from the clover over the bunker on 14 to a back blue pin then drains the ten footer for par. Rob covers him with his own six footer so it's 3 up with 4 to go.
Ho hum. Long drive Ricky. Just short in 2 Ricky. Chip to 6 feet Ricky. Another birdie Ricky and it's all over at 4 & 3.

Lovely game by Wayne 78. Rob is about the same. Nick is a large plaza 42-42 and Ricky is a great match play 86 with 3 birds, six strokes and 4 Xs.

Ricky and Wayne better ball gross 72.
Rob and Nick better ball gross 74

Fred and Michael beat Wayne and Richard

August 3, 2011

Straight to the Finals

August 5, 2011
Some days one team's got it and the other...well, read on

And now the details:

#1 Thayer is over, Mac is o/b right, the two Gords are on. McD leaves his 30-footer a couple of feet short. GT leaves his in the hole for birdie (up and down from 75 yds), and the rout is on. GT/Mac 1 up
#2 Thayer is on. Mac is o/b right. McD chips on to 35 feet below the hole. GT chips from 80 feet and makes the putt. McD takes two putts for a net par and the half. GT/Mac 1 up
#3 Mac has a stroke but his net double doesn't help. A rough start. Thayer leaves his tee shot a mere 6 feet left. GT is way short and left, but his approach to 4 feet mean a guaranteed 3. When Thayer leaves it a nose hair short, it's a push. GT/Mac still 1 up and looking invincible.
#4. Looks can be deceiving. GT leaves his second on the edge of the deep stuff right, his third on the road and his fourth over. Mac misses the green from 100 yds, then again from 10 yds, and it's a gift. McD's par is enough, but Thayer pours in a birdie for emphasis. All Square
#5 McD and Mac make irrelevant triples. GT takes 2 putts for the first time all day and a bogey. Thayer makes a masterful putt through the trap right and makes the par putt for the win. Thayer/McD 1 up
#6 Thayer in 2 and McD in 3 are on the bottom and wrong level. Mac is close in 3 and GT is just over in 2. Thayer's putt sails 12 feet by. McD's putt sails 12 inches by. Mac and GT both miss and it's a push. Thayer/McD 1 up and breathing a sigh of relief.
#7 The relief doesn't last long. Thayer is over in two (and three). McD is 60 yds short in two, Mac hits a great shot in to about 15 feet and GT is on as well. McD pulls his chip left to 18 feet, but with the read from Thayer, he drops the par putt. Mac just misses the bird, he and his partner both settle for pars. Thayer/McD still 1 up but sweating bullets.
#8 Thayer and McD on, GT and Mac not, but close. They both make good chips, Mac misses but GT doesn't (ever) and matches Thayer's and McD's routine pars. Thayer/McD still 1 up
#9. Thayer's one stroke hole. He hits a great drive then knocks it way long into the tree left. We'll leave his ball high in the branches for a moment. Mac gets into rough trouble. GT leaves his second short but makes a great chip (so what else is new?) and a great putt (so what else is new??) for par. McD is on in 3. Meanwhile, back in the branches, Thayer's ball knocks around for a while then pops out on to the green pin high! His 2-putt par net birdie earns serious scowls from GT. Thayer/McD 2 up at the turn. (GT has made only 11 putts!)
#10 GT makes one of his few mistakes of the day going into the trap right then barely getting out. McD's 2-putt bogey from above the hole is a net par and good for the win. Thayer/McD 3 up
#11. Mac finally wakes up and hits the shot of the day to 4 feet. The rest of the foursome make pars but Mac... also makes par, just missing on the low side. Thayer/McD still 3 up but afraid of the awakening Gervan.
#12 Gervan goes back to sleep. Everyone else is a little short. GT is still a little short after three (no offence intended). McD rolls his birdie try to gimme distance and Thayer/McD are now 4 up and breathing easier.
#13 They breathed easier too soon. Way too soon. Neither can do better than bogey/net bogey. GT hits a great shot in, a great putt to gimme distance and the comeback has begun. Thayer/McD 3 up and shaking ever-so-slightly.
#14 The comeback continues. GT hits his appoach from 170 yard to 8 feet (what else is novel?) and makes the birdie putt (what else is brand spanking freaking new??). Everyone else is mere surplusage. Thayer/McD only 2 up and fading. Fast.
#15 Okay, not so fast. GT makes one of his few errors of the day,leaves it in the trap right and, unlikely as it may sound, does not get it up and down. Thayer, meanwhile has hit his 90 yd approach to the front fringe, putts it 2 feet by and makes no mistake on the comeback. Thayer/McD 3 up and dormie
#16 Thayer is on with a possible birdie putt. McD is on with a possible net birdie putt. Birdie-schmirdie! Mac goes one better and rolls in his net eagle from just off the front. Yikes! The incredible comeback has begun. Thayer/McD 2 up and dormie
#17 Everyone's on except McD who is in the trap. He doesn't get it done. Mac and GT come oh-so-close to pushing the match to 18. But they don't. The incredible comeback comes to an end when Thayer rolls in his 3-foot par putt. Thayer/McD 2 and 1

Thayer and McD have just done what no other team in the history of The Waterfield Match Play Championship has ever done - they have won six in a row. Apparently, that and a buck twenty-five will get you a coffee at Timmies.

Tom 76 net 68 (Tom figures 78 - it's all about those putts we pick up)
McD 85 net 69
GT 76 net 69 (only 26 of those shots were putts!)
Mac 99 net 81

WTF is that 1890 Simpson iron made of?

August 3, 2011
Every time Glen hit his perfect drive- on 14 to 85 yards from the green-littlebob hit the iron for safety-to 75 yards from the green. We are only comparing the iron to our best drives. His driver was much farther.

Thankfully littlebob's putter was not as good. His 36 on the front included a 3 putt and a couple of missed birdies. Ian won the 7th with a par to parry Bob's birdie on 1 and littlebob and Glen's birdies on 4 and Ian and littlebob both birdied 9 for 1up.

Bob parred 10 to bring it even and Glen sank it from off the green on 12 to go 1up. littlebob missed good birdie putts on 11 and 12.Ian again won a par three with a par on 13. Glen and Bob both birdied 14 after the heart attach of littlebob's birdie resting on the lip.
Bob birdied 15 and littlebob missed an easy birdie so G&B were up 2 going to 16 and Glen's stroke hole. Bob long and a 3putt Glenn two whack in the bunker and Ian's net par after littlebob's 3putt for 5.

1up to 17 B&G both 3putt but luck out when littlebob misses his short par putt.
18 is pivotal. Bob hit his best drive under the bridge and is out of it. littlebob misses his long birdie putt, Ian slips by with his net birdie and Glen miraculously 2 putts for a par after missing the bunker on his approach by a CH.

A 1up win for G&B that was fortunate but such a joy to watch Bobby play. /bob


July 22, 2011
Richard & Wayne vs Ian & little Bob

The course had been set up for the club championship so all the holes and GUR and crapola that we normally play out of were circled in white paint. As well, the white tees were set back with the blue tees making the course a bit longer than we were used to - especially for Bob Sly who was playing his hickory sticks.
Hole 1
Ricky sneaks in a longish putt for par to go 1 up
2&3: Push
On Hole #4. Ricky's bogie lets the good guys go 2 up
But on #7, R&W both bogie vs two pars. Back to One up where it remains at the turn.
Wayne's par on 10 sends R&W 2 up only to have it quickly negated on 11 with a par from Bobby bettering all the bogies. R&W back to 1 up.
Hole 12 brings an interesting turn of events on the green where Wayne double-hits his ball and sinks the putt. Luckily his live-in rules woman is reachable on her cell for a decision. Wayne takes a bogie for a push.If anybody is interested in the actual ruling, call Wayne or Barbara.
Bobby birdies 13. Match all square going in to 14 which Wayne pars to go 1 up.
15 is a fiasco. Bogies, doubles, strokes... a push.
Ricky's stroke on 16 gets him a net birdie to beat Bob's par. 2 up
Handshakes on 17 green that almost everybody pars.
Good match on a longish course. Was a real treat to see Bob Sly play hickories so sweetly. He and Ian are a most welcome addition to this group and we wish them well in their other matches.


w l t pt
Gord McD - Tom 5 0 0 10
Bob - Glen 3 1 1 7
Ken - Chuck 2 1 3 7
Fred - Michael 1 1 1 3
Rob - Nick 1 2 1 3
Richard - Wayne 1 3 0 2
Ian - Little Bob 0 2 0 0
Gord T - Mac 0 3 0 0

Tough Opponents

July 27, 2011
For those keeping score Gord played a wonderful game with 8 pars and a birdie. He sank huge putts on 2, 8, and 13 and had brilliant lag putts to secure holes on 4 and 9. He hit 7 greens in regulation and was putting from the fringe on another 2. Not bad for a 16 getting 8 strokes.

He has now netted to 68 - 72 - 66 - 65 - 66 in the five matches played so far.

Tom was very steady. 11 pars and 2 birdies and 5 bogies. He made his own share of putts with the long one on 3 being critical to keep from going 2 down early. And getting 2 strokes

He has now netted to 70 - 69 - 71 - 69 - 66.

As a team they were better ball gross 72.

These boys are tough and full value for their perfect record.

Nick and Rob were better ball 73. In the magic of match play this one could have gone either way with the difference being a putt made here versus lipped out there (see 8 or 16 or 17).

McD -Thayer a perfect 5-0-0

July 27, 2011
NICK HOLES OUT (briefly) FROM 70 YDS ON #8
Sometimes one team's got it and the other... well, read on

Now the details:

#1 Rob chips in from just off the front for an apparent birdie. Tom picks up his marker, his 6 foot par putt meaningless. But it wasn't! Turns out Rob had had to take a drop from the hazard on his drive and had only made par. Major league OOPS! Tom/Gord might never recover from that one. Nick/Rob 1 up
#2 Nick hits two beauties and looks like a lock to win the hole and go 2 up. But Gord rolls in an 18 footer for par and the push. Nick/Rob 1 up
#3 Nick makes a great chip and looks like a lock to win the hole and go 2 up. But Tom rolls in a beautiful 14 footer for par and the push. Nick/Rob still 1 up
#4 Everybody pars, but Gord's stroke gives him the net birdie. All Square
#5 Tom hits two perfect shots and makes a 2-putt par/net birdie. Nick is far left, then in the trees left but manages to make a phenomenal chip and easy putt for his par/net birdie and the push. All square
#6 Rob 2-putts from 60 feet and matches Tom's strong par. All Square
#7 Nick in the pond, but everyone else within good-good-good distance. All Square
#8 Nick stymied by a tree left, has to chip out to 70 yds then, incredibly, he holes the pitch! For a split second. Then the ball jumps out of the hole and settles a foot away. Not a bad par. Rob spins out his birdie putt. Gord has got it pin high right from 190 yds. Tom tells him it's straight. Gord believes him and cans it for birdie . Tom/Gord 1 up
#9 Gord hits a good drive, a second to 90 yds and a third to 10 feet. His tap in par/net birdie beats Nick's par (Rob o/b and in his pocket). Tom/Gord 2 up at the turn
#10 Rob goes into the bushes left. Nick makes a fabulous chip from long right and nails the par putt. Gord doesn't do as well from front right but his stroke gives him net par and the tie. Tom/Gord 2 up
#11 Tom and Nick make pars for a push. Tom/Gord 2 up
#12 Tom goes into the woods. Everyone else on or just off front to blue pin. Nick and Gord come reasonably close. Rob does even better and his 60+footer drops for birdie. The comeback has begun. Tom/Gord 1 up
#13 Nick hits the pin! (on his third shot) Gord makes a longish par putt, then Tom rolls in a 12 foot birdie. The comeback has officially ended. Tom/Gord 2 up
#14 Nick goes way right to get a head start on the 15th. Rob is in the back trap, Tom on in reg (again). Rob putts out of the trap and makes the comeback putt for par and a push. Tom/Gord still 2 up
#15 Nick's two 7-woods have him almost pin high left. Tom's 3-wood/6 iron has him in front. They both make great chips but miss makeable birdie putts. It's a push. Rob goes in the creek twice. Gord only goes in once. Tom/Gord (yawn) still 2 up
#16 Nick chunks his second from inside the 150, leaves his next one just off the front but nails the next one for net birdie...almost. It just stays out and Tom is able to salvage a tie. Tom/Gord 2up and dormie
#17 Nick goes for a hike left and is never seen again. Everybody else is within 15 feet for birdie. Gord has the easiest put but (aarrgghh!) leaves it short. Tom's downhiller twists away. Rob can keep the match alive if he makes his uphill putt. He misses by 1.5 cm, and that's all she wrote. Tom/Gord 2 and 1 and now 5-0

From the scores noted below it appears that Tom/Gord should have won by a landslide but if Nick's putt had dropped on #16 and Rob's on #17, we would have gone to #18 all square. (Tom birdied and Gord net birdied #18, but you never know what might have happened)

Gord 82 net 66
Tom 75 net 66
Nick 83 net 73
Rob 86 net 80


July 25, 2011
w l t pt
Gord McD - Tom 4 0 0 8
Bob - Glen 3 1 1 7
Ken - Chuck 2 1 3 7
Fred - Michael 1 1 1 3
Rob - Nick 1 1 1 3
Ian - Little Bob 0 1 0 0
Gord T - Mac 0 3 0 0
Richard - Wayne 0 3 0 0

This account need some serious editing. We can start by calling our team MC DIARMID/thayer Any acco

July 22, 2011
This account need some serious editing. We can start by calling our team MC DIARMID/thayer

Any account of Gord's birdie putts on 2, 3, and 4 need to be accompanied by a marching band and fly over.


Now the details:

On Friday, July 22nd, Garrison witnessed a titanic battle between the last two undefeated teams in this year's Waterfield. Here's what happened:

#1 Ken found trouble left but everyone else was on in reg and made pars. All square.
#2 Ken drains a phenomenal 40 foot putt for birdie. This followed an even longer (60 feet) and more improbable birdie putt by Gord after the correct read by Tom. These guys are good! It's gonna be one of those matches.
#3 Chuck hits a near-perfect shot to 6 feet above the hole. Gord is also on but a good 20 feet above the hole. Ken is gonzo left. tom chips on but can't get it to drop. Gord listens to the read by guru Tom and, miraculously, the putt then twists its way down the hill and drops in the side door for birdie. Chuck is rattled and just misses his birdie putt. Tom/Gord steal one - 1 up
#4 Ken mixes things up by finding trouble right. His partner is solid, though and makes par as does Tom. Gord hits three good shots and is 12 feet above the hole. Tom gives the read, the Golf Goddess says" What the hell - why not?", and the putt drops. Gord has just made three birdies in a row for the first time all week (actually the first time in his life) and has already made 92 feet of putts. Tom/Gord 2 up
#5 For the first time since #1, Gord misses making a birdie. By a lot. But while everyone else finds some sort of trouble and double bogey, Gord makes a bogey for the win. Tom/Gord 3 up
#6 The Golf Goddess continues to smile on Tom and Gord. Tom skulls his drive along the ground - and right past the pond across the road. He goes on to make a solid par to match Ken. Chuck and Gord make doubles. Tom/Gord still 3 up
#7 Tom just misses his birdie putt (Gord's not quite as good a putt reader), and settles for par. Ken makes a lousy first putt but a solid second for the par push. Gord is in his pocket, Chuck makes bogey. Tom/Gord remain 3 up
#8 Ken and Gord go left, Chuck goes right and Tom goes right up the middle leaving a birdie putt. Gord makes a lousy chip to 25 feet, but once again the unbelievable happens - the putt drops, and it's good for the win. Tom/Gord 4 up
#9 Tom is the only guy on in regulation. No one can make a putt. Three bogeys and a par. Tom/Gord 5 up at the turn
#10 Chuck makes a very solid 2-putt par net birdie. Gord three-putts from the next area code. Tom and Ken make pars but Chuck rules. Thus starts the comeback. Tom/Gord 4 up
#11 Tom, Gord and Ken on, but Ken substantially closer. Tom takes three more. Chuck misses his sandy. Gord putts to gimme distance. Ken just misses on the high side. a push. Tom/Gord still 4 up
#12 Tom goes deep left and is never seen again. Gord hits a flyer out of the rough to the back of the green with a red pin. Ken's ball is anxious to get to #13 and heads down the road. Chuck leaves it pin high left and just off. Alas, the magic appears to have departed. Gord three-putts again. Chuck makes no mistake and his par wins. Tom/Gord down to 3 up and struggling. Chuck and Ken have all the mo.
#13 Ken is just off at the back, but makes a masterful par. Tom is 14 feet right. He pulls out the dagger and plunges it deep into the cardial tissue of his opponents. Then he makes the birdie. Tom/Gord 4 up with five to play
#14 Chuck preserves the hope with two superb shots leaving himself 14 feet for birdie. Tom makes his 2-putt par, but is it good enough? It doesn't look like it until the Golf Goddess gives Chuck's putt an ever-so slight nudge right and it stays out. A push. Dormie
#15 All good drives, but Gord goes into the ca-ca right. Chuck and Ken both on but left with longish putts. Tom's little chip keeps it safely below the hole about 16 feet. Ken comes close. Chuck comes closer but no cigar. The Golf Goddess obviously had other plans on this day as she made clear early on. Tom rims the cup with his birdie effort and is conceded the par and the match. Tom/Gord 4 and 3

This has been a good three days for Tom and Gord with victories over the other two previously undefeated teams.

Tom 78 net 69
Gord 82 net 65
Chuck 82 net 68
Ken 82 net 73


[flok-suh-naw-suh-nahy-hil-uh-pil-uh-fi-key-shuhn] Show IPA
Rare . the estimation of something as valueless (encountered mainly as an example of one of the longest words in the English language).

Oneness Achieved -Just in time

July 20, 2011
Poor retired Gord. He won the first and won the eleventh.
Poor Mac. He parred 12-13-14-15 and had strokes waiting on 15-16-17-18.

Rich Rob. Not sure he won a hole by himself but he did get two halves by himself.

Nick was first in on 3(par), won 4(birdie), 5(net birdie), 6(net birdie)and 9(birdie). 8 was a team win against a double bogey and 10 was a team win with a pair of birdies (Rob's real).

6 up after 10 it all ends before Mac starts parring and stroking. Not a moment too soon. 5&4 in the scorching heat of July.

Rob and Nick go to one-one-one

Nick 3 over at match end.
Rob 4 over at match end
Gord 5 over on the front despite hitting six greens.
Mac had the Dr Jekyl half going during the match.


July 21, 2011

Now the details:

Fast/West met Thayer/McD on a sweltering afternoon - July 20th - in a titanic battle of undefeated Titans

#1 West got things going with a perfect drive, a shot to the middle and 2 putts for par. Pretty good, but McD matched him. All Square
#2 McD and Thayer couldn't get down in two from just off. Fast just misses a birdie putt but his par is enough and the rout appears to be on. W/F 1 up
#3 West is the only man on and his solid 2-putt par looks good, but McD makes a pretty good chip and a really good 8 footer for a par push. W/F 1 up
#4 Thayer keeps his bogey streak going, but West and Fast both stumble to bogeys as well. McD's net birdie ties the match. All Square
#5 West and Fast show a hint of dominance to come with solid pars. Thayer ends his bogey streak with a double bogey. McD makes a good lag and is conceded his net par. All Square
#6 Thayer finally hits a drive and makes a fine par. Doesn't look good enough, though, because Fast hits a fantastic second to birdie distance. McD flubs his second and has a 55 yard chip. Fast just misses his birdie putt. McD gets it to 10 feet above the hole. Thayer gives McD the read and he nails it for net birdie and a steal. T/McD 1 up
#7 Thayer/McD in deep do-do, both right, while Fast and West are on, West reasonably close. McD makes an acceptable chip. Fast misses his birdie putt (and his next one). West comes up short. Thayer gets on (barely) in 3, but reads McD's 14 footer perfectly. The putt drops. West makes his par as well. T/McD 1 up
#8 Thayer finally gets it going with a great drive, a great second and a tap-in par. Fast and West also par (as does McD net). T/McD 1 up
#9 A momentum changer. McD totally screws up. Thayer somewhat long in 3 but lags it to 3 feet. Fast also screws up. But west hits a perfect shot in and drops the 3-footer for birdie. All Square at the turn.
#10 Fast/West keep it going when Fast makes the only par. but McD is conceded his net par putt. Still All Square
#11 Everybody on but West and Fast both closer. Fast just misses his birdie putt. So does everyone else. All pars. All Square
#12 Fast is still in the rough right after two shots and leaves it to West who hits a great shot in. He just misses his birdie putt. Thayer leaves his first putt short but nails the second. Still All Square
#13 Fast just misses his birdie putt. So does everyone else. All pars. All Square
#14 One flew left, one flew right and Fast/West hand one to the other guys whose bogeys are enough to beat West's 6 and Fasts's X. T/McD 1 up
#15 McD totally screws up again and is out of it. It takes Thayer 4 just to get on. West has an eagle chip from about 90 feet and leaves it below the hole. Fast just misses his birdie putt. So does West. Thayer rolls it in from off the green right for birdie and a steal. T/McD 2 up
#16 Now Fast and West really turn up the pressure. Fast just misses a long birdie putt. West misses a shorter one. Thayer takes 2 just to get on from 20 yards but his 5 is a net 4 push. McD has a slippery 10 footer for the win but misses. T/McD 2 up and dormie
#17 Fast and West just keep coming. Fast just misses his birdie putt and settles for par. So does West. (Does the faithful reader note a pattern emerging?) Thayer and McD can't get it done yet again and their bogeys mean the match is still alive. T/McD 1 up
#18 Fast and West complete the comeback...almost. They are both on in reg. Fast just misses his birdie putt. So does West. Thayer cosies his up, and McD chips to gimme distance for net birdie. T/McD win 2 up
Fast left fast. West enjoyed his free beer.

Thayer 83 net 74
McD 84 net 66
Fast 81 net 74
West 76 net 69


July 20, 2011
Stroke means different things to different people.
To Bob it means the inability to have each side of the cerebral cortex communicate.
To Glen it suggests a tempo that might not be in sync.
To Tom it's the pen that wipes out a potential deficit.
To Gord McD. it's a synonym for the number of lashes deemed reasonable to anyone competing against him.

Our match: Gord-par,bogey,par,net birdie,net par,net birdie,par--rest -Tom par,par.
Back nine: net par, par, Tom par, par, bogey, Tom birdie, net par, bogey, net birdie.

Tom tied 8 and 12 and won 15. I considered floccinaucinihilipilification for my partner but he did par 10.

It was a great match ending at 18 for T&G 2up and we should all be doing the squatting dog for short putts.

ps. I thought that Gord McD's superlative play in the Boland Cup was related to his partner, Obviously he can do it with anyone.

Bob 76(69), Glen 82(75) , Tom80(71), Gord 85( 66)


w l t pt
Bob - Glen 3 0 1 7
Ken - Chuck 2 0 3 7
Gord McD - Tom 2 0 0 4
Fred - Michael 1 1 1 3
Rob - Nick 0 1 1 1
Ian - Little Bob 0 1 0 0
Gord T - Mac 0 2 0 0
Richard - Wayne 0 3 0 0

Good golf on display

July 17, 2011
Poor Nick-his partner ,Rob, couldn't win a single hole.

One of the most skillful and exciting matches I have been part of.
Glen's 40 foot birdie on 1 covered by Rob's almost as long birdie followed by Nick's chip-in for bird on 2 and Bob's birdie on 3 set the tone.

Glen sinks a putt from off the green on 5 for par only to have Nick sink one for net bird. 1up N&R.

Pars on 6 by G&B tie it but Nick sticks it to 2 feet on 7 to go 1up again. Glen's par on 8 ties it.

Rob sinks a long distance bird on 11 only to have Bob follow him in. Tied until a bird by Bob on 15 but then an off the green par from Bob on 16 is squashed by Nick's net bird.

Glen came back from a short rest with solid pars on 17 and 18 and R&N were unable to match them. The end was a 1up win by G&B.

Glen and Bob did not sacrifice a shot to par on any hole gross and Nick and Rob hit spectacular shots but had a couple of bogeys. Very exciting and a pleasure to watch wonderful golf by someone on every hole. /bob

Bob 73 - 66
Rob 75 - 68
Glen 79 - 71
Nick 86 - 76

Bob & Glen better ball gross 68 (14 pars 4 birdies)
Rob & Nick gross 72 - net 70 ( 10 pars 4 birdies 4 bogeys)

July 14, 2011
Rob and Nick took on Gord T and Mac Wednesday at Garrison. After many emails and much teeth gnashing to confirm the game only 3 players showed up. You have to love this electronic age.

Late Breaking Match Updates

July 14, 2011

Ken de Kok returns from 3 weeks of intensive training in Africa .
His blood and muscles saturated with the oxygen enriched air of his boyhood , he leads the Ken / Chuck team to 2 decisive Waterfield victories in 3 days .

June 10 , Ken / Chuck ( K & C ) , defeat Richard and Wayne ( R & W ) 5 & 4 .

# 1 ) Wayne sinks 30 - 40 ft. putt from the fringe for 4 to tie Ken

# 2 ) Chuck chips in for 3 from back of the green.....20 footer with 6 in. break.....K & C 1 up

# 3 ) Chuck gets up and down for the only 3 in the group....K & C 2 up

# 4 ) Ken hits it stiff for gimme bird.....K & C 3 up

# 5 ) & 6 ) Wayne executes perfectly for 2 net birds......K & C 1 up

# 7 ) C & R tie with 3`s

# 8 ) Ken makes routine par......everyone else in kaka.....K & C 2 up

# 9 ) Blue right pin ....Chuck makes 4 from 12 -15 ft. ...gentle right to left slider.....K & C 3 up

# 10 ) Wayne & Chuck tie with net pars ......# 11 ) 4 pars

# 12 ) Chuck birdies for win....K & C 4 up

# 13 ) only Ken pars.....K & C 5 up and dormie

# 14 ) Ken and Wayne par......K & C win 5 & 4

Comments :

Ken....Rock solid from 1st. tee to 18th. hole....ties his career low of 74 ( net 65 )

Chuck...Plays a ` Chuck game `....3 birdies.......but 4 doubles and a triple 85 ( 84 ) 71 )

Wayne....Perhaps contaminated by being Chuck`s partner in last year`s Waterfield , also plays a ` Chuck game `....plays like tour pro on 1 , 5 , 6 .....double on 4 and in his pocket 3 times ...88 ( net 76 )

Richard....Had a rough day....afflicted with some strange medical condition which totally disconnects body from mind....made worse by some " potion " from a country doctor whose qualifications are being investigated , has no control of the golf ball , even with assistance from Chuck`s mobile pharmacy .
However , always altruistic , and knowledgeable in the maintenance of woodland properties , devotes himself to removal of SEVERAL pesky branches , thus improving course conditions for all .....98 ( net 86 )


June 12 , K & C defeat Mac & Gord T. ( M & G ) 3 & 2

# 1 ) Only Ken makes par...K & C 1 up

# 2 ) Chuck and Gord tie with pars .....# 3 ) same

# 4 ) Chuck & Mac tie with net birds

# 5 ) Ken & Mac tie with net birds

# 6 ) Chuck & Mac net pars...Gord gets real par

# 7 ) After 6 holes of solid / steady golf.....some drama.....Gord & Mac both in almost certain birdie range....but Gord`s birdie preceded by 25 -30 foot right to left bird with 1 + foot break by Ken !!......K & C retain 1 up lead from the first hole .

# 8 ) & # 9 ).....Mac wins both with net birds.....M & G now 1 up at the turn ...........great match so far....everyone contributing.

# 10 ) 2 pars , 2 net pars

# 11 ) Ken hits it STIFF....birdie to win.....all square

# 12 ) Ken does it AGAIN.....this time from 4 - 5 feet....delicate downhill right to left break...K & C 1 up

# 13 ) Ken & Gord tie with par

# 14 ) First hole in the match where both players on one side screw up ....Mac in his pocket...Gord gets 6....Chuck has easy up and down for par....K & C 2 up

# 15 ) THE HOLE....Gord , bursting with adrenaline drives LONG and straight.....175 ? to the pin . Ken also out there .Gord`s second shot to the front fringe.....straight uphill 30 footer to mid - right pin.......Ken , finesses a delicate pitch over the left bunker....similar to 12...4 - 5 feet , downhill...tricky right to lefter . Chuck pin high in.3 , 12-15 feet... about 8 inch left to right break.
Gord hits perfect putt ( almost )....eagle putt stops on front lip.....Ken MAKES again to tie Gord`s bird.......Chuck also makes....but has a stroke....4 , net 3 .....K & C 3 up and dormie

# 16 ) Gord does an instant replay of 15.....Drive LONG and straight....perfect second shot to 12 -15 straight under back blue pin....another perfect putt ( almost )....this one turns right a half inch to die hole high on the right edge.
Ken , on in three with a stroke , 2 putts for 5 net 4.....K & C win 3 & 2

Comments :

Ken....has his `b` game on the front , except for mega- birdie on the back with 3 birds at critical moments...79 ( net 70 )

Chuck....solid at times, brain dead at others.....ties 4 holes on the front....mainly cheer leading Ken on the back except for THE PUTT on 15...86 ( net 72 )

Mac....Has his ` A ` game for 13 holes...especially the his pocket on 14 , 15 , 16 ...92 ( net 75 )

Gord.....very solid / steady except for double on 14......heroic efforts on 15 & 16.......78 ( net 73 )

A GREAT match.....a " simple twist of fate " here and there.......outcome could easily been 3 & 2 the other way .


July 11, 2011
w l t pt
Ken - Chuck 2 0 2 6
Bob - Glen 2 0 1 5
Gord McD - Tom 2 0 0 4
Rob - Nick 0 0 1 1
Ian - Little Bob 0 0 0 0
Fred - Michael 0 1 0 0
Gord T - Mac 0 2 0 0
Richard - Wayne 0 3 0 0

Oakley/Saxe Putt The Lights Out Oakley/Saxe Make 50% More Birdies Than Thayer/McD Thayer Misses Ever

July 11, 2011
Oakley/Saxe Putt The Lights Out
Oakley/Saxe Make 50% More Birdies Than Thayer/McD
Thayer Misses Every Fairway On Front And 10/14 Overall
Some Days One Team''s Got It And The Other...Well

And now the details:

#1 Oakley starts the fireworks by rolling in a long putt for par to match Thayer''s 2-putt par. All Square
#2 Thayer''s 1-putt par good enough. Thayer/McD 1 up
#3 McD is still looking for his ball as the other players walk off the green. Thayer''s 2-putt par good enough. Thayer/McD 2 up
#4 Oakley rolls in a monster birdie putt. McD 2-putts to net birdie. Thayer/McD 2 up
#5 Thayer''s drive travels a good 40yds. Oakley hits two great shots to pin high on a stroke hole and his net birdie starts a series of wins. Thayer/McD 1 up
#6 Oakley makes a good chip and a solid putt for another net birdie, beating Thayer''s 2-putt par. That''s 3 birdies in a row for Oakley. Is there no stopping this guy? All Square
#7 Well, yes, there is. It took him 3 to get on, but no worries - the Egg to Oakley''s Ham, Saxe, rolls in a long curling birdie putt. Oakley/Saxe 1 up
#8 Saxe pin high in two and makes par. So does Oakley. Thayer makes so-so chip from the back but saves par with a crucial 8-footer. Oakley/Saxe 1 up
#9 Thayer goes way right on his drive and farther right (and o/b) with his second. McD puts his third in the trap right and putts out to 12 feet. Both Oakley and Saxe make pars - Oakley''s long putt from just off just misses. McD 2-putts for net par and tie. Oakley/Saxe 1 up at the turn
#10 Thayer finally drives one in the fairway and long but can''t get the job done and scores 5. Oakley knocks it on in net 1, Saxe knocks it on and really close. McD also knocks it on from 200 yds. He and Oakley trade net birdies.Oakley/Saxe 1 up
#11Thayer takes a pill or something and starts firing darts. He rolls in his birdie putt from 9 feet even tho McD''s par was good enough. All Square
#12 Thayer leaves his approach 2 feet below the hole for anothe birdie even thogh McD''s par was all they needed. Thayer/McD 1 up
#13 Thayer leaves his tee shot 5 feet away. He misses, but McD''s 5 is good enough. Both Oakley and Saxe had Roman numeral 10''s. Thayer/McD 2 up
#14 Thayer loses one right. Then he loses his second even farther right. Saxe drives the ball 90 yds and hits the next one a good 8 yds. Oakley and McD both have fine drives inside the 150 and in the middle. They both screw up big time - McD sculls it over and into the bush, Oakley shanks it right into hazard. When the smoke clears, Oakley, Saxe and McD all make double bogey. Thayer/McD 2 up
#15 Thayer, McD and Oakley all make 2-putt pars, but Saxe rolls in a long downhill birdie and the match goes to Thayer/McD 1 up
#16 Everyone''s at the front right corner in 2. Chips not great. All make 5 (three of them net pars). Thayer/McD 1 up
#17 Thayer hits the fairway but doesn''t quite get it to the 200 yd marker. He and Oakley are a bit right in 2. Saxe has the long drive but a branch spooks him and he drops it into the trap left. McD is in the middle and hits a fine shot pin high to a blue pin. His 12 footer stops a foot short and the hole and match are conceded. Thayer/McD 2 up
#18 Oakley rolls in yet another long birdie putt, but alas, it is too late.

Thayer 78 net 69
McD 90 net 72
Oakley 84 net 70
Saxe 86 net 73


July 9, 2011
Ken and Chuck played devil's advocate against Rob and Nick on a lovely day for golf at Garrison. The course was playing hard and fast. Chuck was relaxed after delivering a seminar to MBA types. Ken was in his game mode. Rob and Nick wanted to get off to a good start in their first match of the competition.

Chuck had six strokes. Ken and Nick had two.

A missed 4 footer opened the door for Chuck on one. Politely he missed his two footer for half in bogie.
Pars halved two and three and we have three of the six halved holes in the books.

Stroker Chuck wins four and five with net birdie. Stroker Chuck ties partner Ken on six with a net bogey that isn't good enough against Rob's par. 1 up Chuck and Ken.

Ken takes over. Four inch birdie putt on 7 and a 40 foot birdie bomb on 8 and it's looking good.

It looks even better on 9. Chuck has ten feet for the fifth team birdie on the front and he is the only one close. Will it be 4 up at the turn? Wait. It's golf. Nick drops his own 30 foot curler. Chuck doesn't trust his first read. Suddenly it's just a 2 up lead at the turn for Chuck and Ken.

3 holes halved. 4 holes won by Chuck and Ken. 2 holes won by Rob and Nick.

Stroker Chuck drops a six footer for net par giving Ken a free run at his long birdie putt. It misses. Nick has ten feet for his second birdie in a row but is tentative.

A gift on 11 lets par win for Rob and Nick. The lead is down to one. Game on.

Chuck seems out of 12 but drops a huge downhill putt for par taking the pressure off Ken and his own curly five footer for par. Nick has 5 feet for birdie after driving up near the green but a mis read means the 5th half of the day.

13. Another par 3. An aggressive first putt by Chuck and a missed come backer hands the hole to Rob. All square.

A melt down on 14 and again par wins for Rob and Nick.

Ken and Nick don't play 15. Chuck sort of plays but 6 on the green with 30 feet left allows Rob to chunk his 3rd into the trap and still have lots of breathing room to win the hole. Suddenly it's 2 up Rob and Nick with 3 to go.

Stroker 16. Nick is long and straight and has 2 feet uphill left for net birdie. ken has a pitch over the left bunker which he leaves above the hole. 5 feet downhill with a foot of curl. Best putt of the day in a day of some good putting. Curling in the top edge he halves the sixth hole of the day and puts the match at dormie with 2 to play.

This time it's Rob and Nick's turn to take a hole off. Two lost balls. Ken has four feet for birdie so the hole was his to win anyway.

Off to 18 and stroker Chuck. 3 great shots and he has 20 feet uphill for net eagle. Rob drives the ditch but his try for green goes out of bounds. Nick hits a huge second nearly on but a weak pitch leaves him outside Chuck. Two putts all round and the comeback is complete. All square. A fair result for a wonderful day of golf and friendship.

Ken 78
Rob 79
Nick 80
Chuck 88 but what a match play 88. Net birdies and double bogies.

6 holes halved
6 holes won by Chuck and Ken
6 holes won by Rob and Nick


June 30, 2011
First, the headlines:
THAYER MAKES 6s ON #1,#9, #10 and #15!

And now the details:

#1 McD 3-putts from ten feet to join everyone else at double bogey. All square
#2 Boland blasts from trap to gimme distance par. McD rolls in an improbable one from off the green for the half. All square
#3 Boland makes another great chip to gimme distance and no one can match him. Boland/Raymond 1 up
#4 Boland rolls in his first birdie. Thayer rolls one in on top of him. McD just misses his net eagle. B/R 1 up
#5 Raymond and Boland both make net pars. So do Thayer (natural) and McD. B/R 1 up
#6 Raymond makes a fine par - net birdie, after Boland drains another birdie. Thayer's par is totally useless. B/R 2 up and the route is on
#7 Boland is in The Zone. He leaves his tee shot about 3 feet away. Thayer/McD concede the putt for yet another birdie. Kindly, B/R concede McD's birdie putt of 2 feet. B/R 2 up
#8 Raymond makes a great par. Boland just misses another birdie. Thayer's par keeps the match close - at least for now
#9 Thayer is pin high left in two but can't make par. Boland (of course) can. Fortunately McD makes 6 and has a stroke. B/R 2 up at the turn
#10 Thayer hits the big drive then puts it in the woods left. Raymond makes a great two putt net par. McD matches him. B/R 2 up
#11 Raymond doesn't quite make it to the ladies' tee. Boland goes way left. The door is finally open. McD goes through the door into the trap and stays there eventually making 5. Thayer wimps out to a safe spot and takes 3 more for bogey. Boland chips out then chips on and drains the putt for the half. B/R 2 up and T/McD just ever-so-slightly demoralized.
#12 Raymond makes a great chip from 20 yds to gimme distance. McD makes a lousy chip and bogeys. Thayer has a chance for birdie but doesn't scare the hole. B/R still 2 up
#13 Thayer just over the green and chips it one quarter of the way to 25 feet. Aaarrgghh!Raymond finds the trap and makes bogey. Boland chips from the left to makeable distance. McD chips from the same spot to a little farther away. Improbably he makes the 16 footer and Boland misses. Thayer/McD win a hole!! Will wonders never cease?
#14 No they won't. Raymond plays it perfectly getting to the front corner in two then making a great two-putt to a blue pin for par. Thayer, however hits two perfect shots and drops the short birdie putt. The match is All Square
#15 Thayer hits the perfect drive. He's hitting 6-iron from 185. It's too much and too left. Then he's in the trap right. Then he's out of it. Boland and Raymond have longish birdie putts. Both are left woefully short. Boland misses the next one but Raymond does not. He has just parred his third hole in the last four. McD leaves his third on the front fringe and his putt short. The next one drops for the half. All Square
#16 Boland Raymond and McD all stroking. Boland ends up above the hole in 3 and makes a good two-putt for net par. Raymond has cleverly left himself below the hole for his net birdie putt and it just squeaks by. Thayer makes a moderately good chip but rams home an 8-footer for par and the half. All Square
#17 four good drives, four lousy second shots. Raymond is in the bushes and out of it. thayer gets knocked down by the big tree right. Boland and McD both pull left. Thayer's chip is a good one to five feet below. McD's lob wedge is also good to four feet above. Boland's chip is, frankly, lousy leaving him a 30 footer that just misses. McD drops his par putt and for the first time all day, it's T/McD 1 up.
#18 A stroke hole for Raymond and McD. Raymond hits a not great third but his fourth is nicely below the hole. Boland is above the hole maybe 20ft. McD is pin high right in 4, chips to gimme distance for net par. Thayer just misses his birdie putt. Both Boland and Raymond have chances for birdie and both just miss. The match ends Thayer/McD 1 up.

Scores: McD 86 net 68
Boland 80 net 69
Thayer 79 net 70
Raymond 88 net 71

Oneness Avoided

July 1, 2011
Oneness Avoided

Playing against the Buddha and his servant , soon to be Mini-Man, the Maestro and His Baggage could feel a oneness approaching (1-1-1). It was not to be. The Maestro orchestrated a tuneful 35 on the front to lead his team to a 4up lead.

Gord's Yes putter brought the ball as close to the hole as Steve Tyler's lips but maybe should be renamed the Maybe.

Glen and Bob dodged some bullets through 12-14 but the Big and little guy had a hazardous 15 for the match to end there.

Bob,Glen and Gord were mid to high 70s. If Mac had been playing in the Canada Day tournament his flag would be somewhere in Newfoundland..

Another wonderful day with friends. /bob

Still Undefeated

May 29, 2011
Still undefeated.
It took Bob longer than usual to make his partner realize that he had a burden but after following Glen's dunk on 13 with a dunk of his own the Maestro birdied the next two and parred the two after that to secure a 2 and 1 victory.
As Richard said 'the soft fairways were hard and the hot golfers were cold'.
The match was close before Bob made the sacrifice at 13. We were even through 13-Bob winning 1 with a birdie , Richard winning 2 with a par,Wayne getting an easy par on 3 with a spectacular shot pin high to a back pin for a tie,Richard's net birdie on 6 and Bob's winning par on 9. Even on the front.
Par for Glen on 12 for the win. Dunk-Zen dunk on 13 for B and G. Match even.
Then Glen's birdie ,birdie, par ,par to their par, par,par,par.

Glen 77, Bob a Plaza (40 on both sides) ,Richard 85 and Wayne more.

It was a fun and exciting day but we would all like to play outside of a bog. /b

Opening Match

May 7, 2011 – 01:37 PM
The supportive half of last year's championship team took on Carmen and
'the Cock' (his partner's moniker) together with 'my back is strong'
Maestro to open the 2011 event. God help me when the pairing puts me
with Chuck.
It might have been a different start if Richard had decided Wayne was
more important than his fish.

The match was exciting with neither team ever being up by more than 1
but the 1up changing to 1down regularly. We had a driving photo-op with
almost everyone long and straight on every hole and requiring a
photo-shop for the chipping and putting.

Ken had the only group birdie on 2 and balanced it with a missed
offered good/good on 7. There were lots of great shots but nothing
spectacular in terms of the match.Maybe Chuck's up and down on 13.
Bob tied many holes with the opponents (ok-Glen tied the same holes but
it wasn't the same). Glen did orchestrate a tie on the last hole for the
draw assisted greatly by Chuck's balky wave at a two footer.
Ken and Chuck were happy with the result and Glen and Bob were ecstatic.

We played it down and are entering the scores with a 'T'.
Thanks for everyone's attendance at the dinner to celebrate our match. I
am looking forward to Rob doing the same for all of them. /bob

1) Nice write up

2) That`s " Carmine '....Carmen is female....a forgiveable error unless you`re implying I played like a " girlie-boy "

3) I assume that the "God help me " comment suggests you still consider me a worthy opponent despite the fact that my " inner-golfing-daemon " dwells deep within the house of opposed to being negatively nuanced .

Enjoyed the day......think I`ve recovered from my inglorious final putt


Past Dinners

And memory serves that the dinners were:

2000 Burgers and sausages at Michael's house
2001 Hindquarter ham and roast beef at Chuck's
2002 Something great at Macs
2003 Hot dogs and burgers at Rob's mother's house
2004 Boboti at Tom's Barryfield house
2005 Big feast at Mac's. New rules introduced about maximum handicap and reporting tournament scores
2006 Costco meat bbq at Bob's
2007 Another feast at Mac's.
2008 Dinner at Michael's with Wayne cooking
2009 Steaks in Gananoque at Tom's after golfing Smugglers
2010 Chicken Cacciatore and the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight at Rob's Mom's

Past Champions

The question has been posed about how long have we been playing the Waterfield. The answer is since 2000.

And the champions were:

2000 Michael - Rob
2001 Chuck - Nick
2002 Mac - Rob
2003 Ken - Rob
2004 Michael - Tom
2005 Glen - Mac
2006 Bob - Tom
2007 Ken - Mac
2008 Michael - Wayne
2009 Nick - Tom
2010 Bob - Rob

For those of you counting championships
Rob 4
Mac 3
Michael 3
Tom 3
Bob 2
Ken 2
Nick 2
Chuck 1
Glen 1
Wayne 1

That's a lot of matches and a lot of food over the years


April 18, 2011
Welcome back all

The draw was held yesterday at Garrison

Teams for 2011 are:

Gord T - Mac
Richard - Wayne
Bob - Glen
Gord McD - Tom
Ken - Chuck
Fred - Michael
Rob - Nick
Ian - Little Bob

Winner's Dinner from 2010 is Saturday May 7 at Rob's mothers house.

New Champs Crowned

October 16, 2010
Bob and Rob took the 2010 title with a solid 2& 1 victory over Nick and Tom, Saturday September 18 at Garrison.

The course played into a strong north wind with not much roll after torrential rains on Thursday night.

Bob won one with a bogey and three with a par. That was the two up lead for the day.

It was still two up at the turn after Nick won six with a par-net birdie and gave it right back by missing from two feet on seven for what would have been a halving par.

No birds going out. Bob and Rob better ball gross of 38.

Tom birdied 11 from 24 feet to cut the lead to one then gave it right back by not playing 12.2 up again.

Rob holed from off the green for birdie on 13 while Nick missed form nine feet for his 2. A momentum changer. What looked like a lead back to one was instead now up to three.

Pars halved 14. Three up with four to go.

Nick birdied 15 so now it's 2 with both Nick and Tom stroking.

Tom drives lost and makes 6 net 5. Nick gets plugged under the lip of the left bunker and has no shot. Halved in bogeys.

Routine nervous pars on 17 end it at 2 and 1.

Bob and Rob full value for the win, never opening the door for a comeback. In 53 holes against Nick and Tom they held the lead after every hole except after number 18 in the first final. Good golf all day from Bob and Rob kicked it into gear from 11 on. Dinner details to follow.

The Final

September 26, 2010
Bob and Rob versus Nick and Tom. Sunday at 12:15 at Garrison. Lovely fall day. A little wind. Course is firm despite the recent rains. Nick gets strokes on 5, 6 and 16. Tom strokes on 5.

Bob pars the first 8 holes.

Two is a win when both Nick and Tom butcher to bogey from 65 yards.

Four is a half when Tom misses birdie from four feet.

Five is a half when Tom misses net birdie from 18 inches.

Six is a win when stroking Nick makes X and Tom is long left and can't get up and in.

Nick sinks a three footer to half 8.

Bob takes a rest on 9 but Rob steps up. His par beats the poor short game of Tom who makes 6 from 40 yards and the sandie bogey of Nick. Three up at the turn Bob/Rob.

Beautiful 8 iron from Bob to 8 inches wins ten with the first birdie of the day. 4 up. 8 to go.

Posing on 11 Bob flies the pin, the green, the mound and is well into the trees. Rob runs one on the green but sixty feet away. Nick and Tom have twenty feet but unbelievably leave their attempts short. Rob has five feet for par but a misread hands N/T their first hole.

Four drives on the fairway on 12. Tom has full wedge yardage and gets it to 8 feet. Helped by Nick's read it is the only putt that drops and suddenly it's just 2 up B/R.

Over read on 13 sees Tom's thirty footer stay high to gimmee distance. Learning, Bob strokes his similar line 29 foot six incher with more speed and less break. Looking good it hits the right edge hard and stays out. Push.

All drives fine on 14 but only Rob and Tom on the green. Rob gives Tom the line on his seventy footer leaving himself three feet above the hole. Tom hits it firmer but wide right and is left with 2 feet side on. Bob and Rob confer. Rob hits it straight but light instead of Bob's intended straight and firm. Dying left it misses. Bogey. Tom steps up and sinks. The lead is only 1 now.

Bob has an uphill 15 footer on 15 that goes in the middle. Birdie. Tom has a tricky down hill 12 footer that misses. Back to 2 up Bob/Rob

Nick strokes on 16. Four drives in play. Pin is back right Nick goes short left under the first tree with the bunker between he and the hole. Rob rolls just out of the right trap on a severe up slope. Bob hits his worst iron of the day and short sides himself. Nick stays low under the branch, clears the trap by a foot and rolls out to 6 feet. Bob is a little too cute and rolls back into the trap. Rob hits a brilliant chip to four feet. Maybe Rob will miss and 5 net 4 will win for Nick. Better yet firmly sink the putt and cut the lead back to one with the net bird.

Four drives in play on 17. Bob plays first and goes over the front flag leaving a tricky downhill 40 footer. Rob comes up short. Tom almost holes but his ProV releases and he is 15 feet above the hole. Nick has driven well past the left tree but leaks his chip and has fifteen feet left slightly up/side hill. Rob chips weekly to 4 feet and doesn't want to putt. Bob rolls and rolls finally stopping three feet away on the side. Tom is conceded par. Nick never threatens the hole. Bob calmly sinks his short putt. It is dormie Bob/Rob with one to play.

Bob in the trees, lovely recovery to 100 yards and adequate wedge to twenty feet, The pin is on the middle left on the slope. Rob is short of the ditch, short of the bunker, skulled over the back, hitting the hole with his birdie chip but rolling six feet past. Nick is in the front left bunker in 2. Tom is over the ditch and a beautiful 6 iron to the top level in 2. Tough putt. Nick splashes out to 6 inches. Bob won't concede. Tom putts but the slope wins and he rolls well away. Bob slightly pulls his birdie putt. He still won't concede Nick's. So in it goes and the match is halved.

Fantastic. Full rematch when Tom is back from Utah.

Bob about 78ish with 3 doubles
Rob about 78ish
Tom about 78ish
Nick about 84ish with 5 doubles

Spectacular Semi-Final

September 22, 2010
On Wednesday September 22, two 4-2 teams took to the fairways to decide a finalist against the Bob-Rob duo . The morning had been wet but the afternoon held promise of dry skies and moderate winds.

Winning the toss, Ken set the titanic clash in motion with a drive into the left rough. Probably playing the wrong ball Ken was tree troubled and took 5. Fred topped his second and made 5. Nick saw 10, 9 and 1 and was immaterial. Tom had two putts for a winning par and as is often the case holed it for an opening birdie. 1 up N/T.

Halving pars on 2 as Ken and Tom ran their birdie putts by to gimmie distance.

Tom is straight but long on 3. Fred stubs his chip but then holes out from off the green for par. Tom pulls his first and second putts so Fred's unlikely par squares the match.

Nick chips close on 4 and his birdie wins.

Nick strokes on 5. He and Fred are both just short in 2 and chip poorly. Nick misses from 25 feet. Fred holes from 20 feet. Half.

Ken hits a fade into the red hazard on the left. Now where do you take that drop? Playing three from by the cedar his fourth is an aggressive chip forty feet above the hole. Fred has driven long and straight but after flub flub flub flub doesn't need to hole his downhill fifteen footer for 6 because Ken has miraculously sunk his 40 footer for the team 5. Tom is in good shape but yanks it left and leaves his chip six feet above the front red pin. Going at a considerable speed the par putt finds the bottom of the cup for a two up lead.

Everyone on 7. Tom 2 feet. Ken 8 feet. Nick 20 feet. Fred 25 feet. Nick sinks. Ken sinks. Tom sinks. Piker Fred makes the only par. Still 2 up N/T.

Weak seconds and chips have 8 in limbo. Fred sinks again from 20 feet and Nick and Tom both miss from closer in so the lead is now 1.

Nick is long and drifts with the wind into the back left bunker on 9 in 2. Fred wedges from 80 yards to 4 feet and after Nick misreads his 15 foot birdie putt, dead eye Boland has another group birdie and it's all square at the turn.

Scores for the front nine are Tom 37, Fred 38, Ken 38, Nick 42

No shortage of reminders that Fred just eradicated Gord T and Michael with his spectacular 33 on the back the last match he played.

Tom lips his 18 foot birdie putt. Ken stumbles and leaves his 50 foot birdie try 4 feet short. No problem. Fred simply sinks his 12 footer for par and half.

Ken misses from 20 feet on 11. Tom is 12 feet and dead straight but the push never threatens the hole and another half.

Ken goes way long on 12 after a perfect drive but no worries. Fred is on the front fringe to a front pin and is conceded the par. Tom runs it by 2 feet side hill and is not conceded. Nick tracks his six foot birdie putt in the top side but the ball stays high and roll three feet past. Comeback made and another half.

Nick chips close on 13. Tom putts his 30 footer to gimmee range. Fred brushes the edge from 50 feet and calmly but slowly makes the two footer for another half. All square after 13.

Four drives in play on 14 to a back left blue pin. Tom has skudded a wormburner up the right woods that fortunately has taken the slope and come to rest in a playable position. His 8 iron finds the green about 20 feet away. Ken and Fred from just inside the 150 both find sand. Good but not great sand shots mean lengthy par putts. Fred misreads and Ken mis hits so Tom's par holds up. It's back to 1 up N/T.

All safe on 15. Nervous Ken stuffs a chip but gets to show Fred the line even though his par putt doesn't go in. Fred rolls it from 50 feet above the (back) front right pin and burns the edge. Tom lags a 10 foot birdie putt and is conceded par. Again Fred calmly but slowly sinks the halving 2 foot par putt.

Nick stroking on 16. On in 2 net 1 may seem impossible but miracles do happen. Fred is on the fringe by the right bunker in 2 and actually inside Nick. Weak first putt from Nick to the middle white pin leave him 4 feet. Fred lags well again to about 3 feet. Nick's putt takes none of the side slope, hits the right side of the cup, goes all the way around the rim and comes out at nine o'clock. Who says gravity rules? 5 net 4 and not dormie. Yet. Again Fred calmly and slowly drains the three footer for par and the half. Still 1 up N/T with 2 to go.

Three drives in play on 17. Fred goes first and smothers an iron into the left bunker. Ken yanks his iron past the left bunker but on the up-slope of the hill. Tom hits a beautiful wedge to ten feet. Fred can't recover and his long par putt misses wide right. Tom stutters and his birdie putt comes up short but conceded. Seven feet for Ken to send the match to 18. Not to be. His try never threatens the hole and it's 2 & 1 Nick and Tom.

Truly exhilarating. Great stuff all round.

Tom finishes 76. Fred 77, Ken 80 and Nick 85

Final Standings

September 19, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Bob - Rob 4 2 0 8
Nick - Tom 4 2 0 8
Fred - Ken 4 2 0 8
Glen - Gord McD 3 2 1 7
Mac - Richard 2 3 1 5
Chuck - Wayne 2 4 0 4
Gord T - Michael 1 5 0 2

Final Match In The Books

September 18, 2010
Fred and Ken got together against Gord T and Michael to complete the round robin portion of the 2010 Waterfield. Lots on the line. A win or tie put Ken and Fred in the playoffs.

Fred and Ken won the match 4 and 3. They were two up at the
turn but the match was tighter than that as they won 3 and 8 with pars. Gord
and Ken exchanged birdies on nine.

Fred had a wonderful back nine with birdies on 10,13 ,15 and 18. One bogey on 14. Fred/Ken went three up on 10, 4 up on 11. Gord and Fred exchanged birdies on 13. Gord/Michael finally won a hole on 14.
Into 15 three up and Fred birdies. All over.

Fred shot 73, Ken 80, Gord 76 and Mike 91.

The star of the match was undoubtedly Fred. Something about a back nine 33 will earn you that title.

The playoffs are now set.

Ken-Fred take on Nick-Tom with the winner playing Rob-Bob

Standings Sept 15 One match left

Won Lost Tied Points

Bob - Rob 4 2 0 8
Nick - Tom 4 2 0 8
Glen - Gord McD 3 2 1 7
Fred - Ken 3 2 0 6
Mac - Richard 2 3 1 5
Chuck - Wayne 2 4 0 4
Gord T - Michael 1 4 0 2

Close but no cigar

September 15, 2010
Playing on a fast dry course under ideal playing conditions Wayne and the spirit of Chuck took on Tom and Nick in the final round robin match for both teams.

Foreshadowing the golf to come, Nick drove onto 10 and played his second up the right tree line. Tom played down 9 and sent his second unplayable way up beyond the cart path. Wayne had a tickly chip that came up well short but 5 still looked good. Nick found his ball in the right trees, hacked out to the front fringe and coaxed in two putts from 90 feet for a halving bogey.

Two saw Nick recover from in front of the third green but three putts for him combined with Tom not getting up and down from over the back made Wayne's par a winner and good for a 1 up lead.

Wayne and Tom both hit the third green. Nice par for W. Tom's ball hit a spike mark and jumped 6" in the air. All to the good as the hop kept the ball on line. The resulting birdie makes it all square.

Bumpy drive from Wayne left him with a twelve footer for par on 4. When the putt didn't drop Tom's routine par established a 1 up lead.

Stroking Nick and Wayne played 5 differently. Wayne drove it all of about 120 and left. Solid 3 wood. Nifty wedge to 4 feet and an easy par. Nick drove to 140 down the middle, quaisi shanked an 8 iron, chipped to 4 feet and missed for the loss. All square.

Stroking Wayne drove in the pond. Tom went in the hazard left. Nick went in the hazard shorter and left. When the dust settled Wayne had a 5 net 4 which easily beat the best ball double of N/T and it's 1 up Wayne.

With the honour a pure iron on 7 stops 8 feet away. Looking good after Nick and Tom miss the green the birdie putt stubbornly stays on the edge. Tom has a 3 footer to half but when it doesn't touch the hole it is 2 up Wayne and the foursome behind is getting pumped.

The pivotal eighth. Whack. Slam. F***. Slam. Did you see that? Is it out? Not sure. Must be advantage Nick and Tom. Not so quick. Tom bounces hard and caroms ob. Nick aims down 2 and comes down on the right side of 8. Wayne reloads. We all see this one go out. Hole conceded and the lead is 1.

Tom and Wayne drive well down 1. Nick take a big bounce and ends up 185 away in the ninth fairway. A six iron to the fringe, ok chip to 3 feet and a birdie putt is not matched by Wayne's par so it's all even at the turn.

Wayne is 41 front. N/T better ball is 40

Wayne strokes on 10. After 3 good drives only Tom is on in regulation. His lipped out birdie halves the hole in net par.

Everyone in the bunker on 11. Nick barely gets out of the soft sand. Wayne doesn't. Whack. Slam. Whack. Curse. Whack. Barely out with the second sand shot. Tom learns and gets out to 5 feet. Wayne just misses his putt for 4 and Tom babies his two putt. I guess your 4 beats my 5 says Wayne. Michael comments that not only does 4 beat 5 but 4 beats anything if you've whacked the sand between bunker shots. The group behind had it at about 11. Michael pointed out it was match play and loss of hole was punishment enough.

Undaunted Wayne snaps one into the trees on 12. One branch kicked it 15 feet right. The next branch kicked it the next 15 feet out free and clear. Except for the small tree in the backswing. What is up with the tree in the backswing? Can't a guy get a break? Stumbling home Wayne doesn't get the yardage right on his 3rd and come up short. Unable to convert his 8 footer for bogey opens the door for Nick to play safe and win the hole with 5. 2 up N/T

Nick hits 13, Tom chips to 2 feet. Wayne finds more sand. Only one shot to get out but the par putt comes up short and suddenly it's 3 up N/T

14 sees Wayne drive to the 80 yard mark straight down the middle. Tom has an 90 footer for birdie that he nearly sinks and when Wayne leaves his 16 foot birdie putt three feet short and bounces that putt off the back of the hole and in it reamins 3 up with 4 to go.

Putting the hammer down Nick drives ob on 15. So does Tom. Nick hits his 3rd in the creek. So does Tom. Wayne drives to the 200 yard mark straight. With a flair for the dramatic he hits his second in the creek. Tom gets on in 6 putting for 7. Wayne is on the fringe in 4, stubs his chip and runs his 6th shot two feet past. This short putt goes in confidently and Wayne's 7 beats Nick and Tom's better ball 8. 2 up.

Stroking 16. This Wayne drive doesn't make the fairway and his second is behind the cedars up the right. Tom goes first and drives it far into the right trees. Ok Now what? Nick's favourite hole. 6 iron, 9 iron lob wedge has Nick's original ball on the green in 3. Wayne is a stoke behind and when he doesn't sink the miracle shot his triple losos the hole and the match 3 and 2.

Lots of fun and some of the worst golf of the season.

Nick and Tom finish birdie - par for a better ball of 40 - 40 - 80.

Hats off to Wayne for a valiant effort that had the crowd tingling for the longest time.

Bob and Rob Clinch First

August 18, 2010
In a triumph of old technology, Bob and Rob took their hickories out against Wayne and his technology enhanced long putter. Humming along to the tune "Beat me with your wooden stick, Beat me often, Make it quick" the match played out early. Rob will be selling his modern driver after falling in love with "Argyle". Bob sank almost everything with his old short putter. Bob and Rob were both in the low eighties and had a team 38 front and even back until 16.Wayne got free beer for the match and free beer for not having the 20th shot. Next up Nick and Tom.

Bob and Rob have 8 points. They can be tied by both Nick/Tom and Ken/Fred but having beaten both those teams will go straight to the final. If there is no point gap between competing play off teams there will be no starting advantage.

Standings Aug 4

August 4, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Glen - Gord McD 3 2 1 7
Fred - Ken 3 2 0 6
Bob - Rob 3 2 0 6
Nick - Tom 3 2 0 6
Mac - Richard 2 3 1 5
Chuck - Wayne 2 2 0 4
Gord T - Michael 1 4 0 2

Three games to play

Two teams completed.

5 Points will not get you in the playoffs

Chuck/Wayne playing Nick/Tom ???
Gord T/Michael vs Ken/Fred ???
Bob/Rob vs Chuck/Wayne ???

Rob Stands Alone

August 3, 2010
On a hot muggy Tuesday at Garrison Rob and Bob took on Nick and Tom

Starting on one it was the Steady Rob show. Bob did lower the team gross by one.

Tom drives all of 60 yards. Off line as well behind the tall tree to the left. Nick three putts so 1 up R & B
Nick misses the bird from 6 feet on 2 so halved.
Easy pars win 3 for R & B. 2 up
After nearly hitting 4 in 2 Bob's weak chip opens the door and Tom's 15 footer for bird makes Nick's 3 footer redundant and Bob's miss means 1 up.
Strokes on 5 are needed as Tom 3 putts for 5 net 4 to tie Rob who now has his 5th par in a row.
Great chips by R & B win 6 for the 2 up lead again.
Brutal tee shots on 7 by the leaders are followed by great chips. Rob nestles in to 2 feet. Bob holes out from the gnarly rough. This is the lone hole of the day when Bob scores less than Rob. Ugh. Nick and Tom have hit the green and with some sort of poetic justice Nick holes his 30 footer for the half.
Tom lays up on 8 to the red tees. Slashes it to the right rough. Wedges on to 40 feet. After offering to pick up so he doesn't give the line to Bob, he holes out and the hole is halved in par.
Tom hits his tee shot on 9 short of the ditch. This is his third drive this nine that travels less than 100 yards. Rob drives the bunker and tops his wood to around 160. Bob goes ob in 2. Nick plays from the far rough of 1. Around the green Bob is out of it. Tom pierces the wind with his wedge and goes 50 yards long. Rob is on the fringe near the left back trap. Nick has 30 feet for birdie. Rob hits a putt that jumps 6 inches in the air and then proceeds to track in the hole for 4. And the win. And a nine of 8 pars and 1 birdie. 3 up at the turn R & B.

Stroking on ten Nick hits the fairway tree with his tee shot. Rob has 12 feet for 3. Nick nearly holes his third but misses a 2 footer coming back. Rob misses. Push.
Nick misses from 15 feet for birdie and 11 is halved.
Nick misses from 6 feet for birdie and 12 is halved.
Tom wins 13 and 14 with pars. 1 up R & B with 4 to play.
Rob nearly holes his chip on 15 and the birdie is unmatched. Back to 2 up.
16. Oh 16. Nick stroking but his 7 wood goes 240 into the wind and ob. Tom is on the fringe in 2 but a weak approach and a challenging pin position mean the hole is halved in bogie. Dormie.
Rob has 15 feet for birdie but Bob's 18 footer for par is enough to close out the match 2&1.

Rob is 73. 2 birdies. 3 bogies. 13 pars.
Bob is 80.
Tom 83.
Nick 88.

Standings July 26

July 27, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Glen - Gord McD 3 2 1 7
Fred - Ken 3 2 0 6
Nick - Tom 3 1 0 6
Mac - Richard 2 3 1 5
Bob - Rob 2 2 0 4
Chuck - Wayne 2 2 0 4
Gord T - Michael 1 4 0 2

Four games to play

Two teams completed.

5 Points will not get you in the playoffs

Nick/Tom hoping to play Chuck/Wayne Friday July 30
Bob/Rob playing Nick/Tom Wednesday Aug 4

Gord T/Michael vs Ken/Fred ???
Bob/Rob vs Chuck/Wayne ???

Playoff Structure

Options for the playoff structure will be posted with three games to go based on the possible final standings.

The top three teams and ties will be in the playoffs.

Three teams with different point totals: 2 plays 3 starting 1/2 up. No chance of a tie.

Winner plays 1 who starts 1 up.

Three teams with 2 or 3 having same point totals:
Ties broken by result of game between tied teams. If the same point teams play each other there is no starting advantage to either team. 2 plays 3. If different point totals 2 starts 1/2 up. Winner plays 1 who starts 1 up if different point total.

Four or more teams : Options will be posted with three games to go.

Standings July 21

July 21, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Fred - Ken 3 2 0 6
Nick - Tom 3 1 0 6
Glen - Gord McD 2 2 1 5
Mac - Richard 2 3 1 5
Bob - Rob 2 2 0 4
Chuck - Wayne 2 2 0 4
Gord T - Michael 1 3 0 2


July 20, 2010
R&B played Richard and Mac today at The Glen. Mac and Richard had 7
net birdies on the first 14 holes and R&B didn't. Mac had 6 of them and Richard sunk some 30 footers for halves on the holes Mac was using to pad his handicap.

It was discouraging and enjoyable to see them play so well. 5&4 for
R&M and well earned.

Thanks Mac for taking the 20th shot. Too bad you had to leave early
before buying.You must be in league with Fred. /bob

Is this the end of the partnership of Mac and Richard? And based on the last three matches it would not come a moment too soon for the rest of us. They finished the season with two dominating wins. For 5 points to be in the top three, Gord McD/ Glen must lose to Gord T/Michael, Bob/Rob and Chuck/Wayne have to get one or less points from their remaining 2 matches and Gord T/Michael must lose or draw against Ken/Fred after beating Gord McD/Glen. Possible. Could be a logjam at 5 points.

Dominant Sax

July 17, 2010
Early Saturday morning round at Garrison, Very slow play behind women's tournament. Crossover at 9's. Hot but a pleasant and strong wind makes it tolerable.
Three drives left on 1 except for Mike who is consistent down the middle. 3 bogies plus Michael's par. Raymond/Thomas 1 up.
Richard's birdie on 3 brings it A/S
Richard's net bird on 5 brings the good guys 1 up
The Gervanator kicks in on 6 with net bird. 2 up
Gord's long birdie chip in on 7. Back to 1 up
Mac and Ricky win 8 & 9. 3 up at the turn. A few x's on the card for GT.

Eleventh hole sees another great birdie putt by Gord to cut the lead back to 2
Two pars on 13 by Raymond/Thomas always beat two bogies. 1 up and a sweat break out on Gervan's forehead. "Get back in the game", Ricky sez to Mac. And he does.
Saxe/Gervan win 14. 2 up.
Richard's drive on 15 hits the rock near the hazard and bounces forward to 190 from the pin. Richard thanks god and makes bird. Back to 3 up. Dormie.
A comedy of errors on 16 by all concerned result in a push to end the match

Standings July 19

July 19, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Fred - Ken 3 2 0 6
Nick - Tom 3 1 0 6
Glen - Gord McD 2 2 1 5
Bob - Rob 2 1 0 4
Chuck - Wayne 2 2 0 4
Mac - Richard 1 3 1 3
Gord T - Michael 1 3 0 2


July 16, 2010
Fred and his partner took on Rob and Bob today. Fred was valiant in his salvage attempt, chipping in on 5 for net bird,putting in from off the green on 7 for bird and sinking long halving putts on 8,9,13 and 15. His partner (who wishes to be nameless) distinguished himself by hitting every fairway and long before what became inevitable.
Rob and Bob melded well and the end result was a 3&2 win. Bob 75, Rob 76, Fred 77 and the other 86.

In addition to owing the BJ, Fred now owes for the Stupid F***ing 20th shot

Hot weather and hot competition. Eat your heart out St. Andrews. /bob

Another Nail Biter

July 14, 2010
On a steamy hot Wednesday Mac and Richard took on Tom and Nick.

Starting on 1 Nick birdied the first two to jump to a quick 2 up lead. Tom indicated a lead of about 8 would be preferable when playing Mac and his 10 strokes.

True to form Mac parred 4 through 9 for a 38 net 28. Winning 4, 5, 6 and 8 with net birdies had M/R 2 up after 8.

Mac pitched to five feet away from 9 in 3/2 it was looking good for another hole. Tom was in the front bunker in two. His knifed bunker shot was all set to roll about forty feet away except the flag stick got in the way. His ball stopped a few inches inside Mac's on the same line. Mac just missed for a 5 net 4 and when Tom took advantage of the read and holed for a natural 4 the bleeding was stopped.

Richard's stroke for net par on ten halved Tom.

Nick's missed ten footer for 2 on 11 opened the door but Richard pulled his three footer and the lead was down to one. Ricardo was polite enough to comment that if that was how we chose to play and win holes we should be ashamed of ourselves.

12 was a gift though Mac nearly made a bogey after being three off the tee. Tom's par and Nick's birdie were enough to square the match.

N/T hacked 13 and were 4. Mac hit the green but three putted. Ricky had a nice bounce of the side of the bunker and a deft chip to 3 feet. His hole for a three reestablished the 1 up lead for M/R.

Tom parred 14 but when Mac found his left drive and played a brilliant recovery, a good chip and an even better 8 footer the hole was halved.

Nick and Rick watch 15. Tom is in the left trees and chips out to Mac's drive (Mac is net 0). Pressure. Mac hooks it ob and is now lying 2 just like Tom. Tom struggles but makes 6. Mac chips just over the edge of the bunker and another chip and two putts it is an 8 net 7 and remarkably the hole to N/T. All square.

Strokes for all. Nick and Tom are good. Mac is in the long grass and out of it. Richard has to go back and play 3 off the tee followed by a six iron to five feet. Nick stripes an 8 iron and ends up in the back bunker and dead. Tom hits a respectable iron and two putts later has a 4. Ricky has 5 feet for the half but he doesn't borrow enough. 1 up N/T.

Mac strokes. He is on in two and has fifty feet on the same line as Tom. Tom doesn't show him much and Mac comes up four feet short. Nick drove in the long grass but then almost holed his hack out settling 15 feet behind the pin. Nick misses. mac makes. All square playing 18.

Mac strokes and has 20 feet for net eagle. Nick has five feet for bird but misses. Tom is on the fringe in 2 about 18 feet away. Mac rolls it 26" past and below the cup. Tom rolls it 24" past and above the cup. Silence. Mac pushes it. Tom trusts Nick's read. The birdie is the third match to be won by N/T on 18 with a bird.

Wonderful contest. Fantastic front nine by Mac.


July 10, 2010
GOOD GOOD-NOT Saturday July 10

R&B played G&G Saturday and the rhythm was good After the first three
were tied with pars Bob snuck in a bird on 4 to win after Gord 3 putted
from six feet for his net eagle. Glen professed on the next tee that he
loved his partner but would kill him with a broken putter if he ever saw
that technique again.
5 tied-6 to G&G after an offer of good good was refused by Rob who
proceeded to miss. Even.7 to R&B with bird, 8 to G&G. 9 to R&B with a
bird. 10 to G&G. 11 to R&B with a bird.

The turning point was 13 where after watching Gord bounce it off the
water Glen listened to Rob's swing advice and must have confused 150
yards with 150 feet and hit it deftly into the middle of the pond. Not
to make the mistake again he hit it over the green into the bush on 14.
3up for R&B after 15.

Gord closed out with net bird,par, net bird but too late. Rob hit it to
an inch on his chip on 16 to use his stroke for the tie and the win.

Glen finished the weekend with 2 good good rejection wins but 2 team
losses, a 20th stroke loss and the beer buying for being the first to
use the C word. Crikey!

Some very good golf and the usual great camaraderie. /bob

Eight + Two Birdies, Thirteen Lead Changes

July 9, 2010
At the Glen on Friday July 9 The unbeaten Glen and McD took on the dinner hosts.

Off to a fast start both Glen and McD birdied one. 1 up 2 birds 1 lead change

Tom hit a nine in to four feet on two and when gord and his stoke made 5 net 4 Tom took Nick's read to heart and played enough break to just coax it in the hole. Even. 3 birds. 2 lead changes.

Nick got up and in on 3 for the only par. 1 up N/T. 3 lead changes.

Missed four footers by Tom and McD halved 4 with bogies. No change.

Tom sank a six footer for par but McD got up and down from 70 yards for a 4 net 3 on 5. Even. 1 net bird. 4 lead changes.

Pars by N/T were enough for a half on 6 when McD 3 putted for bogey net par. No change.

Tom and McD hit 7 in regulation and each 2 putted from 20 feet for halving pars. No change.

Glen raps a 20 footer up the hill and in to win 8 with a bird. 1 up G/G. 4 birds. 5 lead changes.

Stroke hole for all. Tom and Nick on in regulation but they both three putt. It's enough because Gord also three putts but his is for 6. Even at the turn. 6 lead changes.

McD strokes on 10. But Tom wedges to four feet. Gord chips to four feet two inches. Be firm says Glen. Firm enough to hit the back of the hole and spin out. Tom trusts Nick's read and curls in his very bendy putt. 1 up N/T. 5 birds. 7 lead changes.

"Mr Maestro Par 3" birdies 11 from 20 feet. All even. 6 birds. 8 lead changes.

Sloppy play on 12 sees Gord miss badly from four feet above the hole and hand the hole to Tom. 1 up N/T. 9 lead changes.

McD hits 13 from 230 yards out but he is above the hole. Nick plays a delicate chip from the right side hill to about 14 inches. McD is a putting genius. Good Good says Glen. No says Nick remembering Gord on 12. Oops. Gord sinks - net bird. Nick misses. Even. 2 net birds. 10 lead changes.

Shaken but not broken Nick gets over a straight three footer for par on 14 to half Glen. Whew. No blood.

Gord hits another green in reg on 15. A weak putt leaves him 3 feet for par. No matter. Tom is off the back by a foot but his 14 foot chip is dead straight. 7 birds. 11 lead changes. 1 up N/T

Last stroke for Gord on 16. Nick drives the far side of the 6th fairway. tom is short of the long grass on the right. Gord takes 3 to get on putting for net birdie. Nick hits 7 wood out of sight but it comes to rest on the fringe. Tom plays up straight but a tad short of the green. Good chips and lag putts all round see the hole halved with par/net par.

1 up N/T playing 17 to a front right pin. Tom is fine. Nick is posing but flies the green. McD is on Tom's line but four feet further away. Glen is about as far left as you can go. Glen lags beautifully but not conceded. Nick chips aggressively for birdie. Tom surely has the par. McD shows Tom the line finishing two feet past the hole. Tom forgets the weight! He is six feet short. Nick misses. Tom misses. Gord sinks. Par wins. All even going to 18. 12 lead changes.

G G and T drive equally and lay up at the bottom of the hill. Nick nearly drives the creek but block/shanks his second halfway up the hill and six inches from the long grass. Glen has no sand wedge (forgotten behind the 9th green). He goes over the back. Tom misses the back right pin short and to the right. Gord goes a bit long and left leaving himself 20 feet for 4. Nick flails form the clover and ends up 8 feet almost on Gord's line. Taking enough time to make sure the group behind got wet, Glen couldn't handle the clover and was out of it. Tom chipped to three feet, promised Nick he could make it and did for the team par. Gord judged the speed beautifully and had a tap in halving par. But wait. It is not good enough. 8 feet. Right in the heart. Another bird. 1 up Nick and Tom. 8 birds. 2 net birds. 13 lead changes.

Scores Gord 83 - 68, Glen 80 - 73 Tom 77 - 70, Nick 88(ESC) - 79

Standings July 13

Won Lost Tied Points

Fred - Ken 3 1 0 6
Glen - Gord McD 2 2 1 5
Nick - Tom 2 1 0 4
Chuck - Wayne 2 2 0 4
Bob - Rob 1 1 0 2
Gord T - Michael 1 2 0 2
Mac - Richard 0 2 1 1

Great golf from Ken

July 4, 2010
Garrison Sunday July 4 off the whites

Ken and Fred were full value for an easy victory over the defending champs. Ken had his second best game ever and Fred was very helpful.

Starting on 1 Fred dropped a six footer for par and the half.

After Nick wedged to ten feet on 2 Ken was offered a blow job if he holed his thirty footer. Not sure how or when the obligation will be fulfilled but when Ken's putt dropped and Nick missed it was 1 up.

3 was a beautiful hybrid by Ken and when Tom chipped long and missed his downhill four footer it was 2 up.

4 saw Nick drive the 200 stake but when it was all over the hole was halved in par.

5 saw Nick and Fred ob. Ken stuffed his chip but Tom stuffed his even worse. Two putts and a stroke for Ken later it was 3 up.

Fred and Ken both parred 6 and when Nick and Tom couldn't get up and in it was 4 up.

Nick tickled in a downhill 3 footer to half Ken on 7. Fred missed a 2 footer on 8 but everyone else parred so no change again.

The only hiccup of the day occurred on 9 when both F and K mangled coming into the green ans par won the hole for N & T.

10 had Nick curl in his 18 footer for birdie and maybe cut the lead to 2. No dice. Ken calmly rolled in his 15 footer for a halving bird.

Birds by both Ken and Fred on 11 emphasized the domination. 4 up.

Four pars half 12 and time is running out.

Ken jacks it left on 13. Hope. Fred almost whiffs it. His weak attempt curls right, misses the pond by a few feet, bounces hard and rolls 20 yards to the front fringe. Nearly holing his Texas Chip, Tom and Nick can only know it is not their day as their birdie putts burn the edge.

Ken pars 14 and as neither Tom nor Nick can break 6 it is all over at 5 and 4. Ken is 1 over.

Finishing up Ken doubles 16 but ends with a 75 - 67. Fred is 80 - 72. Nick 81 - 72. Tom 83 - 76.

Up to Date Standings

June 22, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Glen - Gord McD 2 0 1 5
Fred - Ken 2 1 0 4
Chuck - Wayne 2 2 0 4
Nick - Tom 1 0 0 2
Gord T - Michael 1 2 0 2
Mac - Richard 0 2 1 1
Bob - Rob 0 1 0 0

Not A Match For the Ages

June 11, 2010 – 01:10 PM
On Friday June 11th two undefeated titans in this year's Waterfield
Championship met on the playing fields of Glen Lawrence. Only one team would emerge with a zero still sitting in the loss column. That team would be Maestro/ McDiarmid.

Fred/Ken would fall to 2-1, but these teams may meet again in the playoffs.

Unlike Glen/Gord's previous match with Richard/Mac, this was NOT one for the ages. Nobody made a birdie. There were no changes in momentum. Fred and Ken both made errors on 1 (bogeys) to go one down to Glen's three-putt par, and they never got back to even. In fact, after McD's net birdie put G&G two up, they were never less than two up.

Pars split #3 and Glen made a clutch par putt on #4 to match Ken.Gord's net
par on #5 was good enough for the win and G&G were 3 up. Lots of birdie
opportunities on 6 but none fell. Gord, Glen and Ken all parred #7. Gord, Fred and Ken all parred #8.

Fred and Ken finally got on the board on their first stroke hole.Fred's par was good - he didn't need the stroke. G&G 2 up at the turn.

Glen's par on #10 was good for a win. Pars split #11. Fred and Ken both parred #12 to get it back to 2 down. Gord and Ken shared net pars on #13.

Then Glen won another one with par on #14 to put G&G back to 3 up.Glen and Fred split #15 with pars. The match ended on #16 when Gord rolled in his net par putt to match Ken's excellent chip/putt par. 3 and 2.

Final scores (gross/net):

Glen 80/73
Gord 87/71
Fred 84/74
Ken 78/69

Tom Plays Gord T. Nick and Michael Watch

June 11, 2010 – 03:28 PM
Come back thwarted

After 93 emails concerning players, courses and times for Friday June 11, Nick/Tom opened their defense of whatever it was that they won last year in a match against Gord T/Michael. Tom showed up for a possible 3pm start, Nick came for 3:22, Gord T rushed out as early as possible after work for 3:27 and Michael was early for his 3:52 time. Settling in around 3:40 the match was played off the white tees, 10th hole start at Garrison.

Nick was in position for a net birdie on 10 but Tom made it moot when he rolled in his 50 footer for a natural 3.
Gord T mis read a six footer on 11 and the hole was halved in par.
Michael was first in on 12 (half of his contribution today) and Tom parred to half.
Tom pars 14 to win 2up
Gord hits 15 in two but when he three putts from 90 feet and Tom rolls in his 18 footer for birdie its 3 up.
Long and straight (nick is ob for the fourth hole in a row) leaves Tom 15 feet under the hole and two putts later another net birdie and it's four up after seven holes.

Not only did Gord/Michael not win a hole, they did not look capable of winning a hole. The match was looking like a yawner, a stroll in the park for Nick/Tom.

That changed on 17. Only one penalty stroke for Nick but when his chip for par lips out and Tom three putts from over the back Gord wins the hole with a clutch side hill six footer for par. 3 up
Gord and Nick are forty yards from the green on 18 but when Nick chips it in the bunker and doesn't get up and down Gord's par wins.

Nick/Tom are two up at the turn but there was a clear shift in momentum.

Nick scrambled for par to tie Gord on #1. His sole contribution on the day.

Routine pars on 2 and a great sandy from the left trap on 3 have Tom and Gord matching cards.
A shaky two putt par by Tom on 4 means another half with Gord and still a 2 up lead. Michael is in stroker alley but not looking threatening.
Tom takes 5 with a clutch 3 footer for par-net birdie giving Nick/Tom take a commanding lead of three up with four to go. Just a matter of playing out the last four hole for the win.

It was not to be. Michael bounces one of the rocks in the pond and makes a beautiful ten footer for net birdie on 6. Michael has now won a hole and halved a hole. 2 up

Gord and Michael both miss the green on 7. Seizing the opening Nick and tom both jack it long and left and when Gord is the only one to get up and down he wins 7 with a par. 1 up

Four drives in play on #8 but only one iron shot to four feet and a one putt birdie. It is Mr T and now the match is all square.
The commanding lead is a memory. Gord is clearly in the zone while Nick/Tom are shaken going into the final and deciding hole. Michael is not a factor. Nick is pin high in two but tree troubled and can't make a score.
Tom and Gord end up on the green in three, head to head, putting for the match. Gord is approx twenty feet, Tom fifteen. Gord's putt stops short left for a par. Tom rolls in his 15 footer for a birdie and the match.

Michael 91esc (net 80)
Nick 89esc (net (80)
Gord T 74 (net 70)
Tom 73 (net 67)

6 down 15 to go

Won Lost Tied Points

Fred - Ken 2 0 0 4
Glen - Gord McD 1 0 1 3
Gord T - Michael 1 0 0 2
Chuck - Wayne 1 2 0 2
Mac - Richard 0 2 1 1
Nick - Tom 0 0 0 0
Bob - Rob 0 1 0 0


June 4, 2010

On Friday, June 4th, Mac and Richard met Glen and Gord McD on the fairways of Glen Lawrence under perfect conditions and played a match that we will all long remember. The match saw huge swings of momentum, intensity, good sportsmanship, and, most of all, absolutely tremendous golf. We felt like we were in a bubble in which nothing else mattered, and the competition was exhilarating. It is too bad that both teams couldn't win.

Here is the blow by blow:
#1 We're all putting but no one's very close. In a sign of things to come, Mac putts first and rolls in a 45 footer for birdie. M&R 1 up
#2 G and G are on, M and R are close. Gord cozies his up for a gimmee net birdie. Mac makes a good chip and a very good chip for net birdie. A push.
#3 Richard and Glen make their third consecutive pars. Gord drops one from off the green for a net par. But all that meant nothing. Mac makes another great chip for gimmee net birdie. M&R 2 up

Mac has now gone birdie/net birdie/net birdie.

Glen has gone par/par/par and he and Gord are two down!

#4 G and G are both on, M and R off left. They both make good chips and make the putts (Mac's fourth one-putt to start the round).Glen leaves his birdie putt two inches short. A push.
#5 Gord makes a bad second but a fine third to about 12 feet. Richard and Mac both bogey, (net par for Mac), Gord misses his net birdie. Glen makes another routine par. Another push.
#6 Glen begins a string of near perfect shots including a drive to about 120 yds and a second shot to 10 feet. Gord drains a net birdie putt from above the hole, the Glen pours in his regulation birdie on top. M and R both bogey. G&G are finally on the scoreboard. M&R 1 up.
#7 Glen continues his play of perfection with a drive to 90 yds and an approach inside 10 feet which he drains for a second consecutive birdie. No one can match that. The match is suddenly All Square.
#8 Gord is stymied by two trees on the right, but somehow gets the ball under them and it stops two feet from the hole. It ends up being pars all around.

Glen has now hit all eight greens in reg.

#9 Glen's ball falls just off the front, he makes a superb chip and has his par. Richard, however has made a spectacular second shot along the left side that leaves him a relatively easy two-putt par/net birdie, and momentum has swung again. M&R 1 up at the turn.

Glen has just shot a sparkling two under par 34 (net 30) and Gord has carded 41 (net 32). Not good enough. Richard is in with 39 (net 33) and Mac has had the nine of his career - a 38, netting to 29!

#10 The question on everyone's mind was "Can Mac keep it up? Could he perhaps net to 59 (and likely be banished from the tournament for life by the Commissioner). In a word, No. Mac answered the question by hitting his drive deep into the woods left and ending with a 7. gord just missed a relatively short putt for net birdie but his 5 and Glen's 4 were good enough for the win. Back to All Square.
#11 Glen is on and in birdie range. Richard is over, Mac is lost left. Gord and Richard bogey. The Maestro pars and for the first time in the match, it's G$G 1 up.
#12 Gord makes a good little chip and sinks the par putt allowing Glen to take a good crack at the birdie. Just misses, but Gord's and Glen's pars are sufficient for the win. G&G 2 up.

G&G have just won three in a row and the momentum is strongly on their side. Glen is still 2 under par. Mac is starting to look shaky.

#13 Mac's drive could be gonzo left but he finds it and plays to a steady net par. Glen hits a beaut to 150 yds the inexplicably hits two bad approach shots followed by three putts for 6 and back to even on the round. Richard, who has a stroke, also bashes his drive 270+ to the 150, and he knocks it on (in net one). Gord is way short and right - can only see the top third of the flagstick. But Glen gives him a target, and Gord hits his shot of the day to three feet. Richard grazes the cup with
his net eagle putt. Richard and Gord both make knee-knocker par putts. A remarkable push.
#14 Mac comes back to life with a good drive and a great second to the middle of the green. He powers his putt 10 feet by but makes the comeback for net birdie. Good enough as Gord's long net birdie putt stopped three inches short. Glen made a tough par. Richard made his only double bogey of the day. G&G 1 up.
#15 Gord knocks it on from 170 yds. Mac is way left, goes brain dead and ends up with a triple. Glen and Richard are way down the hill. Glen goes to the back. Richard has a brain fart from a bad lie (after a 300 yd drive) and is right of the trap on the right. However, he makes a fabulous chip and then drains the putt for a great par to match those of Glen and Gord.
#16 Mac and Richard both in the crap right. Mac chips out. Richard doesn't. Glen goes long and right with his second and is never seen again. Gord is somewhat stymied by the big tree right but still has a sot. Two major brain farts later he is still 20 feet away and misses. Mac drains a downhiller from 15 feet and, shockingly the match is back to All Square with two to go.
#17 Mac quickly goes from hero to zero, puts one in the drink and takes an X. Richard is in the trap right and ends up with 4.To make up for his meltdown on #16, Gord is the only one on the green, and with some help from The Maestro, makes par for the win.Glen also pars from a tough spot just over the hazard. G&G 1 up, one to go.
#18 The tees are way up with the whites. Everyone is in good shape. Richard flubs one into the creek. and Gord goes over but way right into the hazard. This left it as a two man race with 18 handicapper Mac having to not just match but beat 7 handicapper Glen to get a draw. Mac was at the bottom of the hill in two, Glen over to the right, Glen went first and was on but long. Mac then made a fine chip and stayed about b15 feet below the hole. Glen rolled his down to make-able distance.
Mac had to make the birdie putt. AND HE DID! The match was an incredible draw!

As Richard said, this was pure escapism - out on a beautiful course with good friends playing good golf in an intense competition. It does not get any better than that.

Oh, and by the way, the gross and net scores were
Mac 85 (83 for his card) net 67
Richard 83 net 72
Gord 82 net 64
Glen 72 net 65

I doubt we will ever see a foursome net to 268 again. It was, indeed a match for the ages.

your humble scribe

Match goes to 11th Hole

May 21, 2010
Friday 21st of May. When you have it (even for an afternoon) and your
opponents don't (even for an afternoon) the match is seldom stirring.
Starting on the back Mac and Richard managed a push on #16 and again on
#1. The match ended on #2. The result; a 9 and 7 victory for Fred and Ken.
Fred----75 Ken----78 Richard-----91 Mac---101

After Four Matches Played

May 17, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points

Glen - Gord McD 1 0 0 2
Gord T - Michael 1 0 0 2
Fred - Ken 1 0 0 2
Chuck - Wayne 1 2 0 2
Nick - Tom 0 0 0 0
Bob - Rob 0 1 0 0
Mac - Richard 0 1 0 0

G G Swinging in Tune

May 14, 2010
On Friday, May 14th, Wayne and Chuck played their third match of the season
against virgins Glen and Gord McD. On the first tee it was agreed that G&G were essentially defending their 2009 championship since they qualified for the playoffs in '09 and never lost a match in those playoffs.

There were some remarkable performances:
- Glen couldn't make a birdie on the first (back) nine, and never even made a par on the back until the match was over
- Chuck made phenomenal approach shots to birdie range on #15 and #17
- Gord lost his drive on #14 less than 100yds from the tee
- Wayne putt the lights out (that is NOT a typo) including a 20 footer on the first hole (10), and great and crucial down in twos from long distance off the green on #13, #14 and #16, and had only 13 putts the whole front nine! You can't beat great putting, can you?

Okay, here's the blow by blow:
#10 - Wayne's in that crap off to the right and short, chips out of there and makes the 20 footer for par. But McD rolls in his 15 footer on top of him for net birdie. G&G 1 up
#11 - Glen makes a routine par. In Chuck's words, he and Wayne played it "like 25 handicappers",and bogey. G&G 2 up but Chuck and Wayne shake it off and will play the rest of the nine in even par.
#12 Glen and Chuck make routine pars to halve.
#13 Gord and Glen are on and make par. Wayne is off the back and also makes par. Call it a push.
#14 Gord's out of it early (see above). Wayne is short (of the green), but gets his third close enough for gimme and par. Glen matches him with a two putt par.
#15 Chuck is on and only 12 feet away from birdie. Wayne's at the back, Glen on and 35 feet away. Gord had to lay up then put his third in the trap right. He was able to putt it out to about 15 feet. Incredibly, his putt goes in and Chuck's does not. The net birdie wins. G&G 3 up
#16 It was here that Glen's game started to fall apart, and he would hit only two more greens the rest of the match. But here he scrambled with a nice chip from short right and a tricky downhill putt for par. McD matched him with a net par but so did Wayne with a fine up and down from in front of the green.
#17 Glen continued his erratic play sending his second well over the green. Chuck's sitting pretty in birdie territory , Wayne's in the trap and Gord's off short right. Glen leaves his chip 12 feet above the hole, watches McD miss from inside him then drains it. Chuck did not do likewise, so a push.
#18 Now Glen's really falling apart. After two shots, he's still about 190 yds away hitting into a strong wind to a back pin. He later leaves his 15 foot birdie putt a crucial two inches short to make par, matching McD's net par and Wayne's fine par
from just off the back.

At the turn, then, G&G are 3 up and barely hanging on against a charging Wayne and Chuck. Despite his inconsistency, Glen has made nine pars.

#1 It got worse for Glen. It took him four just to get on, and after 2hrs20mins, his run of pars ended. McD took 3 putts for 6. Wayne and Chuck made really fine bogeys. Glen rammed his putt in for a halve.
#2 McD and Wayne are way at the back, Chuck is short but he gets it up and in for a major contribution. Glen is, oh, maybe 14 feet right. McD gets it close and makes the par. Then Glen rolls home the birdie. It was the last thing he does right. G&G 4 up.
#3 It took Glen 3 shots just to get on. Gord has the best chance for par but it's bogeys all around.
#4 Glen chunks his third and puts his fourth 40 feet by. Chuck and Wayne both make excellent bogeys. McD makes a lousy fourth (chip) and a lousy fifth (putt)but rolls in the sixth for net par. G&G 5 up
#5 Glen has the shortest drive and he's giving away strokes. He picked up after three more shots. Wayne hit a nice shot to the front left. Unfortunately that was after he hit one right, never to be seen again until Gord Thomas is out for a walk some day. Chuck and McD are on in 3. McD cozies his up, Chuck makes a manly effort that fails (that man had E.D.). McD taps in for his net par and it's all over - G&G 5 and 4.

And not a moment too soon! You could just feel the momentum changing. Glen continued his descent and took a triple bogey on #6 while Chuck made a fine par - Wayne and Chuck's first win of the day! Chuck parred the next one too. And he started hitting mammoth drives. Just a little too little too late. But I would be afraid, very afraid if I was their next opponent.

Final net scores - Gord 72 Glen 73 Wayne 75 Chuck 76

Beware the new and Improved Mighty Mites

May 12, 2010
Gord T and Michael vs Bob and Rob

Having not really participated in our match I have been asked to do something-that being to give a summary.
Painful as it was, there was joy in watching Gord play so well. He shot 73 with three short well cursed missed putts and Michael dropped by to have four net birdies.
Rob also played well (76 or 77) but with a team gross 76 or 77 he was
only able to pull his weight and a half. I personally had expected him
to do more.
The end result was a solid 4&3 victory for the thin ones and well
deserved. /bob

Saxe is full of crap--put ours onto the site as well and let the readers choose

May 8, 2010
Partner ,
To the best of my recall.....feel free to modify @ your discretion :

May 7/10....Chuck (11) & Wayne (11) v.s. Mac (18 ) & Richard

#10...Mac used his first stroke hole well...wins with net birdie
#11...Chuck wins with a pretty up & down...A.S.
#12 & #13 tied....on 12 , after two ugly shots , Richard makes a T.
Woods putt for par tie...25 ft.+ with tricky break.
#14...Chuck makes a nice 6 ft. curler for par and win...C & W 1up.
#15...After a penalty stroke , persistent Wayne makes a testy putt
for bogey to tie ...Richard 3 putts and is not amused .
#16...Mac wins with net par...A.S.
#17...Chuck repays Richard for theft of 12th. hole....after a girlie
t shot , wins with 25+ft. 1-putt par with 6 in. break....Richard
3-putts....and once again is not amused ...C & W 1 up
#18...Mac`s legendary stroke-hole prowess eludes him ...gets
7...Wayne ties Richard`s par with delicate 2-putt from the fringe

C & W 1-up @ the turn

#1...Great up & down by Wayne for par wins....C & W 2-up.
#2 & #3 tied
#4...Mac ` The Stroker` returns to form...wins with net par .....C & W 1-up
#5...Another nice putt by Wayne for par ties Mac`s net par
#6...ALL SQUARE...Richard par...Mac net par...Chuck 3-putts for bogey
and is not amused ,.
#7...THE CRUSHER...Chuck in bunker...Richard & Mac in birdie
range....R (I think) ~8ft....Wayne in 3-putt range...25-30 feet above
a front left pin.....HE BIRDIES.....C & W 1-up .
#8...Mac & Richard in shock...visibly dazed....both crisscross the
8th. hole and make 6...easy bogeys for both C & W....who win 2&1
#9 ... match over...Chuck birdies to celebrate

great match.....several dramatic holes....C & W make better ham & eggs

ESC scores Chuck..82

Early Standings

May 11, 2010
Won Lost Tied Points
Fred - Ken 1 0 0 2
Chuck - Wayne 1 1 0 2
Bob - Rob 0 0 0 0
Glen - Gord McD 0 0 0 0
Gord T - Michael 0 0 0 0
Nick - Tom 0 0 0 0
Mac - Richard 0 1 0 0

Wayne and Chuck take down the dream team

May 7, 2010
Mac & Richard vs Chuck and Wayne
May 7,2010
Back 9 start.

Mac gets 6 strokes from W & C who play even. R gets 1

Like a house on fire, Mac takes par on the first hole (10). R&M stay
1 up for 4 holes until C wins with pars on 13 & 14. Highlight was
#12... R pulls a drive left, has to punch out, hits the green and
makes a 50 footer for par to push. R misses several 30 inch putts
that drag him into serious despondency but the Gervanator continues a
steady front. R&M one down at the turn.
R smacks a super drive on #1 but pulls his 9 iron way left to take
double as did M who go 2 down.
The dream team (R&M) get one back with bogey on 4. (Everybody takes
bogey but M has a well deserved stroke).... R gets another back on 6
with par. Even, 3 to go. W&C take 7 with W's long birdie putt.
R&M are one down with 2 to play. W&C win 8 with a bogey (believe it
or not) and it's all over. 2 & 1.

Under Way 2010

May 1, 2010
And they're off!

Taking advantage of the early spring and the good conditions the friday tee times were used to schedule match number one of 2010. Wayne and Chuck versus Ken and Fred.

"Fred and I played Wayne and Chuck yesterday in the first of
what we hope is a string of victories. We won 3 and 1. It was a tough
see-saw of a match until we took 13 with a bogey to go two up. Halved
14 and won 15 to go dormie. They won 16 and we took 17 for the match.
Wayne birdied 7 and 9. Alas not sufficient. As Fred said "What a
beautiful day" Sorry I am unable to remember the to and fro of the
beginning of the match but it already a long time ago. - Ken

2010 Pairings

April 2, 2010

Tom - Nick
Bob - Rob
Glen - Gord McD
Gord T - Michael
Mac - Richard
Chuck - Wayne
Ken - Fred

Final Standings

September 18, 2009

Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Tom - Nick 5 0 1 11
Bob - Rob 4 1 1 9
Gord McD - Glen 4 2 0 8
Gord T - Fred 2 2 2 6
Michael - Wayne 1 4 0 2
Chuck - Mac 1 4 0 2
Ken - Richard 1 5 0 2

Not Completed Michael - Wayne vs Chuck - Mac


September 18, 2009
Rob and Bob to start half up on Gord McD and Glen

Nick and Tom to start one up against the winner of semi final

Thanks for a great season.

Fred the Magnificent

September 17, 2009
Might Mites ( MM ) vs the Talented Talls ( TT )

Back nine start - Start with slight north wind ...

10 hole - The Mites split the middle while TT's go left and right -
all as expected so far - Fred hits a nice draw around the tree to
just off while Nick hits a beaut from the right rough . Nick rolls his
28' to gimme and Fred responds by rolling in his 9 footer - Hole
split with net birdies
11 - Flag is not threatened but Gord and Tom both get their chips
close while Nick's long birdie misses NO CHANGE , ALL SQUARE
12 - Fred reminds TT that Glen wanted him to use his 'Don't go LEFT'
'Don't go RIGHT'psychology but he decided he would'nt do it. Nick
immediately hooks one deep into the left woods and Tom puts his in the
right woods. Fred keeps very quiet! Nevertheless,Tom slashes out of
right rough to just off the green to match the
Mites pars NO CHANGE
13 - Gord wins the greenie albeit 47' away ... Good enough as no
one can get up and down MM 1 UP
14 - Gord's 3-putt losses to the big boys pars ALL SQUARE
15 - Pars split ALL SQUARE
16 - Tom plays 4 great shots ( even though his caddie gave him the
wrong iron in ) to get his par and the win TT 1 UP
17 - Buggered up mess as no one can to better then 5 NO CHANGE
( wind decides to switch to the normal strongish south ) NO CHANGE
18 - Nick stroking and plays the hole solidly for par but is not good
to enough to win as Fred stiffs his 60 yard pitch to what should have
been given 16" but never mind ... split with birds NO CHANGE

1 MM's short games are not mighty at all and TTs 4's carry the day TT
2 UP oh my !
2 Pars all round though Tom, Fred flirt with birdies NO CHANGE
3 - Tom makes a nice up and down to match Gord's par NO CHANGE
4 - MM's fail to birdie and watch in terror as Tom lines up his six
footer .... A rare miss ! NO CHANGE
5 - Nick, hazard off the tee and a misfired iron by Tom leaves the
Mites in control - Fred roles in his 8' par putt ( net Birdie ) just
to step on their throats! TT 1 UP

6 MM both go in the hazard. TT are both in play.Fred hit provie just in
case his ball bounced out. Nick damages a few trees with his 2nd and 3rd
shots then hits a 70 yard lob wedge to 3ft. Tom struggles. Fred finds
his ball;still inside the hazard line but playable! He hits a
tremendous(in all humility) 6 iron to 12 feet,pin high and 2-puts for
par. Nick misses his net par. All tied.

7- Nick and Fred both make good pars NO CHANGE
8 - Comes down to a putting war of nerves - Tom rolls in his 6' second
putt for par and then Fred pulls his and Gord yips his 30" TT 1 UP
9 Tom given the wrong iron for his approach, again leaving the other
three to putt it out - Gord 27' = Nope , Nick's 20' = Nope Fred's

MATCH ALL SQUARE = TIE ( golfers everywhere rejoice - let the
playoff begin ! )

Perfect Season Ruined by Late Bloomers

September 4, 2009
As It is remembered. Wayne and Mike won #1. Ken and Richard won #2 and #3.
All Square after #4. So many holes then won by the perfectionists it's all a blur. Somehow Ken and Richard are 4 up with 5 to go.
Richard insisted the match continue so the defending champs were allowed to win 14 and 15(birdie). A half on 16 meant dormie and a guaranteed blemish to the fishmonger and the creator (of kitchens). Richard birdied 17. 3and 1. Richard shot 38 on the back. What a late bloomer! Ken ever the perfect partner chose this year to remain dormant.

A fun year of Waterfield. Ken and Richard are looking forward to the
dinner particularly if Tom is in charge of buying all the raw material.


September 8, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Tom - Nick 5 0 0 10
Bob - Rob 4 1 1 9
Gord McD - Glen 4 2 0 8
Gord T - Fred 2 2 1 5
Michael - Wayne 1 4 0 2
Chuck - Mac 1 4 0 2
Ken - Richard 1 5 0 2

Mighty Disruption To Tranquility Base

September 8, 2009
Back nine start - perfect weather

10th ( 1st ) Hole ... Chuck not bothered by MM Gord's mighty drive
and 8 iron to 20 feet of blue pin as he calmly 2 putts for his 4 -
net birdie AH 1 UP
11 Fred, Gord par good enough ALL SQUARE
12 Gord Fred make good up and downs which is important as Chuck
MISSES !! his 6 ft birdie bid NO CHANGE
13 4 pars NO CHANGE
14 Trees on right for Fred and rough on left give MM's bogies AH
1 UP
15 Chuck birdies as MMs flounder mightily AH 2 UP
16 Gord goes long too back of green with front left pin making 2
putts a no go , Fred misses his par putt and Chuck roles in his 10
putt for 5 to tie the hole NO Change
17 MM both par ( Fred from a booming 80 yd drive ) which is good
enough AH 1 UP
18 A series of unfortunate events led to MMs winning with bogie

1 Chuck restores order by rolling in his 18" for birdie AH 1 UP
2 Birdies flirted with from both sides but pars mean NO CHANGE
3 Macs good up and down matches Gord 2 putt par NO Change
4 Chuck shockingly goes deep right with his tee shot and then Mac,
after 2 perfect shots, has an " incident " from 100yds ..... MMs both
2 putt for par and the hole ALL SQUARE
5 Mac redeems himself with a nice up and down for 4 NET birdie to
again AH 1 UP
6 A curious series of events occur leading to the simple truth of
7 Pars from both teams continue the AH dominance
8 Gord's 35+ feet for bird changes everything ALL SQUARE
9 MAC ( with a stroke ) again hits 2 wonderful shots to 110 yds
but ........... another " incident " leaves Chuck alone , gord, fred
both miss their 15 footers for bird and the watch as Chuck's 6
footer par par slides by on the left side



August 16, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Tom - Nick 5 0 0 10
Bob - Rob 4 1 1 9
Gord McD - Glen 4 2 0 8
Gord T - Fred 1 2 1 3
Michael - Wayne 1 3 0 2
Chuck - Mac 1 3 0 2
Ken - Richard 0 5 0 0

Hickory Dickory Doc

August 14, 2009
Playing with hickories Sandbagger Bob got 5 strokes and used them to make 3 net birds and 2 net pars.

Bob started strong hitting the first 4 greens(back 9) and slipped a birdie
in on 17 for 39 on the first nine.
Partner Rob filled in Bob's bogey holes with pars on 14,15 and 18.
Glen played like Nick with birdies on 11 and 16 and x on 10,12 and 18.
Gord net birdied 15 so the big boys turned 1 up.

The back(front) saw Rob and Glen match pars for the first 4 holes. Then
3 more by Glen being pointless as Bob net birdied 5 and 6 and Rob birdied
7.Gord left his net eagle on 6 an inch short so it was tied with the birdies.
On 7 Bob lipped out but Rob sunk and Glenn missed his 4 foot birdie
chance. 3&2 for B&T.

In the usual match play way Glen won 8 and Gord net birdied 9 and Bob
had the 20th shot.

Glen 78,Rob 79, Bob 79 Gord approx 88-90.

You might hear more about hickory handicaps. /b

Mighty Mites find their stride

August 15, 2009
Fred and Gord T win 4/3 ( Fred's best round in 10 months - Fred and Gord gross 71 for match)

Glorious start 4 missed putts for birdie on one ( lowlighted by
Gord's pulled 7' )
Ditto on 2
Rickie and Fred tie 3rd with par 4's
Parr ties 4
Fred up/down for net birdie on 5
Ken responds with net bird on 6
Fred ups the level with a natural 2 on 7
Ken/ Rickiie hand 8 to the Mighie Mites
Parrs by Ken / Fred on 9

After nine MM 2 UP

3 net birdies from the strokers = no change
Redundant birdies on 11 give MM 3 up lead
Gord makes glorious pitch but then YIPS the putt 2up
FRED birdied 13 to restore 3 Up Lead
14 - Gord's great up and down is matched by Rickies clutch 20' par putt
Match ends on low note as Gord's conceded putt for par and the win
seals the match ( Ken's mighty lash off the tee does not pay off )


August 13, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Tom - Nick 5 0 0 10
Gord McD - Glen 4 1 0 8
Bob - Rob 3 1 1 7
Michael - Wayne 1 3 0 2
Chuck - Mac 1 3 0 2
Gord T - Fred 0 2 1 1
Ken - Richard 0 4 0 0

Two more matches played

August 13, 2009
Light on details but Michael and Wayne beat Fred and Gord T 1up. Fred drove out of bounds on sixteen with his stroke to let the defending champions take a small lead. Mostly halves. Three holes won by the dc's and two by the short-shorts.

Also lacking a full report on Gord McD - Glen's latest victory. Rumour has it Richard and Ken categorically deny that they lost based on the basic principles of cause and effect. It is just not possible that Gord McD played on a winning team while contributing so little!


July 20, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Tom - Nick 5 0 0 10
Bob - Rob 3 1 1 7
Gord McD - Glen 3 1 0 6
Chuck - Mac 1 3 0 2
Gord T - Fred 0 1 1 1
Michael - Wayne 0 3 0 0
Ken - Richard 0 3 0 0

Wind Blows Champs Away

July 19, 2009
Sunday July 19 and the defending champs set up to replicate last year's 0-2 start that morphed into 4-2 and a title run. Playing the 4-0 Tom and Nick play began on number ten.

Rushing to the tee Nick was the only one on ten in less than 4 and when his two putt attempt actually dropped it was one up T&N.
Four balls on eleven green led to the best hole of the day with matching eight foot birdies from Michael and Tom.
No drama on twelve as pars half.
Disasters on thirteen and fourteen. Michael is reaching to take his three footer out of the hole on 13 when it bumps and spins out. Both M and W are three off the tee on 14 and Nick's par is a winner. Three up.
Fifteen sees Nick lip out for birdie and Tom leave a three footer short but it is just a temporary respite.
Sixteen is halved with Micheal's wonderful scrambly one putt 5-4 matched by Tom's solid two putt par.
Seventeen into a howling gale has tom the only one on the green and his 60 foot two putt is enough for a four up lead.
Wayne strokes on 18 and a solid par cuts the deficit to 3 at the turn.
One is advantage Michael on the green but two putts for both Tom and Michael means par half.
Two has Wayne closest in three but after Nick sinks a solid 5 footer Wayne has to ram home his own four footer to get another half.
Three has solid tee shots from both Nick and Tom and their pars are enough for a Four up lead.
Stroker alley arrives. Wayne is generous hitting tree after tree but ends up striping a 200 yard fourth shot 40 feet past the pin. His par net birdie just slides by. Tom and Nick both have birdie putts on the down wind hole and when Tom's goes in it is dormie.
All stroking on 5. Wayne has 8 feet for the 4-3 but when it does not drop it is all over. 5&4.

Very windy. Great start. Nick and Tom post different scores on 11 of the 14 holes played. Another fine example of ham and egg.

Un Cadeau, Deux Cadeau

July 9, 2009
Putt Putt Putt

Starting on ten Nick has three putts for the win so is given the birdie and a one up lead for Tom and Nick.
Un cadeau on 11 as Ken three putts to let par win.
Un cadeau on 17 as Ken three putts to let par win.

Richard wins 18 with his stroke. 2 up at the turn Tom and Nick.

Par wins 3 so now it is 3 up.

Richard strokes on 4 but the Advil hasn't kicked in. Nick's 8 footer goes wide so Ken's scrambly par is a half.

Nick airmails 5 from a hundred yards and his weak 6 footer means a half with net par.

The Advil is working and a strong par net birdie wins 6 for the comeback kids.

Tom three putts 7 and Nick misses his up and down. Par wins and now it is 1 up with 2 to play.

On 8 Richard is short right. Nick is short left. Ken is all over the pin but too much club means he is over the bunker on the back. Tom has twenty feet for birdie. Nick is 42 feet away. He leaves it on the lip only to see it fall in as he walks to the hole. Par in the bag for T & N. Tom aggressively leaves his winning birdie putt 8 inches short. After Richard misses his ten footer it is up to Ken to curl his own ten footer in for a par and the half. Sure enough. Clutch putt of the day so far.

Dormie T&N and their unblemished record.

Richard watches. Ken after two fine shots pitches in to three feet. Tom is long and straight, nearly out of bounds, and then fifteen feet away barely on the green. Nick is long up the left, hits one of the new trees dead on but recovers with a full gap wedge to fifteen feet. Tom is instructed not to be short. Bam. Slam. That's all Ma'am. The only birdie of the day that counted. Tom and Nick stay unbeaten.

Very good scores but only adequate golf. Par after par for T and N. Not a birdie to be seen between the bookend holes. Still a real nail biter right to the last putt. Ken and Richard are much the better team at ham and egging but les cadeaux were too much to overcome. Ken loses as many balls as Nick usually does. Tom announces he was playing with the knowledge that he had just put an offer in on a house. Richard and Nick enjoy the regular visits of the refreshment cart.

Scores Tom 74 (66) Nick 79 (second round under 80 this year! 66), Richard 84 (69) and Ken 86 (75).

Wayne the Putting Star

July 8, 2009
Wednesday amid some rain and a lightning stoppage the Bobbsy Twins took on the defending champs.

Exciting with true ebbs and flows.

Starting on ten, Wayne parred the first 4 holes to put the defending champs up 3. After tee shots into 13, the horn sounded sending the group back to the shelter between 12 and 13. The all clear allowed Wayne to proceed to his fine tee shot and claim the big lead.

Unfortunately after 13 it was realized that Wayne's only protection from melting in any future rain had been left behind in the shelter. Hustling back to pick up the forgotten umbrella stopped the surge and allowed the Bobbsy's to win the next 3, making the match all square again.

Wayne, with a stroke, made a great sandy on 17 only to be matched when Bob rolled in a 30 foot birdie putt. The nine ended with a net birdie from Michael putting the defending champs 1 up at the turn.

Another weather delay at the turn meant the match took a 20 minute break. Rob, sensing an opportunity, chose to buy Wayne as much beer as possible.

Starting up again on the front saw a split of 1 and 2. R&B won 3 with par. All even with stroker alley coming up for both Wayne and Michael.

Against the odds R&B won both 4 and 5 to be 2 up.

Now for the putting star part. Wayne(yes Wayne) then made an incredible putt on 6 from behind the hole to make net birdie. It only halved the hole though as Rob slid in a 25 footer from the side for 3 to tie.

Wayne(yes Wayne) then made a 40 footer for birdie on 7 only to again be covered by Rob's shaky two foot birdie.

It was looking all over on 8 except when Mike's long distant par putt should have gone in only to lip the hole and end up 1cm away. Bob had thought he could 3 putt for a bogey and the half. Turns out that was true but only just.2&1 victory for the Bobbsy's.

It was exciting and much good golf was played particularly Wayne's putting.

End- Rob 75(net 68), Bob 75(net 70), Wayne 81-with 4 penalty strokes(net
66), Mike 87(net 75).


July 6, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Tom - Nick 3 0 0 6
Gord McD - Glen 3 1 0 6
Bob - Rob 2 1 1 5
Chuck - Mac 1 3 0 2
Gord T - Fred 0 0 1 1
Michael - Wayne 0 1 0 0
Ken - Richard 0 2 0 0

Mr Sandman Send Me a Birdie

July 5, 2009
Two undefeated teams. A windy but dry day. Basically Tom and Rob replay their Boland Cup single's match.

Tom net birdies ten.
Rob birdies eleven
Rob birdies twelve
Tom birdies thirteen
Tom and Rob par fourteen.
Tom birdies fifteen after Rob misses a three footer.
Tom chips in for birdie on sixteen.
Nick (remember him) birdies seventeen.

OB with a stroke for Nick on eighteen, Bobbsy twins win to keep the match alive. Rob shoots 34. Tom 35. Bob 37. Nick 42
2 Up Tom and Nick at the turn.

Par wins One for R/B
Par wins Two for T/N
Par halves Three
Net birdie wins Four for Nick
Net birdie wins Five for Rob
Par halves Six
Par halves Seven
Par halves eight. Two and One Tom and Nick.

Playing in with the twentieth stroke buying the beer Nick and Rob par, Bob birdies first so when Tom's four footer goes in for another birdie he still is stuck buying beer.

Tom 72 net 63. Rob 73 net 66. Bob 73 net 68. Nick 82 net 68. The "tournament" handicap adjustment will most likely be in effect.

Best golf all round for a while. Lots of great drives, irons, chips and putts. Must be getting to mid-season form.

Of Sheep and Women

July 1, 2009
Another fabulous Waterfield match-made even better by beating two B Team
sheep lovers.
The match ended 3 and 2 for the Bobbsy twins but only two of the 16
holes were halved.

The match started with Rob and Bob up by 4 after 4 but the 9 ended with
them up by only 1.

By the third on the back( the front) R&B were up again by 4 but thanks
to a three putt by Richard on the fourth they went to the 7th 2 up.
Fearing Richard's stroke on 9 Bob birdied 7 for the match.

Bob had 4 birdies (10, 2, 3, 7) 8 pars and some others. Rob fit in
perfectly with pars on the other holes. Probably a gross sub par team.

Ken and Richard played adequately but were left with their debate
about whether the sheep or women of Scotland were more attractive.

Canada Day and good friends and a wonderful competition. That life would
always be like this.

Breakfast Is Served

June 24, 2009
It may have started at lunch time but before it was over there was no doubt that ham and eggs were on the menu.
The mighty and undefeated Gord McD and Glen took on Tom and Nick at Garrison on a fine summer day.
Starting on 1, Nick hit his driver in the fairway for the first and only time of the day, wedged to 30 feet and knocked in the birdie to start the match with some fine ham.
Glen responded on two with a birdie of his own. Even.
A bad three putt by Glen on three let Tom's bogey grab a half instead of certain loss. Even.
Nick played four from the far rough of five and calmly sunk his thirty footer for birdie net ham - I mean eagle. 1 up
Playing five Nick drove the far rough on four. Tom parred five for his own par net eggle. 2 up.
Glen birdied 6 to get back to one down.
Nick and Glen halved seven in par.
Nick nearly hit the second fairway but could not match Glen's par on eight so back to all square.
Nick parred nine from the left of one and when Glen took four from in front of the trap McD had to drain a nasty four footer for the six net five and another half.
Glen 36 on the front. Nick in a lot of holes. Tom and McD definitely encouraging but not overly engaged.
Ten arrives and Nick hits three wood. Fairway! Wedge. Lip out but easy four net three. 1 up T and N
Eleven sees four birdie putts but again on a par three, Glen opens the door by pushing his little four footer and allowing par to halve the hole.
Twelve has the temporary tee. You will not hear much of Nick from here in. Tom and Glen drive long and straight. Eggman Tom wedges to a foot. Glen's down hill eight footer is never close and another birdie and another hole to T and N. 2 Up.
Glen rests on thirteen. McD and ET hit the green. Good-Good on sixty footers? No way says Gord. Good-Good on matching second putt six footers? No way says Tom. McD after bouncing his first putt so woefully short, causing his partner to utter words of disbelief calmly sinks it. Tom, remembering the declined Good-Good offer steps up to the plate and center cuts the tester. Still 2 up.
Tom and Glen trade looks on the fourteenth green. Tom says Good-Good? Two feet left for Glen. Eighteen inches for Tom. Yes says Glen. Tom will never miss so why risk being three down? Halved in par. 2 down with sixteen to come is really only 1 down reasons Glen!
Four drives in play on fifteen. Two second shots in play. We do find Nick's ball in the right long stuff. Nick hacks it on the green and when Tom misses a fourteen incher Nick is required to sink and get the half against Glen. 2 Up.
Sixteen is normal. Four drives in play. Nick left and a quick six. Tom in the bunker right and a quick six. Glen gets up and down for par. Sure enough back to 1 up T and N. Hang in there because McD is stroking on eighteen.
No Nick on seventeen. His part of the meal is long gone and no longer necessary. Tom "the eggman" hits a wedge to four feet and the birdie is the final nail with no need for another hole. 2 & 1 Tom and Nick.

Glen shoots 75. Still in a state as to how he lost. Tom and Nick can only refer back to the title. Different scores on 13 of the 17 holes played. 5 real or net birdies and one net eagle. Very good for better ball match play.


June 16, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Gord McD - Glen 3 0 0 6
Bob - Rob 1 0 1 3
Tom - Nick 1 0 0 2
Chuck - Mac 1 3 0 2
Gord T - Fred 0 0 1 1
Michael - Wayne 0 1 0 0
Ken - Richard 0 1 0 0

Nick and Tom get underway

One game ahead of the of the GG-WM match Nick and Tom played their first game of the year against the nearly done Mac and Chuck. Great golf with wild swings was the order of the day.

After conceding not real gimme bogey putts to halve one Nick wedged to 4 feet to birdie two and go 1 up. Mac goes on a tear. Pars 3 (win). Pars 4 (net birdie - win). Birdies 5 (net eagle - win). Bogeys 5 (net par - half). Pars 7 (half). 2 up Mac and Chuck. T&N get one back with a par on 8. Nick watches 9 from ob as Tom halves Chuck with par.

Mac strokes on ten. Everyone is on in 2. Macs 70 footer lips out and stops gimmee distance. Another net birdie. Skilfully Tom lets Nick read his 15 foot birdie putt which drops for the half. A gift on 11 as C & M let par win the hole. All square. A beautiful bird by Chuck on 12 puts them back in the lead. Mac is 20 feet away on 13 but when his putt doesn't drop Nick follows up his weak chip with a clutch four footer for the half. Tom is thankful to not have to putt his three footer. The collars are getting tight.

The pivotal 14th arrives. All drives are safe. Tom is on but 90 feet away. Nick goes long and is out of it. Mac and Chuck are chipping from the front fringe. Mac leaves it 18 inches below the hole. Tom comes up woefully short. 4 feet and downhill. One minute of emotional roller coaster later Tom has holed and Mac has missed. T & N are all square as opposed to the more likely 2 down.

Tom plays 15 without a partner. Tom does suggest to Nick that he will be needed on one of 16, 17 or 18. To emphasize the point Tom makes birdie to get T & N 1 up.

Using his stroke on 16 and the devilish front right pin Nick outlasts Mac. Mac has left himself a downhill 18" curly putt while Nick has a 10" straight uphill. Mac slides by and Nick makes. Dormie

On 17 Mac flips his third shot - a a wedge over the trap - to what would usually be gimmee range (not conceded for obvious reasons). However Nick has played the hole conventionally and has two putts from 15 feet for the par. Lagging to a few inches the par is conceded and the match over at 2 and 1.

Reflecting on the day Mac nets to better than Tom (84 - 66 compared to 78 - 67) and Chuck beats Nick (82 - 70 compared to 87 - 74) but Tom and Nick just ham and egg better.. Much like Glen we also realize Tom has gone 2 under from 5 - 15. Great golf. Great company. Great match

Halfway Home at 3-0

On Friday, June 12th, the reigning champions Wayne and Mike began their quest for a two-peat by taking on 2-0 Fast/McD.

This match would feature a lousy start by the Maestro (4 over after 5) and a lousier finish (4 over on the final 3 holes) but something else in the middle, 8 greens in reg by Gord but putting that added a new thatch of grey hair for his partner (if that is possible), a strong short game by Mike for much of the round, and some terrific and some less than stellar play from Wayne, including a crucial putt on 9 that kept the Champions in the lead.

Here's what happened:
Everybody bogeyed #1, Gord's 5 included three putts from about 75 ft.
Gord was way at the back on #2 as well and, remaining consistent, took three more for bogey. Mike made a fine chip from the front and rolled in a 5 footer. Champions 1 up.
Mike was the only one close to the green on #3. A fine lag putt and solid parputt put the Champions 2 up.

So far, Fast has taken three shots to get on each of the first three greens.

Gord got one back on #4 with an 8 foot par/net birdie putt.
Mike skulled his chip on #5 about 30 feet by and above the hole but drained it for net birdie and the Champions were back at 2 up.
On #6, Mike was on maybe 35 ft short, Gord was on pin high left. Glen was just off the back. Wayne made a fine chip to gimmee net par. Mike made a good two-putt for net birdie. Gord did not three putt to Glen's great relief, but got down in two to tie with net birdie.
The short 7th saw Glen and Gord both on and reasonably close, Mike long and Wayne in trap right. After his next shot Wayne, who did not reach the green, exclaimed "Piece of shit!". He was not actually referring to his shot (though he could have been). He was referring to the goose turd against which his ball was now lying. His wedge needed a thorough cleaning after his next shot (as did his mouth). Mike left his chip way
short and couldn't convert. Gord had an easy two putt and Glen matched him. Champions 1 up.
Wayne hit two perfect shots on #8 to pin high right maybe 20 feet. Mike topped his second shot and was still 100 yds out. He knocks the next one to 7 feet. Gord's in the trap long and gets out to 12 feet. Glen lags a 45 foot putt to gimmee distance. Mike and Wayne both make their pars. Champions still 1 up.
On #9, Wayne hit another two perfect shots to just in front of the trap. Glen and Mike are there in 3 and Gord is a bit right. Four mediocre chips later Glen is away from 40 feet. He drains it for par. Wayne runs his birdie effort 7 feet by and now has a must-make to avoid losing what looked like a win. He rams it into the back of the cup and the Champions are 1 up at the turn.
#10 is pushed when Gord misses a 10 footer for net birdie and matches Mike's solid par.
On #11, Glen and Gord are on, Wayne and Mike are not. Wayne double-hits his chip and is out of it. Mike chips short and misses the putt. Glen and Gord make easy pars and the match is All Square.
#12 Now the match has Glen's attention. His chip to gimmee distance for par beats bogeys by Mike and Wayne and Fast/McD are 1up for the first time.
Glen keeps it going on #13 with a 25 foot birdie. Fast/McD 2 up.
Glen drives it to 80 yds out on #14 and makes a routine par.. Mike stops the bleeding with a clutch chip and one putt par to push the hole.
The tees on #15 are as far back as they can be. Glen hits the best two shots this reporter has ever seen and is 18 feet behind the blue pin. Gord puts his third between Glen and the hole to give him a read on his eagle putt. Mike lips out an 80 footer and makes bogey. Wayne has a legitimate birdie chance but it doesn't fall. Gord shows Glen the line but Glen leaves it short. His tap-in birdie, however puts Fast/McD 3up with 3 to go. Dormie but with a stroke hole coming up.
Glen, who has just hit consecutive career drives, just hammers the ball on #16. Into Nick's Nook. Never to be seen again (or even looked for). Doesn't know what he did differently. The pin is in that crazy position front right on the slope. Wayne chips from way left past the hole and into the deep stuff. Incredibly, he putts it out and up to gimmee distance for net par. Gord needs only to two putt from inside 30 feet and it's all over. It's not all over. Fast/McD 2up with 2 to go.
On #17, Wayne and Mike are both on but long, Gord is on but way right and Glen is in the trap right. Wayne and Mike are still above the hole after lag putts and don't convert. Gord gets it to three feet and makes the par putt. Fast/McD win the match 3and1.

Glen, by the way, was two under from #6 - #15.

Net scores Glen 70, Gord 70, Mike 70 and Wayne 75.

What Did Gord Lie?

19-2. By Player, Partner, Caddie or Equipment
If a player's ball is accidentally deflected or stopped by himself, his partner or either of their caddies or equipment, the player incurs a penalty of one stroke. The ball must be played as it lies, except when it comes to rest in or on the player's, his partner's or either of their caddies' clothes or equipment, in which case the ball must through the green or in a hazard be dropped, or on the putting green be placed, as near as possible to the spot directly under the place where the ball came to rest in or on the article, but not nearer the hole.

Exception 1: Ball striking person attending or holding up a flagstick or anything carried by him — see Rule 17-3b.

Exception 2: Dropped ball — see Rule 20-2a.

19-3. By Opponent, Caddie or Equipment in Match Play
If a player’s ball is accidentally deflected or stopped by an opponent, his caddie or his equipment, there is no penalty. The player may, before another stroke is made by either side, cancel the stroke and play a ball without penalty as nearly as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played (see Rule 20-5) or he may play the ball as it lies.

However, if the player elects not to cancel the stroke and the ball has come to rest in or on the opponent’s or his caddie’s clothes or equipment, the player must through the green or in a hazard drop the ball, or on the putting green place the ball, as near as possible to where the article was when the ball came to rest in or on it.

Exception: Ball striking person attending or holding up flagstick or anything carried by him — see Rule 17-3b.

Attack of the Killer G's

May 31, 2009
On Sunday, May 31st Fast & McD met the Mighty Mites at Glen Lawrence in conditions that many people would not be willing to play in. In fact, the group in front of us, which included Fred Luciani, walked off the first tee without playing. The gales of November had come early. The temperature started around 10, fell sharply at times then climbed only a bit when the un finally came out. The wind never stopped. It was a 3+ club wind, and we ere hitting into it on at least 16 of the holes, incredible as that ight seem. The rain pretty much kept up all afternoon, which was good because if it had come down, things would have become truly unbearable. What did come down was hail.

Playing the fifth green was like putting in a popcorn maker. So, it was an adventure.

From tee to green on the front nine, Gord T. was 3 strokes better than Glen. Meant nothing. Glen needed only 12 putts to navigate those first nine greens.

Gord, Gord and Glen all parred #1 (Glen even with a penalty stroke). McD's net par on #2 was good enough for a win. Incredibly, Glen's bogey on #3 was also good enough for a win as neither Fred nor Gord T. could get up and down from 20 feet and just off the green.

We pushed the next four holes with Glen making par putts on #6 and #7 that deeply discouraged the opposition. Everyone was 50-60ft away on #8. Glen was the only one who could get down in two. Fast/McD 3 up.
Then on #9, Boland and McD made net pars, but Fast made a netbirdie. Fast/McD 4 up at the turn.

Three pushes to start the back, and the MMs hadn't won a hole in the first 12. That all changed on #13. Fred made a great little chip and made the 3-footer for net birdie. Then Gord T. made a fine par putt on #15 to get the deficit down to 2.

There was good news and bad news for McD that day. The good news was that he picked up two new litigation files that could mean big money. The bad news was that Glen first retained him to sue himself for non-support. Then on #16, he doubled the retainer seeking a lawsuit against McD for the tort of assault with a golfball.

McD was hitting his second shot from the middle of the fairway. Glen, Fred and cart were way off to the left and up the fairway a bit. You guessed it. McD hit a line drive off the heel at a 45 degree angle to the intended line of flight. It covered the 40 yards quite quickly and struck Glen on the side of his right knee. Glen was almost assessed a delay of game penalty as he lay on the ground writhing in agony for a considerable period of time.

Then we were faced with the question - what does Gord lie? We already knew where Glen was lying (and writhing) but did he incur a penalty for stopping McD's ball from going into the woods? It wasn't Glen's equipment that was hit but it didn't miss his "equipment" by much. He could have been ruined for wife. Glen hobbled out of the cart to hit his third shot from about a hundred yards, it was a beauty to 15 feet, and then he toppled over. But his bogey and McD's net bogey were enough to get the team to dormie.

Fred pulled one about 50 feet left on #17. Gord T. hit a beauty, tracking at the pin all the way. It looked like it would be a kick-in birdie. Then it disappeared into the muck, never to be seen again. At that point Gord noticed that we were playing from the very back of the tee box. Oops! Fred made an excellent three-putt (from Fast/McD's point of view) to match McD's bogey, and Fast made par so it was all over. Fast/McD 3 and 1.

We almost had need for another unusual ruling. McD was set to chip from the left side of the #7 green. Gord T. chose that moment to let go of his umbrella which was in a state of erection. It blew across McD's path. GT yelled and McD stopped in mid-swing. If he had made the shot and the ball had been caught up in the umbrella which had then deposited it into the deep rough behind the green, what then? Where's that Mike Raymond when you need him?

Bob clarification


Only an undefeated and untied team (6-0-0) wins outright with no play offs.

The play off structure will be finalized when there are about four games left to be completed and I can run possible outcomes. Play offs will involve three or more teams depending on the final standings. Any team with enough points to be tied for third or better will be in the play offs,

We are all recording our scores using the GAO system. This means all scores from out of the country are valid if they conform with the GAO handicap regulations (golfing season in the country you are playing, no health differences, stroke control in play, course rated and sloped by USGA etc.)


May 26, 2009
Team Won Lost Tied Pts

Bob - Rob 1 0 1 3
Gord McD - Glen 1 0 0 2
Chuck - Mac 1 2 0 2
Gord T - Fred 0 0 1 1
Michael - Wayne 0 0 0 0
Tom - Nick 0 0 0 0
Ken - Richard 0 1 0 0

It's Hip to be Tied

May 23, 2009
Saturday May 23 - The day after Leonard

Another exciting and enjoyable match-Rob and Bob vs the Lilliputians.

Bob started with a birdie to win the first. All pars on two except for
Gord's 2.(both shots hit perfectly).

Matching pars on 3. Gord's par on 4 won. Bob's birdie on 5 matched
Fred's net birdie. A par on 6 by the big guys tied the match.

Matching birdies on 7 by Bob and Fred. Matching team pars on 8 and 9.

Rob's par on 10 for one up and then his 2 foot miss on 11 to equalize.

Matching pars to 16 where Gord's net birdie won. A Rob and Fred par on 17.

Bob's rescue club to the back pin on 18 and 2putt birdie for the win
and a tied match.

The match was highlighted by great shots,in particular Fred's new Briny
Baird type putting (missed none inside 8 feet).I guess Gord's 2 on
number 2 was ok as well.

We all agreed that a draw was the fairest and most satisfying outcome.
Another good day of golf and friendship.

GGs off to the Races

May 22, 2009
On Friday, May 22nd, the pairing of Fast/McD had its first outing against the
experienced team Vetere/Gervan - their third match. The match was played in ideal
conditions, and Vetere/Gervan showed their experience by winning #3 with pars, #4
with Mac's net birdie, #7 with Chuck's impressive deuce, #11 with Mac's long birdie
putt and #13 with Chuck's par. Five wins in 13 holes could have meant the match was
in the bag. But no. By the end of 13 they were down two. The Maestro was on fire.
His even par front featuring birdies on #2 and #9 meant that with only a little help
from McD, they were two up at the turn. They won #10 with McD's net par and #12 with
Glen's just-missed-a-birdie par. #14 was a push despite a fine par by Mac. Chuck
parred #15 but it wasn't enough. A phenomenal chip by Fast followed by a solid 4
foot birdie putt meant it was dormie time. On #16 everyone was over in 3. McD's chip
to gimmee distance sealed the deal Fast/McD 3and2.
Net scores: Fast 68, McD 76, Vetere 74, Gervan 76.

Second Game in the Books

A wonderful match between Rob and Bob and Chuck and Mac. Chuck showed
his short game skills on the front and lead his team to a one up lead
after 9. Bob and Rob both put 2nd shots on 10 within a foot followed by
Bob's birdie on 11 and a par on 12 for 2 up. Bob had a usual par on
14-hitting into the woods -chipping out to 200yards-smacking it
somewhere near the green and chipping in for a standard westian par for
3up.Mac then did his predicted net birdie,net par, net eagle,net
birdie-thwarted by Rob's wonderful birdie putt on 18 to give his team a
1up victory. It was a great match with great play by both sides.

First match in the Books

On a glorious day at Timber Ridge Mac and Ken started their third season in a row playing in the same foursome. This time however they were sworn enemies, Mac with his new partner Chuck and Ken with his new wing man, Richard. Back and forth it went mostly with good early season golf. Richard has a new driver and is very long and straight. Mac is in mid season form. Ken is in pre Scotland form. Chuck is - well - Chuck. Ken and Richard were one up going into 15 but a birdie from Chuck with a great wedge and a par net birdie from Mac on the difficult 16th put Mac and Chuck one up with two to go. On 17 Ken was the only one on the green, about 30 feet away pin high and above the hole. Chuck made a great pitch to six feet. Ken putted off the green. A brilliant recovery chip and one putt halved Chuck's weak attempt at par. Coming home Mac played solidly and with a stroke could not be beat. 2 up Mac and Chuck.

Teams for 2009

Welcome back for another year of good golf and better company.

The teams for 2009 are
Michael - Wayne (defending)
Ken - Richard
Mac - Chuck
Bob - Rob
Gord T - Fred
Gord McD - Glen
Tom - Nick

This year everyone is required to be on the GAO handicap site so we can use peer review to help deal any potential handicap squabbles. Please remember to put in these matches as Tournament scores. You should also be familiar with the accepted process for assigning a reasonable outcome to the score you would have made on a hole you do not finish because it is match play.

Play well. Same rules as last year.

New Champs Crowned

???? I hereby submit my final report for 2008 on the Championship Match played in perfect conditions (except for punched greens)? on Friday October 10th. It was a match between two teams which had taken diametrically opposite strategies to get to the Final. Mike and Wayne were the Comeback Kids - twice they had been down by three in the back nine and come back to win. Fred and Gord had never trailed in their last four matches - 72 holes in a row of being even or up. Which strategy would prevail?

#1. Gord got down from about 90 feet in two for par. Wayne matched that from about 50 feet. All Square.
#2. Mike was on in reg, the rest were just short. Wayne's chip was pin high 12 feet left. Gord's chip was two feet left. Fred left his 25 feet short. Mike left his birdie putt well short. Fred canned his. Mike and Wayne both missed their putts. Boland/McD 1 up.
#3. Wayne was on maybe 35 feet above a front pin. Fred never recovered from a road shot left. Gord was just short, made a lousy putt from the fringe and took 4. Wayne got down in two for the win. All Square.
#4. Gord hit his best shot of the day - an 8-iron from the right over the pine tree to 8 inches. Gimmee birdie. Boland/McD 1 up.
#5. Fred went O/B, Gord chunked his third shot and ended with double. Mike
played it steady for a two-putt bogey and the win. All Square.
#6. Fred took another X as did Wayne. Gord chunked a chip and ended with a
double - good enough for a push with Mike by virtue of his stroke. All Square.
#7. Fred left his shot ten feet right. McD was way left, Mike short, Wayne in the rough short right. He made a good chip and rolled in the putt for par. Mike and Gord bogey. Fred leaves his putt above the hole and it's a push. All Square.
#8. A potential turning point. Mike is on after two fine shots. Fred's in the trap, then over the green and out of it. McD is short and makes a mediocre chip to 25 feet. Wayne is on in three at least 70 feet away, gives it a good effort but no cigar. But no worries - he's got Mike only 35 feet away in two. Mike powers his putt seven feet by. Fred reads Gord's putt, Gord executes it and it drops on the last half roll for par. Mike misses his comeback putt and all of a sudden, instead of being 1 down for the first time in 80 holes, Boland/McD are 1 up.
#9. Wayne and Mike are left after three, Fred is right of the trap and Gord is just over. Fred makes the only good chip and converts for par. Boland/McD 2 up at the turn. Mike says "We've got you where we want you." Gord asks "Don't you want to be 3 down? Just let us win #10."

#10. Wayne goes into the woods on his second shot. Gord and Mike are short,
Fred's on.? Mike makes bogey, Fred par? and Gord net par. Boland/McD 3 up. An ominous sign.
#11. Gord is on, maybe 20 feet, Mike and Fred are on but a long way away. The pressure is on Wayne. He just clears the trap and the ball stops 5 feet away. Three pars later, Wayne has a great birdie chance but pushes it just right. No blood. Boland/Mcd 3 up.
#12. Fred goes into the woods on his second shot. Wayne is pin high right.
Gord and Mike are shortish and right. They both make good chips. Mike misses his putt. Wayne misses his birdie and two pars are conceded. Boland/McD still 3 up.
#13. Mike in the trap then over the green. Fred above the hole, Gord 25 feet left and Wayne just short of the green to a red pin. Wayne, Fred and Gord all par. Boland/McD still 3 up. 5 to play. In the first four holes of the back nine, Fred and Gord have six pars between them. Would they make another?
#14. The key hole of the match. Gord loses one left and is 3 off the tee. Mike loses one right and is 3 off the tee. Wayne then goes right and he's 3 off the tee. Fred hits a beauty down the right side and leaves his approach just short, 30 feet from the pin.Wayne eventually picks up.. Gord can't make six. Mike is just on in 4, makes a pretty good putt and his double-bogey is conceded. Fred realizes that if he gets down in two or even three from 30 feet, they'll be four up with four to go and he'll have to make dinner for a whole bunch of guys. He promptly skulls the chip 30
feet past the hole. He leaves his par putt three feet below, and pulls the bogey put so it's two feet past. Gord asks if Wayne and Mike will concede the putt. Fred thinks he hears "yes" and drags his ball. It does not go in.? Wayne and Mike make it clear that they had not conceded the putt and at three down why would they? So from what would have been a dormie situation it was now Boland McD 2 up, 4 to play.
#15. Mike plays driver/7-iron from the right to get it to the 100. Fred and
Gord are maybe 60 yds out left. Mike puts his third on, Gord skulls his chip (then his next one, then his next one). Fred puts his into the left trap. He can't get up and down, Mike two-putts for par and all of a sudden it's Boland/McD 1 up, 3 to play.
#16. All stroking from Fred. Nobody's on in two. Wayne doesn't hit his chip
shot particularly well and it ends up 15 feet above the hole, Mike is below the hole in 4. Wayne drains the slippery down-hiller for net birdie and the match is All Square, 2 to play.
#17. Fred and Gord are both quite a long way away after three and miss. Mike putts from just off the green front to a middle pin. He leaves his 70 foot putt in gimmee range for par. Now, for the first time in 89 holes Fred and Gord are down. Raymond/Oakley 1 up.
#18. Gord pulls his second shot, thinks he may be O/B but isn't, chips back to fairway and leaves his fourth 20 feet short. Fred is in perfect shape in two but yanks it left. Not quite O/B but with an impossible chip under the big tree.Takes him two more to get on. Wayne and Mike are on in 4. Wayne takes 3 more. Mike powers his par putt 4 feet by. Gord has a chance to extend the match with his 20 footer. It grazes the cup right and does not fall. Mike now needs the 4 footer for the match and the championship. He's missed a few today but this time he makes no mistake.
Raymond/Oakley 1 up.

A match for the history books. Over a beer Wayne and Mike discuss possible
dinner menus, and Fred and Gord offer to start a new Waterfield tradition by providing the entertainment at dinner. Look out!

Handicap Clarification

A copy of the e-mail sent to all:

Greetings all,

There appears to be some confusion about posting of Waterfield scores
using the tournament designation.

Firstly, it is my position that everyone should be using the on line
RCGA-GAO handicap system. It is simple and cheap and has a major upside in
that anyone can access our individual record keeping and apply peer
pressure if necessary.

Secondly it is my position that all Waterfield matches should be entered
using a "Tournament Designation". Bob and Michael can give very erudite
reasons why this is the new and proper way for us all to establish our
playing handicaps.

It is too late for this year but please consider this a head's up for next

Fore Left


Fred and Gord McD Knock off Champs

On a beautiful late summer afternoon, Fred and GMcD met Kenneth and Mac for
the right to advance to this year's final. This match answered the question - is it
better to get off to a fast start then fade, or to grab the momentum mid-way and
ride it as long as you can? The answer? It depends on how fast a start.
1 Ken and Mac get off to a rocky start with double bogeys. Boland/McD win
easily. 1 up
2 Fred and Ken split it with pars
3 Ken gets it pretty close and just misses birdie. McD makes a good chip and a
short putt for the halve
4 McD and Mac both on in 3. Mac takes 3 more, McD 2 for the net birdie. Then
Fred pours in a longish distance birdie to put the exclamation mark on a win.
Boland/McD 2 up
5 Boland with net birdie takes it. Boland/McD 3 up
6 Everybody makes bogey or net bogey
7 McD makes a chip to gimmee distance, Fred also pars, Ken and Mac don't.
Boland/McD 4 up. They wouldn't win another hole in the next two hours.
8 Mac and Ken finally get on the board with bogey and par respectively. Fred
and Gord both double. Boland/McD 3 up
9 Again, Ken is reasonably close but misses. McD makes a lousy first putt but
converts for par and a halve. Boland/McD 3 up at the turn.
10 Mac makes a long 2 putt for net par. Good for the halve with both McD and
11 Fred and Ken both par for the halve
12 McD, Fred and Ken all par for the halve
13 Mac hits it close and makes an easy par. Ken gets down in two for long
distance. Boland and McD bogey. Boland/McD 2 up
14 Ken makes a superb par with a chip and a fine putt. The momentum has clearly
shifted. Boland and McD are reeling slightly, Ken, in particular, is on fire.
Boland/McD 1 up
15 Ken makes his fifth par in a row but he is matched by Fred
16 Ken and Mac each hit two fantastic shots and are on, Mac in net one. McD and
Boland are both short. Boland chips to 30 feet. McD skulls his chip over then fluffs
the next one and is still not on in four. Incredibly, his next shot hits the pin and
drops for net par. Fred goes for it, misses and also makes net par. Mac leaves his
birdie putt way short, misses the par putt and misses the next one. Ken makes a fine
two putt for par and the halve. Boland and McD are sweating bullets between dodging
17 Mac and Gord both go into the front trap. Fred hits a beautiful draw around
a left side tree and leaves it 12 feet above the hole. Then, with the match on the
line, Ken hits a phenomenal shot to 10 feet right of the pin. Fred looks at his putt
six different ways, figures out the break and strokes it down the hill. It drops!
Ken needs his, but a mis-read of the slope brings it up short. Boland/McD win 2 and
18 Ken makes a routine par - his 8th in a row - for 37 on the back. Fred makes
another birdie, to match Ken at 37.

Final scores were Ken 78 net 71, Mac 93 net 77, Fred 77 net 68 and McD 87 net 73.
It was yet another thrilling, tense and well-played Waterfield match. It's why
we play the game.

Final Standings

September 4, 2008
Team Won Lost Tied Pts
Ken-Mac 4 2 0 8
Tom-Chuck 4 2 0 8
Gord McD-Fred 4 2 0 8
Wayne-Michael 4 2 0 8
Bob-Nick 2 3 1 5
Rob-Richard 1 4 1 3
Gord T - Glen 1 5 0 2

Play offs

Mac/Ken vs Gord McD/Fred
Tom/Chuck vs Wayne/Michael

Thanks to all and good luck.

Wayne and Michael Win Handily

September 3, 2008
In the final match of the round robin Wayne and Michael easily handled Bob and Nick 5 & 4. Wayne was a chipping and putting star and Michael was there when necessary.

Starting poorly W&M lost 1 and 2 but then woke up winning 4(par), 5(net birdie), 6(net birdie) , 7(Wayne birdie from the fringe) and 9(Wayne great 64 wedge to 2 feet to win with a par) to make the turn 3 up. Another net birdie on 10 means 4 up. A great up and down by Wayne halved 11. A great sandie by Wayne halved 13 and when Michael had four putts for the win on 14 it was conceded and all over 5 & 4.

Gord McD and Fred in Playoffs

September 1, 2008
Here's the report of the penultimate regular season match - Glen and Gord T vs Fred and Gord McD played on Monday, September 1.

Glen took a bit to get going, but was incredibly good. He drove it long and
straight. He sunk long putts. He played the last 11 holes in three under par. Tough to beat. Tough, but maybe not impossible. Here's how the match went. We started on 10.

10 Gord McD makes a good third shot after hitting the tree with his second, two putts for net par, no one can match that. Boland-McD 1 up.
11. Halved with pars - everyone but McD
12. Fred and Glen par
13 Gord McD gets down in two from 80 ft to match Gord T's par
14 Fred makes a routine par. Gord T got a favourable bounce off a tree right with his drive but a not so favourable bounce off the pin with his second, takes three more to get down Boland-McD 2 up
15. Fred and Gord McD play it well for pars, Glen and Gord T are all over the map Boland-McD 3 up
16 Glen drives to the 150, but can't do better than net par, Fred and Gord McD scramble for net pars.
17 Gord McD is closer than Glen but Glen rolls in a long downhill birdie putt and McD does not. Boland-McD 2up
18 McD skulls his 50 yd chip shot 30 yards past the pin and is happy to get it on and 2putt for net par. Gord T and Glen make routine pars (Gord T lips his birdie putt). Boland-McD 2up at the turn.
1.Gord T and Glen make pars. Gord McD makes six footer for par. Halved
2. Gord T. and Glen (from 50 yds) on, Gord McD in the rough left, but a good chip and another six footer for par gets a half.
3. The two Gords are on and both make pars. Halved
4. Gord T. is just short in two but goes long twice and settles for bogey. Fred and Gord McD get down in two from a long way for pars to match Glen, but McD has a stroke. Boland-McD 3up
5. Glen pours in another bomb for net birdie. Boland-McD 2up
6. Fred plays two great shots to pin high, and two putts for par, then points out that he has a stroke. Net Birdie! Boland-McD 3up and dormie.
7. Glen and Fred are on about thirty feet away, McD about 50 ft and Gord T in the trap. The two Gords do not make brilliant next shots. Glen knows he has to make it,and sure enough he rolls it in for birdie to keep the match alive. Or does it? Fred lines his putt up and sends it right into the cup for birdie and it's all over - 3 and 2.
Glen made another wonderful birdie on 9 for a 34 on the back to go with 42 on the front and 76 (net 68) Gord T had 40 on the back but a disastrous 46 on the front for 86 (net 81) Fred was a steady 40-41 for 81 (net 72)
Gord McD was 42-41 for 83 (net 68)

And from the vanquished --Well reported... Happy to contribute to Fred's shit eating grin yet once again!!

Good match :-)

Moving Day

August 22, 2008
Two matches played Friday August 22. In the first Michael and Wayne started poorly and were three down after nine. A different Wayne showed up on the tenth tee and wins on 10, 11, 12 and 13 turned the match around. After trading holes coming in the end result was 1 up Wayne and Michael over Richard and Rob.

In the second match of the day Gord McD and Fred played like touring pros. Fred went around in 72 net 61 with an eagle on 9 from 100 yards being the highlight in a day of highlight shots. Gord McD was no slouch netting to 68 or so himself highlighted by a shot from about 190 on number 8 to 18 inches for a tap in bird. Bob, playing alone mostly, was incredibly solid playing to par or below but the old adage of it takes two to be a team was proven once again. Gord McD and Fred winning easily.

Tom and Chuck in Playoffs

Tom and Chuck secured a play off berth by easily handling Bob and Nick on a lovely summer afternoon yesterday. Starting slowly T & C lost 1 to a par but then won 2 with a birdie, 3, 4 and 5 with pars and the rout was on. Bob and his balky putter won 6 with a par, then the group halved 7 8 and 9. Nothing much going on but Nick did hit the trees by the first green from the ninth tee, the ball coming to rest 45 yards off the teeing ground. His 8 footer for par halved the hole with Tom after Bob and Chuck both short game disastered their way to bogeys. Tom won 10 with a nice, unnecessary birdie for three up. Chuck won 12 and 13 with pars for five up and dormie. Chuck kindly three putted 14 so Nick's par made Bob's 4 foot birdie putt redundant. 4 up. Bob mis hit his 20 foot birdie putt on 15 and after it went in and Chuck came up light from 6 feet it was 3 up. Nick and his stroke parred 16 and again Chuck balked from 4 feet to lose that hole. 2 up. 17 Nick's chip from the back of the green caught the side of the hole but stayed out. Tom 2 putted from 20 feet for the halve and it was finally over 2 and 1. Lots of fun.
Scores roughly - Tom was 76, Bob 78, Chuck was 79 and Nick 82.

Tom and Chuck close in on playoff berth

Tom and Chuck are 3 and 2 after beating Gord T and Glen. No details available

Team Won Lost Tied Pts
Ken-Mac 4 2 0 8
Tom-Chuck 3 2 0 6
Bob-Nick 2 0 1 5
Gord McD-Fred 2 2 0 4
Wayne-Michael 2 2 0 4
Rob-Richard 1 3 1 3
Gord T - Glen 1 4 0 2

R and R R on a Roll

I could write an epic poem or simple wordy prose or even a limerick
to describe our victory on Saturday over Glen and Gord T. But i won't.
We were 2 up going into 16 but Rob and I were both plagued by errant
shots and lost the hole. Our birdie on 17 clinched a well fought
match. Glen mostly watched however.
Richard & Rob


Team Won Lost Tied Pts
Ken-Mac 4 2 0 8
Bob-Nick 2 0 1 5
Gord McD-Fred 2 2 0 4
Tom-Chuck 2 2 0 4
Gord T - Glen 1 2 0 2
Rob-Richard 0 3 1 1

Bob and Nick play 2

Bob and Nick got in two matches in three days last week and quickly played themselves into the mix. Starting against the unblemished duo of Richard and Rob the match went back and forth before ending in the first half of the season. Bob won 10 with par, Richard answered with a tying birdie on 11 then R & R went 1 up when N took 3 form the fringe on 12. 13 and 14 were halved in par. R & R went 2 up after B & N both took more than par on 15 after being in perfect shape. Wounded but not out N birdied 16 to climb back to 1 down, hacked out of the long grass and got up and down from 70 yards for a tying par on 17 and won 18 by being the only person not in trouble. All square after 9. 1 through 5 were all halved. Richard and his stroke played 6 magnificently to get a net birdie and a 1 up lead heading home. Bob had a tying 18 foot birdie putt on 7 come up short, and a two foot putt on 8 for the win followed by a three foot putt for the half sending the match to the 18th with R & R 1 up and in position for their first win of the year. Richard and his stroke made net bogey, Rob had 15 feet for a birdie and made par. N got in the front bunker in 2 and after getting out to 10 feet caught the right edge of the hole for the tying birdie. Handshakes all round. All square.

Two days later the defending champions, still smarting from their Wednesday loss to Gord T and Glen, aimed for atonement at the hands of N and B. Again starting on 10 the golf was a dog and pony show. A strong start had Ken birdying 12 for a lead, quickly countered by a B & N par to draw the match even on 13. 14 was halved in doubles as Ken three wacked from 20 feet and Bob countered via the woods. B and N botched 15 again to go 1 down. 16 was another hack job halved in bogey by B and K. 17 saw the match go all square as Bob made the only par. 18 was halved as B got up and down to a front pin from over the back. N was there in spirit the whole time. The second nine was a different story. On 1 Mac made a cute pitch to 2 1/2 feet leaving N with to take two from 40 feet for the supposed half. Despite not having putted since 13, N got to gimmee range. To everyone's surprise Mac missed. 1 up N & B. On 2 Ken did the honours and missed from 2 feet. 2 up N & B. 3 and 4 are birdied by Bob. 4 up B & N. Despite winning 6 there was too much to overcome and B and N won 4 & 2.


Team Won Lost Tied Pts
Ken-Mac 4 0 0 4
Gord McD-Fred 2 2 0 4
Tom-Chuck 2 2 0 4
Wayne-Michael 2 2 0 4
Bob-Nick 1 0 0 2
Gord T - Glen 0 2 0 0
Rob-Richard 0 3 0 0

Michael and Wayne back to .500

Report to come but Mike and Wayne beat Tom and Chuck 1 up on the eighteenth on Saturday

Gord McD and Fred back to .500

This is a report on the match played this past Friday at Garrison between
Wayne/Mike and Fred/Gord.
Wayne and Mike netted to a total of 147. Fred and Gord netted to 162.
Between them, Wayne and Mike had 13 scores of par or better, Fred and Gord had 7.
Gord double bogeyed four of the six holes from 9 to 14 and Fred/Gord lost
every one of them. They also lost 15, their third loss in a row.
Fred was only under bogey on two holes. He was over bogey 11 times, 8 of which
went down on the card as X.
Gord didn't break 90.
And yet, Fred and Gord won 2 and 1.
Golf can be bizarre!
Fred's two good holes were crucial. He had a tap in birdie on 4 (the only
hole of the first five on which he recorded a score). And he barely rolled in a two
footer on 17 for par. Both were winners, and that was the difference.
Gord rolled in long putts on 3 (for birdie), 12 and 16 (for pars). Mike and
Wayne sputtered just at the wrong times even though in general they played well,
certainly better than Fred and Gord.
And so Fred and Gord go to 2 and 2 while Mike and Wayne slip to 1 and 2. Both
teams are still in the hunt for a playoff position.

For the record, the net scores on Friday were Wayne 73, Mike 74, Gord 74 and
Fred 88.


Team Won Lost Tied Points
Ken-Mac 4 0 0 8
Tom-Chuck 2 1 0 4
Bob-Nick 1 0 0 2
Gord McD-Fred 1 2 0 2
Wayne-Michael 1 1 0 2
Gord T - Glen 0 2 0 0
Rob-Richard 0 3 0 0

Wayne and MIchael Play Two

Mike and Wayne have had a tough couple of days, succumbing 3&2 to Ken and
Mac (the putting fool) on Friday and then edging Glen and Gord 2 up on Saturday.

Adding a little description a later report noted "to put things straight, mike won 2 up today(Wayne helped twice)and yesterday against the "mac-inator", well, when Mac is good he is very
good when he is not he is an X--congrats to mac and ken, the
unbeat(bear)able team".

And not to be overlooked is that on Saturday "PS- Michael netted to 65 ---------------- WELCOME BACK Mike ....
grumble, grumble : )"

Current Standings

Team Won Lost Tied Points
Ken-Mac 3 0 0 6
Tom-Chuck 2 1 0 4
Bob-Nick 1 0 0 2
Gord McD-Fred 1 2 0 2
Wayne-Michael 0 0 0 0
Gord T - Glen 0 1 0 0
Rob-Richard 0 3 0 0

Fred and Gord McD get first win

Light on details but Fred and Gord McD record first victory

Tom and Chuck Play Three Win Two

Chuck and Tom have played three matches

1. Mid May, vs Ken and Mac at Garrison: early season match and there
was a lot of rust. Mac took over early, winning holes 3 to 6 on three
net birdies and a par. Remarkably Tom/Chuck narrowed the gap to two
at nine and then to one. But Mac and Ken were too strong, building
the lead to three with a par on 15 and then took 16 to make it 4up
with two to go. Mac was very good on the front nine and, as his game
went in the toilet, Ken's game came together. Boy what a pair.

2. July 4 vs Richard and Rob at Rivendale. Tom won the first and
second hole with pars and there was talk of a 10 hole match. Then two
ties and R&R won the fifth with a net par. Tied next three (very
easy) holes with scrambling pars. Chuck won the 9th, 12th, 13th, and
14th with pars to put Tom/Chuck up by 5 with 4 holes to
go. No one's golf was particularly good except Chuck who had a 39
back nine. The main factor was R&R had a decidedly down day. Scores
(approx): Richard 88; Chuck 85, Tom 84. Rob was 48 on the front nine
and skipped 16 and 17 on the back.

3. July 5 vs Fred and Gord McD at Garrison. A very tight match with
many lead changes. No one was ever up by more than 1 hole. We started
on the back 9 - Tom won 11 with a par, Fred 12 with a bird. No blood
on 13 when Fred three putted. Tom won 14 with a par, birdies tied 15,
F used stroke to win 16 with a net par, Tom won 17 with a par, Gord
won 18 with net par. At the turn, remarkably, all even. Fred won #1
with a par; minor controversy as Tom's monster drive disappeared into
thin air. F/G one up - their first lead of the day. #3 was shaping up
to be a disaster after tee shots left Fred on the green and Gord just
off; Tom in woods on right and Chuck just in front of the ladies
tee. Chuck hits send shot to approx 10 feet and sinks the putt
matching pars by Fred and Gord. Critical, because the way the match
was going, a 2 hole margin was in surmountable. Pars split 4 and 5.
Tom and Chuck win 6 with pars, Chuck after a drop from the hazard on
the left. Match all even, again. 7 is another Chuck miracle. With
Fred and Gord looking at easy pars, Chuck chips to 10 feet and sinks
a very difficult put for the par to split the hole. Bogeys split
the 8th, so the match comes down to the last hole all tied. Into a
brisk wind, four good drives, four good second shots. Shots to green
were mediocre at best. Tom sinks 15 foot put from off the green for a
birdie and the win. Not the best golf but a great match. Fred was
uncanny with his short game, several times snatching a tie when it
looked like a loss was inevitable. Chuck had several clutch putts.
The scores (approximate): Tom 77, Chuck 84, Fred 84, Gord 90.

Catching Up with Results

In an attempt to deal with Mac's month -long visit to
Tibet and simple exuberance at playing golf in February we decided to
play a best of three tournament to decide the Gervan/de Kok versus
McKnight/Saxe Waterfield Tray draw.. Mac played off a 16 despite the
required whining.
The first leg was played at The Tradition at Royal New Kent. This nasty,
beautiful links was played at 6023 yards. Rating of 70.8 and slope of
135. Mac shot a 99 with two- X outs, Ken a 93 with one X- out. Richard a
100 with 3 X-outs and Rob a 99 with 4 X -outs.
Gervan/ de Kok won 4 and 2. One up.

Round Two was played at The Tradition at Stonehouse.
We played at 6111yards. Rating 71.4 Slope of 133.
Mac shot a 93, Ken an 80, Rob a 83 and Richard a 90. Gervan/de Kok won 7
and 5. Two up. Match over.
Humility forces me to announce that for the first time
ever I shot a sub-par 9 hole score-a 35. Followed by a 45 just to prove
I was mortal.
Looking forward to repeating. And of course a
bunch of great games with all of you.

Fore! Ken.

Bob and Nick eke out a win

Playing in the sun before the Garrison Open, Bob, Nick, Gord T and Glen displayed some skill and some brain cramps before halving the 18th with Bob and Nick 1 up.
Gord parred 1 with a twenty footer for an early lead. Nick birdied 2 from behind the left trees to go even. Gord had a tiddly putt to win 3 but misread it. He made up with a fifteen footer for birdie on 4. 5 was an adventure. N B and G all stroking. B drove into a tree and made a quick 6 net 5. N stayed in the far rough of hole #4 with his drive and then, knowing the yardage, striped a 3 wood onto the fringe. Glen got up and down for 4 net 4. Gord T made a great chip to 4 feet, (just outside Nick's) then picked up his marker as the team had the net 4 already. Yes, G was lying 3 net 2 but who's counting. Confused but compassionate N made sure to miss his three footer thereby also making net 4 for a half. 6 was won by N with a net birdie. All square. Bob wakes up and pars 7-15 with the exception of a birdie on 12 and a birdie on 15. B and N 2 up. 16 is a stroke hole for Bob and Nick. Nick is straight and inside the 150. Bob is in the trees. Nick counsels Bob that a bogey with a stroke is still a good goal as 16 is not N's favorite hole. Sure enough N jacks it ob. Zen shot is on the green in 4. Left to his own Bob goes into the bunker for 3, tries to sink the bunker shot for 4, tries to sink the next bunker shot(different bunker) for 5 and picks up. N three putts for a 7. G and G win with a 5. Bob is still trying to figure this out on 17 and misses an 18" making Nick struggle over his own 30". Luckily it curls in so B and N head to 18 1 up. Nick watches again. Bob hangs in and his par is enough to halve the hole and win the match.

Hello everyone. This has been much delayed. I apologize. Something about going away that had me distracted.

The teams this year are:
Ken - Mac defending
Wayne - Michael
Gord T - Glen
Nick - Bob
Tom - Chuck
Richard - Rob
Gord McD - Fred

This year all play is from the white tees.
Any team that is undefeated in round robin wins automatically.
2 plays 3 with a 1/2 hole starting lead

I am looking for any results. If you sent them already they are lost in the abyss.

Fore left.


3Rules of Golf, Rule 6-2).A player’s Course Handicap is determined by multiplying a Handicap Factor by the Slope Rating of the course played and then dividing by 113. (See Section 10-4.) The resulting figure is rounded off to the nearest whole number (.5 or more is rounded upward).A player who has a net score that is equal to the RCGA Course Rating for the tees played “has played to that player’s handicap.” In general, this will occur about once every four or five rounds.

Final Standings

September 24, 2007

Team Won Lost Tied Pct.
Nick - Glen 5 1 0 10
Mac - Ken 4 1 1 9
Wayne - Fred 4 2 0 8
Bob - Tom 3 2 1 7
Gord McD - Richard 2 4 0 4
Rob - Chuck 1 5 0 2
Gord T - Garry 1 5 0 2

Congratulations to all.

Round Robin Complete

September 23, 2007
Wayne and Fred won on the 17th hole over Rob and Chuck. Light on details.

Wayne and Fred play Mac and Ken in the semi final match this Friday Sept 28.

September 19, 2007

Team Won Lost Tied Pct.
Nick - Glen 5 1 0 10
Mac - Ken 4 1 1 9
Bob - Tom 3 2 1 7
Wayne - Fred 3 2 0 6
Gord McD - Richard 2 4 0 4
Rob - Chuck 1 4 0 2
Gord T - Garry 1 5 0 2

To play

Rob - Chuck Wayne - Fred (Sunday Sept 23 at noon)

Down to the last match

September 19, 2007
Bob and Tom played Gord McD and Richard on Wed Sept 19 at Glen Lawrence. The Glen was dry and hard; the fairways were faster than the greens and balls were bouncing in every direction. Unless you hit one of the spots
they watered. Then your ball plugged.

No one played particularly well and each took his turn at playing
awful. The lead changed hand several times with no one more than one
up through 11. Then the BT team won 12 through 16 to take the match 4
and 2. Bob chipped in on #16 for a birdie and the win.

Despite everything, it was fun to play at the Glen. The weather was
perfect, the course was challenging, and we spent little time waiting.

To expand on Tom's comments Gord McD offers the following review:,

G/R won #2 on McD's par, lost #4 to Tom and Bob's pair of pars, won #5 with net pars and lost #7 to a pair of pars. G/R were looking good on #8 until Tom, who had three-putt #s 2 and 6, rolled in a tough downhill birdie. Then on #9 we spent 4:59 looking for Tom's ball left but it was found in the proverbial (as opposed to the commissionarial) nick. Tom then proceeded to
knock it over the green, chipp back to 12 feet below and then drain it
(the bum!).
Richard took #10 with a fine par and McD took #11 with an equally
fine par. We were looking mighty fine on #11 and figured to go two up. Bob was over the green in two, and we never found Tom's drive. Assumed it was in the hazard right. Tom dropped a ball but couldn't see the flag so just swung with his eyes closed in the general direction. Damned if it didn't stop about 12 feet above the hole. He made the putt for a killer par while McD missed a 10 foot side-hiller. Match even but the Big Mo had swung in
their direction.
They tried to give it back on #13 (everyone stroking). Tom lost his second over the green and right. Bob on in three and missed to make bogey. But Richard put himself out of it with an errant tee shot right, and McD almost did likewise left, but it went so far left he was on the 14th fairway. A hit back to 13, a chip and he's net two below the hole. First putt a little long. Picks up the ball to mark it and discovers that it is NOT the Precept 11 he started the hole with but another Precept 11. Ouch! Loss of hole. Then we both fell apart on #14 allowing the bad guys a win with bogey. B/T won #15 with par and #16 with Bob's chip-in birdie and that was it. Damn!!

Richard and I greatly enjoyed all of our matches and wish good weather and
fine play to all those involved in the playoffs.

B/T await the outcome of Wayne/Fred vs Rob/Chuck to determine third place.


Tom shot 79 (including 1 stroke control double on 13)

September 12, 2007
The final is to be played on or before Saturday, September 22 so schedule your games accordingly.

Team Won Lost Tied Pct.
Nick - Glen 5 1 0 10
Mac - Ken 4 1 1 9
Wayne - Fred 3 2 0 6
Bob - Tom 2 2 1 5
Gord McD - Richard 2 3 0 4
Rob - Chuck 1 4 0 2
Gord T - Garry 1 5 0 2

To play

Bob - Tom Gord McD - Richard (Wed Sept 19???)
Rob - Chuck Wayne - Fred (What are you doing???)

Why We Play

September 12, 2007
On a beautiful warm sunny afternoon Glen and Nick wrapped up their round robin against Gord McD and Richard. What a day. What a match. Starting on original 1 every hole seemed to be pivotal.

Gord and Richard stake a two up lead after the front nine based mainly on Gord's strong play (40). Wins on six and nine with par net birdie are too much for the plodding ham and ham N/G
Ten is another par/birdie for G to move G/R to three up.
Eleven opens the door as Glen's 15 foot putt for sandy par finds the cup for the win.
Richard burns the edge with his 20 footer on 12 to allow G/N to stay on life support at 2 down.

Richard hits the 13th green with another 30 foot birdie try. Again Glen sandies to 16 inches for the halving par.

Nick yes Nick plays 14 fairway-green-2 putt par and Gord's weak chip and missed 10 footer moves the match to 1 up G/R.

N/G consult on 15 tee and agree they must birdie in.

15 sees G in the trap in 2 out to 10 feet and in for birdie. All square.

16 sees four drives long and safe, three seconds on the fringe and Richard on the green. Glen chips for his par. Gord comes up 6 feet short. Nick runs it by the middle pin by three feet. Richard misreads his 40 footer and ends up just inside Gord on the same line. Gord misses. Richard's putt goes in, does a 180 and spins out backwards. Nick with nothing to lose drops his sliding three footer for a 1 up lead. net birdie.

17 has N on in reg with a thirty footer. G and R both miss the green short. Richard wedges to 5 feet and after Gord misses his ten footer nails it for the half. 1 up N/G going to 18 where both G and R stroke. No birdie.

18 both R and G are on in 3 net two with 20 footers. Glen drives the ditch, is up just short of the right trap and then chips to 4 inches. Birdie. Both G and R just miss so the match ends 1 up N/G

Glen 76 net 70
Nick 82 net 71
Gord 81 net 66
Richard 89 net 75

Nick and Glen round robin champions at 5 - 1.

2 matches remain. 9 possible outcomes (some duplications). 2 teams
definitely in the play offs. 3 teams battling for 1 (or 2) spots.

Tiebreakers as follows:

Three teams- Only one team in first place. 2 plays 3. Winner plays 1
starting 1 down.

Four teams - Only one team in first place. 1 plays 4 starting 1 1/2 up. 2
plays 3. If 1 wins they start 1 up in the final. All other finals start
all square. Ties for 3-4 broken by record between the tied teams,
combined total of won by/lost by in the matches or a blind draw.

No tied matches. Sudden death with strokes falling where they fall.

Possible outcomes:

1 2 3




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Tighter Tighter Tighter

August 31, 2007
Winning the battle to play a match, Wayne and Fred easily handled Gord and Garry last Friday at Garrison. While light on details, Wayne was again a putting star. Even after two holes (10 & 11) Wayne and Fred won five of the next six and cruised.

With a record of 3 and 2 they eagerly await Rob and Chuck to see if they can secure a place in the playoffs.

No scores but Gord T who was 83? net 78

September 4, 2007
The final is to be played on or before Saturday, September 22 so schedule your games accordingly.

Team Won Lost Tied Pct.
Mac - Ken 4 1 1 9
Nick - Glen 4 1 0 8
Wayne - Fred 3 2 0 6
Bob - Tom 2 2 1 5
Gord McD - Richard 2 2 0 4
Rob - Chuck 1 4 0 2
Gord T - Garry 1 5 0 2

To play

Bob - Tom Gord McD - Richard (no earlier than Mon Sept 17 - Tom away)
Gord McD - Richard Nick - Glen (no earlier than Wed Sept 12 - Richard away)
Rob - Chuck Wayne - Fred (setting a date on Friday Aug 31)

Glen and Nick Playoff bound

August 27, 2007
In a slugfest that saw holes change hands faster than Bob changes putters, Glen and Nick out lasted Chuck and Rob in the heat of a sweltering August afternoon. Starting on 10 G & N won the first two holes with pars, 12 was tied with bogies, 13 and 14 belonged to R & C with pars, All square. On 15 Glen announced that the last time he played all 4 players had birdied. He promptly drove out of bounds. Playing the hole Rob wedged to 14 inches and extolled Chuck to get inside him. Chuck landed 2 feet behind the hole and drew it back to 2 inches. Nick was pin high in 2 with the front bunker to come over. His chip rolled and rolled, eventually lipping out and settling 2 feet away. 3 birdies. Still all square. Chuck made a great par on 16 for the win, a great up and down on 17 for the half and then Rob made a straightforward 4 net 3 on 18 for the win and a 2 up lead at the turn. 1 and 2 were halved with pars. Glen was the first in with par to win 3. Nick played 4 from the 5th rough and after R & C both came up short to a front right pin, Nick clanged his wedge off the flagstick to get his ball to stop 18 inches away. Glen did his happy dance. N birdies. All square. N pars 5 to go 1 up. 6 is a nervous wreck and everyone bogies. 7 is three putted by both R & C so Glen's par makes it dormie. Nerves again on 8 as Glen Rob and Chuck all take three to get down from the fringe. Hole halved with bogies. Glen and Nick win 2&1.

Rob 81-net 69
Glen 81- net 75
Chuck 83- net 75
Nick 83- net 71


Team Won Lost Tied Pct.
Mac - Ken 4 1 1 9
Nick - Glen 3 1 0 6
Bob - Tom 2 2 1 5
Gord McD - Richard 2 2 0 4
Wayne - Fred 2 2 0 4
Rob - Chuck 1 3 0 2
Gord T - Garry 1 4 0 2

2 Matches 2 Wins for Fred and Wayne

August 27, 2007
With utmost humbleness and modesty, Fred and Wayne went out Wednesday , jumped to a four up lead after 8, lost 9-10-11 and 12 to Richard and Gord McD to hit the 14th tee all square, then regained the lead with a long putt from Wayne on 14, went to 2 up by encouraging Gord to putt off the green from birdie range and tank the hole on 15, opened the door slightly by losing 16 and then finished the match off on 17 with Fred's 3 inch birdie (don't exaggerate). Win number one.

Following up on Saturday, from the proper tees this time, Wayne and Fred put Bob and Tom in their place when ham and egg combined perfectly. Taking inspiration from Wayne "Crenshaw" who made at least three crucial long putts including a two putt from 70 feet (with a 20 foot second putt) to halve the 18th and save a 1 up victory, Wayne and Fred moved to 500 and put a serious crimp in the champions hope of a successful defense.


August 17, 2007

Mac/Ken 4 1 1 9
Nick/Glen 3 1 0 6
Bob/Tom 2 1 1 5
Richard/Gord 2 1 0 4
Rob/Chuck 1 3 0 2
Gord/Garry 1 4 0 2
Wayne/Fred 0 2 0 0

To play

Bob - Tom Wayne - Fred
Bob - Tom Gord McD - Richard
Nick - Glen Rob - Chuck
Gord McD - Richard Nick - Glen
Gord McD - Richard Wayne - Fred
Gord T - Garry Wayne - Fred
Rob - Chuck Wayne - Fred

Bob and Tom back on track

August 14, 2007
Bob and his Trained Monkey (TM) defeated Gord T and Garry 5 and 4
today. Bob contributed on several holes. Gord and Garry did not play
well although everyone commented on Garry's excellent driving. Alas,
it was not enough. TM did what he was told.

After an early birdie to put the team up(enough to win the match) Bob
mentored Tom through the next 13 holes and successfully managed him to
guide the team to a 5 and 4 win.Tom was grateful enough to buy the beer
and was near to asking Bob for financial advice.

The scores:

Gary 102
Gord 81
Bob 80 (he says)
TM 79

Rob and Chuck strike paydirt

August 11, 2007
MATCH played Sat Aug 11 .....Gord / Garry vs Chuck / Rob .....Back nine

G & G got off to a 2 up lead quickly, thanks mostly to GT's great
short game ( Note : Gord followed up in this match with his best short
game and putting of the year after displaying - just the day before, in
his seniors debut - his worst short game and putting of the year )
Anyway as the match progressed Rob and Garry stood mostly in the
background as it became a technology match up pitting Gord's 06
TaylorMade driver against Chuck's 07 improved TaylorMade. GT's 06 was
good but not good enough, 2 down at the turn ...
Rob threw in a painful birdie on our 11th hole only to have it negated
by Garry's tap in net birdie on the next hole . Chuck then took charge on
Strokers Alley with net birds on 5 and 6 to close out the match 4 &

Chuck 77 - 67 ( represented his best round of the year )
Gord 74 - 69
Rob 84 - 71
Garry 102- 75

Congrats to Mac and Ken. All matches played. Place in the playoffs secured.

July 21, 2007
............. W L D Pts
Mac/Ken 4 1 1 9
Nick/Glen 3 1 0 6
Richard/Gord 2 1 0 4
Bob/Tom 1 1 1 3
Gord/Garry 1 2 0 2
Wayne/Fred 0 2 0 0
Rob/Chuck 0 3 0 0

To play

Bob - Tom Wayne - Fred
Bob - Tom Gord McD - Richard
Bob - Tom Gord T - Garry
Nick - Glen Rob - Chuck
Gord McD - Richard Nick - Glen
Gord McD - Richard Wayne - Fred
Gord T - Garry Wayne - Fred
Gord T - Garry Rob - Chuck
Rob - Chuck Wayne - Fred

Kim Jong-Il comes to Garrison. Leaders handed first defeatl

July 20, 2007
It appears that there is one other person besides Kim Jong-Il who might beat Mac... Dr Jekyll (or Mr. Hyde - I can never figure out which is which).
After a bad front 9 (57), a bogie on 10, a triple on 11, and a quad on 12, Garry's game suddenly righted itself. He bogied 13, parred 14 and 15, bogied 16 (after a 20yd drive) and 17 (from behind a tree), and parred 18. That, plus Gord T.'s stellar playing handed Mac and Glen their 1st defeat!


July 17, 2007
............. W L D Pts
Mac/Ken 4 0 1 9
Nick/Glen 3 1 0 6
Richard/Gord 2 1 0 4
Bob/Tom 1 1 1 3
Gord/Garry 0 2 0 0
Wayne/Fred 0 2 0 0
Rob/Chuck 0 3 0 0

To play

Bob - Tom Wayne - Fred
Bob - Tom Gord McD - Richard
Bob - Tom Gord T - Garry
Nick - Glen Rob - Chuck
Gord McD - Richard Nick - Glen
Gord McD - Richard Wayne - Fred
Gord T - Garry Wayne - Fred
Gord T - Garry Mac - Ken
Gord T - Garry Rob - Chuck
Rob - Chuck Wayne - Fred

One match - Two tales

July 15, 2007
Vote for your favorite recounting....

Tom and Bob managed to squeeze by Rob and Chuck- mostly powered by Bob's
prodigious putting. They actually scored differently on 15 holes and the
ones that they lost they scored the same. One supposes that theirs would be a true rash and scrambling partnership.


Bob and Tom beat Chuck and Rob 2 and 1 on Sunday July 15 in seriously
windy conditions.

B&T jumped out to a 2-0 lead after two holes, increasing the lead to
3 thanks to B's birdie on 5. The lead was never less than two and
stretched to four after 14. This seemed to wake up C&R who staged a
furious rally, winning 15 with a birdie and 16 with a net birdie.
Alas, the rally ended when Chuck's birdie putt slid by the hole on 17
and Bob sank his putt for a par. However, the rally led to dark
murmurings about the worst collapse in Waterfield history and about
losing holes in conditions that clearly favored B&T.

After the ripping wind, the most noteworthy aspect of the game was
Bob's putting. Abandoning tradition and good sense, Bob has switched
to a cross handed grip and marked the occasion by sinking a long
difficult putt on 1, a ridiculous putt on 8, and birdie putts on 5
and 13. Largely as a result of Bob's putting, the B&T team had a best
ball of 1 under par.


Tom 85
Chuck 86
Rob 85
Bob 79 or 80

The foursome had about 10 - 12 stroke control holes.

Wind blows partership apart

July 15, 2007
Wind wind wind. A gale of 50 kph greeted Gord T and Garry versus Glen and Nick. Garry brought his rose coloured glasses. Gord brought his perfectly matched set of clubs. Glen brought his frenetic Saturday. Nick brought one golf ball. Something had to give. Blind Garry. Off key Gord. Ham Glen. Egg Nick. 1 up, 2 up, 3 up, 4 up, 4 up (great par Gord), 5 up after six. What is going on? No shots or putts of note. No side drama. A basic whopping 5& 4. Glen and Nick win against Gord and Garry. Nick finished with the same golf ball.

Nick 81
Glen 83
Garry 107??
Gord 83

Mac nets to 61. Tiger shoots 54 to get a half

On the 8th hole (old # 17) Rob suggested that the only possible candidate who might have a chance against Mac was Kim Jong-il. At this point in the match Chuck and Rob were down 4. The first two holes were halved but then Mac birdied (au naturel) #s 3 and 4. He was the only one to par 5 and halved 6. He won 7. Ken won 8. Mac net birdied 9. Six up.
Chuck and Rob won 10. Ken won 11. 12 was halved. Dormie. Match won on 13. 6 and 5.
Chuck and Rob shot 88 or so. Ken shot 84 and Mac shot 83 with three real birdies including the last hole, to net to a 61. A nasty triple somewhere in the round cost him the chance to break 60. Bummer.


Current Standings

July 11, 2007
............. W L D Pts
Mac/Ken 3 0 1 7
Richard/Gord 2 1 0 4
Nick/Glen 2 1 0 4
Bob/Tom 0 1 1 1
Gord/Garry 0 1 0 0
Rob/Chuck 0 1 0 0
Wayne/Fred 0 2 0 0

Freddie's back...

July 11, 2007
Teeing off with thunder rolling around to the south, there was little lightning to be found as Fred made his return to competitive golf. Winning the honour on the first tee was one of the few high lites for Fred and Wayne. After halving 1 with 2 putt pars, Nick and Glen moved to 1 up as Nick played 2 from the third green for a routine par/win. Nick played 3 from the third green as well earning a half against Wayne's well struck 5 wood to twenty feet. Collapsing on 4 and 5 F/W won both with pars to get their only lead of the match. Playing conservatively into the wind on 6 with his stroke, Nick hit into the long grass well short of the left hazard. Wayne powered a long drive over the hazard. After a longish search N hacked out to the 200, played to short of the green, chipped below the front right pin and sank a 6 footer for 5 net 4. Wayne left himself a tricky downhill 3 footer for the half which slid by. All even. 3 putts by F/W on 7 made it 1 up. Wayne's slick 12 footer for par on 9 was topped by Glen's 8 footer for birdie. 2 up. Wayne's nice up and down for par on 10 was topped by Nick's 90 foot 2 putt par net birdie. 3 up. Glen finished 13 unlike the rest of us. 4 up. Pars on 14 and 15 closed out the match 4 & 3. Welcome back Freddie.

Glen 79 steady
Nick 89 8 lost balls. 14 found balls.
Fred 84 lots of great putts. No back problems
Wayne ??? Didn't get his score.

Saxe/McD back into another win

Reporting on another exciting Waterfield match with no end of twists and turns. Richard and Gord McD played Chuck and Rob at Glen Lawrence on June 29th.
#1. Rob is on in two, makes a good lag putt and a tap in birdie. But He doesn't win the hole. McDiarmid is in the from trap, makes a fine sand shot to four fett and sinks the putt (yes you read it right) for birdie and a half.
#2 Rob on in two way right of a blue pin, makes a fabulous lag putt and taps in for par. McD in the trap short right, out, on, lips out and makes five, but ties with a stroke.
#3 Rob is just short, Chuck real short (the back is starting to hurt), Richard and Gord way over on the right past the trap. McD just about holes the chip and taps in for par. Rob makes a fine putt from 7 feet behind the hole to halve the hole.
#4 Rob makes another par getting down in two from just off to the right. McD makes a good chip to 5 feet but misses. McTere 1 up.
#5 Rob has to hit three off the tee and ends up with a fine 6. Vetere in the right trap in three, a great shot out but misses for 6. McD also makes 6 but Richard comes through with a 5. All Square.
#6 McD and Saxe in trouble off the tee and end up with doubles. McKnight's bogey with a treacherous five foot downhiller good enough. McTere 1 up.
#7 Everyone just left of the green. No one gets it up and down. Hole halved.
#8 Richard left, both Mc's just over, back pin. Chuck fading fast. Gord makes a somewhat unlikely 6 footer for par and the win. All Square.
#9 Richard puts two balls in the caca on the right and he's out of it. Rob on in 3, McD at the back in 3, takes 3 more to get down in 6 net 5 for tie. Chuck picks up his ball behind green and says goodbye, leaving Rob to battle on alone. Match all square.
McD and Saxe bogey #10 - good for win even without the stroke.
#11 all three just right of green. McKinght gets down in two, Mcd and Saxe don't. All Sqare.
#12 McKnight loses two off the tee and walks to the 13th tee. Saxe loses ball in middle of fairway, Mcd pars. McSaxe 1 up.
#13 All three hitting from 190 yards. And McD and Saxe get a stroke. It's curtains for McKnight. Or is it. All three miss the green, McD and Saxe make lousy chips. McKnight makes the SHOT OF THE MATCH, and rolls it in from below for birdie. All Square.
#14. McKnight in trouble all the way up but still just misses par putt. Saxe makes easy par. McSaxe 1 up.
#15 All three great drives McD and Saxe lousy seconds but Saxe makes fabulous chip, taps in for par and hole is halved.
#16 Saxe in the deep stuff, steps on ball, chips out, pitches on and makes 5 plus possible penalty. Doesn't matter, tho, because McD makes five - good enough with stroke. (In a desperate move, McKnight consults Bob West on the way to the next tee, trying to make the argument that the whole team was disqualified from the hole because of the stepping on the ball incident.) McSaxe dormie.
#17 Saxe loses ball, McD pulls one to far reaches of left side of green, McKnight 25 feet away. McD needs binoculars to see hole, can't get job done in two, McKnight does. McSaxe 1 up, setting up the fateful 18th.
#18 Three good drives. Saxe over in two, McD scuffs second short of ditch, Mcknight's ball disappears in long stuff. McD knocks one to the back from 190. McK finds ball barely on the short stuff, hits it 50 yards then hits one up to right side first cut. Saxe's third hits the cart path right and goes right never to be seen again. Saxe says to McD "Three putts will win it." The kiss of death. Can he do it? Well, yes and no. His first putt rolls by the hole and keeps going off the green right in front of McK. (Saxe had forgotten to tell McD that it was downhill from the back). McK chips on to 5 feet, McD is shorter then misses the next one below the hole. McK needs his 5 footer for 6, an improbable win of the hole and a tie of the match. He strikes the ball firmly, it hits the top edge, inspects the left side then decides to retreat down the hill. Twelve feet down the hill. McK misses the come back, McD taps in for 7, and McSaxe win 2 up. Who woulda thunk it would take McD four from the back? (Well, okay, perhaps quite a few of you.) But who woulda thunk McKnight would take three from five feet? It's a strange game.

#19 McKnight retained McDiarmid to initiate a law suit - he's suing Vetere for non-support and abandonment.


July 11, 2007
............. W L D Pts
Mac/Ken 3 0 1 7
Richard/Gord 2 1 0 4
Nick/Glen 2 1 0 4
Bob/Tom 0 1 1 1
Gord/Garry 0 1 0 0
Rob/Chuck 0 1 0 0
Wayne/Fred 0 2 0 0

Defending champions fall

Despite Tom's five gross birdies, the absence of a partner was too much to bear as Tom and Bob fell 3&2 to Nick and Glen at Garrison. Starting strong on the old back nine, N/G won ten with a net birdie, 12 with a par and with the shot of the day 13, as Nick holed from the greenside bunker. N/G quickly plus three. Tom stepped up and did his part in a comeback with birdies on 14(win 2 down), 17(win 2 down after losing 16 to a par), 18(halving Nick's net birdie) and 1, to get to 1 down. However a lapse on 3 left a big swing hole halved and Nick's stroke on 4 meant his par was net birdie, restoring a two up lead for Nick/Glen. Tom drained a 45 footer for par on 5, but not to be intimidated Glen poured in his own 12 footer for another half. Another lapse on 6 let N/G win with a par and be dormie. Pars all round on old 7 closed out the match 3 & 2.

Glen 75 (15 pars 3 bogies)
Tom 75 (who knows but 5 birdies)
Nick 82 with a mixed bag.
Bob alive and still counting (with the same ball).

Mac and Ken held to a tie against defending champions

Bob and Tom started the defense of their 2006 title with a match against the undefeated team of Ken and Mac. The K/M team was brilliant through 14 holes. Ken was Mr Consistent, with pars and bogies while Mac made the most of his strokes winning several holes with net birdies and pars. By 14 K&M were 3 up and looking invincible. Then B&T went on a tear, winning the next three holes with birdies, evening the match heading into 18. Mac made the shot of the day, putting OUT OF THE SAND TRAP to within 4 feet. Sinking the putt it would give him a net birdie and win the match. Alas, the putt slid over the left edge and the match ended in a draw. Not a bad outcome all things considered.

Mac and Ken win another one

The story of the MacKok vs McSaxe
match on June 15th at Garrison:
#1 (really #10)Ken makes a fine par. Mac three
putts but still makes bogey, as does Gord. They both
have a stroke and the hole is halved. There would be
only two more halved holes in the match.
#2 Ken makes a fine par, Gord three putts this
time. MacKoks 1 up.
#3 Richard makes a really fine par chipping
close from behind to win. All Square.
#4 Ken pars, neither Gord nor Richard can get up
and down from the trap. MacKoks 1 up.
#5 Richard makes a fine chip and one putt for
par. All Square.
#6 Richard and Ken both out of it with OBs, Mac
and Gord par. Mac has stroke. MacKoks 1 up.
#7 Mac and Gord bogey (net par), hole halved.
#8 Mac makes net par to win. MacKoks 2up.
#9 Gord makes par, net birdie to win. MacKoks
#10 Richard makes a fine par, Mac and Ken just
miss. All Square.
#11 Ken makes a routine par and wins the hole.
MacKoks 1up.
#12 Ken makes another routine par. Good enough.
MacKoks 2up.
#13 Gord actually makes a good long putt and
taps in for par. Good enough. MacKoks 1up.
#14 Richard and Gord both make net pars. Mac
sinks a nice one but the OB on the second shot hurt.
All Square.
#15 Richard hits a great drive and a beautiful
second shot to ten feet, hangs one on the lip and taps
in for par. Not good enough. Mac is just off the green
in two makes a good putt and sinks the next one for
net birdie. (Ouch!) MacKoks 1up.
#16 Ken makes routine par. Richard and Gord
miss. MacKoks dormie with Mac having strokes on the
last two holes. (Ouch!)
#17 Mac putts out of the trap successfully for
the umpteenth time, makes net par to match Ken and
it's all over. MacKoks 3and1.
MacKoks now 2 - 0; McSaxes 1 - 1.

5 birdies in 6 holes lead Mac and Ken to another win

Carrying on from their previous match, Mac and Ken went out early against Glen and Nick establishing a lead that was never seriously challenged. Birdies on 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 led by Mac's net 32.5 (with two triples) established a 2 up lead at the turn. Not even Ken's missed 8 inch putt on ten could turn the momentum around as steady play ground out a 3 & 1 victory. A noted highlight would be Nick's play on 7. Driving the third green from the tee, playing his next shot to the eighth tee, flopping a wedge over the 30 foot high trees to the seventh green and capping off a half by centre cutting the 40 foot putt, a rare double double was achieved of two tees and two greens hit on one hole. No one was surprised.

Rough Welcome for Garry

June 8, 2007
On a steaming hot day at Rivendell, Boland Cup captains Gord McD and Richard rudely welcomed Garry to the Waterfield Cup by soundly trouncing Garry and Gord Thomas 5 & 3. In a match that was never close, Garry shot his worse score of the year (114) while his sleep deprived partner played another lackluster Rivendell round. Unsure how this bodes for the Boland Cup but in the words of Garry "It can only get better."

Dinner - Finally

June 3, 2007 – 06:30 PM
Many thanks to Tom for all his arrangements and to Bob for providing the location. The 2006 season is now officially over with the champion's dinner being in the books. A fine four course costco feast with Pan Chancho buns was well chewed by all. The trophies are engraved and will soon be in the 2006 champions hands. A great evening of camaraderie, story telling and cavorting.

Mac nets to 66 - Beats Wayne and Fred

June 1, 2007
It started with a bird on 10 (1) and ended with an altercation in the
parking lot.

Wayne birdies one with a long putt.
All par two.
Ken wins three with a par. All square
Ken wins four with a par three. Oops! One up.
Mac birdies five! Most fitting. Two up
Mac birdies 6. Net eagle! Three up. The muttering is now a full throttle
Fred pars 7 and shames all the stroking fools. Mac and Ken two up
Mac net pars 8 to hold Wayne and Fred's pars.
Wayne or Fred win 9. Mac and Ken 1 up.

Mac wins 10 with a net par. This is why we have handicaps. Two up
11 is a push
12 is a push
13. Mac net pars to hold Wayne. Wailing and gnashing of teeth.
Ken nets to birdie to win 14. Three up.
Wayne wins 15 with a par. Two up
A push on 16. Dormie.
Wayne or Fred win 17. One up
Mac nets to a 6 on 18. Three putting from 20 feet!! Wayne and Fred both
three putt to bogey the hole and hand the well deserved victory to the
smiling guys.
Words are exchanged.
What a wonderful day!
Wayne shoots a 78. Ken an 82. Fred an 84 . Mac an 89.

May 4, 2007
Play for 2007 can commence anytime. Valid current handicaps are necessary. Handicaps as they are determined on the computer at Garrison. For those of you who went south and golf those scores are NOT PERMITTED for your Waterfield Cup handicap. I repeat, no scores from out of the country permitted.

White tees until July 1st

Blue tees July 1st. That also means blue tee handicaps.

The final is to be played on or before Saturday, September 22 so schedule your games accordingly.

Check out the team info for player restrictions and playability.

The following will be in effect for all Waterfield Cup matches:

The rules of golf are to be followed in spirit with the penalties as predetermined. No member of either team is to call a penalty on the other if the opportunity was there to advise the opponent ahead of or during the potential rules breach. eg "Hey guys, do we all have 14 clubs?" or "Careful not to alter the lie in the long grass or break off some branches on that tree before you take your swing."


In the case of a potential lost ball/ball in a hazard, a provisional can be played without declaring it such. If the original ball is found, the entire group is free to offer reasonable comment as to whether the original ball is playable as it lies or offers reasonable relief with a two club length unplayable. If the group agrees that the original ball would not be played in any way except by returning to the previous position, the second ball is deemed to be the replacement ball with no need to return to the original spot and hit a third legally dropped ball. No one is going back to re hit if the provisional/non provisional offers a solution.

14 clubs.

etc etc.

May 6, 2007
We can post who is available/not available on what dates here on this welcoming page.

May 7, 2007
Match results for Tom-Bob vs Gord McD and Richard are only a sample. Waiting for the first real results.

May 8, 2007
Tom has returned. We are all awaiting/expecting details on a fabulous feast to celebrate and crown the championship pair of 2006 - Bob and Tom.

Menu to follow.