Greetings from the Web Site of the York County 16-19 League


2020 Upcoming Season

Meeting dates for this season are as follows:


Saturday June 6, 2020 - 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm



Location: Windsor Wonderland Picnic Area

Address: 1625 Windsor Rd, Red Lion, PA 17356


Anyone looking to sign their child up to play in this league needs to contact a local area representative. Go to the handouts tab on left side. Look for a file called Administrators and Coaches. Contact the organization closet to where you live.


For Information on joining this league contact:

League President Kelso S Haugh at

The Regular Season will begin on Sunday May 31, 2020.


Most information needed can be found under the handouts tab.


Good Luck to All. May you have a successful season.



Regarding our games at Peoples Bank Park

1)  Please tell all attendees to use the Queen Street (rear) parking lot and enter through the 1  st base gate. I would like to keep the front gates closed for the time being.

2) All players and parents MUST have a mask on them as a requirement to enter the ballpark see below from York Revolution president, make sure all players and parents have a mask in their possession at minimum (NOT worn on playing field):

"Given much discussion, I wanted to make sure we are clear on our ballpark policies regarding mask wearing for your upcoming games.
  I’ll reiterate that for you coaches and athletes on the field and during the games, we are relying on YYR’s game safety plan and your coaches to operate within that.
   In terms of the building itself, we do require that anyone coming into the building have a mask in their possession and wear it unless seated in seating bowl. There is plenty of room in the seating bowl for people to maintain social distancing when they are not with members of their household or party, and we expect them to do that.  As you know WellSpan is our Official Healthcare Provider and we will continue to respect their work and recommendations in this regard, which are drawn from the CDC and state guidelines. Since this has become something of a contentious issue with some people, I’d ask that you ask all your folks to help us out with this."

3) Will need to distance in dugout when team is batting.  Please utilize the bullpen seating area for pitchers who may get loose to enter game that aren't in the immediate batting order of the inning and whatever means necessary to socially distance.  


4) no postgame handshake line we will figure out another way to acknowledge sportsmanship post game.


5) no seeds or shared equipment or water
6) batting cages will not be opened for league games
In summary, the York Revolution are trying to do all they can to prepare consumers for the mask wearing/social distancing so they can open ballpark up again for Atlantic League in the future.  We are fortunate to have access to a professional ball field that is perfectly manicured for baseball.  If you are unwilling or unable to follow the guidelines please advise we will fill the spot with another opponent.  Masks are not required for players on the field, not required for spectators in seats, just required for entry and when walking around the ball park.