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Career Stats Finally Find A Home


The York Diamonds were the longest running franchise in the MSBL of Toronto, an over-21 men's baseball league. The team is now in its eighth season as a member of OSBA. This is the site to find boxscores and stats for all York Diamonds' games from 1992-2017. Opponents' stats will be entered as well. Just click on the tabs on the left to explore.

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Diamonds Honour Quennell

August 25, 2017

Tonight the York Diamonds retired the number 39 of former MSBL president Dave Quennell. Quennell's perseverance to promote adult baseball in the west end of the city meant that hundreds of players over the years were able to get a chance to keep playing the game they love. The last two remaining franchises from the MSBL, the Diamonds and Metro Mets then took to the field for a highly entertaining game. Marshall Irving threw well for the Mets and Kevin Horton came tantalizingly close to his second straight no-hitter for the Diamonds. York had a 3-0 lead through six innings as Eric Foley drove in two runs and Justin Williams plated another. Horton was almost perfect through six with the only baserunner being a painful hit by pitch for Vince Novielli. In the 7th Horton tired a bit as Martin Trambulo walked which was followed by an Alex Gale triple. Chris Hastings grounded out to score Gale and make it 3-2. Clint Jeon then singled to centre and one out later Justin Cruz singled. Eric Foley was then called in to try to close out the game. Two stolen bases put the tying run at third and the go-ahead run at second. Foley then got the last batter to swing through a high fastball preserving the win. A great crowd was on hand to witness the game and participate in the jersey retirement ceremony, including players from 10 different former MSBL franchises - Sentinel Devils, Vaughan Expos, Mississauga A's, Mississauga Knights, Team Cuba, Mississauga Falcons, Toronto Cardinals, Mississauga Colt 45s, Metro Mets, and York Diamonds. Current OSBA members Mississauga Southwest Twins, Mississauga Braves, and Royal York Cardinals were also represented.



All-Time York Team Announced

The York Diamonds All-Time Team (1990-2012) is as follows.

C - #33 Don Cantwell
1B - #15 Eric Foley
2B - #13 Pete Zakkak
3B - #11 Neil Parekh
SS - #10 Rudy Naraine
OF - #17 Greg Shannon
OF - #19 Steve Foley
OF - #22 Rob Fraser
DH - #5 Pino Criminisi
SP - #15 Eric Foley
SP - #49 Ken Dicken
SP - #11 Andrew Lance
RP - #19 Neil Quimby



Steve Foley .526
Neil Parekh .381
Don Cantwell .378
Rudy Naraine .347
Eric Foley .345

Pete Zakkak 1630
Eric Foley 1572
Rudy Naraine 1288
Paul Freeman 1246
Greg Shannon 1158

Paul Freeman 545
Pete Zakkak 475
Eric Foley 464
Greg Shannon 438
Brent Sterling 399

Rudy Naraine 434
Eric Foley 395
Pete Zakkak 371
Neil Parekh 354
Don Cantwell 349

Eric Foley 543
Pete Zakkak 491
Rudy Naraine 447
Don Cantwell 435
Steve Foley 389

Steve Foley 118
Pete Zakkak 109
Eric Foley 90
Rudy Naraine 83
Don Cantwell 70

Rudy Naraine 12
Greg Shannon 9
Steve Foley 9
Neil Parekh 7
Pino Criminisi 7
Eric Foley 7

Steve Foley 68
Neil Parekh 50
Pino Criminisi 48
Pete Zakkak 44
Rudy Naraine 36

Eric Foley 453
Pete Zakkak 442
Don Cantwell 333
Steve Foley 332
Rudy Naraine 292

Rudy Naraine 227
Neil Parekh 159
Don Cantwell 138
Pino Criminisi 120
Rob Fraser 119

Rudy Naraine 241
Paul Freeman 237
Pete Zakkak 223
Greg Shannon 221
Don Cantwell 191

Paul Freeman 32
Greg Shannon 12
Brent Sterling 12
Rudy Naraine 11
Pete Zakkak 10

Pete Zakkak 42
Don Cantwell 30
Eric Foley 28
Paul Freeman 19
Greg Shannon 17

Eric Foley 57
Steve Foley 53
Rudy Naraine 52
Pete Zakkak 40
Don Cantwell 30

Steve Foley .629
Bob Corn .481
Don Cantwell .479
Rudy Naraine .468
Neil Parekh .465

Steve Foley .985
Neil Parekh .630
Pino Criminisi .587
Rudy Naraine .514
Don Cantwell . 514

Fielding PCT
Ken Dicken .973
Andre Contreras .967
Rick Yez .959
Anthony Vechhiarelli .957
Rich Freeman .951


Eric Foley 224
Neil Quimby 103
Rick Yez 82
Ken Dicken 76
Andrew Lance 64

Eric Foley 172
Ken Dicken 49
Andrew Lance 44
Mike Rochon 40
Neil Quimby 36

ERA (min. 50 innings pitched)
Tsukasa Murakoso 2.25
Eric Foley 3.13
Steve Correia 3.17
Paul Freeman 3.18
Andrew Lance 3.32

Eric Foley 126.67
Neil Quimby 368.67
Andrew Lance 336
Ken Dicken 311
Mike Rochon 255.67

Eric Foley 114
Andrew Lance 36
Neil Quimby 31
Ken Dicken 28
Dan Fiorita 25

Eric Foley 48
Rick Yez 17
Neil Quimby 13
Dan Fiorita 11
Steven Szoldra 10

Neil Quimby 21
Steve Foley 19
Eric Foley 18

Eric Foley 1385
Neil Quimby 290
Andrew Lance 259
Ken Dicken 198
Dan Fiorita 183

Eric Foley 577
Paul Freeman 102
Mike Rochon 101
Ken Dicken 99
Tyler Sloan 87

Eric Foley 1112
Neil Quimby 417
Andrew Lance 367
Rick Yez 355
Ken Dicken 311

Steve Foley .208
Tsukasa Murakoso .217
Eric Foley .226
Paul Freeman .228
Ken Dicken .247