Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Mary Lippert President 519-791-0852
Chris Renaud Secretary & Treasurer
Brook Lippert V.P. Tee - Ball 519-562-5025
Dan Dufour V.P Rookie 519-819-7913
Mary Lippert V.P. Girls House Leagues 519-791-0852
Bruce Kraler Fun Day / Picture Day / Parade Organizer 519-736-7160
Mike Wirag Director of Coach and Player Development 519-736-3511
Chuck Bondy V.P. Miracle League 519-736-6171
Bert Schipper Travel Convenor 519-818-5338
Dan Hebert Umpire-In Chief/ VP Boys Houseleague/ Website Mgr 519-819-9863
Jeremy Drouillard Equipment Manager 519-736-9101
Tallie Wright Chair of Fundraising and Sponsorship 519-551-2084