Last Updated: August 18, 2017
 2017-2018 Registration is OPEN ..... Also, keep an eye out for our remaining Sept and Oct $50 Pop-Up Registration Incentives!!!!  

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East End Youth Basketball

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
. . -------LEAGUE FOUNDER-------
Ms. Makon Fletcher Founder/President
OPEN POSITION Vice-President of Basketball Operations
Mrs. LaTonya Grant Financial Secretary
Ms. Shannon Pollard Secretary
Ms. Nicole Carter Operations Manager
Mrs. Latesha Brown Media Relations Coordinator
Ms. Kiya Graves Social Media Coordinator
Ms. DeVita Graves Sponsorship Coordinator
Mrs. Pam Kelley Mentor/Educational Advisor
Mr. Ron Brown League Medical Director
Ms. Deanna Harvey Team Parent Coordinator
Position Filled Gym/Parent Coordinator
Position Filled Gym/Parent Coordinator
. . -------LEAGUE ADs-------
Mr. Robbie Bordner Head Athletic Director
Ms. Nicole Deyo Assistant Head Athletic Director
Ms. Calisha Williams Cheerleader Athletic Director
OPEN POSITION Divisional Athletic Director
OPEN POSITION Divisional Athletic Director
Mr. Eugene Gadson Divisional Athletic Director
Mrs. LaToya Riley Divisional Athletic Director
Mr. Terrell Marshall Divisional Athletic Director
OPEN POSITION Divisional Athletic Director
Mr. George Crocker Elite Commissioner
Mr. Steven Stinson Elite President