Last Updated: June 14, 2017

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Parents, please be sure to check the practice schedule daily.
Due to school events being scheduled throughout the season, the practice schedule is subject to change; therefore, our practice schedule may be updated daily.
Thank You For Your Patience
County Hotline Number for Gym Cancellations:  804-501-5132





GYMS: Coaches please arrive by 6pm sharp to begin. Doors must remain locked at all times.

** For Fair Oaks, please bring chairs during practices as they will not be available.

** Please DO NOT park on the grass or driveway by the gym door of the schools ** 

SCRIMMAGES/OFFSITE PRACTICESNotify your divisional ADs or Makon 48 Hours in advance for approval!!

** School Closings...... Please remember, when schools are closed due to weather or scheduled holidays, we are not allowed to practice/use gyms that day.


Practice Schedule Legend
Orange = Practice has been moved

Black = Spot NOT available
X = Spot can't be used
CLOSED = School/Gym closed

LAST UPDATED:  03/20/2017 10:31am


WEEK 15 -- Practice Schedule        
    03/20/17 03/21/17 03/22/17 03/23/17 03/24/17
Times Locations Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6:00 PM Fair Oaks Bitty - All Star   Bitty - All Star   PW - All Star
7:30 PM       PW - All Star    
6:00 - 8:00 PM Laburnum CHEER       CHEER
6:00 PM Elko   Min - All Star  Mom's - All Star Min - All Star Jr - All Star
6:00 PM     X X X X
7:30 PM     Jr - All Star Sr - All Star Sr - All Star  
7:30 PM     X X X X