Board Members & Contacts

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Long Hill Baseball & Softball Association

PO Box 91
Stirling, NJ 07980

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Greg Russotti President, Board Director
Mead Briggs Vice President, Board Director
Jill Robertson Treasurer, Board Director
Mike Gaydos Secretary, Board Director and Baseball Committee
Jeff Wills Commissioner of Baseball, Board Director
Brian Johnstone Commissioner of Softball, Board Director
Scott Lavender Membership & Governance, Board Director
Mike Disarno Contracts & Risk Officer, Board Director
Jim Langell Marketing & Community Relations, Board Director
John Russo Fields and Facilities, Board Director
Mike Pudlak Baseball Committee
Brian Skerlanitz Baseball Committee
Rich Raymond Softball Committee
Dave Carn Softball Committee
Mike Disarno Softball Committee
Mike Lapetina Softball Committee
Tim Simo Softball Committee
John Falvey Softball Committee
Jamie Falvey Softball Committee
Phil Giafagilione Softball Committee
Lauren Giafagilione Softball Committee
Phil Giafaglione Baseball Committee
Ken Jaconski Baseball Committee
Brian Skerlanitz Baseball Committee
Christina Russotti Sponsorship & Fundraising Chair
Whitney Gaydos First Aid Coordinator