Last Updated: April 27, 2017

Pro Nine

San Diego Force Baseball, Force Baseball
7710 Hazard Center Dr Ste E410
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: 619-723-0671
Fax: 619-862-2300

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Michael King General Manager 619-204-0617
Bart Zeller Manager 847-380-6362
Betty Billings Administrative Assistant 619-723-0671
Chris Moody Bench Coach 619-972-0045
Eric Poirier Catching and Outfield Coach 619-504-9109
C. J. Thieleke Hitting Coach 608-469-0143
Julian O'Campo Chief Umpire 619-573-0273
Callen McClurg Broadcasting
Phillip Tallro Web Support/IT
Don De Mars Team Photographer 619-733-5041
Eric Hernadez Sr. Trainer
Dr. Travis Elhers Team Chiropractor 858-571-0606
Dr. Gitane Patel MD, M.P.H. 619-697-4660
Gene Metcalf Sports Neuromuscular Therapy 760-632-7770
Peter Hofman Superintendent of Groundskeeping