Mosquito Information
Mosquito Rules of Play


• The official schedule will be posted on the SJMBA web site – Any change will be posted as soon as it is made. Please refer to the web site prior to every game.

• In the event of rain, an announcement concerning the scheduled games for that evening will be posted to the website by 3 pm. After 3 pm. It will be an umpire/coaches decision at the field as to whether the game will be played.

• Players are to notify your coach if you are unable to make a scheduled house league game.

• Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for a pre-game warm up.

• Please follow umpires and coaches instructions while on the field to ensure safety at all times.

• The playoff format will be posted by mid-August.

• Practice sessions may be set for each team by our association. We will assist coaches.

Field Dimensions

• The distance between the bases shall be 60 feet.

• The distance from the point of home plate to the front of the pitching rubber shall be 44 feet.

Rules of Play

• All games shall be played in accordance with regular baseball rules as contained in the Official Rules of Baseball published by Baseball Canada except where modified by the rules detailed in this document.

• House League games will start when each team has a minimum of 8 players. If a team cannot field 8 players by the scheduled start time, then the umpire will declare a default. If numbers warrant, please divide the players into 2 teams and play a 3-4 inning game.

Duration of Game

• All games in fields with no lights shall be 6 innings and/or 2 hours in duration, whichever comes first.

• No new inning shall start after 1 hour and forty-five minutes from the scheduled start time.

• In fields where we have lights, all games shall be 6 innings and/or 2 hours 30 minutes in duration and no new inning shall start after 2 hours from the scheduled start time. If there is no 2nd game, the first game will be 6 innings.

• Home team will be decided by a coin toss prior to the game during the regular season.

• If, after the fifth inning (4 1/2 if the home team is ahead), one team leads by 10 runs or more, that team will be awarded the game. The game may be continued at the discretion of the coaches, but the result will be official after the 10-run rule is registered.

• The score shall be kept by the coaches and confirmed with the home plate umpire throughout the game. The winning coach will e-mail the score of the game to within 24 hours.


• Players must wear full uniform, which includes grey or white baseball pants.

• Catchers must wear a protective cup; we advise all players to wear one.

• Metal cleats are not allowed in House League play.

• All batters must wear helmets when on-deck and at bat.

• SJMBA supplies bats and helmets; however, players are allowed to use personal equipment that meets all safety and regulatory criteria. For hygiene reasons, SJMBA recommends that players wear their own batting helmets. Personal bats (composite and wood) are allowed; bats must have a Maximum 2 1/4” barrel and Maximum weight/length differential of -13. Players must have their own gloves; recommended glove sizes can be found on our web site in the ‘Bulletin Board’ section.

At Bat

• All players are in the batting lineup at all times. At the conclusion of a game, the coach will note the last out. The next game will start with the next hitter in the lineup. The Coach will only change the batting lineup if the game ends with the last batter in the order making the last out in the previous game. If a player is absent, his name is simply deleted from his/her spot in the batting order.

• Bunting is not permitted.

• There is no Infield Fly Rule in Mosquito.

• If the catcher misses the ball on a third strike, the batter is out.

• We will not be using a batting tee. Prior to the game, the umpires and coaches will meet to decide who will pitch from the mound (batter's coach or umpire) after a called ball four (a walk). When the umpire calls ball 4, then the batter will have three strikes (called or swinging) to put the ball in play. If the batter fails to do so, he/she is called out. If the batter hits the ball, the ball will be live and runners will advance as far as they can.

• A maximum of 3 runs may be scored in any one inning, with the exception of the last inning which shall be open. The home plate umpire will inform the two coaches if the last inning comes before the 6th.

Base Stealing

• There is no base stealing permitted in Mosquito House.

• Runners can only advance one base per overthrow.

• Lead offs are only permitted once the ball has crossed the plate.

• Collision Avoidance Rule - If a base runner is running to home plate and is halfway or closer to home plate, a force out situation is now created. The catcher, having possession of the ball, may touch home plate and the runner will be called "out" by the umpire.

• Runners may tag and advance on a fly ball that is caught at their own risk.

• All players should slide on a close play at the plate.


• Pitchers may only pitch a maximum of 2 innings per game. After 2 innings a pitcher is not allowed to catch; however, a catcher can catch and then pitch 2 innings. Once removed from the mound, a pitcher cannot return even if he/she has not completed 2 innings.

• If two batters are hit in one inning the umpires, in consultation with the two coaches, will determine if the pitcher should continue on the mound. If the decision is to remove the pitcher, he/she may remain in the game and can play another position.


• 10 defensive players are permitted on the field. The tenth player must be a fourth outfielder.

• Players shall run on and off the field. We urge each coach to instill this in his/her players. It benefits everyone.

• Coaches must rotate their players throughout the defensive line-up to ensure fair play. Note: If a coach feels that a player may suffer physically or psychologically by playing a certain position (specifically pitcher or 1st base) then he/she will discuss this with the player’s parents/guardians before making this decision.

• Coaches will ensure that no player sits out more than 2 defensive innings per game whenever possible.

• All players must maintain normal baseball positions. Shifts will be allowed.


• All teams make the playoffs.

• Call-ups will be permitted in the playoffs to avoid game defaults only. Coaches are encouraged to contact the baseball office as soon as possible if they feel a default may occur.

• Fair Play Rules apply in the Playoffs. The batting order procedure and positional playing time will be the same as the regular season.

• Scores of each game will be reported to the baseball office by e-mailing after each game.

• Additional Tournament and Playoff rules will be sent out with each tournament schedule.
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