MCBA Spring/Summer 2018 Team Registration Form (9u - 14u)
Every 9u-14u team planning to compete in the MCBA League this coming spring/summer 2018 is required to complete a team registration form by NO LATER THAN January 31, 2018.

The official age cutoff date is May 1st of each year.
Umpire Evaluation Form
In the never ending quest to provide our MCBA coaches/managers with the best possible service we have developed an Umpire Evaluation Form. The form can be completed quickly and submitted online.

Umpires play a critical role in each of our league games and we want to be certain that we are getting the best performances out of the umpires we employ to work our games.

We ask that you be objective and fair in your evaluations and provide specific facts and details. The forms will be very useful in terms of providing feedback to the League Officials and to the Umpire Commissioners. Please feel free to comment on favorable as well as unfavorable performances by umpires.

Make-Up Game Request Form
Use this form to communicate your intent to make-up any game that has been postponed or suspended for any reason. Managers agree on mutually agreeable dates to play the game and preferably secure a field for the game to be played. If neither team has access to a field, the MCBA will provide a field. If the MCBA is providing the field, the game might be scheduled on the back-up option date that you provide (if a field is unavailable on your preferred date). If you supply the field, there is a strong likelihood the game will be played on your preferred date.

Keep the following guidelines in mind when submitting this form. For any game postponed or suspended, the HOME TEAM MANAGER must go to game results and post that the game was postponed or suspended. He/She submits make-up preferences using this online form within 72 hours of the official start time of the game that was postponed or suspended. If an online make-up request form is not submitted within 72 hours, the game will be scheduled for you on a day to exclude only those dates in which you already have a game scheduled or otherwise submitted as a no play date. If you do not receive confirmation back from Al Bidwick within 72 hours of submitting the online make-up request form, try emailing or calling the league office for a status (301-260-2977 x250).

John N. Brady Memorial Scholarship Application Form
All applications must be submitted by no later than July 31st of each year for student-athletes graduating from high school the preceeding May/June.
Scheduling Preferences and Conflicts Form (Spring 2018)
Every MCBA team must submit this form without regard to whether or not you have any conflict dates!

Use this form to communicate your scheduling preferences and conflict dates prior to schedule preparation for the upcoming regular season for the period April 3 - June 12 (or April 3 - May 29 for 14u teams). You may submit up to 8 random dates of your choosing. You will not be scheduled to play games on these dates.

If you do not use all 8 of your no play dates up front and later in the season determine that your team cannot play on a certain date for any reason you may submit that date as a no play date. These dates submitted later in the season will be honored but must be submitted prior to June 1st (again, assuming you have not reached your 8 date limit).

You are able to list tournaments you have entered and can opt out of playing either the preceding Friday or following Monday (not both) but must specify exactly which one you want if any.

If your team is participating in the "Mutiny at the Park" Tournament you do not have to use conflict dates. Teams not participating in the Mutiny tournament on either April 6 - 8 (9u, 11u and 13u) or April 13 - 15 (10u, 12u and 14u) may be scheduled to play league games unless of course you designate these dates as conflict dates.

In addition, the MCBA is dark over Memorial Day weekend (Friday May 25 - Monday May 28) and no games will be scheduled (unless you and an opponent agree to play a make-up game on that long weekend and provide a field). You do not have to use any of your conflict dates for these dates.

It is recommended that you print and maintain a copy of this form for your files. If you are mistakenly scheduled to play on one of your conflict dates, it will be changed provided you can produce support that a conflict was indeed submitted by no later than Thursday, March 8th.