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Author TOPIC: 50+ Provincials
Sterling H

September 21, 2017
2:51:39 PM

Entry #: 4231497
B&B Electrical Outlets schedule:
5:45 pm Friday Gushue Field
10:15 am Saturday Pearlgate Field
12:45 pm Saturday Gushue Field

Team Members for this tournament :
Brian Lake
Steve Beer
Robert Baldwin
Darrin Reid
Kevin Guzzwell
Joe Perry
Randy Wall
Albert Oakey
Wayne Rose
Terry Casey
Nick Morrissey
Glen Sullivan
Randy Hatcher
Sterling Hillier
Sponsors Bruce and Ben Didham

Al H

September 21, 2017
5:03:05 PM

Entry #: 4231514
35 plus schedule for Doolys (formerly Tuckers Electronics)
Friday 9:30 gushue field
Sat 10:15 st. Phillips
Sat 2:00 st Phillips
Sat 5:45 gushue

Team members:

Al Heath
Brad Ford
Corrine Hodge
Steve Moody
Cliff Brown
John Browne
Rick Ryall
Jeff Pinsent
John Farrell
Keith Brinston
Paul Youden
Blake Abbott
Jason Sullivan
Barry Poole
Greg Vardy

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