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Author TOPIC: B&B Electrical Outlets 50+
Sterling H

September 25, 2017
12:59:38 PM

Entry #: 4231766
First of all we would like to thank Jack & Kathleen and their teams for hosting a great tournament of ball. Also would like to thank everyone that came out to cheer us and the other teams on all weekend. We really appreciate it. It was great to get our tittle back. We had a full team effort and everyone played great. We as a team also would like to thank Bruce and Ben Didham for their get sponsorship. They go over and above for our team. They are more then a sponsor they are our buddies.

bishop j

September 25, 2017
4:25:19 PM

Entry #: 4231787
Congrats to my old team for winning the Provincials back.
Well done!
Only question I have is..... how did Randy Hatcher fit into
My old jersey!!!??????

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