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Author TOPIC: Ball Season

September 26, 2017
1:49:08 PM

Entry #: 4231825
Firstly congrats to City Tire on winning the series-a true class act.To Larry,s on a great season of ball and a super bunch of guys.To Larry a great sponsor and a true friend on and off the feild.Big thanks to the executive in having another successful year in the running and operating of this great league.The time and effort you guys put in is to be commended.Personally I would like to thank them for their support and help during a difficult stretch-its meant alot to me.To all league members who helped or asked how I was doing I really appreciate it.The league has been awesome to me.Being on the feild,around the feild and at the table with the guys has been a big boost in the healing process.Boys don,t take things for granted and enjoy all the things that are apart of this great league.The things that happen off the feild are so much more important than the things on the feild.Thanks everyone for making this ball season a great one for me even though I didn't,t catch a ball or swing a bat.The best league and the best guys in the world. Lakey

Ed H

September 26, 2017
3:26:03 PM

Entry #: 4231832
Very well said lakey ,it was a great bit of fun and I got to say I have played a lot of softball and this by far is the best bunch of guys I have ever played on a team with . To bad we couldn't go all the way But it wasn't meant to be ,it was a hard fought series they came out on of luck to all the teams remaining, and thanks to. Larry he is a great sponsor and a even greater guy. and to the committee for running another great yr of ball

0ne more time 3-2-1 larrys

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