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Author TOPIC: cold weather
Ed H

October 3, 2017
3:15:28 PM

Entry #: 4232304
Just something for the excutive to think about .Playing in this cold weather is very hard on some players maybe they should consider canceling tonites games as the wind chill will be minus 2. a lot of players could end up getting soft tissue injuries due to the cold, at the end of the day I think it would be wise to delay one game as the tempatures will be better tomorrow and into Thursday, some of the players were hurt last nite most likely due to the cold one game delay is no big deal over player safety

R Rose

October 3, 2017
3:52:23 PM

Entry #: 4232309
I have no stake in this either but fellas its brutal out just brutal. Weather is looking way better rest of week and not only that games should be decided by the players not the weather


October 4, 2017
10:59:29 AM

Entry #: 4232371
Just to chime in here. Ed.....The executive deal with this every year. This late in the year we are gonna have cool weather and nights that are not favorable for ball. But rest assured no games will be cancelled because its a little cold or a bit Windy. In saying that if there was a night that it was wet and cold yes we will think about cancelling games. Everyone knows all year we have postponed games when it wasnt favorable for ball. we tried to do this in a timely fashion. Now that we are to the end of the year teams can expect to play. Unless weather is totally horrible any games postponed will be done at gametime. I was at the field last night to watch the first game. It was a bit cold and a bit windy but certainly no reason to postpone last nights games.
Only thing wrong with last night i was on the deck watching. Like 180 other ball players I would much rather to have been playing. then again. Maybe 178 as it was to cold for you and Rose.....haha


October 4, 2017
4:45:23 PM

Entry #: 4232387
Yes it was cold last night....would be interesting to see what the players thought. We sure had a cold couple of nights, looking good for tonight and Thursday night, fingers crossed for those left playing, good luck to each team !
Point to ponder : What "IF" we played 5 games each Sunday start the first one @ 430....this would cut a couple of nights off the reg season, probably a nightmare to do the schedule, just a thought !

Wayne G

October 5, 2017
10:14:24 AM

Entry #: 4232431
It,s called Super Sunday W2, we have them all the time, what a bunch of Woos,s, if ya cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen.Nice and warm were I am right now.Turn up the heat cause ya knows the darts are coming and ya cant play darts with cold hands.Jeez thats why I only got a 10 average , me hands are to cold, I hope everyone enjoyed the ball season and had fun.For all those who watched or took part in the silly season,I welcome you you to drop down to the hut, Wed or Thursday nite , for a cold one, oops I mean a warm one,and you will see first hand what the true meaning of SILLY really means,hey Dan Lol

Ed H

October 5, 2017
3:37:33 PM

Entry #: 4232447
Maybe next year we could invest in s few wood stoves for the dugouts ??And yes Stan I would love to be still playing as I'm sure many others would Go city tire ??

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