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Author TOPIC: Congrats to City Tire - A few topics to discuss
R Rose

October 6, 2017
9:29:58 AM

Entry #: 4232491
Congrats to City Tire on winning the title it was well deserved. now maybe Hags can retire his Yankee helmet lol. It was a great year and now that its over i want to start a discussion on what people think about the intentional walk. I am totally against it its a rec league and everyone should have the opportunity to hit. Also on the courtesy strike a few times in the playoffs some guys didnt do it so as this is slo pitch why not look at taking it out altogether or after a 3-0 count automatically make it the next pitch an automatic courtesy and make it 3-1 as then there is no discrepancies. Just a few thoughts to ponder


October 22, 2017
11:06:47 AM

Entry #: 4233468
No Robbie I figure I got a few more miles in our league with my lucky charms Yankees helmet and I look forward to the Yankees being in the hunt for the next number of years with the team we got.
Here are some more topics I will throw out there for discussion for next AGM...

Any player 65 yrs and older should be allowed to use a supped up bat vrs our league bats to give em more opportunity to get a couple more hits.I hear they are doing this in other leagues around our cities.
Is it time to look at a competitive vrs non competitive divisions to see that some members don't end up leaving cause there is a lot of new blood at that 35 to 40 year age coming in.
that's it fer now lookin forward to next weekends DD.

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