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Author TOPIC: New England Football Rankigns week 10/3
New England Connect

October 6, 2012
4:39:05 PM

Entry #: 3989683
Hello Pop Warner Family,
We are now getting down to some primetime games& look for the Game of the week as I will be at one or more of the games during the weekend and I will have someone at each game of the week in each division..
Also if you have a player that should be nominated for player of the week please do so the following Monday. If you have clips or photos of this player/team please send them in as well.
As mentioned before next year at this time I expect to have my own website with more interactive features (NO DISRESPECT TO LEVAE.COM AND ALL HE HAS DONE FOR ME) I will still be posting for but Id like to build off of it&
Couple of storylines to keep watching... (Next week new headlines)
I think number 1 should remain the same.. until I get a definite answer on unlimited at nationals?
1. Will there be an unlimited representative from New England that could potentially win a national title at Disney? If my memory serves me correctly, this is the first year that Unlimited will be a bracket at Disney. As we all know our Midget level is usually our best chance at a national title coming up short 4x the last 10 years in the national finals... No need to discuss the details of those heartbreaking losses. With a lot of teams leaving midgets all together to unlimited& is this their year in Disney&
2. The mighty New Haven Jr Midgets can be beat.. just ask Stratford who beat them 22-16 one week after losing to West Haven& Jr midgets at division 1 and division2 will be very exciting come November&
3. Unlimeted is awesome wide open With Everett and Portsmouth Losing& Portmouth lost to a team they beat week 1 33-0& Go Figure the final score of this contest& 8-0
4. Who will be the team to beat in Pee Wee Division 2.. With Mt Hope moving up to division 1 their jpw regional rep from last year is now finding out how hard it is in d1 losing to Worcester this past week 34-14&
5. THE RISE OF THE MIDDLESEX LEAGUE& yes you read it right& Middlesex has been notorious for being a weak league in EMASS but this year they may have figured it out& Waltham and Burlington Unlimited& Woburn Jr Midgets .. and Wakefield at the pee wee and jpw level..
6. Is this the year New Hampshire gets back to Florida.. Its been almost seven years since a New Hampshire Rep has made it down& Granted the granite state has lost a lot of talent with Derry, Nashua, Salem, and Pelham Windham all moving to AYF 6 years ago&
1. Waltham Devil Dogs (MA) (4-0) Last Week: Beat Previously num1 Everett 12-7
2. Danbury Trojans (CT)(5-0) Last Week: beat always powerful Brookfield from WCPW 6-0
3. King Phillip Chiefs (MA)(5-0) Last Week: Beat Mansfield 27-8
4. Malden Cyclones (MA)(3-0) Last Week: bye
5. Leominster Blue Devils (MA)4-0) Last Week: Beat Boston 24-0
6. Everett Crimson Tide (3-1) Last Week: Lost to Waltham 12-7
7. Lawrence Hurricanes (MA)(3-0) Last Week: Beat AB 22-0
8. Burlington Patriots (MA) (4-0) Last Week: Bye
9. Portsmouth Patriots (RI) (4-1) Last Week: Lost to DR 8-0
10. Holliston Panthers (5-0) Last week: Beat Sandwich 27-0
11. Springfield Pop Warner(4-1) What is with this team they lose a heartbreaker to Leomisnter and come back and beat Worcester and knock the Vikings out of the top 10&
Game of the Week: 6. Everett @ Cambridge Warriots& could it be a trap game and two in a row for the crimson?
Prediction: I like Everett 22-6
I have decided to change my mind and rank the teams that we do have left in Division 1 Midget
1. West Haven Seahawks(CT)(5-0) Last Week: Beat New Britain 6-0
2. Hyde Park Cowboys (5-0) Last Week: Beat Mt Hope 24-6
3. Oakwood Raiders (5-0) Last Week:?? Can someone give me a little more 411 on this team
4. Mt Hope Cowboys (RI) (4-1-1)
5 New Britain Raiders (3-2) Last Week: Lost to West Haven 6-0
6 Park City Panthers (3-1) Last Week No score reported against Bridgeport
7.Edgewood Eagles (2-2-1) Last Week: Lost to Hyde Park 20-0
Not too many teams in this divison but boy some great competition& West Haven and Hyde Park the early favorites after passing early tests&
Game of the Week: Untill I get the schedule for Ocean state&
1. New Haven Steelers (CT)(4-1)Well they can be beat up here.. but they dont drop because they dont deserve too.. Stratford would be top 3 teams in New England alogn with West Haven at divison 1 or division 2& A little bird told me that if they threw the ball the whole time they would of won the game!!!
2. Everett Crimson Tide(MA) (4-0) Last Week: Beat Revere 32-0
3. Woburn Trojans (4-0)(MA) Lass Week: Beat Wilmington 21-8
4. Mt Hope Cowboys (RI) (6-0) Last Week: Beat Worcester 6-2
5. Reading Rockets (4-0) (MA) Last Week: Beat East Lynn 22-8
6. Brookline JP Patriots (4-0) (MA) Unscored upon.. Can they strike magic twice?
7. North Attleboro Comets (MA) (5-0) Last Week: beat Plymouth 22-7
8. Dorchester Eagles (3-1) (MA) Last Week: beat Malden 37-6
9. Worcester Vikings (4-1) (MA) Last Week: Lost to Mt Hope 6-2 tough drop for the Vikings
10. Westwood Pop Waner (5-0) Last Week: No result posted
Dropped out: No teams have dropped out this week
This division has a lot of teams not mentioned that could make some moves& stay tuned
Game of the Week: 10. Westwood @ 7. North Attleboro& The rights to claim 1st in Hockomock before playoffs in a couple weeks..
Prediction: I like the Rockets to come out on top&
1. Worcester Vikings (MA) (4-0) Last week: Beat num7 Mt Hope 34-14
2. Everett Crimson Tide (MA) (4-0) Last Week: Beat Revere 30-0
3. Bridgeport Raiders (CT)(5-0) Last Week: won 29-6
4. Hartford Pop Warner (CT) (5-0) Last Week: Beat Parkcity 37-0
5. Norfolk Vikings (MA) (5-0) Last week: Beat Bellingham 20-0
6. Acton Boxboro Colonials (4-0) Do they belong here?
7. Wakefield Warriors (4-0) Last week first time they blew someone out&
8. East Lynn Bulldogs (4-0) Last Week: Struggled with Reading& are they worth this?
9. Triton Vikings (4-0) @ West Lynn this week.. we find out who they are!
10. King Phillip Chiefs (5-0) Last Week: Beat Sandiwch 26-6
Game of the Week:4.Hartford Hurricanes @3. Bridgeport Raiders
What a GAME!!!
Prediction: I like Bridgeport but in a slugfest..
First week of top 10 FOR JPW but lets just remember that in this division it still very difficult to get a grasp on who is really who& got to watch some more games first but here it is&
1. Worcester Vikings (4-0)
2. Brookline JP Patriots (4-0)
3. East Lynn Bulldogs (4-0)
4. Dorchester Eagles (4-0)
5. Danbury Trojans (5-0)
6. Hyde Park Cowboys (5-0)
7. King Phillip Chiefs (5-0)
8. Acton Boxboro Colonials (5-0)
9. Wakefield Warriors (5-0)
10. Mt hope Cowboys (4-1)
Game of The Week: TBD
Division 2 midgets are even smaller amount of teams then division 1&
1. West Lynn Rams (3-0) Write it down clear cut favorite
2. Randolph (3-1) only loss to Hyde park
3. Braintree (3-1) only loss to Randolph 27-25
4. Boston Bengals (3-1)
5. Somerville (3-1)
If I am correct& WCPW SCPW NHPW CENTRAL MASS POPWARNER OSPW all does not have division 2 midget leagues anymore&
Division 2 Jr Midgets
1. West Haven Seahawks (CT)(5-0) looked like anumber1 team with 33-6 win
2. Stratford Redskins (CT) (5-1) I Knew I didnt want to move them what a big win over NH
3. Billerica Indians (MA)(4-0) Crash Course for Cambridge round 2?
4. North Kingstown Jaguars (RI)(5-0) is the competition for real?
5. Wareham Tigers (MA) (5-0) Came out of no where and destroyed Attleboro 33-0
7. Cambridge Warriors (4-0) Crash Course for Billericia?
8. Wilmington Wildcats (3-1)(MA) Lost to Woburn but no falling here
9. Grafton Chiefs (3-1) (MA)Last week:still taking care of business in central
10. Concord Pop Warner (NH)(5-0) see insert about North Kingston
Game of the Week: Old Rocherster @ New Bedford
The reason this is the game of the week is because fi Old Rochester wins this test they will be definiatly in the top 10 next week!
Prediction:I took Wareham last week and was correct this week no upset I like Old Rochester
Division 2 Pee Wee
1. West Haven Seahawks (5-0)Last Week: Beat Stratford 32-6
3. Bedford Jr Bulldogs (5-0) Does their RB being out hurt their chances?
4. North County Panthers (4-0) Smashed Wachusett whats next?
5. Wilmington Wildcats (4-0they could be the sleeper&
6. Warwick Pal Patriots (5-1) Is it them or North Kingston
7. Wareham Tigers (4-0) with Canton losing to Foxboro they take the hock spot
8. Old Rochester Pop Warner (5-0) can they play with Middletown
9. Lawrence Hurricanes (2-1) lost to a tough Acton Boxboro team
10. Stratford Redskins (4-1) beat Amity can play with the best
Game of the Week :two games of the week this week
2. Middletown @ Portsmouth Patriots& Vengence for Portsmouth?
3. Bedford @ Worcester & Can they play with the d1 favortite?
Still cant rank these kids for another week still collecting info and have a couple of correspondents at some big games this weekend!!!
Warwick Pal Patriots (6-0)
Old Rochester (5-0)
Burlington Patriots (4-0)
Derby Raiders (5-0)
Naugatuck (4-0)
North County Panthers (4-0)
Canton Bulldogs(5-0)
Parkway (5-0)
Amherst Patriots (5-0)
Billerica Redskins (4-0)
Dracut Middies (3-1)
OK FOLKS. Thats it for today.. please spread the word and try to get everyone to read the report/rankings& remember as always I love feedback whether it is positive or negative& my email is on the top of the report& please try to get a link on your homepages of your leagues website as well


October 11, 2012
6:52:07 AM

Entry #: 3991592
10/7 standings?

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