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Author TOPIC: midget level 2 predictions
Cheerleader2104 C

November 8, 2015
2:46:40 PM

Entry #: 4186417
what are your predictions for midget level 2 teams

Love wit C

November 8, 2015
5:02:37 PM

Entry #: 4186425
I have seen Milford eagles routine and they are sharp clean and the routine is just fun they are going to be a hard team to beat defiantly have a big chance on go to nationals

Sarah J

November 10, 2015
11:41:13 AM

Entry #: 4186565
I have seen Everett, Reading, and Methuen who are all in Med level 2 and they were all great and the call was pretty close, between them it will just depend who brings the cleanest performance idea what the rest of the Med 2 competition looks like though so who knows!! If cheer competitions have taught me anything it is that they are completely unpredictable! Good luck to all!!

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