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Author TOPIC: 11/10 football regional rankings predictions
New England Connect

November 10, 2015
12:55:58 PM

Entry #: 4186572

Do not have an actual website this year as no longer serves the purpose it once did. I am in the process of making a new great new website and looking to add players and games of the week highlights on the page for next season. These rankings are only my opinion as many of you know I have been doing these for 11 years and I am pretty accurate with my opinions not only regionally but I am well known at the national level as well. I am still not coaching anymore as I am very busy with the prep school but I will be attending games starting this week... we have 2 weeks until playoffs begin.. Some major headlines we should be looking at…


Games of the week and player of the week submissions can begin by emailing me directly @
As many of you know I have paid my own way in traveling to nationals and regionals and games each week for many years...I have now set up a PayPal account for travel funds and for the website we are in the process of making…

Without Further ado….
UNLIMITED (D1 and d3)
DIVISION 1 (8 teams left)
1. New Fairfield Falcons (9-0) vs 2. West Haven Seahawks (9-1) @Watertown high Sunday
Prediction: West Haven in the upset 16-14
Middletown Islanders vs. Winner of Oakwood/Chariho tomorrow night .. @Middletown High Sunday
North Middlesex has a bye this week.. They will play winner of Berlin Lumberjacks and Eastern MA winner
Emass Finals Tomorrow Night : Lawrence Hurricanes vs. Methuen Rangers.. 730 pm Lawrence High

Loser of EMass vs. Mansfield Hornets at Foxboro 215 pm Sunday
Worcester Vikings have a bye
New Haven Steelers have a bye and will play winner of Ocean State loser and New Bedford Bears next Sunday

Division 1 Midgets (4 TEAMS LEFT)
1. Hartford Hurricanes (9-1) vs. 4. Edgewood Eagles (9-1) Sunday Watertown high 5 pm
Predictions: Hurricanes in a dogfight.. 12-6

2. West Lynn Rams (9-1) vs. 3 Dorchester Eagles (7-2) Sunday time/place TBD (waiting on emass mid-week results for lower divisions)

Division 2 Midgets (3 teams left)
1. Hyde Park Cowboys (9-0) vs 2.West Elmwood Intruders (9-1) Sunday @ West Roxbury HS 315 pm
Winner moves on to play Boston Bengals for Ship Next Sunday
Division 1 Jr Midget ( 7 teams left)
1. Edgewood Eagles vs. 3. Stratford Redskins Saturday NOVEMBER 21
Prediction: Coming Next Week….
4.Boston Raiders vs. Winner of EMASS Saturday November 21
Emass Semis:
2. Dorchester Eagles vs. 7.Everett Crimson Tide Thursday at Revere 8 pm
Prediction: Eagles 12-0
5. Brookline JP Patriots vs. 6. Malden Cyclones Thursday @ Billerica 730pm
Prediction: Cyclones get the win. 12-6
Winners play Sunday at time place TBD
Division 2 Junior Midget( 9 Teams left)
1. North County Panthers (9-0) vs. Hyde Park Cowboys Sunday @West Roxbury 130 pm
Prediction: Panthers roll
2. Milford Eagles vs. Plainville Colts Sunday @ Watertown HS 1pm
3. New Bedford Bears vs. Mt Hope Cowboys Sunday @ Gaudet Middle school 1 pm
Mattapan Patriots vs Burlington Patriots 745 pm Thursday at Mattapan
Prediction: Mattapan by a score
Amherst Patriots vs EMASS Winner Sunday nov 15
Division 1 Pee Wee (7 teams left)
1. Hartford Hurricanes vs.3. Edgewood Eagles Saturday nov 21 West Haven 12 pm
Prediction: next week
Worcester Vikings will play winner of Emass next Saturday 21
Emass Semis: I will be at both of these Games Wednesday night
2. East Lynn Bulldogs vs. 7.West Lynn Rams Wednesday 630 pm Revere
Predictions: East Lynn wins 22-6
5.Revere Jr Patriots vs. 6.Everett Crimson Wednesday 8 pm Revere
Prediction: Jr Pats win a squeaker 14-12
4. Worcester Vikings will play winner of emass next week
Division 2 Pee Wee (9 Teams Left)
1. Mount Hope Cowboys vs.6. Portsmouth Patriots Sunday Middletown RI 1130 am
Prediction: Cowboys roll.
2. Trumbull Rangers vs. 3. New Milford Bulls Sunday Watertown HS 11 am
Prediction: Trumbull impressed me last week. I will roll with them.
4.Fitchburg Raiders vs.8.. Brockton Jr Boxers Sunday at west Roxbury HS 1145 am
Prediction: Fitchburg sneaks by…
9. Amherst Patriots vs Winner of Emass Sunday
Emass Finals:
7.Mattapan Patriots vs5. Boston Bengals Wednesday 6 pm Billerica
Prediction: Bengals beat the patriots for the 2nd time this year
Division 3 Pee Wee
Division 1 Junior Pee Wee (7 teams left)
1. West Haven Seahawks vs. 6.Edgewood Eagles Saturday nov 21 10 am west haven
Prediction: Next Week
3.Boston Raiders will play emass winner next week
2. Dorchester Eagles vs.7. Revere Jr Patriots 630 pm Thursday in Revere
Prediction: Eagles big
4.Everett Crimson vs 5.East Lynn Bulldogs 6 pm Billerica Thursday
Prediction: Crimson move on
Division 2 Junior Pee Wee
1. Hyde Park Cowboys vs. 7..Fitchburg Raiders Sunday West Roxbury 10 am
Prediction: Cowboys
2. Mt Hope Cowboys vs. 6.DR Falcons Sunday @Middletown 10 am
Prediction: I am sticking with my early prediction of Mt Hope vs Hyde Park in the finals..
3. Milford Eagles vs. 4.Brookfield Bobcats Sunday Watertown HS 9 am
Prediction: Eagles wedge themselves to the next round
8.Merrimack Cardinals will play winner of Emass this Sunday
Emass Finals Thursday 6 pm @ Mattapan
5.Mattapan Patriots vs 9.Mission Hill Bucs.
Prediction: Patriots win by 2 scores..
Division 3 JPW
That’s it folks enjoy! Feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or concerns...
Please remember to send your nominations for games of the week and players of the week..


November 10, 2015
6:51:54 PM

Entry #: 4186594
Predictions for Lawrence Methuen unlimited?

New England Connect

November 11, 2015
11:00:52 AM

Entry #: 4186624
I like Lawrence by a score... Tonight in Lawrence under the lights..

Carlon B

November 11, 2015
12:24:19 PM

Entry #: 4186626
What do you think the outcome of oakwood and chariho unlimited will be? And who do you see taking the region for unlimited this year? Any upsets? I know the 1 and 2 play each other in the Connecticut game.

New England Connect

November 11, 2015
12:45:46 PM

Entry #: 4186628
I haven't seen Chariho play this year but I believe Oakwood is the better of the two from talking with people. I like the West Haven New Fairfiled winner to be the favorite.. I was impressed with the film i have saw of Oakwood even though it was only one half.

Carlon B

November 11, 2015
12:51:29 PM

Entry #: 4186629
I was surprised that three of the team's u had ranked in unlimited last week didn't get thru their state tournament guess there could be some surprises coming up.


November 11, 2015
11:18:50 PM

Entry #: 4186655
Congratulations - Methuen Rangers A Team
Patriot Division - Unlimited A Team EMASS Champions
Final Score: 21-12

Congratulations - Methuen Rangers C Team advancing to the EMASS Final with a big win over Dracut tonight!
Final Score: 29-6

Good Luck to the C & A Team Methuen Cheerleaders on Saturday at Regionals!

New England Connect

November 12, 2015
9:59:33 AM

Entry #: 4186661
Methuen beats Lawrence

D1 Pee Wee
Revere beats Everett
East Lynn beats West Lynn

D2 Pee Wee
Boston Bengals beat Mattapan

Also I will be in Revere tonight for

D1 Jpw
Dorchester vs. Revere

D1 Junior Midget
Dorchester vs Everett


November 13, 2015
12:23:35 PM

Entry #: 4186761
How can there be so many teams left (U 8 teams-JM d1 7 teams-JM d2 9 teams, etc) if there's only 3 games left? NER quart finals-semi finals-NER Final, correct? What am I not understanding? NER Final comes down to just 2 teams in each div right?

New England Connect

November 13, 2015
3:09:59 PM

Entry #: 4186772
Can you be more specific? after this weekend we will be down to 4 or 6 teams in each division ... Depending on Division 1 or 2... If you would like me to clarify more please let me know what exact weight and division you want to speak about..


New England Connect

November 13, 2015
3:12:54 PM

Entry #: 4186774

Story about Hyde Park Midget Team and what their playing for this year...


November 13, 2015
4:19:21 PM

Entry #: 4186779
Its ok, however it works it works. lol Was just confused inparticular by 9 remaining d2 JM teams. Seems like a lot of teams left when Thanksgiving wknd is only 2 weeks away. The Hyde Park tragedy is heartbreaking. Many blessings to his family and teammates.

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