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Felix & Keisha King
Downtown Baltimore
April 29, 2014
8:29:55 PM

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This was the first year our 5 yr old son has played baseball. He has been excited about playing and has made a lot of new friends. All the parents and volunteer staff has been very friendly.We were referred by a close family friend and very happy we signed him up to play. We will be signing up again for next year.
Joe Stewart
Annapolis, MD
July 27, 2013
10:05:15 AM

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Our Dad, Joe Stewart, was one of the founders and a president of the Hamilton Little League. This was back in the 1950's and he was very active in the League throughout the 1960's. Some years the season started with a parade that began near Herring Run Park and ended at Keys Field. (The other field at the time was Meals Oval.) We'd parade right up Harford Road. Later years the parade started on Old Harford Road at Hamilton Elementary. There would be drum and bugle corps participating in the parade, and all the teams would walk to the field. There was a Clinic followed by the next age group the Southern Association, then the International League, then you graduated to the Majors. Before the first pitch the teams would be lined up along the infield and the National Anthem was played. It was a very festive day for the Hamilton community. Some of the teams in the Majors were the Kiwanis, Optimist, Pilgrims, and VFW. By the time you were in the seventh grade or so it was time to graduate from the Hamilton Little League and move on somewhere else to Junior and Pony Leagues. The men who coached us knew baseball, and they were very generous with their time. Thanks to all those who coached in the Hamilton Little League. Our Dad passed away in 2007. He would be very pleased to see so many kids playing baseball.
George Brauer
Balto Md
December 26, 2012
9:43:56 PM

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I was a former Manager Coach and President of the Hamilton League .I was amazed to see this site I have so many great memories of Keys Field and loved being able to donate My time there .I am so glad to see it is still running and from what I see Still everything done by Volunteers . What a great testament to all of You.
May 6, 2011
6:23:43 AM

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All I've gotta say is no one can touch the Hamilton teams from the the 2000s...11/12 and 13/14 perennial Baltimore County Champs. We showed the rest how to play some serious ball, CHEA!
Bobby Everhart
April 18, 2011
12:47:25 PM

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Nicole Alger
April 16, 2011
8:09:29 AM

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this is my 8yr old son Bobby's 1st year,we're so excited! THANKS to all who give their time to make the little league possible! Go Killer Bees!!!
lavern tisdale
April 7, 2011
9:50:42 PM

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looking forward to a great season!

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