• League Meetings will be held monthly on Mondays at 7:00pm during the off-season.
  • Little League Baseball has new bat standards for 2018. Check it out on www.littleleague.org

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Fall is upon us! However, registration for the Spring 2018 season in now open!!

Register now and take advantage of discounted fees! Register here or click the link over here, on this side of the screen, to register.   

Whether you are new to our program or returning from prior years, we are looking forward to having you a part of another exciting season.

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(Not pictured Jaden Jackson, Cameron Moore, Jackson Pflug)


Why Choose Hamilton Baseball?
There are many little league programs to choose from.
Hamilton Baseball is a privately run, privately funded program.
Chartered in 1950, with land provided by the City of Baltimore,
we have continually provided one of the best
little league programs available.
Check us out!

Conveniently Located @ Taylor and Moyer Avenues
2017 Fee Schedule ......$85.00 (Clinic $65.00)
14-15 Game Schedule - Plus Play-Offs*
Easy Parking (No Long Walks)
Players Receive Shirts, Pants, Hat*...............Restrooms On Site
Easy Access For Senior Spectators.................Full Service Concession Stand
All Teams Make Play-Offs............Trophies for 1st and 2nd place.
*Clinic - No Play-Offs, Clinic Players Receive Shirt And Hat Only.
Check Out A Satellite View Of Our Fields. Click Here!


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  Hamilton Baseball is proud to announce that we are now requesting all coaches and assistant coaches complete a standard youth sports background check. We have partnered with Protect Youth Sports to provide this service. We are asking each coach to be responsible for providing to requested information, completing and submitting the application, as well as bearing the $12.00 cost of their individual background check. CLICK HERE to complete your background check. For more information, contact Tom at tomallengolf@gmail.com 


Hamilton Baseball Is Implementing A Concussion Awareness Program

Due to recent information on the lasting effects of concussions, we are implementing a "Concussion Awareness Program". All coaches and/or adults in our organization who come in direct contact with participants, must successfully take a concussion awareness class and provide a copy of the certificate of completion to our league to keep on file. We are recommending the "Heads Up" program, which is free and can be completed online through the CDC.

Click here to take the course. 


New Sponsor Letter and Sponsor Opportunity Forms for 2016

Our updated sponsor forms are available for viewing on the "Be A Sponsor" page and the PDF versions are available for printing on the "Handouts" page.

REMEMBER: We are an all volunteer, privately run program.

We rely on our sponsors and volunteers to keep this league (barely) afloat. Please join in by volunteering and/or printing the sponsor letter and opportunity forms and passing them out. Give them to your employer, local businesses or friends that might enjoy making a donation and to those that may benefit from a tax deduction and the positive community advertising donating to our league provides.


Why Should You Become A Sponsor Of Hamilton Baseball? Click Here!

Field Conditions
Hamilton (Keyes Field) #1
Hamilton (Keyes Field) #2
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Hamilton (Keyes Field) #4