Last Updated: October 18, 2017
Last Updated: October 18, 2017

ACYS Basketball Rules for 2017
This is the final version of the ACYS and WSYA Basketball Rules for 2017. All Coaches and Players are expected to know and adhere to this rule set.

Basketball Lineup Sheet
This document is to be used by coaches to fill out and provide to the scorekeeper prior to each game.

ACYS Coach / Volunteer Criminal Background Check Form
All ACYS Coaches and Volunteers must fill out this background check form and submit it to the ACYS Board.

ACYS Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct
All parents and guardians who register their child for an ACYS program must check a box on the registration form that acknowledges and agrees to this ACYS Parent / Guardian Code of Conduct.

ACYS Player Code of Conduct

PCA - Double Goal Coach Job Description
ACYS Basketball proudly supports the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) and the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). All ACYS coaches in all sports must be Double Goal Coach certified through the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA). ACYS Coaches are required to register with AAU on the AAU website and take the training from PCA, using the Double-Goal Coach online courses. A Double-Goal Coach has two goals: the first is to win, but the second, more important goal, is to teach life lessons through sports. All ACYS Basketball Coaches are required to be Level 1 certified from PCA to coach a team in ACYS.

PCA - Role of the Culture Keeper

PCA - Flush and Park Mistakes with a Mistake Ritual

PCA - Positive Charting

PCA - Coaching Your Own Child

PCA - Parent Guardian Letter

PCA - Parent Pledge