Last Updated: June 26, 2017

KSL Player Release Form
Form used by organization to request a player release. These forms are for official league use only.

KSL Roster and Team Information Forms
To print out the back, flip your front copy over in your printer and then print the back to complete the form.

Parents Code Of Conduct

This is a brand new format for the league so please read it carefully and ask your organizations Rep if you have any questions.

Weigh in Procedures
This document has been updated for 2016.

Protest/Complaint Form
This form is for official use and is to be used by KSL Reps or Alternates only.

2016 Playoffs and Championship Finals
Click to view the playoff and championship finals

Playoff and Championship Guidelines
These are official and enforced by the KSL. (revised 2012)

Playoff and Championship Hosts
This document states the responsibilities of the host sites for the playoffs and championships.

2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 Referee Fees

2016 Veterans Registration Schedule

2016 Picture Registration Schedule

Club Coverages
This form is for all clubs and a must submit for the league. It is to be handed in on the first September KSL general meeting. (scale certification, NOCSEA, insurance etc.)