Last Updated: November 17, 2017 

2018 Spring Registration Form (Bring 3 copies for Registration)
**Please fill out and bring 3 copies to registration**

2018 Medical Release Form (Bring 1 copy for Registration)
**Please fill out and bring 2 copies to registration**

2018 Residence Eligibility Requirements
**Please bring 3 documents from this list to registration**

2018 Age Chart

2018 12 YR Old Waiver

2018 II D Form

2018 School Enrollment Form

2018 IV H Form

2018 Volunteer Application "Returning" Form

2018 Volunteer Application Form
**Note: SS#'s are now required to complete back ground checks**

2018 Vendor Faire Application

2018 Calendar of Events

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities Form

2018 Snack Bar Team Duty Form
TEAM MOMS: Please print out, fill out and turn into the snack bar.

Pitching logs
Logs for the Pitch Count

Pitching Eligibility Form

Vineyard Little League Bylaws

Report of Players claimed under Regulation

2017 Safety Plan

Good Neighbor Policy
Please review our Good Neighbor Policy

VLL Player Evaluation Sheet

Umpire Evaluation Form

Expense Request Form