Last Updated: October 17, 2017 

2017 High School Scholarship Application

2017 High School Scholarship Flyer

2017 A Team Cheerleading Tryout Packet

2017 Cheer Camp Registration
Registration must be submitted with A concussion and Liability waiver form. Fees are $20 per camp, meals are included. We are unable to accommodate food allergies. Please contact coach if they are needed.

Understanding How Teams are Selected
Please take a moment to Review this information. We hope it will give you a better
understanding of how teams are chosen and in the event cuts are made, how coaches
make those decisions.

Concussion Form
Please Print, Sign, and Return at Renegade Event

2017 Release of Liability
Form Must Be printed and signed to participate in any renegade function in 2017

Walker Renegades Policies
Policies and procedures for Special Circumstances as they have came up.

Walker Renegades By-Laws
The Approved General Membership By-laws

WIFL Board Member Duties
Please note these are not all Duties Board members are required. This is only a guideline and some may change.

WIFL Board Member Game day Resposibilities