2018 WIFL Board

Congratulations to the 2018 Walker Renegades Board

President- Les Barbazon

VicePresident- Ben Fleming

Treasurer- Michelle Szkatulski Roth

Secretary-Kim Vandinther

Field Maintenance- Jordon Poe

Concessions-  Summer Teston

Fundraiser- Mary Boyle

Ateam Head Coach- Robert Dugas

Bteam Head Coach- Leroy Smith

Cteam Head Coach- Bill Thomas

Dteam Head Coach- Cappy Dugas Buhler

Cheer Coach- Crystal Aubert Barbazon

Have Questions? We Have Answers!


Walker Renegades is excited about our upcoming 2017 season. This will mark our 47th  year providing fundamentals and training for our youth football program. Our goal is provide a positive experience for all our participants. Below we have gathered some Frequently Asked Questions to help assist you with information you may need.



What is WIFL ? WIFL stands for Walker Independent Football League a.k.a. Walker Renegades. WIFL is a member of SLYFA. 

What is SLYFA? Southern Louisiana Youth Football Association. SLYFA was formed as the governing body of all the SLYFA teams. They set rules and regulations concerning the football program. 

What teams will my child play? There are a total of 9 teams in the SLYFA league. They are the Ascension Bulldogs, Central Wildcats, DS Yellow Jackets, Galvez Tigers, Live Oak Eagles, Prairieville Broncos, St. Amant Wildcats,  Zachary Broncos, and Walker Renegades 

What does Walker Renegades provide? We provide both a football and cheerleading program.


What is the age range for participating? Your child must be between ages 5-12 on August 1.


How do I know what football team my child will be on? Our football players are split between 4 teams. Our A team is for 11-12 year olds, B team is for 9-10 year olds, C team is for 7-8 year olds, and D-team is for 5-6 year olds.


Will my 5 year play against an 8 year old? No. Walker Renegades has a 5-6 year old team called the D Team. The 5-6 year olds will get the same practicing and training as the older kids with a specific group of coaches. Other teams within our league also have 5-6 year olds.


What team will my cheerleader cheer for? Cheerleaders are not split by age group.  Cheerleaders are placed on teams by the cheer director based on age, skill, and development.  However, we do like for our cheer squads to be equally divided.  A- Team Cheer Squad is a developmental squad for girls who are considering cheering at the Junior High Level (you must tryout for this team).

What is the registration fee? For football and cheering the fee is $150.00/child.


Is there a 2nd child discount? Yes. $10.00/child


Is there an equipment /uniform deposit?  No, Walker Renegades is not requiring an equipment deposit


What is the last day to register? Walker Renegades never wants to turn down a child from participating. However, we must order uniforms by a specific date. We have set July 28 as the 1st deadline. We will take registration through July 28th applying a $10.00/child late fee. Please know we want to work with you any way we can. If you are having a problem but want to play please contact the President of the organization.


When does football practice start? Football practice will begin July 17 with helmets only for conditioning. Practices are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 5:30-7:30 at the Walker Renegade field behind Walker Elementary.


When does cheerleading practice start? Cheerleading practice will begin July 17. Practices will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5:30-7:30 at the Walker Renegade field behind Walker Elementary.


What does my child need for football practice? Conditioning practice will begin July 17. Your child will need shorts, shirt, helmet, and cleats. Conditioning is done with helmets only. If you not sure about a helmet for your child, we will be happy to help point you in the right direction. Do not let that deter from coming to conditioning. Full contact practice will begin August 1. Your child will need practice pants with pads, practice jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, and mouth guard. Your child will not be able to practice without the required equipment. This is for the child’s safety and protection.


What does my child need for cheerleading practice? Practice begins July 17. Your child will need,  black shorts (these can be purchased from the cheer gear package or from a local store), and tennis shoes. No sandals, flip flops, converse, boots, slip on shoes, or crocs. This creates a hazard and we do not want any child to get hurt. Hair must be pulled back into a single high ponytail with No clips only ponytails.


When do games begin? The SLYFA games will officially start on August 27 with the Jamboree. Regular season games will begin September 3  and go through October 29.  Each team will receive one bye week on their schedule. If your child’s team makes playoffs then the season would continue for 2 more weeks. A, B, C, and D teams will play each Saturday. The games times for each team will alternate weekly. Game times are 8, 9:30, 11 and 12:30.


When does my child have games? Games are held on Saturdays. On very rare occasions some games have been played on Sunday. This is usually only the case when there is a scheduling conflict between SLYFA and the high schools.


Where are the games played? Each team will have 4 home games and 4 away games. If we played a team at home in 2016 then 2017 we will play them away.


What does my registration cover? The cost of the game issued uniforms, insurance, and start up costs. Football players will get to keep their game Uniform. Cheerleaders will get to keep their game uniform.


                                Football Registration:

                                                Uniform (pants and Jersey)                         100.00

                                                Undershirt                                                      10.00  

                                                Insurance (General and player)                     15.00

                                                Towards Operations                                       25.00 


                                Cheerleader Registration:             

                                                Uniform (Shell, Skirt, Lettering)                  100.00

                                                Undershirt                                                     10.00  

                                                Insurance (General and player)                    15.00

                                                Towards Operations                                      25.00  


                Operations include but are not limited to Letterman Jackets, field maintenance, additional equipment, Banquet, and other needs of daily operation.  Letterman jackets cost on average $130.00. Players who will not play four years to receive or have been with Renegades longer than four years and already have a jacket will still pay this amount because those funds are then allocated for startup cost as well as off season maintenance.


Do I have to do anything to help? WIFL aka Walker Renegades is strictly a volunteer, not for profit organization. We gladly accept any and all parent participation. We do not make it mandatory for parents to help, however we strongly encourage the help. Banquet Tickets are provided for parents who volunteer a certain amount of time others are required to pay to attend.



Where can I be of assistance? Concession stand,  gate workers, pick up trash, hold line markers on the field during a game, etc. This is just a few of the ways help can always be used.  We are responsible for all upkeep and maintenance.  If you’re not sure how to help, just ask.

Who are We?!

Some think this is simply the beginning of a chant used to encourage and inspire players to a greater performance. However, if you stop and think about it this phrase should be used every day of our lives.

Who you are is made up of the relationships and experiences, both good and bad, which have led to today. Many people have expressed their dreams and goals to become professional ball players, politicians or musicians. This desire is what helps individuals push themselves when things are tough and seem to be impossible.

I have been a proud member of this organization for twenty plus years and have experienced both the good and bad. The Renegades are a family just like any other with different views and opinions. These differences are what keep us growing and maturing. The goal is to provide the community with individuals that have the leadership, discipline and integrity to work through the differences.

The players come for different reasons before ending the season with enduring friendships or knowledge. The skills learned provide the foundation for the desire and commitment to conquer any problem put in their way. We enjoy watching the victories and often forget that character can be built in defeat.

The coaches give their time and energy for the payoff of passing along the life lessons and sacrifices they themselves have experienced. In years past these same men were exactly where the players are, playing a game they love with a passion to be the best. It is an enlightening moment between coach and player when both realize it. The parents endure the same sweltering heat and bone chilling cold conditions of the players and coaches. Mothers are tormented with worry that their little one might get hurt, while fathers watch as their brood courageously attacks their prey. These combined sensations provide a sense of communal emotions that create lasting ties.

For over forty years the Walker Renegades have been a part of the community providing the tools for success. Generations of players, coaches and parents are scattered around this country applying the abilities and lessons taught from our humble field.

This is the true meaning of “Who are WE”.