A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

What a memorable Memorial Day weekend!!! The Bridgeport Bombers Club traveled to lovely Sterling Heights Michigan this past Memorial Day Weekend to compete in the nationally ranked USSSA Memorial Day Super NIT to compete against some of the best teams in the country. Players and coaches began to arrive on Friday in preparation for a long weekend. Some families flew and others drove. Throughout the travel many of our supporters sent us best wishes as this small baseball club from the Southside of Chicago was going to compete against the best. Did they really have a chance??

Saturdays games for the 11s opened up well as “The Hammer” Gregus shut the door against the PTC Cobras winning 5-1. In the second game of the day, the team lost in extra innings to the powerful South Oakland A’s 8-7. The team showed a lot of heart as they battled back many times but came up short in the end. In the evening game the 13s opened up against the Lasalle Titans from Canada. Titans were seen laughing as the Bombers were warming up, thinking they had this game in the bag. However, the Bombers came out and run ruled the Titans 12-4 behind the pitching of Thomas and the hitting of all. No one was laughing following the game except Thomas recording 13 strikeouts.

The 13s rose early on Sunday to play Nothing But Baseball a team from Pittsburg. The team continued to play good defense and hit in the clutch. Martin went the distance pitching a great game. In the second game of the day, the Bombers sent Shimkus to the hill against the Muskegon Lookouts. Anthony pitched a gem of a game as the team clinched their pool and a spot in the Elite 8 of the Super NIT.

In the night cap, the 11s needed to win their game against Novi Heat 8-1 to win the pool and secure a spot in the Elite 8. The Hammer was relentless and cooled off the Novi Heat. In the final moments of the game, with the score Bombers 8 and Novi 1, the crowd began to erupt. Security was called in. Fans were seen hanging from the trees, yelling Bridgeport Bombers, PeeWee Herman was even spotted doing his dance on the top of the bleachers. Moms were teary eyed and dads were glassy eyed as the end of the game neared. Some of the 13s came to the game to show their support and cheered loudly. With 2 outs in the bottom of the sixth, the final batter came to bat against the Hammer. Strike one….Strike Two….Strike Three. The crowd erupted as the team charged the mound and all piled on each other. Margaritas were spilled, kisses were exchanged, smiles everywhere (even on Mr. Bertucci), as the team clinched a spot in the Elite 8.

The 11s and 13s both made the Elite 8 with elimination games beginning Monday morning. The 11s playing the same team they beat the previous evening put up a great fight with good pitching, but errors and lack of hitting hurt the team as they lost 7-2. The teams and fans were heartbroken but they all should be proud of the teams finish in their first nationally ranked tournament. I know I am!!

The 13s faced the national powerhouse SEM Pirates from Michigan, a two time state champ. Behind the direction of Coach Ro (major publications rank him one of the top ten baseball minds in the country) the team went to work on the SEM Pirates. The game was a constant battle throughout with Thomas keeping the team in the game with his pitching. Clutch hitting scored much needed run support. The Bombers took the lead in the top of the seventh 6-4 behind the clutch double by Thomas scoring the go ahead runs. Martin came in to try to close the game. Martin struck out the first batter. The second batter reached first on a hit. The third batter also got a hit. The fourth batter grounded into a force play at third. With 2 out and two on, the batter hit a shot to left center, the throw came into third where the runner was dead at third but the umpire called hime safe. As third baseman, Jimmy Ho was seen jumping up and down in disgust and Thomas yelling in disbelief , the runner tried to score from third. With the bench and players yelling at Jimmy Ho to throw the ball home, Ho calmly threw a strike to Viking Mcgurn who blocked the plate and tagged the runner out. No way the umps could call him safe. Bombers Win!! Bombers Win!! They are going to the final four!! The crowd erupted, people were asking who are the Bridgeport Bombers?? Where is Bridgeport?? Hugs were exchanged by all. This will go down as one of the best wins in club history.

With not much gas left in any of the arms, and the team tired out. The Beaver Valley team took it to the Bombers in the Semi-Finals. The team should not be disppointed as they had a great tournament.

Thank you to all the parents and coaches for their support throughout the weekend. To all the mothers/Luce for setting up dinners and making sure the kids and coaches were all fed. JimJohn would like to thank Luce for his contribution to his bank account. Luce would like to send a Hello to his new best friend Bob. Finally, I would also like to thank all the Moms who voted Coach the most desirable to marry.

Do you think everyone knows where Bridgeport is NOW???

Happy Mother's Weekend...Bombers go 7-0!!!

The Club gave their mothers a great present this weekend as the teams went 7-0 for the weekend. On Friday, the 11s beat a very tough Homewood team behind the "Hammer" Gregus, going the distance. Iozzo and Bustamante both went 2-2, leading the offense for the day. Iozzo had a rocket of a triple into the corner of the diamond. On a fabulous Saturday, the 13s started the day with an 8-7 win over the Romeoville Royals as McGurn and Shimkus hit back to back triples and Pickett driving in Shimkus to take the lead in the bottom of the sixth. Shimkus came in to close the game in the seventh, ending the game with the gyro ball pitch for a strikeout. The next team up was the Hillside Summitt. The Bombers (13s) cameout bombing scoring 18 runs including a HR by Thomas and a mamouth shot by Martin over the left field fence into the scout seats (High schools coaches have been known to sit here and watch the games). McGrath stayed hot going 3-3 but was spiked while playing right field by what some people say was a leprechan. No one else was in right field expect Mcgrath at the time he was spiked. Please beware of the leprechan in right field. Saturday evening ended with the 11s handling the Hinsdale Heat 21-0 behind all but especially Iozzo who just missed hitting for the cycle. Baran threw a masterful game shutting out the Heat but drew the anger of Coach Baran as he did give up one hit over the four innings. Saturday evening ended under the stars as anticipation for Sundays events began to grow.

Cars, vans, trucks, and trailers began to arrive at the park early on Sunday for the festivities. Baracades were put in to protect the players from the many onlookers. The grills were setup and "Chef of the Year" Herrerra began to cook over 107 pounds of steak, I think was donated by Gibsons. Monica began to boil the lobster tails. Vicky started to cut the cheesecakes. Bertucci began to slice the ribs. Chef Herrera did not disappoint as the Bombers fed all who came. A restaurant critic was in the stands and said the Herrera Steak was "Mouth Watering". Jason estimated attendance at 1,011, a new Donovan record if the count was correct. The 13 year old game had to be stopped many times as the excess crowd flowed into the field. Kids, girls, family, dogs, cats were all over the place. The Bombers(13s) didnt disappoint as they won the Mothers Day opener against the Upper Deck Cougars/Berwyn Bulldogs. The team jumped on the cougars early up 6-0 but could not put them away. The Cougars fought back to tie the game as we went into the botom of the 7th. Devin lead off with a monster triple to Centerfield to put the winning run on third with no outs. After Olmos walked and Martin Struckout. The Chef's Son Herrera came to bat. The suicide squeeze was called. The fans were on the edge of their seats, the gatorade jugs were emptied. Camera's were flashing!! The Chef stopped the grill. His first bunt went foul to the first base side. I think I heard Alejandro say "Shucks". Now what? Well the coaching staff noticed that the third baseman was playing well back of the base and signaled to Herrera to lay the bunt down third. The Chef's son layed down a bunt as perfect as his dad cooking, scoring Pickett and the winning run. The crowd went nuts!!! Chef Herrera yells steaks for everyone!!! The boys with smiles on their faces supplied their mothers with flowers following the game in a very emotional ceremony. The restaurant critic was seen with a tear in his eye.

The 11s invited a new team, Englewood Angels to play at the park. The Angels are just starting out and although the score didnt show it the team played with great enthusiasm. Keep up the hard work. The Bombers won.

In the nightcap, after many many pounds of food have been consumed and containers of liquid consumed, the Mothers day game of the day was to start between the Bombers(11s) and the Burr Ridge Barons. The 11s jumped on the Barons early taking a 7-1 lead after the first inning. However, the Barons put up a fight and rallied to tke the lead 9-8 after 7 innings. The 11s didnt get flustered as the 13s came over to cheer on the 11s. The support helped as Bertucci led off with a single but was doubled off by a line drive shot by Iozzo that almost knocked the pitcher down. It didnt look good as the double play took the noise out of the crowd. Gregus did not quit and smashed a single. Iozzo came into run for Grugus, he was now the tying run with 2 outs. Iozzo stole second and third. Yes, he did look for his mom in the stands after each steal. What a moment. The tying run 70 feet away. Baran came up and walked and he stole second. Now the winning run was on second with Rybski up to bat. Coach Rybski was sweating at first base. He must of asked 75 times what the score of the game was. DJ comes up to bat and smashes a single to center, Coach Baran sends player Baran home to attempt to win the game. The fans were hanging on the fence waiting for the call at home. The throw came in but Barans speed brought him in with the winning run!!! The fans again rushed the field and all piled on Baran. As the 11s finished up a great Bombers weekend with a last inning win. Way to fight to the end!!

I would like to thank all who helped make this a great Mothers Day weekend. I would like to send a personal Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers of the Bombers. They really dont know how lucky they are to have great moms like yourselves. A special thanks to our Chef Herrera, our camerman Bob, Rochelle for providing flowers to the mothers, Bob for lei-ing all the moms and all those who brought something. This type of support seperates our club from many and make belonging to this team an experience that the kids as well as the parents and family will always remember.

Pictures of this wonderful event will be posted by the end of the week. Sorry but I do have to work sometime.

Super Saturday but Rained Out Sunday

The Bridgeport Bombers Club participated in the Season Tip-Off Tournament at the Ho Chunk Complex. On Saturday, both the 11's and 13's won both of their games setting themselves up to qualify for the Championship on Sunday. However, severe rain Saturday night washed out the games on Sunday.

The weekend was not a total washout as both teams played some great games.

The 11's had their first game of the season versus the Region Redbirds from Indiana. Gregus took the mound for the Bombers and didn't disappoint as he stuckout 8 and threw a shutout in 3 innings to get the win. Gregus helped himself out by going 2-2 with 2 RBIs. Baran closed out the game in the 6th with 2 strikeouts. Baran was also 1-1 with 2 RBIs. Rounding out the hitting was Iozzo going 1-2 with 2 RBIs.

In the second game of the day, the Bombers came from behind to beat the Chicago Braves. With numerous fans, family, teams and coaches watching the Bombers take on the Chicago Braves, the excitement and the cheering was deafening. Rybski took the mound and pitched well going 3 innings giving up 2 runs and striking out 6. The Bombers found themselves trailing 4-2 going into the top of the fifth when the rain came, causing a half hour delay. With the encouragement of the Bomber family, the rain stopped, fields fixed and the game ready to restart. Down 2 runs, the Bombers chipped away with Shimkus walking and stealing a base and Chen knocking him in with the fielder choice. Tension began to build as the bases were loaded with 2 outs and Luce up to bat. The crowd was chanting, the backstop was full of spectators wondering what all the excitement was. Luce, calm and cool under pressure drove a single up the middle, scoring Chen with the tying run. The place went crazy. The Bombers have tied it up 4-4 going into the bottom of the fifth. Baran came in and shutdown down the Braves. In the top of the sixth, Baran led off with a single, Gregus with a double and Rybski loaded up the bases with a walk. Shimkus came to the plate and drove a single to right scoring Baran with the go ahead run. If you thought it was loud before you should have heard the crowd then. The Braves still had their last at bats but Baran was on the mound, he shut them down and struckout the last batter to end the game. It was great to see all the smiles and high fives and hugs following the game. Hot hitter for the tournament: Gregus 4-5 with 3 doubles and Bertucci 3-4 , with a double. What a win!! That is Bombers baseball. Never quit!!

The 13's watched the 11's play and felt the pressure to match the 11's. They did not disappoint. Thomas took the mound and pitched great, going 3 innings, giving up 1 run and striking out 5 for the win. Thomas also continued with the hot bat with a double and 2 RBIs. McGrath's bat warmed up going 2-2. The Bombers ended up winning by run-rule 9-1. In the second game of the day, the Bombers ace, Shimkus, took the mound. Shimkus got the win, throwing 4 scoreless innings and striking out 7. Pickett's bat warmed up going 2-2 and McGrath's bat got hotter going 2-2 with a double Haynes also had a long double. Valdez had the play of the game making a diving catch in right-center field for the third out with bases loaded. The Bombers went on to run-rule the Southside Hitmen 9-0.

What a great day!! On my way out of the complex, a manager said to me I knew your 13's were good but never knew about the 11's. We might have been rained out on Sunday but managers and fans did take notice of our performance on Saturday.

Make sure you check the calender and come out and see two very exciting teams!!

Pictures will be on the website shortly!!

"Party of the Year"

The Second Annual Bridgeport Bombers Fest was a great success. Based on the lack of any beverages or jello left at the end of the night, all the adults had a great time. With so many kids running around with smiles on their faces, the kids had a great time. It was great to hear many of the kids say they wish they were or couldnt wait till they are old enough to be a Bridgeport Bomber. We must be doing something well.

I would like to again thank my Fest Committee: Monica, Michelle, Vicky, and Veronica for all their help. This banquet would not have taken place without your help.

Special thanks to Barb's Balloons and Michelles Family for all their help in decorating. We got so many complements on the hall.

Thank you to all the parents who helped out or brought something to the banquet.

From all the comments that we recieved, it seems everyone liked the introductions and opening movie. Many said it brought tears to their eyes.
The opening will be even better next year as we will have memories to look back on with the new 11s. We will try to incorporate fireworks into the opening next year.

Pictures will be posted to the website soon. Some of you probably dont want to see any pictures.

Well with our opening party over, practices going well, it will shortly be that TIME. What TIME? Ask the boys, I am sure they will say GAME TIME!!

Always remember "This is about the KIDS".

Thank You all for coming and all your donations.

Pete Shimkus
Chairman and Manager
Bridgeport Bombers

Bombers Go To Arizona

The Bridgeport Bombers 13 year olds went to Arizona for some Spring training. The Bombers played some great teams and finished with a 1-3 record. Although the record didnt show it, the team was happy to be get an early start on the season and work on their games.

The team got to go cart, meet Whitesox and Rockies players, go to a spring training game, watch a practice of the Rockies, swimming, swimming, work on base tans and just plain have fun. Also, the team ate very well as we finished up the weekend with a great dinner with ribs, steaks, and milkshakes for all. This is what the team did, we cant even mention the amount of fun the parents had or what they did!! Did we even play baseball when we were here?

The team would like to send a hello out to the "Revolution". This team was from California and stayed at our hotel. The Bombers and Revolution became friends, terrorizing security at the hotel each day. The two teams met in the elimination round as the Revolution won. What a great team they have. Also, they were very classy after the game.

As you can see this is what the Bridgeport Bombers Traveling Baseball Club is all about. Playing the best teams, visiting different places around the country, meeting kids from different states, and most of all having experiences that they will remember when they get old.

If your a serious player, you have to ask yourself does my club/team have experiences like the Bombers??

Watch for an announcement of a tournament invite the team might accept and the place we might be going. WOW!! This is not on the calender, is classified and currently being reviewed by the Board of Directors of the club.

Pictures have been updated!!!

Bombers!! Where are you going this summer???

Base on the teams finish at the Super NIT in Sterling Heights, Michigan on Memorial Day weekend, the team was offered a bid to compete in the USSSA Elite 24 World Series at Disney World. This tournament is considered one of the most exclusive and toughest tournaments in the country.

By qualifying for this tournament the team has now played in the toughest and most competitve tournaments in the country over the past few years. Including: CABA World Series, Battle of the South, Cooperstown NATC, and Elite Travel Classic. This tournament schedule on top of playing in the elite division of NIML, give the Bombers one of the toughest schedules in Illinois and the country. We might not win them all but we will play ANYONE.

Congratulations to the kids!!!

2006 Bombers Season Comes to an End

Cooperstown NATC Invite Letter
The Bridgeport Bombers finished a great season in the Cooperstown Dreams Park “Tournament of Champions”. One week out of the year, the best players and teams across the country assemble to compete in this invitation only tournament. The Bridgeport Bombers ranked in the top third, finishing 27th out of 95 teams. Along with this tournament, the Bombers complete a season where they have won four tournaments, finished second in three, and were runner-ups in the USSSA Governor’s Cup. For a full recap of our season, record, and achievements, look over our website.

Based on the overall success of the Bridgeport Bombers, the club will be starting an 11 year-old team. If you know someone who will be no older than 11 years old on May 1, 2007 and is looking to play competitive travel baseball, come to Donovan Park on September 23, 2006 at 9:00 am for tryouts. Look under the "Handouts" Directory of our website for additional information on tryouts as well as information on the 2007 schedule.

The Bombers would like to thank their sponsors – Hamburg Athletic Association, 11th Ward Democratic Party, Cook County Commissioner John P. Daley, Alderman James A. Balcer, Hay Caramba, Balloons by Barbara, Old Neighborhood Italian American Club and our anonymous sponsors. For a full list of our thoughtful sponsors look under sponsors in our website directory. Without their help, this season would not have been possible!!

The Bombers would also like to send a special THANK YOU to Pat Townsend for his help with Donovan Park, “Home of the Bridgeport Bombers”.

Last but certainly not least, the team would like to send a big THANK YOU to our Cheerleaders and many fans that attended our games this year. Elite fans for an elite team!!!

Thanks to everyone for making this yet another successful year!!!

Cooperstown Pictures coming soon!!!!

Bombers Return From Tennessee

The team returned from Tennesee on Sunday following a great experience in their first out of state tournament this year. The team arrived Friday night in preparation for 3 games on Saturday. The team took in the University of Tennessee vs. Vanderbilt college baseball game on Friday night. The kids had a great time as they got autographs and foul balls.

Saturday started early as the team was in the hotel lobby at 6:30am. The kids as well as parents were amazed by the fields as we got a beutiful day to play on fields that were cut into the mountains of Tennessee. The Bombers played the Gastonia Hurricanes (#8 in the Country by Travelballselect) from Georgia. Our slow start killed us as we made 7 errors and only a couple hits. We were actually leading 4-2, before the Hurricanes turned it on and won 9-4.

Our next game was not any easier as we play Wills Park Storm (#7 in the country). The Bombers finally woke up in this game but still came up short 8-7 following a controversial ending of the game due to a time limit. We only played 4.5 innings.

In our final game of the day the Bombers put it togeather beating the Knoxville Thunder by Slaughter Rule. This is after Knoxville beat Gastonia earlier in the day. The team played its best game of the season in the field turning numerous double plays including a diving catch by Shimkus at SS followed by a throw to 1st from his back to complete the double play.

All in all this was a great experience for the kids. We need to take what we learned from playing some of the best teams in the country back to our games in Illinois.

Highlights of the tournament include: Juwan Martin going 3/6 with 3 RBIs including a 2B and (2) 3B. He also pitched a great first game but didnt get any help from his defense. Victor Sanchez was 2/3 with 5 RBI's including a 3B and a HR. Patrick Haynes had 3 RBIs and pitched a shutout in the final game.

Triples: R.Saavedra, Martin (2), Sanchez
Home Runs: Shimkus, Sanchez

Congratualations to all the Bombers as the team turned it on in the end and had a great time down in Tennessee.


Bombers Win 2006 USSSA Illinois Bronze Top Gun Award

The Bridgeport Bombers have won the 2006 USSSA Illinois Bronze Top Gun Award. This award is based on their play in USSSA events in 2006. The award ceremony will be Dec. 2nd at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg Illinois. Time to be determined.

In addition, Bombers pitcher Anthony Shimkus will be awarded his MVP as the top pitcher in the 2006 USSSA All-Star Game.

The team will have an opportunity to meet Coach Don Cooper and Scott Podsednic of the WhiteSox.

Congratulations to the team for this recognition. The Club continues to recieve recognition as one of the best in Illinois.

The club hopes to continue with their success in 2007 at the 13 year old level as well as the newly created 11 year old team.

Bridgeport Bombers Upset Region National

The Bridgeport Bombers (11s) pulled off the upset of the Region Nationals on Sunday winning 7-6 in the bottom of the 8th. The Region Nationals brought a record of 20-1 into Donovan Park.

"Thunder" Gregus was on the mound and pitched a great game. Bertucci came in to pitch the eighth and mesmorized hitters with his famous Gyro ball. However, it was Bertucci's bat in the bottom of the eighth that proved lethal. With bases loaded and 1 out, Bertucci lifted a high fly ball(yes his dad was yelling why did he swing at that pitch) that was estimated to go 311 feet to right field. The Region right fielder made a great catch. Bustamante on third, tagged, and raced like a bullet home barely beating the throw for the winning run. The team, fans, parents, relatives, Jason, and the coaches rushed the field in excitment.

Many veterans of Donovan Park commented "That was the loudest and most exciting game played at Donovan in many years". The crowd was estimated at 719 fans.

The defense had a great game making many tough plays. A scout at the game commented to the manager that 11 year old Bomber outfield is better than the 13 year olds. The kids hard work at practice seems to be paying off. This is a great bunch of kids with a great dedication to the game.

The grills and spirits were flowing during and after the game. Thanks to all who contributed to the party. There was a spotting of Coach Baran sitting on his cooler at second base by himself at 11pm in the dark mumbling, "I cant believe we won!!"

Many pictures to be posted soon.

K-FeD Called up to the Big Show

With injuries and a depleted roster, the club decided to call up Kevin from the Little Bombers to play in the Big Show vs the Illinois Vikings. Kevin didnt disappoint as he got on base twice and tied a Bombers record with 4 stolen bases in a game. His defense in the outfield was spectacular catching everything that was hit to him and showed the strength of his arm relaying the ball into the pitcher (who would have had the runner dead at the plate if he would have not dropped the ball) after a catch of a fly ball deep in center field (estimated at 297 feet). The older Bombers have been making calls and sending emails requesting Kevin stay with the Big Bombers. Kevins possee of girls at the game chanted "KEEP KEVIN HERE" and "WE LOVE KFED" Due to the enormous pressure from the fan base, management is taking it into consideration.....

Young Bombers have nice week!!

The young Bombers had a nice week going 2-0. The Bombers started the week on Wednesday beating the Elmhurst Wildcats 10-5. The game was very sloppy as we made some errors and didnt hit very well. However, practice paid off as we were able to take advantage of some walks and ran the bases well. The defense tightened down at the end of the game. Rybski started the game and pitched fine. Gregus came in to shut the door for the final innings.

On a great Saturday night at Donovan, with the grill going, spirits flowing, and a nice crowd in the stands, the team took it to the Highland Heaters. The team hit, played defense, pitched, and ran the bases great. The Bombers won 13-5. Baran started the game and pitched great to get the win. Elan came in next and pitched well, showing off his knuckleball. Bertucci followed Elan to the mound and devastated the Heaters with his GYRO pitch. Finally the call was made to the bullpen to bring in the thunder and Gregus came in to shut the door. Chen had a great day at the plate going 2-2 with 3 rbi's and Gahagan showed off his speed stealing at will and rapping a double. With the hard work this team has put in at practices and on their own, we can only continue to get better.

Check the calender for our next game. Come out and support the team of the future as they continue to develop. If you dont like baseball come out and have a great time, as the team is known for their great barbeques and after game parties. Just ask the hostess of Connies, as 40 of us piled in one night!!

Bombers Headed to Cooperstown Dreams Park

The Bridgeport Bombers will be leaving for New York on Thursday August 7th becoming only the second team ever from Bridgeport(2006 Bridgeport Bombers were the first!!) to play at Cooperstown Dreams Park.

Game schedule:

August 10th Sunday 7:30am(CST) vs. Teels Ravens (NJ)
August 10th Sunday 12:45pm(CST) vs. Parkway Travel Baseball (MA)
August 11th Monday 10:00am (CST) vs. Timberlane Titans (NH)
August 11th Monday 3:30pm (CST) vs. Southern Main Dawg Pound (ME)
August 12th Tuesday 7:30am (CST) vs. Texas Venom (TX)
August 12th Tuesday 6:00pm (CST) vs. Great Falls Nationals (VA)
August 13th Wednesday 9:00am(CST) vs. Midwest Razorbacks (MO)

The Bridgeport Bombers will have two of our games on Webcam for family, friends, and our cult following to watch our games on the computer. Click on the link below and click on "Live Webcam and Gamecam" register to be able to watch our games.

Games televised:

Monday August 11th:
10am (CST) vs. Timberlane Titans(NH)
3:30pm (CST) vs. Southern Maine Dawg Pound (ME)

You can follow our journey through one of the best baseball experiences a kid can have at the link below:

Cooperstown Dreams Park

We promise to bring back many pictures and memories that we will all cherish for a lifetime!!!

New Dress Code for Bridgeport Bombers

With the policy to bring back the SPARKLE to the Bridgeport Bombers, we are designing new jereseys, pants, hats, jackets, and bats, gloves, crocs, tents, Lucky Brand Jeans, Prada shirts, and magnets. We will have custom team spikes. The board met very late last night and although the vote was close we will have a dress code for all away tournaments. We need all parents and players to go out and purchase shirts as seen in the picture above modeled by Board Member and coach Kenny Baran and Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Famer Kevin Shimkus.

The SPARKLE is coming back!!!

Bombers is more than Baseball, its an experience.

Being a Bridgeport Bomber is more than baseball, its about the memory's you will remember the rest of your life.

The picture above is just one expample of the many experiences our players and coach's have as part of being a Bridgeport Bomber.

As Coach Rybski reminds all everyday, "Being a Bomber is a privelage, not a right!!"

Bridgeport Bombers 5th Annual Banquet

March 14, 2009 – 06:00 PM
The Bridgeport Bombers would like to announce the date of our Annual Bridgeport Bombers Banquet for March 14th, 2009 at 6pm at Delasalle. This event has grown significantly over the past few years to the point where Delasalle ran out of tables last year for people wanting to attend.

The banquet is mandatory that all players and families attend this event. However, you dont have to dance. We will have food,drink, and music for all. At the event we will announce all players and coaches to a spectacular laser, light, smoke and music show. We will announce new inductees into the "Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Fame". Speeches will be made. We will laugh and cheer!!

Our eagerly anticipated picture slideshow recapping the 2008 season(yeah I bet your smiling now)will be shown. See the actual pictures that Bridgeport cant stop talking about!! Our highly successful Split-the-Pot raffle winner will be announced this night. Tickets for this raffle will be available in January. We will have raffles, prizes, and a few other surprises to make this an event you wont want to miss. We are currently in the early stages of planning this event so additional details will be sent as we get closer. Also, if you have any ideas to make the event better please send me an email and I will pass your suggestions on to the Bridgeport Bombers Elite Executive Planning Committee.


"Dont worry about people talking about you, worry when they stop" - Mom
"Play with Passion, Show your Swagger" - Valdez
"Blah,Blah, Blah" - Luce
"How many trophies do you have??" - Rybski
"Defense wins championships, let's throw some leather." - Nowak

Bombers are BLESSED!!

Many believe that to be on the Bridgeport Bombers you are blessed. On Sunday March 29, 2009 the Bridgeport Bomber Family attended mass togeather in preperation for what many are saying is the "Most Exciting Year of Baseball EVER"!! Parking was hard to find as Nativity of Our Lord Church was packed. The Bombers Players and Parents filled most of the church in anticipation of the "Baseball Blessing" from Father Dan. Bombers Players -Kyle Olson, Kevin Shimkus, and Frankie Ramundo were chosen to bring up the gifts.

At the end of the mass the Bombers players rose and Father Dan delivered a wonderful blessing to the players. The church was electrified following the blessing. The ten year olds were giving high five's to the 14s, the 12s were shaking hands of the 13s, parents and grandparents were hugging and all are now ready for the season.

We thank everyone who came out. The club received many compliments that it was great to see all these kids togeather in Church. It was a great way to show our commitment to the neighborhood, not only on the baseball field but around Bridgeport. After all, WE ARE, WE ARE, The BRIDGEPORT BOMBERS!!! HAY HAY HAY!!

The VP, SVP, Big P, and the AVP's all lit candles to show that the SPARKLE is back!!!

Thank You to Father Dan and the Nativity of Our Lord Parish!!!

Now teams not only have to deal with the tremendous amount of talent on the field, they need to deal with a little extra help from above.

Where will the Bombers be next??


The Bridgeport Bombers are very thankful to all its sponsors and recently was invited to the Old Neighborhood Italian American Club (ONIAC) as they offered to make us breakfast.

We would like to thank CAPTAIN D and his crew for serving somewhere around 300 people (based on Luces count) a wonderful breakfast.

ONIAC has been one of the Bombers longest running and most gratuitous sponsors. This organization continues to treat us well, inviting us to walk with them in the Columbus Day parade last year to having breakfast for us this year. This is a great organization that has the kids in mind.

The players, parents and board member would like to thank them for their continue support. You are guys are the best!!!

Bombers ROCK the Dome

The young Bombers(10s) playing in the inaugural Bo Jackson Dome Tournament started out slow losing to the Humboldt Heat 12-6. However, the second game of the evening was very different. With the team down 2-0 in the bottom of the 5th, Bison Carcelli got on base with a double. Up to bat came Mariano Scalise who hits a rocket off the HomeRun wall to tie the game!! The noise in the dome was deafening and Brian Luce was not even there. Going into the bottom of the sixth still tied, Christian Katalinic got on base with a double and up to bat comes Mr. CUB himself, Vince Arredia. Considered by many publications one of the top 20 ten year olds in Chicago. Would probably be top 5 but he is a Cubs fan. With the crowd biting their finger nails, Vince comes up to bat and knocks in Bison with a double. If you thought the noise was loud before the place erupted!! This is the type of NO Quit attitude that is a trademark of the Bombers and the young Bombers are catching on early. Congratulations on your first win and lets get many more!!!

Come out and see this great young team!!!

Bombers Clash in High School

On April 15th, we had an event we have never seen before, Bombers playing against each other on the high school field. At the Freshman level, Bomber Hall of Famer Jimmy Hohenadel, playing for Loyola High School bested Bomber Hall of Famer Matt Olmos and Matt Ramirez as Loyola won 11-0. Jimmy had a triple in the game. However, the sophmores had a different story.

Bombers Hall of Famers Pat Haynes, Anthony Shimkus, and Scott Thomas as freshman playing on the sophomore team beat Loyola 6-2. Pat Haynes went the distance on the mound pitching a great game and going 1-3 at the plate. Scott Thomas continued to rake going 4-5. Anthony Shimkus was 2-4 with 2 RBIs. The "FAB THREE" continue to perform well at the sophmore level with the sophmores curently only losing 1 game.

It was great to see all the Bombers perform well at the High School level. What was great to see is after the game they all got togeather to see how each other is doing. What friendships were made as Bombers will last forever. The Club wishes them all the best.

Bridgeport Bombers Headed to College World Series!!!

June 11, 2009
The Bridgeport Bombers 13 and 14 year olds will be heading to Omaha,NE on June 10th to compete in the Triple Crown Slumpbuster Tournament. The tournament is the World's Largest Youth Baseball Tournament!! In 2008, 37 States were represented: AZ, AL, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, KY, IN, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NC, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, and WY.

2008 featured 462 Teams from 37 States

The event will feature:

~ College World Series games for team/families to attend
~ Fundamentals Challenge (Team Skills Event)
~ SlumpBuster Bonfire (To rid players of hitting slump)
~ College Exposure opportunity for 14 Year Old players
~ 4 Game Minimum

Click on TOURNAMENTS link on the left for additional information.

This will be a great time and an EXPERIENCE for all to remember!!

"Play with passion, show your swagger" - Bridgeport Bombers

Ripken Welcomes Bombers to Myrtle Beach!!!

July 19, 2009
The Ripkens welcome the Bridgeport Bombers 13 year olds to Myrtle Beach. The team will be going down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to compete in the Ripken Experience. The tournament runs from July 19-24th,2009.

This one-of-a-kind youth baseball complex is centrally located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Professional fields, beautiful grounds, easy access to beaches, shopping, dining and more... The Ripken Experience - Myrtle Beach is a true destination for baseball players and families.

The Ripken Experience gives players, coaches and families a unique opportunity to enjoy tournament baseball while visiting a top vacation destination. Summer Tournaments include:

Six-game minimum at this world class complex
Teams will stay at the Myrtlewood Villas luxury condominiums
All Access Pass for each team member - unlimited access to mini golf, water parks, Par 3 courses, NASCAR Speed Park & more!
Special Gifts for each player and coach

Click on the link below to find out more information on the Ripken Experience.

Ripken Experience

This experience will be one additioanl experience you will add to your collection just by being a Bridgeport Bomber. Remember: "Success is a journey not a destination". Also, Some dreams come true some dont but keep on dreaming.

Bombers Head to Cooperstown!


The Bridgeport Bombers Club have sent another team to Cooperstown Dreams Park. The team heads for New York and will arrive on Friday to expereince the dream many baseball crazies will never see. Considered by many the ultimate baseball experience! 

Schedule Games for Bridgeport Bombers
for Week of July 16, 2016

Day / Time  Field Home/Visitor Opponent
Sunday 11:00 A.M.  9*  Home  California Golden Gaters (CA) 
Sunday 4:30 P.M.  10*  Visitor  Cresent City Hooks White (LA) 
Monday 8:30 A.M.  1*  Home  Next Era Baseball (FL) 
Monday 1:45 P.M.  20  Visitor  East Tennessee Crusaders (TN) 
Tuesday 8:30 A.M.  17  Home  Hit Doctor (VA) 
Tuesday 7:00 P.M.  13  Visitor  Novi Heat Red (MI) 
* These games streamed live on DreamsParkTV.com


Remember times above are eastern time which is one hour ahead of Bridgeport time.

To follow the expereience of a lifetime, click on the link below:

The Bridgeport Bombers family will be watching!!!

Bridgeport Bombers Theme Song

In true Bridgeport Bombers fashion, the Bombers have a theme song. The song was introduced to the world at the Bridgeport Bombers Banquet and was cheered to a standing ovation. If you werent at the banquet, you must play in the suburbs.


It's the sunflower seeds... hot day in the sun
Turn a double play....a home run
A knuckle curve....a shot down the line
A diving catch.....gets you every time
Its kids on a blanket in the grass
Its travel baseball....a freaking blast
It's the Bridgeport Bombers, as a matter of fact
Look out now.....there on the attack

Grab your seat, listen up ya'll
This song about travel baseball

Wonderful team, that you did join
Yes it cost a hefty coin

It started here, in the neighborhood
named it Bombers, like they know they should

Shimkus, Haynes, chubby Mexican dude
Made it work, and included you

The group got larger as, the years passed
The stories grew, to an incredible mass

I'll mention a few, if you will partake
They're all true, make no mistake

We went to the Dells, to ride the slides
Grama Rupke took a header, to our surprise

The coppers were called, to a place we stayed
I broke a fence, got evicted that day

An Indian lady, appreared from nowhere
Her teeth were black, and so was her h..a..i..r

It's the sunflower seeds... hot day in the sun
Turn a double play....a home run
A knuckle curve....a shot down the line
A diving catch.....gets you every time
Its kids on a blanket in the grass
Its travel baseball....a freaking blast
It's the Bridgeport Bombers, as a matter of fact
Look out now.....there on the attack

Its Shimkus, never intimidated
till he was cuffed, and incarcerated

Its Gahagan with, no body fat
hope he retired, his drinking hat

Coach Rybski, if you see him run
Unless you, want to hear about his son

Ass cracks..sexual intimidation
Coach Kenny...clothing violations

Mini tacos, rib tips, a whole lot more
a wonder you're ass, fits thorugh the d..o..o..r

Lococo's mullet gone, aint that great
The ump yelled at Pass, get away from the plate

It's the sunflower seeds... hot day in the sun
Turn a double play....a home run
A knuckle curve....a shot down the line
A diving catch.....gets you every time
Its kids on a blanket in the grass
Its travel baseball....a freaking blast
It's the Bridgeport Bombers, as a matter of fact
Look out now.....there on the attack

We played in many tournaments, seen alot of things
Won alot of trophies, got some rings

Carolina, Oklahoma, Detroit City,
Coppers town a blast Kalamzaoo was shitty

Games in the afternoon, games at night
Using Mapquest, what a fright

Practice in one hour, ending up three
They say you wont be punished, the field you'll never see

It's crossing the white lines, tightening up the laces
Its grabbing the field, protecting the bases

This song is almost over, I hope its not forgotten
We do this for our kids, their spolied r..o..t..t..e..n.

It's the sunflower seeds... hot day in the sun
Turn a double play....a home run
A knuckle curve....a shot down the line
A diving catch.....gets you every time
Its kids on a blanket in the grass
Its travel baseball....a freaking blast
It's the Bridgeport Bombers, as a matter of fact
Look out now.....there on the attack

Bombers Put on Show at Notre Dame

The Bombers had the opportunity to play on Notre Dame's field and did not disappoint. The Bombers faced the highly ranked Michigan Elite team on the beautiful field of Notre Dame. What an experience!

With many teams now in the Bombers organization, this team continues to remind me of how special they are. As some of the parents just hoped we would make it through 7 innings against this highly regarded Michigan team, the team stepped out of the dugout and said "Let's hit". After a huge hit by Taco Valdez, the Bombers were up 4-0 after 1. The Michigan team continued to parade out player after player 6'1" and above. The Bombers threw Showtime Shimmy who didn't disappoint and put on a show striking out 10 in 6 innings with a devastating changeup and curve ball. Michigan players after the game said they have never seen anything so DIRTY!! I wonder if this is why scouts were asking for contact info? The defense was phenomenal as Strock took one off the chest at first base, got the ball tagged first and threw to second for a key double play of the game. The Bombers received a hit or got on base from every player in their lineup. This is a TEAM!! The boys continued to fight every inning. In the sixth inning, the manager decided to make a pitching change, must to the dislike of the parents, the crowd, the scouts, and Shimmy. However, what would the Shimmy and Haynes show be without seeing Haynes. Haynes was working on fumes as he closed the previous game for a victory, but he didnt care, we were playing at Notre Dame. Showtime!! Haynes came in with the game tied and shut them down in the 7th. Wow what a game! The scouts began to come out of the press box and watch this game closer to the action. The Bombers came out in the 8th and put 3 on the board, with another big hit from Taco Valdez, who's kid is that?

We go the the bottom of the 8th up three. This Michigan team was not going to quit though and put 2 on the board to cut the lead to one and loaded the bases with 2 outs!! Did Haynes have enough gas to finish off this team? Can a bunch of kids from the southside of Chicago hold on to beat a team recruited from an entire state?? What do you think? Ground ball to Shimmy at short, under hand throw to Taco at second, GAME OVER!! Parents, scouts, coaches players, tournament director said that was a game to remember!!!

The picture above does not show justice to the kids effort! All were filthy dirty, sweaty and tired but they didnt die, they won!! High five to VIKING Mcgurn who caught 2 consecutive games in 90 degrees!! BEAST! This team continues to remind me why the Bridgeport Bombers are so special!! I just wish every player, coach, and parent had the opportunity to sit in the dugout and watch these kids put on a show. These 11 kids are special!! Shimmy and Haynes are just DIRTY!!

Thank You to the best group of parents in the organization. My camera and gatorade man Ruben and his lovely sidekick Marlene, Team Mom Vicky who made her first game, Mrs. Shimmy, VERN!!!,Hyman and the lovely Ronda, the bodacious and super hot Michelle, the Jordan family, Javier Celios and even PAPA Doria came to the games and wasnt too loud! Without great parents and dedication to your sons, we would never have been able to have this experience.

A special shout out to Gary Strock from the coaches and players to get well soon!! We need you back in the dugout!!

I just want to thank my players for continuing to give me memories I will remember forever!! Its good to be a Bomber!!

In memory of Gary Strock Sr.(1963-2010)

Its with a sad heart to let you all know one of the Bombers family has passed away. Gary Strock, coach of the 17s, died on Friday Dec.10th. Although Gary was with the Bombers for a short time, his time with us was memorable. Gary was our GPS when we were lost, our scorekeeper in the dugout, and the master of every baseball rule known to man. Gary volonteered to help at every Bombers event just because he wanted to help. In the times we live in now, when everyone wants to know what is in it for me, Gary just wanted to help. We not only lose a special person for the Bombers, but someone who didnt think twice about helping wherever he could.

As you can see from the obit below that Gary's giving doesnt stop with his death as he continues with memorials to Delasalle.

Gary you will be missed!!

The link below has pictures of Gary with the Bombers.

Gary Strock

Funeral Wednesday, 9:30 a.m. from Beverly Ridge Funeral Home, 10415 S. Kedzie Ave. to St. Symphorosa Church, Mass 10:30 a.m. Interment private. Proud member of Carpenters Local #13. In lieu of flowers, memorials to DeLasalle institute Scholarship Fund, 3434 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL 60616 appreciated. Visitation Tuesday, 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. 773-779-4411

The 9-12s played in the GameDay USA Golden Dome Showdown this past weekend. Although we did not bring home any crystal, the boys and parents brought home many great memories.

In the picture above some of the young Bombers came out and watched the 17s play on Notre Dame's field. The coach of Notre Dame took a picture with potential future Irish.

One reason to be a Bomber "The Experience"!!

The 17 year old Bombers visited Michigan State this weekend and had a blast! The Bombers finished 3-1 and missed the championship round by 1 run. Bombers were youngest team in tourney. The Bombers put on a great show in front of the college coaches. In addition, the boys had a great time visiting the campus and took in many frat parties while there! The parents had an OK time too?

Click on link below for recaps from the games as well as pictures.

Michigan State Recap

One reason to be a Bomber "Get invited to frat parties."

Bombers Visit Purdue

The Bridgeport Bombers (17s) continued their college showcase tour by participating in the Pastime LIDS Bulls Purdue Freedom Classic. The team played games at Wabash College and St Josesph College in front of many scouts at the five games they played.


Haynes throws 2 hitter as Bombers win first game 4-0. In the game Haynes and Valdez both homered. Mcgurn made numerous great plays at 1B.

In the second game, Matt Ramirez was given the teams first game ball for his pitchng performance facing one batter and striking him out.

Ricardo threw a gem in the third game as the Bombers won 6-2. Rica's changeup kept the Travelers off balance and the Bombers great defense continued to make plays.

In the 4th game at Wabash College in front of many scouts, Anthony Shimkus continued his scoreless innings streak of 16 innings pitched as the Bombers won in extra innings 1-0. Shimmy racked up 9 Ks and made 6 defensive plays displaying his ability to field his position. In the bottom of the 8th Henry Rodriguez lead off with a double. Chris Jordan then followed with a perfect bunt between the pitcher and third baseman, the pitcher then bobbled the ball and overthrew the first baseman. The winning run scored from third. This was in front of a large crowd of fans and scouts who applauded afer the game to both teams for a well played game.

Overall the Bombers continue to perform well in front of the scouts. The defense was stellar with no errors in the tourney with great Outfield play by Henry, Olmos, Reynolds, and Matt Ramirez. Shimmy,Haynes,and Ricardo Ramirez continue to draw interest from colleges.

Bombers(14s) Visit Notre Dame

Bombers Strut Off into the Sunset

The game was over, the kids packed up their bags. Picked up the water bottles and put the baseballs in the bucket. A team that was created 8 years ago, will no longer wear red and black. We won't see The Olmos strut to the outfield, the "Viking" McGurn behind home plate. We won't see Henry running to the game with his jersey hanging out. I will miss the craziness of Jordan asking every inning what position I am playing. I don't know if I have seen a player that loves baseball, the true game of baseball more than Jordan.

The kids, now men, have gathered around the bucket for the final speech of the season and the final speech they will hear as a Bomber. I had a great speech planned. " This was a great season, one of my favorites, and one that I will never forget." As my brain searched for the next word, my heart began to break and tears began to fill my eyes. I just remembered this will be the last game I have the privilege to watch, coach, and enjoy the Shimmy and Haynes show.

It kinds of ironic, the last inning, Shimmy with nothing left in his arm wanted to pitch the last inning to his friend Haynes. Haynes suited up and caught the last two innings. I heard Haynes yell to Anthony, don't throw a curve ball, I can't block that shit. Anthony laughed. The other team thought they were nuts. What the other team didn't know, is the 2 have played together for over 9 years. Playing in Arizona, New York, Florida, Michigan,Georgia(East Cobb), against the best teams in the country. It's easy as a manager to win 500 games and 50 trophies when you have a foundation of Shimmy and Haynes.

As the 2 go on to play college baseball, the memories I have with them I will cherish. As I finished crying, I began to feel better. I realized I will have something no one else will. The opportunity to share 8 years of baseball memories, on the field and off the field, with two boys that have grown up to be role models for the younger kids. Jordan then poured the ice bucket over me, to end the season.

I have so many people to thank. Vicky Haynes for being team mom and making sure everyone had a ride and will be at each game. Ruben Ramirez, ended up being our third coach, team mom, driver of many, photographer, and the man with the cooler. Veronica Olmos, one of the original moms, who put up with my shit for 8 years (You did a great job raising Matt, he is a great kid!). Monica for letting me vent about all the crazy parents and for helping me keep balance and everything in perspective.

I look forward to coaching 50/50 Matt Ramirez, Mr cheerleader, Reynolds, Tony Taco Valdez, Rica, the next great Bomber, Ramirez, one more year! Hope to see you all back next year.

Tony Valdez, has coached with me all these years, never missing a game. We have had a lot of fun and laughs. Looks like we have one more year! Chris Haynes, although not here, I know you are watching from above, we created an experience that everyone wants to be part of ( Also, your son has turned into one hell of a player, but I am sure you know that watching from above.)

So as I turn the next chapter in my book, I am looking for that next Haynes and Shimmy. Could that be Kappel or Galvan or did I see the coming of the next Shimmy this weekend. As I have said to you all in the past enjoy your time with your kids now, before they leave the nest.

Man I love the Bombers!!!!

Haynes Committs to Western Michigan

Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Famer and one of the originals has committed to Western Michigan. Pat has given us some great memories over the years. The Brideport Bombers were created to give Haynes the opportunity to better his game and show others outside of Bridgeport just how good he is. I guess the Bombers worked, based on his committment. Pat was one of the key players that has put the Bombers on the map.

The Bridgeport Bombers family wishes Pat the best of luck. President Shimmy will never forget all the great memories he has of Haynes and looks forward to watching him play at Western Michigan and BEYOND!! Just remember to keep in touch.

Your dad I am sure is very proud of you, just remember to look to the sky's in Western Michigan and he will be watching every game!


Shimkus Commits to Southern Illinois

The journey started at Mcguane park with tee ball at age 4, off to the Whitesox Academy with great instructors such as Justin Stone, to tournaments in Florida, Arizona, East Cobb, New York, Tennessee, Michigan, and of course here at HoChunk with the Bridgeport Bombers. The journey then continued to Delasalle with great coaching and better friends in Coach Bridich and Coach Nall and the great experiences Anthony has had there and will continue to have for one more year.

The journey now takes Anthony to Southern Illinois to be a Saluki. Anthony has committed to play for Southern Illinois in one of the best baseball conferences, The Missouri Valley.

Anthony is one of the Original Bridgeport Bombers and Hall of famer. He was the winning pitcher for 3 state championships for the Bombers. He is one of the reasons the Bombers are well recognized today.

However, the news is bittersweet. The Shimmy and Haynes show together for eight years is nearing the end. One off to Western Michigan the other off to Southern Illinois. Considered one of the winningest tandems in Illinois baseball. They have one high school season left and then will go their separate ways. Do you think these two have one more State championship in them? Will they meet in Omaha? Or face each other someday in the "Show"? Having watched these guys for many years, I would not bet against them.

Bombers must not be to bad having 2 home grown players commit to play Division I baseball.

Bombers Forever! Friends forever! My son forever!

Click on link below for Article on Anthony's Committment

Prep Baseball Report Article

9th Annual Bombers Banquet a SMASH!!

The 7th Annual Bridgeport Bombers Banquet was a great time for all! With one of our biggest crowds of all time at 868 people, the banquet hall was PACKED!!

The donated pizza's from the Bailey family came in handy as the kids arrived to the banquet hungry. The lobster and shrimp were gone before many even arrived. The hall was half full of people before the doors opened at 6pm as parents, family's and players were excited for the show to begin!!!

The sweet table became the sweet room as we continued to get donations from around the city. Thank you to all that brought sweets. We had more sweets than at an Italian wedding.

The fun began in the foyer as the President had the traditional handing out of the uniforms. It was like Christmas as the kids were so excited to get their jerseys.

The introductions went well but long as we announced all 110 kids to music, smoke, lights, spotlights, and fire!!(Thanks Ruben)

Following introductions we went into our slide show which everyone loved (Thanks to Ruben for putting it togeather). The slideshow was interrupted as Bomber instructor Sam Palace of the Washington Nationals called in and was put on the big screen to give us an update on his season and say hello to the kids.

The night was then followed by awards the flowing were given out:

Kelly Calace and Chrissy Luce

THE RUBY: (Named after Ruben Ramirez) for PARENT OF THE YEAR:
Mr. Photo Man Gadomki

The HAYNES AWARD (Named after founder Chris Haynes) Coach of the Year:
Nick Calace
Gene Gazzi
Tom Duddleston

The SHIMMY AWARD (Named after Anthony & Kevin) Players of the Year:
Fred and Matt Kappell

Following awards, the inductions into the prestiges Bombers HALL of FAME were announced. Inducted this year was:

Matt Ramirez and Scott McGurn

Thank you Matt and Scott for your dedication to the Bombers over the years and we wish you much success as you continue your baseball journey.

The night ended with dancing, celebrating, eating sweets, talking baseball, singing, drinking spirits.

Everyone had a great time but it was even better to see how great a time the kids were having!

The planning group is in place already for next year as we celebrate our 10th year of existence!!

MattRam Commits to St. Mary's University, MN

Congratulations to Matt Ramirez who has committed to play for St. Mary's University, MN next year in the MIAC Conference.

Matt was recently inducted into the Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Fame. His dedication and hard work has now saved his dad some money for college.

I don't know if we had a harder worker than Matt. Matt, I have seen grow up over the years as he is my next door neighbor. I wish you the best!! Keep working hard and shooting for your dreams.

I am proud to call you a Bomber!!

Matt is our third Bomber this year to go on to play college baseball. Not bad with all three living within a three block radius.

Bomber FOREVER!! My Neighbor FOREVER!!

Ricardo Ramirez Commits to UIC

Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Famer Ricardo Ramirez has committed to University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC).

The Bridgeport Bombers family wishes Ricardo the best of luck. President Shimmy will never forget all the great memories he has of Ricardo and looks forward to watching him play at UIC right in our back yard!! Just remember to keep in touch. The President would also like to thank you for your loyalty over the years as many clubs tried to recruit you.

Ricardo joined the Bombers as a chubby catcher with a bad knee. Through his hard work he has developed and grown into one of the top 2013 players in Illinois.

Ricardo is just another example of a player who stayed with the Bridgeport Bombers Program and developed over the years into a D1 baseball player. If you do some research you will find that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to play D1 baseball.


Ricardo Ramirez Signs with UIC

November 14, 2012

Congrats to Ricardo Ramirez!! Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Famer Ricardo Ramirez has signed to play baseball at University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC).

The Bridgeport Bombers family wishes Ricardo the best of luck. President Shimmy will never forget all the great memories he has of Ricardo and looks forward to watching him play at UIC right in our back yard!! Just remember to keep in touch. The President would also like to thank you for your loyalty over the years as many clubs tried to recruit you.

Ricardo is just another example of a player who stayed with the Bridgeport Bombers Program and developed over the years into a D1 baseball player. If you do some research you will find that it is easier to get into Harvard than it is to play D1 baseball.


What a Party!!!! Bridgeport Bombers Banquet

The Bridgeport Bombers had their First Annual Fund raiser on February 25th 2006 at DeLaSalle High School. Attendance was very good and everyone had a great time. On behalf of my team I would like to thank all that attended, the money raised will go to help offset the cost of the traveling team.

We would like to thank Balloons by Barbara for their decorations. Please go to our sponsor link to get in touch with Balloon's by Barbara if you are planning an event. We got numerous compliments about how nice the hall looked.

Banquet Pictures

Bridgeport Bombers Banquet a BLAST!!!


The Bombers Banquet was a huge success!!  We had a record crowd of over 500 parents, families and players attend.  The introductions were long as we had to announce a record 125 players (See picture above.  Needed to take panoramic to fit everyone in).  The slide show was futuristic!!  Major announcements were not made at the banquet but are planned to be disbursed throughout an exciting season as we continue to strive to make the Bomber experience one of a kind.  Many teams try to copy our banquet or website but their will always be only one Bridgeport Bombers Experience!  The best is yet to come!!!


The following was awarded:


Gina Arredia

The HAYNES AWARD (Named after founder Chris Haynes) Coach of the Year:

Billy Woods & Johnny Carpenter

The SHIMMY AWARD Player of the Year:

Nathan Mosqueda

Bridgeport Bomber's HALL of FAME inductions:

Glen Kubek

Monica Shimkus

The photo booth was a huge hit with parents and kids. Click the link below for your pictures!!



The Bombers would like to thank: Patti Campos and Mike Mosqueda for their donations, Stephanie Kappel for going on a beer run, Veronica Olmos, Vicky Haynes, Billy and Jackie Woods for working the door, and Monica Shimkus for organizing the evening.

Manny Named Alternate to 12U USA Team!!


Congratulations to Bridgeport Bomber Manny Moreno for being named an Alternate to the 12U USA Baseball Team!!  This is a great honor as only 18 players were selected and 10 alternates from around the country!  Manny was the only player selected from the Midwest!


The video below talks about the team and at the end you will see Manny's name listed.






Bridgeport Bombers 12s Heading to Cooperstown!

August 2, 2013


The first of two twelve yeard old teams head to Cooperstown this Thursday.  To follow the team click on link below.



Schedule Games for Bridgeport Bombers
for Week of Aug 3, 2013

Day / Time Field Home/Visitor Opponent
Sunday 11:00 A.M. 4* Home Western Mass Rebels (MA)
Sunday 4:30 P.M. 12 Visitor Old Bridge Lightning (NJ)
Monday 1:45 P.M. 16 Visitor Fairless Hills Steel (PA)
Monday 7:00 P.M. 9* Home Simi Valley Heaters (CA)
Tuesday 11:00 A.M. 10* Visitor Macomb Broncos (MI)
Tuesday 4:30 P.M. 22 Home NBNM Rebels (NY)
* These games streamed live on DreamsParkTV.com


Good Luck and Safe travels!!!

Janet Galvin-Director of Softball Operations!

The Bridgeport Bombers are excited to announce Janet Galvin as Director of Softball Operations.  Janet will be responsible for player development for the softball division of the Bridgeport Bombers.  In addition, Janet will coach our 11U team.

 "The Bridgeport Bombers are excited about the development of our girls softball program and feel lucky to have Janet." - President Pete Shimkus

Janet will also be developing camps and clinics for all to help develop their softball skills.  Camps and clinics will be held at the new Bombers Training Academy (bombersacademy.com).  Watch website for dates and times.

Janet comes to the Bombers after a successful career in both fast pitch and 16” softball. Janet attended Lourdes High School where she participated in a variety of sports. In 2005, she was inducted into the Girls Catholic Athletic Conference (CGAC) Hall of Fame.  After Lourdes, she attended Lewis University on a softball scholarship and played softball and volleyball. While at Lewis, she set several records that remain unbroken to this day. At Lewis, Janet was a 3 time MVP, and was selected to the Great Lakes Valley All Conference teams several times. In 1992, she was inducted into the Lewis University Hall of Fame. Janet alsohad a tremendous career playing 16” softball playing for many great teams such as Desparados-Rose n Crown, Shinnicks-Bad Attitude, and Wilson. In 2008, Janet was inducted into the 16” Softball Hall of Fame.  


In addition to her stellar playing career, Janet has coached and managed many softball and volleyball teams for the past 30 years.  Janet is the former Director and Head coach of the Chicago Rockets Softball team. Janet brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Bombers.


Janet is currently employed by the City of Chicago. She and her husband, Jim, have two children, James who is studying to be a Chiropractor at Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield Missouri and daughter Julie is a sophomore at Saint Mary’s College Notre Dame, Indiana.


Bridgeport Bombers 12s Heading to Cooperstown!

August 16, 2013


The second of two twelve year old teams head to Cooperstown this week.  To follow the team click on link below.




Schedule Games for Bridgeport Bombers
for Week of Aug 17, 2013

Day / Time Field Home/Visitor Opponent
Sunday 1:45 P.M. 8* Visitor Saint Paul Capitals (MN)
Sunday 7:00 P.M. 13 Home Port Washington Legends Grey (NY)
Monday 11:00 A.M. 6* Home Wilbraham Falcons (MA)
Monday 4:30 P.M. 6* Visitor Manalapan Outlaws (NJ)
Tuesday 8:30 A.M. 5* Visitor South Bay Surf (CA)
Tuesday 4:30 P.M. 16 Home Mississauga Majors AAA (CAN)
* These games streamed live on DreamsParkTV.com



Bridgeport Bomber Trevino Commits to Villanova



Congratulations to Trevino Rodgriguez and his family on his verbal commitment to Villanova!  Trevino has worked very hard over the past 2 years to develop into a D1 player.  His hard work has paid off!  Looks like the Bridgeport Bombers are turning into a college pitching factory !  


Great Job Trev!!



The Beginning of Bombers Softball!!

Larry Ray Softball Slapping Camp

February 14, 2014


Larry Ray will be coming to run a Slapping Camp at the Bombers Training Academy on February 14 from 4-9pm.  We are very lucky to get a coach with his background to come work with kids in Chicago.  

For more information on the camp please contact Janet Galvin (Director of Softball Operations for the Bridgeport Bombers) at jgalvin593@aol.com.


Larry Ray's BIO:

A 30-year veteran of coaching, Larry Ray returns for his 21st year as top assistant to Mike Candrea at Arizona.

This will be his 11th-consecutive season after a five-year hiatus during which Ray guided the University of Florida softball team through its inaugural four seasons.

With Mike Candrea on leave to coach the U.S. Olympic team in 2008, Ray - in his second stint as interim head coach - accomplished the feat that had eluded his 2004 club: earning a trip to Oklahoma City for the Women's College Word Series. In the Tucson Super Regional, Ray conquered the team that had dealt him a punishing blow in the `04 Tucson Regional, Oklahoma. A 5-2 victory in deciding game three sent the Cats back to Oklahoma City for the 20th time.

Eight years ago, Ray led Arizona to a sparkling 55-6 record and a Pac-10 Championship. The Wildcats' 53-4 regular season record is one of the best in program history, as UA has lost less than four regular-season contests just twice since the NCAA adopted fastpitch softball as a championship sport.

During his 2004 season as head coach, Arizona's offensive attack took on Ray's emphasis of finding a way on base and blazing through the base paths, 60 feet at a time. Arizona's 129 stolen bases remain its highest tally in the category since 1998. In fact, the `98 team's 136 swiped bags are the only higher team total in the program's 25-year history.

Between his work at Florida and the two campaigns at Arizona, Ray holds a 265-131 (.670) career record in six years of competition as a head coach.

A renowned instructor of slap-hitting, Ray's tutoring has coached some of the best slappers in collegiate softball history. His guidance of Caitlin Lowe helped the four-time first-team All-American land the role of leadoff hitter for the U.S. Women's National Team

Another one of Ray's acclaimed slappers, Autumn Champion - the 2004 national batting champion - completed her eligibility with the fourth-highest batting average in Arizona history. During the 2006 campaign, Champion became just the seventh player in program history to accumulate 300 hits in a career. Of her 314 base knocks, only eight went for extra bases.

That's the beauty of Ray's craft - opponents know what's coming and they still can't stop it. This was no more evident than in Oklahoma City during the 2006 Women's College World Series. Among Lowe, Champion and Adrienne Acton - Arizona's three slappers - the trio compiled a .344 batting average over six games against the nation's best pitchers.

Perhaps even more telling than the fact that Ray's pupils scored 15 of UA's 24 runs, is that they reached base on a combined seven infield errors by opponents flustered by the prospect of yet another infield single.

Before returning to Arizona in 2002, Ray established the UF program and guided the Gators to a 169-106 record in his four years of competition. Florida made the post-season tournament and was ranked in the Top 25 in two of the four years during his tenure.

UF's 1998 campaign brought Ray considerable regard. Ray led Florida to a 47-22 season, claiming the Southeastern Conference regular-season title, the SEC Eastern Division title and earning the Gator's first-ever trip to the NCAA Regional Championships. For his efforts, Ray earned SEC Coach of the Year honors. After a year of recruiting and developing team processes for the new Florida program in 1996, Ray led the Gators to a 42-25 inaugural season record (16-8 SEC) in 1997, including a third-place finish in the SEC Eastern Division and a trip to the SEC Tournament Championship game. Florida also split with nationally ranked rivals Florida State and South Florida and defeated No. 12 Oklahoma State, while playing a challenging schedule that included five Women's College World Series teams.



Bombers Training Academy - "Train with a Purpose"

Accelerated to Analyze Bombers!!

February 26, 2014


With many successful high school and college pitchers, Accelerated has contacted the Bridgeport Bombers to analyze our pitchers. The analysis will be part of a larger study in conjunction with Rush Hospital and Accelerated.  The study will be an attempt to update world famous Dr. Andrews study completed in the past.

The pitchers will be selected by Founder & President Pete Shimkus in conjunction with his coaches.  "This partnership with Accelerated will not only help our players in performance but also will provide key data points for the study that will help all pitchers." - Pete Shimkus

The accelerated video analyis is just another program offered by the Bridgeport Bombers to help our players develop.  The analysis will occur on February 26, 2014 from 5:30-9:30 at the ultra-exclusive Bombers Training Academy. 

10th Annual Bombers Banquet Date Announced!!

March 29, 2014 – 06:00 PM




The Bridgeport Bombers would like to announce the date of our Annual Bridgeport Bombers Banquet for March 29th, 2014 at 6pm at Delasalle High School. This event has grown significantly over the past years to the point where Delasalle ran out of tables last year for people wanting to attend. The banquet is mandatory that all players and families attend this event. However, you dont have to dance. We will have food,drink, and music for all. When you RSVP please let me know if you are alergic to shell fish.

The doors will open at 6pm.  We will begin serving food at 7pm.  The kids will then leave for the gym at around 7:45pm to get their ultra-secret jersey.  We will begin announcing at 8pm. At the event we will announce all players and coaches to a spectacular laser, light, smoke and music show. We will announce new inductees into the "Bridgeport Bombers Hall of Fame". Speeches will be made. We will laugh and cheer, and sometimes cry!! 

Following introductions we will have slide show, awards, and Hall of fame inductions.  I promise to keep my speech to under 75 minutes. 

Our eagerly anticipated picture slideshow recapping the 2013 season(yeah I bet your smiling now)will be shown. See the actual pictures that Bridgeport cant stop talking about!!  We will have raffles, prizes, and a few other surprises to make this an event you wont want to miss. 

The price is $35 per adult ($40 at the door).  Players are free.  Kids are $15. The price includes food, beer, wine, soda, water and the time of your life. Dress is casual. 


Great Weekend for Bomber girls!!

The beginning of spring season for 10U Girls softball has started off well.  All the hard work during the winter with Coach & Softball Director Janet Galvin and her staff  Coach Jaicie Botica , Coach Frankie Castagna as well as Coach Lou and Coach Natalie have really helped the girls to get off to a good start for the Bridgeport Bombers Girls 10U program. The girls had their first win in Bombers history in the NSA B Bash Tournament in Kankakee May 3 & 4, 2014 versus the Schaumburg Sluggers. The second game win in the tournament was against the River Valley Rage Widule. The 10U team also had its first couple home runs hit by Daniella Scalise in the NSA B Bash tournament.
Sunday May 18, 2014 the girls played in the Rowdie Katz Round Robin in Morris, Illinois.  They won one out of the three games. All three games were close and girls fought to the end.   The tournament also added a special touch in which they awarded an MVP for the opposing team.  For the first game Paige Harenberg was awarded the MVP by Mokena Blast. The second game Vickie Mancine was awarded MVP by the Warrior Wiers. The third game Brianna Perez was awarded MVP by the Rowdie Katz.  The team has been led by outstanding pitching performances by Brooke Metke and Paige Harenberg.  Softball Director Janet Galvin and her staff have done an excellent job of rotating fielding positions so that the girls as well as the parents can learn the game of fast pitch softball to its fullest compliment. We have also had a wonderful following of Bridgeport Bombers parents and friends.  We are looking forward to an exciting summer for the first Bridgeport Bombers 10U Girls softball team. 
MVP’s in Rowdie Katz Round Robin May 18, 2014 in Morris, Illinois
Brianna Perez, Paige Harenberg, Vickie Mancine & Jaime Schallor also pictured.
10U Softball Team Rowdie Katz Tournament in Morris, Illinois May 18, 2014
The 11's won their 1st game this weekend after a clutch performance by grace dahl. Grace was 3-3 with a base clearing triple. Lexi anaya pitched and only allowed 2 runs. they beat plainfield twisters. In game 2 we faced a formidable opponent in rowdie Katz black who run ruled us. The 3rd game of the day against lisle slammers was certainly in our reach with key defensive plays by frankie bertucci, an a strong battery of lexi anaya and mackenzie woods, who kept the game close. We fell short losing 7-6 after leaving runners stranded in 5 previous innings. Mvp medals were presented to 3 Bombers by opposing coaches. Lexi received one medal and mackenzie woods received 2. Coach Galvin "The girls are improving everytime we get together. They need to continue to build off and work on key fundamentals. I'm excited to see how this team will come together." The 11's travel to romeoville this memorial day weekend to participate in the usssa state tournament.

Bombers 18's win in Notre Dame !!

June 26, 2014


The Bombers continued its win streak on Nortre Dame field winning 4-2 against Northern Ohio Canes.  

Robert Zurita Throws No Hitter at Carthage !!

June 28, 2014


Robert Zurita of the 15 Year Old Bridgeport Bombers threw a NO HITTER at Carthage in a 3-0 win for the Bombers!!  Congrats and great pitching!!

Bombers 12's Play at Chicago Bandits Stadium!

July 1, 2014



The Bridgeport Bombers 12s had an opportunity to play the Lemont Indians at the AWESOME Chicago Bandits Stadium!!  What a great time and experience for the kids!!  Where does your team play??



Bombers 10 & 11's Sweep the Weekend!!

July 6, 2014



What a weekend!!  The Bombers 10s and 11s showed why they are worthy of consideration for top teams in Illinois sweeping through the weekend undefeated.  What was even better to see was each team and families cheering each other on in between their own games. As seen in the picture, the BomberNation is what a baseball family is all about!!!

Gerardo Esquivel Named Director of Player Development!

July 21, 2014


The Bridgeport Bombers Executive Council is excited to announce Gerardo Esquivel has been named Director of Player Development for the Bridgeport Bombers. Gerardo over the past year has worked with the Bombers and demonstrated his great knowledge of the game. In addition, to his college expeience that he brings to the Bombers, the kids love working with him.

Gerardo played four years at Kansas State and was instrumental in his senior year leading Kansas State to a game away from the College World Series. Gerardo was drafted in the 24th round of the 2009 Major League baseball amateur draft by the Chicago Cubs.

The Bombers family is excited to add Gerardo and his experience to a great stable of coaches and instructors.  Most Bomber coaches have won more tourneys in one week than other clubs have won in their entire history.  Gerardo will develop and run practices for the Bombers to ensure correct intruction for our youth.  Gerardo will help in continuing to fill up the trophy case.

"The addition of Gerardo, in conjunction with the return of Sam Palace of the Washington Nationals, gives the Bombers unparallelled instruction in Chicago Travel Baseball." - Pete Shimkus (Founder and President)  

WHO ARE WE............ BOMBERS!!


Bombers Mother/Father vs. Daughter Softball Game!

July 25, 2014

Bomber's Headed to Cooperstown!!


The Bridgeport Bombers will be leaving for New York on Thursday July 31 becoming  the ninth team from Bridgeport(2006 Bridgeport Bombers were the first!!) to play at Cooperstown Dreams Park.

Schedule Games for Bridgeport Bombers
for Week of Aug 2, 2014

Day / Time Field Home/Visitor Opponent
Sunday 1:45 P.M. 9* Home Syracuse Jr. Skychiefs Blue (NY)
Sunday 7:00 P.M. 7* Visitor Western Mass Rebels (MA)
Monday 11:00 A.M. 2* Visitor Branford Baseball Club (CT)
Monday 4:30 P.M. 14 Home Rebels (CA)
Tuesday 8:30 A.M. 15 Visitor Towamencin Titans (PA)
Tuesday 1:45 P.M. 17 Home Glen Rock Panthers (NJ)
* These games streamed live on DreamsParkTV.com
Single Elimination Tournament schedule available approx. 30 minutes
after final Tuesday games. (subject to change)

The Bridgeport Bombers will have three of our games on Webcam for family, friends, and our cult following to watch our games on the computer. The games in the schedule above with an * will be on the webcam.  Click on the link below and click on "Live Webcam and Gamecam" register to be able to watch our games.

You can follow our journey through one of the best baseball experiences a kid can have at the link below:

Cooperstown Dreams Park

We promise to bring back many pictures and memories that we will all cherish for a lifetime!!!

Bomber 12s HoChunk Season Opener Champions!!

April 11, 2015



GameDayUSA Preseason Milwaukee Runnerups 11 Bombers!

April 11, 2015



Bomber 11s HoChunk Spring Slamfest Champs!!

April 26, 2015




Congratulations to the Bridgeport Bomber 11s on their Championship defeating Chicago Hitters 14-4 in the HoChunk Springslamfest tourney. The team will attempt to do what not many have done as they play in the Spring Break Classic Championship tomorrow and could win two championships within 24 hours! History in the making!

Bomber 11s HoChunk SpringBreak Classic Champs!!

April 27, 2015



Bombers make History! The Bridgeport Bomber 11s make history by beating the Indiana Playmakers 8-0 in the HoChunk Spring Break Classic Championship. The title was their second in less than 24 hours! Unprecedented! History!

Congrats to Super Manager Ralphie, his great coaching staff Curtin, Twomey, and Keiser, the best 11 year old team north of the Mississippi and the dedicated families!

Congrats to all!

Bomber 9s HoChunk May Blastoff Runner-ups!!

May 3, 2015



Bomber 12s BOMC Best of Midwest Challenge Champions!!

May 17, 2015




Bomber 11s Fighting for a Cure - 2nd Place!!

May 25, 2015



Bomber 12s Fighting for a Cure Champions!!

May 25, 2015


Bomber 11s GamedayUSA Schaumburg Super - 2nd Place!!

May 31, 2015


Bomber 15s Win The BOMC "Unleash the Crackin"!!

June 7, 2015



The Bridgeport Bomber 15s have done the impossible!!!! After going 0-2 in pool play the Bombers came back and won four in a row defeating the Chicagoland Panthers Blue 8-0 in The BOMC Unleash the Crackin Championship game!  Julian Lopez pitched a no-hitter in the Championship game!   They have made Bomber History!  Wow!!  Stunned! Shocked!  Overjoyed! What a way to wake up on a Monday!  Champions!  Come and see what some scouts are saying is the most exciting team in the Bombers Club! The Crystal is home!


Congratulations to Manager Marco "The Magician" on pulling that rabbit out of the hat!  To his coaching staff, players and families that stayed up late to Bring home the crystal!!!

Bomber 12s - USSSA State Championship - 2nd Place!!

June 14, 2015


Bomber 16s Win at Carthage!!

June 14, 2015


Bomber 9s Win June Salmfest!!

June 14, 2015


Bomber 14s Win GameDayUSA Big League Throwback Classic!


Bomber 11s Finish 2nd at Summer Blastoff !


Bomber 10s Runner-up HoChunk June Blowout!

June 28, 2015


Bomber 11s Runner-up GamedayUSA Chit-Town Turf War!

June 28, 2015


Bomber 14s Win GameDayUSA Illinois State Championship!

June 28, 2015


Bomber 12s Heading to Cooperstown!

July 3, 2015

 The Bridgeport Bombers Club have sent another team to Cooperstown Dreams Park. The team heads for New York and will arrive on Friday to expereince the dream many baseball crazies will never see. Considered by many the ultimate baseball experience!

Here is the schedule below: Schedule below has changed due to weather!  See our calendar for most up to date schedule!

Schedule Games for Bridgeport Bombers
for Week of July 4, 2015

Day / Time  Field Home/Visitor Opponent
Sunday 11:00 A.M.  11 Home  Garnet Crush (NC)
Sunday 7:00 P.M.  4* Visitor  Summit City Spartans (IN)
Monday 11:00 A.M.  7* Home  So Cal Revolution (CA)
Monday 4:30 P.M.  10* Visitor  Birmingham Lions (AL)
Tuesday 8:30 A.M.  17 Visitor  OMD Baseball (UT)
Tuesday 1:45 P.M.  19 Home  Farmington Hills Mud Hens (MI)
* These games streamed live on DreamsParkTV.com
Single Elimination Tournament schedule available approx. 30 minutes
after final Tuesday games. (subject to change)

The games with an "**" next to them above will be on webcam and can be watched from your computer. Click on the link below, click enter park, then click on Dreamspark TV at top of screen to register and watch the 2012 Bridgeport Bombers on your computer. Remember times above are eastern time which is one hour ahead of Bridgeport time.

To follow the expereience of a lifetime, click on the link below:


The Bridgeport Bombers family will be watching!!!

Bomber 11s Win BOMC Best of Midwest Championship!

July 12, 2015



Bomber 10s Win USSSA UIC Championship!

July 19, 2015


Bridgeport Heads to GameDay USA National Championship!


The Bridgeport Bombers will be making Chicago history this weekend as they send 7 teams to the GameDay USA National Championships!! The Bombers main objective is always experience for the the kids and the families, and this will be one to remember !  Good luck to all the managers and players as they end their season!

The link below has the full schedule so you can follow the Bombers!  Also check us out on Facebook for up to date status on the fun the teams are having!



Bridgeport Softball Play with Chicago Bandits!



The Bridgeport Bombers Softball team will be participating in the Bandits of Tomorrow program on July 31st In Rosemont, Illinois. The Bandits of Tomorrow program is sponsored by the Chicago Bandits Women’s Professional Softball team.  The Bombers will compete on July 31st against the Arlington Heights Redbirds in a double header at 1:00 and 2:30 pm before the Bandits Game when they host rival Pennsylvania Rebellion at 7:30pm. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets for the Bombers doubleheader and Bandits game can contact Janet Galvin, Head Coach and The Director of Softball Operations for the Bridgeport Bombers. Come out and see the “Bandits of Tomorrow.”


Bridgeport Bombers Painting Party!!



Bridgeport Bombers 2017 Tryouts Announced!





The Bridgeport Bombers are excited to announce tryouts for the 2017 Season!! The Bombers will be entering their 14th year of existence, one of the longest in Chicago. Our tryouts will be held at our exclusive Bombers Training Academy. We are one of only a few with their own facility. The Bombers Academy allows us to provide consistent training throughout the year, an important factor when choosing where to play. 


Tryout Location:

Bombers Training Academy

4425 S. Western (Rear Building)

Chicago, Il. 60609


Tryout dates and times for the 2016-2017 season include(watch website for any changes prior to tryouts):


10U - August 9 - 6-7pm (@Armour Park)

11U - August 9 - 6-7pm (@Armour Park)

12U - August 8 - 6-8pm (@Donovan Park)

13U - July 26 - 6-7:30pm ; August 7 - 10-11am

14U - July 26 - 6-7:30pm; August 7 - 11am-12pm

15U - August 8 - 6-8pm (@Donovan Park)

16U - July 26 - 7:30-9pm ; August 7 - 12-1pm

17/18U - Email (shimmy4@sbcglobal.net) for tryout information.


Please register your child for the age they will be turning during the 2016-2017 school year. Players who are born on or after May 1st, are permitted to play an age level down, however we recommend everyone tryout at their current grade level:


4th graders should be trying out for 10U, 5th graders should be trying out for 11U, 6th graders should be trying out for 12U, 7th graders should be trying out for 13U, 8th graders should be trying out for 14U, Freshman should be trying out for 15U, Sophomores should be trying out for 16U, and Junior/Seniors should be trying out for 17/18.. 


If the player is eligible to play down, our coaching staff will make an assessment during tryouts based on skill-level and development as to which age level or team he should be playing for. 


Please visit our website at www.bridgeportbombers.com or our Facebook page to view our accomplishments, Championship Pictures, exciting adventures, and great times. Additional information including pricing, payment plan, and what is included will be provided at tryouts. If you have additional questions please contact our Founder and President at shimmy4@sbcglobal.net.

Bombers Headed to Cooperstown Dreams Park

July 15, 2016

The Bombers have received their invite to attend the Week of July 16th to Cooperstown DreamsPark. 

The Bridgeport Bombers twelve year old team will be the 10th Bomber team (2006, 2008,2009, 2011,2012,2013(2),2014,2015,2016) that will attend the Cooperstown Dreams Park Tournament.

For those that dont know about the Tournament it is considered the greatest expereience for a 12 year old player. The Bombers past teams that went there still rememeber the fun that they had and considered that one of their greatest trips of all time. Over 3,000 teams get turned down a year to attend Cooperstown Dreams park. The Bombers cherish their invite every year.

I highly reccomend that you visit the website below for additional details.

Cooperstown Dreams Park

Bridgeport Bombers Going to Cooperstown!!

July 16, 2016


The Bridgeport Bombers have received their invitation to the ultra-exclusive Cooperstown Dreams Park for 2016. The Bombers will be attending the week of July 16th. The Bridgeport Bombers are one of Chicago's first and longest attending teams. Sending their first team in 2006!! This will be our tenth team to have the baseball experience of a lifetime!

Please visit www.cooperstowndreamspark.com for more information on the ultimate baseball experience.

Bridgeport Bombers ...  Experiences...Development....Crystal!!

2017 Softball Tryouts and Carrie Amedio Named Director of Softball!


The Bridgeport Bombers Softball program is going in a new direction in 2017. Our goal when I started the Softball program 3 years ago was to develop a program which consistently is competitive on the field and provide an experience the girls will remember for a lifetime.  Through parent complaints and players leaving, we decided a new program was needed. I'm not sure about others goals but I do not want to be a glorified rec program with matching backpacks. It is not fair to the families who pay good money and for the girls who are part of the program. Winning isn't everything but it does provide a measuring stick for development.

With that being said, we have refocused our efforts to develop a program which will be competitive and provide the development needed for the the girls to advance in softball.  Carrie Amedio as our New Director of Softball Development is the first step to rebuilding the program.  Carrie brings a wealth of coaching experience which we will leverage to build the program the correct way. Carrie has won at the travel softball level.  Carrie is also a sought after pitching instructor with the Whitesox Academy.  Her experience will help us put a framework for the program which will lead to success in the future.

To augment the program we will be announcing shortly our coaching staff all with college experience and new hitting instructor. When you see the names of coaches we add, you will see our commitment to doing it the right way!

We are in the process of setting up a Bridgeport Bombers Softball website and Facebook page to communicate and celebrate our success. The girls must have their own outlet to share experiences. This was discouraged in the past but will be rectified under new leadership.

The final piece of the program is the Bombers Academy.  As many know and many will find out the Academy provides 10,000 square feet of area and eight batting cages to ensure consistent development throughout the year. Before we had the Academy our practice schedule was inconsistent and many times relied on the use of a park gym or high school gym.  Time at these places are limited, vary each week,  and their programs get preferential times for their programs. The Bombers practice schedule is set months in advance to provide parents an opportunity to set their personnel schedules. 

So as you go to tryouts, I encourage parents to ask questions.  Where will we practice?  If someone says we have a lot of places, make sure to ask where and are these solid times.  Ask what type of practice schedule you will get?  One week in advance or months in advance so you the parent can plan your life's accordingly.  Will this be a competitive program?  If they say winning isn't everything pause and ask how do you measure development? 

In the end, all I'm asking is do your homework as your daughters development is the main concern. I wish you all good luck and I'm very excited about the future Bridgeport Bombers softball program.


Tryout Location:

Bombers Training Academy

4425 S. Western (Rear Building)

Chicago, Il. 60609


Tryout dates and times for the 2016-2017 season include:

10U - July 27 - 6 - 7:30pm : July 31 - 10-11am

12U - July 27 - 7:30 - 9pm : July 31 - 11am - 12:00pm

14U - July 29 - 6 - 7:30pm : July 31 - 12-1pm

16U - July 29 - 7:30 - 9pm : July 31 - 1-2 pm


Additional dates or private tryouts will be added if needed.

Any questions contact shimmy4@sbcglobal.net


Carrie Amedio Bio

Carrie Amedio is an all-around fastpitch competitor who has spent several years playing as well as coaching fastpitch softball. She started her career at Prairie State Junior College in Chicago Heights where she was a starting short stop. As Carrie moved up to the collegiate level she transitioned into a pitching position. Carrie was the Head Coach at Gordon Tech High School as well as currently a private instructor for the Bulls/Sox Academy's La Grange location. Amedio can't wait to continue sharing her passion and knowledge for the game with the Bridgeport Bombers.

In memory of Chris Haynes (1962-2007)

It is with a sad heart that I announce the passing of Chris Haynes. Chris was Co-founder and coach of the Bridgeport Bombers. Chris was a loving dad to Sarah, Patrick , and Jacob and husband to Vicki. In addition, he was a friend to many. The Bridgeport Bombers will not be the same without him. Many remember him yelling WHEELs!! Wheels!! to the runner as he was coaching first base. What we will all remember him for is his dedication to the kids. Wheather it was picking someone up who needed a ride, coaching, or just sharing a laugh with the kids, Chris was always there. Chris was all about what was best for the kids.

The Bridgeport Bombers will dedicate its 2008 season to Chris Haynes, co-founder, coach, but most of all our friend. In addition, at the 14 Year olds first game of the 2008 season, the team will play without a first base coach in honor of our coach.

There is a saying " You dont know how much you miss someone till they are gone." This is definately the case with Chris.

Donovan Park Field Named after Chris Haynes

The Chicago Park District has named the Major Field at Donovan Park after Chris Haynes - Co-Founder of the Bridgeport Bombers.

The dedication ceremony was on June 14th at 1pm at Donovan Park. This is a great honor for a man who did alot for the community and spent many days at Donovan Park.

Bridgeport Bombers Walk with ONIAC

The Bridgeport Bombers walked with ONIAC (Old Neighborhood Italian American Club) in the 2007 Columbus Day parade. ONIAC is a sponsor of the Bridgeport Bombers. The Bombers had a great time walking in the parade. The Bombers would like to thank Capt. D and everyone from the Club for their sponsorship, walking in the parade, delicious food following the parade and their continued support.

You can view the parade through the link below. Fast foward to 1:18:45 to see the Bombers in the parade.

2007 Columbus Day Parade

Bridgeport Bombers Named USSSA 11 Yearold 2005 Team of the Year

The Bridgeport Bombers were selected USSSA 11 Year Old team of the Year. The Bombers finished ranked #1 by USSSA points in illinois for 2005. The award was a great honor to receive. It was also very exciting to be given the award by Don Cooper the Chicago Whitesox pitching coach. The team was proud to win the award and even more excited to meet Coach Cooper. The Bombers hope to build on their succes in 2005 at the 12 year old level and repeat as "USSSA Team of The Year".

USSSA Teams of the Year