Last Updated: August 20, 2014

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2014 LEYFL Scrimmage Schedule

August 30, 2014

Wellington High School Football Stadium
Dickson St.
Wellington, OH 44090

Take Rte 58 south thru Wellington until you cross the intersection of Rte 18, then turn left (East) at Dickson Street (before McCormick Middle School). Continue about a block and a half on Dickson St. and the field is on the right (south) side of the road.

*Please arrive at least 45 minutes before you are scheduled and be stretched and ready to go when it’s your time to play.

*Each game is allotted a 50 yard field (regulation width with 1 end zone). Every offensive series starts at the 40 yard line (35 yard line for 3/4 teams), facing towards the end zone.


*A field with 5 teams assigned will rotate opponents every 24 min. regardless of down.  This will allow all teams per field to play against each other

A field with 4 teams assigned will rotate opponents every 34 min. regardless of down with two 9 min. breaks. This will allow all teams per field to play each other



*Offense keeps the ball regardless of fumbles, interceptions, loss of downs, etc. UNTIL your team's allotted downs (10) are complete


*The intent of this preseason scrimmage day is to help coaches/players prepare for the regular season by using a "game condition" format. Game scores will not be tracked or posted.

*You may play against an opponent not in your regular season division, please remember sportsmanship when playing in all league events

*All day concessions and LEYFL T-Shirts will be available.


*After your game is complete the LEYFL will provide players and coaches with a food ticket.  The ticket is good for a hot dog, chips and a water at the designated player food location only.


*What to bring:

All equipment you normally bring to a regular season game including roster books and grade-appropriate size footballs to use on offense.


*Parking will be available at the field house as well as on Courtland St., Forest St., Dickson St. and McKinley St.  You may also park at the McCormick Middle School.

*Admission is FREE!! We will be collecting non-perishable food items to be donated to the Second Harvest Food Bank from LEYFL to support all of our communities if you would like to donate J

We are all here for the kids and there will be a lot of activity at this event so PLEASE be patient and courteous to all players/coaches/volunteers/parents!!!

Thank you and let’s play some FOOTBALL!!!



All players will need to weigh-in so please take note of your weigh-in time in () after your field assignment

10am-12pm JV Only

Field # 1 (9:30am)

1. Vermilion

2. Fairview

3. Keystone Black

4. Midview Blue

5. Oberlin

Field # 2 (9:45am)

1. Avon Lake Gold  

2. Avon Lake Maroon

3. Wellington

 4. Midview Black

5. Firelands White



JV Only Field # 2 (11:30am)

1. Lorain

2. Firelands Red

3. Sheffield

4. Keystone Purple



Varsity Only Field # 1 (11:45am)

1. N.R. Blue

2. Lorain

3. Sheffield

4. Keystone Black

5. Oberlin


2:30pm-4:30pm Varsity ONLY

Field # 1 (1:30pm)

1. Midview Blue

2. Firelands Red

3. Vermilion

4. Firelands White

5. Wellington

Field # 2 (1:45pm)

1. Midview Black

2. Columbia

3. Keystone Purple

4. N.R. Gold


4 Team rotation

1 vs 2

3 vs 4

1 vs 4

2 vs 3

1 vs 3

2 vs 4






5 Team rotation

1 Bye

2 vs 3

4 vs 5

2 Bye

1 vs 4

3 vs 5

3 Bye

1 vs 5

2 vs 4

4 Bye

3 vs 1

2 vs 5

5 Bye

1 vs 2

3 vs 4




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