>>>>Concession Stand Regulations <<<<
1.  Each team must have a minimum of 4 workers present for the entire time they are scheduled to work. Friday night and all day Saturday there must be 5 workers present. Absolutely no children allowed in the concession stand for saefty reasons. You may hire workers for your shift. The cost is $50 a shift. Please have your head coach contact Debbie BEFORE your shift and to pay for workers.
2.  The schedule for weekday games is 5:30 PM till close which is normally arounf 10:00 PM unless the schedule states otherwise.  The Saturday schedule shifts are: 1) 8:30am to 1pm; 2) 1pm to 5:30pm; and 3) 5:30 to close.
3.  The workers are responsible for serving food, giving change, cleaning and restocking.  The last crew of the day will mop the floors, empty the trash, and clean all utensils and dishes,  Crew workers need to refill the ice bins at closing,  The grease bin under the grill must be emptied eash shift and disposed of in a container.  (DO NOT POUR GREASE DOWN THE SINK!)
4.  In the event of a game being rained out or postponed, the team assigned at that time will be responsible for working the make-up game.  The head coach will need to call his commissioner in order to find out when the game will be rescheduled.
5.  Only fountain drinks are free to workers.  All food, powerade and bottled water will need to be paid for during the workers shift.  No workers are allowed to give out free food or drinks,
Thanks for all your help and cooperation.
Board of Directors
Coaches please contact Debbie Martin to hire workers:  310-6845