Last Updated: October 20, 2017
Last Updated: October 20, 2017
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NO Games Saturday 12/17

December 17, 2016

Unfortunately Mother Nature isn't being so nice for the beginning of our season. After talking with the AD and School Facilities staff we have chosen to cancel all Games for tomorrow. The safety of everyone is really important to us all. 

Practices Cancelled Due to weather Tuesday

January 17, 2017
December 2, 2016

Auburn Youth Basketball Families,

 As we approach the opening of the 2016-2017 AYB recreational basketball season I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new players and welcome back our returning players. Each of you have received the AYB Code of Conduct (which you acknowledged receiving during electronic registration). I have attached a copy here as well. Last year we had a very good program with no incidents. We need your help to continue this trend.


Although this is a recreational league the quality of our players leads to competitive games. As coaches we want our teams to win because it is a measure of our success instructing our players and developing their skills throughout the year. Each league has rules in place designed to ensure fair play to the best extent possible. These rules were developed and agreed to by the coaches in the respective leagues. It is the expectation of AYB leadership that the coaches will honor these rules throughout the season.


As parents we want to see our children win because it is a measure of their success and development throughout the season. Please remember in recreational basketball every child wins because they have a chance to develop their skills, interact with their peers and coaches, learn how to win gracefully, and learn how to lose with dignity. These are skills that will serve them well not only in sports, but also in life. To that end I would ask that each of you review the Code of Conduct. As you already know, AYB has adopted a zero tolerance policy and works closely with Auburn Public Schools and every recreational league in Auburn. It is our goal to provide a safe environment for all our children to grow and develop. One way we can do this is to show respect to each other, the coaches, and the officials. Not every call will be right, not every play will work, not every child will win every game. Please remember while you are watching your child win, your neighbors may be watching their child lose. The behavior of every spectator in attendance is expected to be positive towards all participants. Please remind those who attend with you, (grandparents, etc.…), that AYB recreational basketball is primarily an instructional league and secondarily a competitive league.


While I expect there will not be any issues as we move thru the season, AYB leadership will be in attendance at every game to ensure compliance. Whether you are a player, parent, or coach, please be advised that violations of the Code of Conduct will be reviewed by the Sportsmanship and Discipline Committee and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with our charter.

Enjoy the season!

Sportsmanship and Discipline Committee


Ralph Capaldi, Chairperson


Chris Diguette, President & Director Sr. Girls

Ron Anish, Director Sr. Boys

Steve Seaver, Vice President, Director Jr. Boys

Mike Barnes, Director Jr. Girls

Gary Cedrone, Director Boys Travel Program

Mark Messina, Director Girls Travel Program


Auburn Youth Basketball: Parent/Coach Code of Ethics


I pledge to follow this “Parent/Coach Code of Ethics.”


I pledge to provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child/team.


I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating respect for all players, coaches, and officials at all league games, meetings, and related activities.


I will place the emotional and physical well-being of my child/team ahead of my personal desire to win.


I will insist that my child/team play in a safe and healthy environment.


I refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol at all league games/practices.


I will remember that the game is for youths, not adults and do my best to make it fun and rewarding for my child/team.


I will ask that my child/team treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect, regardless of race, creed, gender or ability.


 I agree to abide by the “24 hour rule.” 


  • All adults, including parents, guardians, volunteers and spectators, along with players may not contact or confront managers, coaches, umpires or league officials for at least 24 hours following an incident or dispute at a game, practice, or other league event. 
  • The purpose of this rule is twofold:
    • To ensure that players (children) are removed from any potential confrontation
    • To allow a cooling down period for effected parties, so that issues may be addressed calmly and rationally.


As a condition of my electronic registration I acknowledge receipt of the Code of Ethics. Furthermore, I  acknowledge that if I do not adhere to this Code of Ethics, the Auburn Youth Basketball Ethics Committee may suspend or terminate my rights as a spectator and/or volunteer, and may further act to prevent my child from participating in the program.


November 26, 2016

Our Jr Boys and Girls Divisions will be opening their season beginning Saturday Dec 3rd.  Practices for those divisions will begin this week.

Our Sr. Boys and Girls Divisions will be opening their season the following week Saturday Dec 10th. Practices for those teams will begin Dec 5th. You will hear from coaches by Dec 4th.

Our  K-2 division will also be starting up Dec 10th. We have listened to folks that have come through our K-2 program and have modified it a bit to hopefully better prepare boys and girls for the Jr Divisions and increase participation in the program long term.   

With the new website we will be posting Schedule and Standings this year as they become available.

Travel Basketball Tryouts will be Held Tuesday October 18th starting at 5pm at the Auburn Middle School.

Please see below for the appropriate time.

This is for Auburn Residents or anyone attending Auburn Schools Only.  These are tryouts for the competitive teams that travel and play most Sundays and a potential Saturday through the 2016/2017 basketball Season. Recreation Evals for our Saturday Recreation program will be held at a later date.

Even if you are not planning on playing Rec Basketball we ask that you at least register online so that we get your information ahead of time. There is no cost to tryout but there will be a $230 cost to play once you have made a team this year. The Uniform costs are included this year.

We will hold Tryouts by Grade Level.  If you are unable to report  for your Grade Level's time below please email

5-6pm Girls Grades 4 and 5 Boys Grade 4
6-7pm Girls Grades 6 and 7 Boys Grade 5
7-8pm Girls Grade 8 Boys Grade 6
8-9pm Boys Grade 7 Boys Grade 8



Recreation Program Evals Scheduled for Saturday November 12th

November 12, 2016

We will be holding Recreation Basketball Evaluations Saturday November 12th at the Auburn High School

We ask that all players bring their own ball. This is not a tryout. All players make a team. The Coaches use this time to evaluate players in order to fairly draft even teams.

The following are the times for each age group:

1-2pm Jr Girls 3rd-5th Grade
2-3pm Jr Boys 3-5th Grade
3-4pm Sr Girls 6th-9th Grade
4-5pm Sr Boys 6th-9th Grade
If you haven't registered yet we ask that you do so ASAP so that we have your information when you show up on November 12th.


1 Stop Basketball is kicking off their Grand Opening weekend

1 Stop Basketball is kicking off their Grand Opening weekend with a Preseason Boot Camp and would love to have some Auburn players in attendance!



Pre-Season Boot Camp:


Our Pre-Season Boot Camp is for players looking to prepare for their upcoming Middle or High School seasons. During this three day Boot Camp we will be focusing on core fundamentals and skill development. Players will be challenged with advanced ball handling, shooting stations, offensive and defensive game situations as well as athletic conditioning. A perfect tune up before your tryouts. 




  • Friday November 25th
  • Saturday November 26th
  • Sunday November 27th



Boys Grades 4-6: 9-11 AM

Girls Grades 4-6: 11-1 PM

Boys Grades 7-8: 1-3 PM

Girls Grades 7-8: 3-5 PM

Girls Grades 9-12: 5-7 PM

Boys Grades 9-12: 7-9 PM



1 Stop Basketball- 24 A Town Forest Road Webster, MA 01570




  • $30 per session or $75 for all 3 sessions
  • Payments can be mailed to 24 A Town Forest Road Webster, MA 01570 
To Register:

Best Regards,



November 18, 2016

1 Stop Basketball is kicking off their Grand Opening weekend with a Preseason Boot Camp and would love to have some Auburn players in attendance! ~Article