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    12  U GOLD           
          DAY TIME FIELD  
A1 Franklin Flames A1 vs A3 SAT 8:00 9  
A2 MT Knockouts A2 vs A4 SAT 9:30 9  
A3 Toxic Xtreme A3 vs A2 SAT 11:00 9  
A4 Illusion A1 vs A4 SAT 12:30 9  
          DAY TIME FIELD  
B1 Jack City B1 vs B2 SAT 9:30 10  
B2 Swat  B2 vs B3 SAT 11:00 10  
B3  Firepower 02 B1 vs B3 SAT 12:30 10  
  Winner Bracket B2 F10 3:30          
    2:00 F9 F6          
    A3             F4            
        6:30 F10        
    2:00 F10   F4        
    B3            F6            
      5:00 F10          
    B1 F4          
    3:30 F 9            
    A4            F6            
10U Pool
    10 u Pool      
          DAY TIME FIELD
A1 Red Devils A1 vs A3 Sat 8:00 1
A2 Fearless A2 vs A1 Sat 9:30 1
A3 Crossfire A3 vs A4 Sat 11:00 1
A4 Mafia Fast Pitch A2 VS A4 Sat 12:30 1
          DAY TIME FIELD
B1 MJ Elite 03 B1 vs B3 Sat 8:00 2
B2 Firepower 03 B1 vs B2 Sat 9:30 2
B3 Ridge Runners B3 vs B4 Sat 11:00 2
B4 Toxic 03 B2 VS B4 Sat 12:30 2
          DAY TIME FIELD
C1 Kaos C1 vs C3 Sat 9:30 3
C2 Rampage C1 vs C2 Sat 11:00 3
C3 Firepower 04 C2 vs C3 Sat 12:30 3
          DAY TIME FIELD
D1 MJ Elite 04 D1 vs D2 Sat 9:30 4
D2 Legacy 03 D2 vs D3 Sat 11:00 4
D3 American Eagles D1 vs D3 Sat 12:30 4
Complex C 12U B
      12U B        
          DAY TIME FIELD
A1 Lady Storm A1 vs A3 Sat 9:00 11
A2 WKY Misfits A2 vs A3 Sat 10:30 11
A3 Adrenaline A1 vs A2 Sat 12:00 11
          DAY TIME FIELD
B1 Shock 02 B1 vs B3 Sat 9:00 12
B2 Ridge Runners B2 vs B3 Sat 10:30 12
B3 SKY Aftershocks B1 vs B2 Sat 12:00 12
  Seed   B2 F 11      
  A1   1:30 SAT F11 3:00 SAT      
  A2   A3        
  A3       4:30 F11    
      A2   G7    
  B1   1:30 SAT F12        
  B2   B3 3:00 SAT      
  B3     B1 F11      

NSA 6U- 8U World Series Coach Pitch. Pigeon Forge, TN June 27-29.Brand new facility located in one of the top vacation spots in the country. Format is one pool and Three game wrap bracket. Parade of Teams, Gift bag exchange, Pin trading ,and skills contest will take place on Friday. June 27. Entry fee is 300.00 Gate is 150.00 total 450.00. We will except the first 40 teams. First thru Third Team Trophy's and Individual Trophy's. Everyone will get a World Series participation medals. Please come back to this site for updates on Hotel Group rates and more To Enter Contact Jim Piercefield 615-481-5688 or register at

Home run tracker over the fence 8u

WhiteHouse Pride Matti Ellis 3

PV Speed 05  Raegan Hunter 2

WhiteHouise Pride Jaci Kate 1

TN Directors Fastpitch

Jim Piercefield NSA TN Youth State Director   615-481-5688

Scott King NSA Chattanooga Region Director 706-980-4090

Jeromy Stroud NSA Chattanooga Area Director 423-208-6666

Kevin Richardson West, TN Region Director   615-506-4141

Jennifer Rather     East, TN Region Director   865-599-3005

NSA World Series Champions
August 28, 2012 – 08:00 AM
TN XPLOSION 98  Resume  2012 TN NSA State Champions, 2012 NSA World Series Champions
They went 9-1 and went through 79 teams. I would like to thank the Directors for helping sponsor the entry fee to last years top points team.
NSA College Showcase 14,16,18 July 4,5,6 Summit in Chattanooga, TN

More details will be coming. This is know doubt the best park in TN.

NSA Halloween Classic 10u Champions
November 1, 2012 – 10:00 PM
 10u Champion KY Blitz
Tennesse TN NSA FASTPITCH Softball-Fastpitch Men's Ultra Blend 50/50 Hooded SweatshirtTennesse TN NSA FASTPITCH Softball-Fastpitch Men's Ultra Cotton T-ShirtTennesse TN NSA FASTPITCH Softball-Fastpitch Men's Competitor Performance T-ShirtTennesse TN NSA FASTPITCH Softball-Fastpitch Champion Men's Ringer T-ShirtTennesse TN NSA FASTPITCH Softball-Fastpitch Embroidered Colorblock Duffel Bag
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