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NSYFL Football Camp!

Location: Staley High
Date: June 15th Thru The 17th
Times: 5-8pm...
Cost: $50 (Includes Camp T-Shirt)

The Camp will be run by Northland High school Football Coaches. We would love to see a great turn out from the Necco Raiders.


Might as well!!!



Come celebrate another great Necco Raider season 

2013 end of the year banquet 

November 16th

6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

KC Expo Center

11730 NW Ambassador Dr.


Cost is 20.00 per family to be collected at the door


Appetizers,water and tea from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Awards starting at 6:30 pm 

DJ will play from 8:00 pm-11:00 pm

Cash bar that will include beer, wine and mixed drinks


Come honor our Players, Cheerleaders, and Coaches



Congratulations Necco Raiders

For winning 2 more championships in 2013


NSYFL Championship games 

Friday night November 8th, 2013  

7th/8th grade tackle


Necco Raiders 22 vs. Northland Chiefs 0 


Saturday Night November 9th, 2013 


3rd/4th grade tackle


Necoo Raiders 29 vs. Central Sharks 6







2013 Instructional Flag Champions!!!


Congratulations to the Instructional Raiders Flag team for winning their postseason tournament. Way to go Champs!!! The Future looks bright for the Raiders!





The race for the Championship is on and the Raiders have 3 teams in the Semifinal games. 


The 5/6th grade Raiders (8-1) were able to defeat the Chiefs and make it  into the semifinal game where they will take on the Chargers (6-2). The 5/6th grade Raiders have won the last 9 championships in their division. This year is possibly one of the greatest challenges we have had to repeat as champions. The team is working very hard and having great practices in their quest to repeat.  


The flag team just missed their opportunity to make the semifinals when they were stopped on the goal line with the last seconds ticking off the clock.  Congratulations on a good year to our Flag team and we look forward to seeing these young men in tackle next year.  


The undefeated 3/4th grade Raiders semifinal matchup will be against a very good Longhorn team (6-3). The Longhorn gave the Raiders a great challenge during the regular season and with both teams improving since that regular season matchup it is sure to be a great game.  The 3/4th grade Raiders have won 4 out of the last 5 championships and look to get back into the championship after last year’s heartbreaking defeat.  


The undefeated 7/8th grade Raiders will take on the Chargers (7-2). The Chargers are always one of the toughest teams in the league and this year will be no exception. The Chargers are loaded with talent and size. This game is sure to add to the great games played between these great clubs.  The Raiders 7/8th grade team won last year’s Championship and have 4 championships in the last 10 years. The Raiders feature an undefeated 8th grade class, and a 7th grade class that has only one blemish (Chargers) in the NSYFL. The 8th graders have won 5 championships, and the 7th graders have also won 5 championship (flag). We look forward to seeing how this group finishes what has been a great NSYFL career.


Packers week and Raider field good bye for 8th graders 


The regular season is winding down and the Packers come to Raider field Saturday. Games are very important as playoff spots are at stake.

The Matchups


8:30 am Competitive flag

Necco Raiders  (3-2) vs. Packers (5-0) 


10:00 am 3/4th grade Tackle

Necco Raiders (6-0) vs. Packers (3-2) 


12:00 pm 5/6th grade Tackle

Necco Raiders (5-1) vs. Packers (4-2)


2:00 pm 7/8th grade Tackle

Necco Raiders (6-0) vs. Packers (1-5)


5:15 pm Instructional Flag

Necco Raiders (4-1) vs. Packers (2-2)


Saturday will be the last home game of the 2013 season and significant as the 8th graders will be playing their last home game as a Raider. This 8th grade class will go out as the most successful grade class ever to play in the Raiders program. Our 8th grade group have won the tackle championship every year from 3rd grade through last year, they are 6 time winners of the Simone Tournament, and have gone undefeated every year in NSYFL play. These young men have truly been great members of our Raider family.  There are a few of the 8th graders  who started out as young flag players and are playing their 9th year as Raiders.  


Come out and see these young men  at Raider field one last time and show them how proud we are of each of them. 


8th graders


Ben Becker


Landon Beynon


Trevor Blankenship


Riley Covington


Myles Craddock


Rod Criss


Liam Henry


Christian Holferty


Brady McCanles


Dominic Raybourn


John Raybourn


John Frank Sciortino


Jack Snyder


Jack Yosel


Great job guys you are going to be missed at Raider Field.


Raider for life.





Some of the best match-ups of the year will take place this weekend at Raider Field. Undefeated teams will pair up against each other in the 3/4th and 5/6th grade division games. Many of these player participated in last year’s 3/4th grade Championship game which was won by the Sharks.  The big boys of 7/8th grade will also put on display two teams of great talent in the fight for the right to say they are the top team in the NSYFL.  The day will start and end with the Flag teams showcasing the future of the two proud organizations.


Here are the match-ups: 

Comp Flag

Raiders (2-2) vs. Sharks (6-0) 


Raiders (5-0) vs. Sharks (6-0) 


Raiders (5-0) vs. Sharks (6-0) 


Raiders (5-0) vs. Sharks (5-1) 

Instructional Flag

Raiders (4-0) vs. Sharks (4-0)



Thursday night

Prepare for a breakdown that will echo through the Northland

GOT 73???


Homecoming 2013




It was a great day at Raider Field. 5-0 on the day and many past Raiders came back to enjoy Necco Raider football once again. Please post your pictures on facebook.


The match up’s:


8:30    competitive Flag        Raiders 24    vs.      Longhorns 18

10:00   3/4th grade tackle      Raiders 21  vs.       Longhorns 0

12:00   5/6th grade tackle      Raiders 40   vs.      Longhorns 0

2:00    7/8th grade tackle      Raiders 64   vs.       Wildcats 0

4:30    inst. Flag                     Raiders    vs.       Longhorns


Thank you to all the Vounteers for making the day great!  


2013 Opener Jets

It is opening day for the NSYFL tomorrow. The tradition that started in 1962 continues for the 51st year.  The Raiders will begin the defense of their two 2012 Super Bowl championships by opening up against longtime NSYFL rival, the Jets.


The 7/8th grade Raiders are 2012 defending champions and have two age groups that have been the most successful in Raider history. The 8th grade class have gone undefeated since the 3rd grade and have added some very nice first year players to compliment a very strong and athletic group. The 7th grade class have also been very successful and have won the championship every year since they were in Flag only losing one game in tackle.  The team has perhaps the biggest front line we have ever seen at the Raiders, and seem to be a team with a much earned target on their back. 


The 5/6th grade Raiders have won 9 straight championships. The 6th grade class have won the championship every year since the 3rd grade. The 4th grade class have gone 1 for 2 in championship games. The team will have their leader missing at times this season as Coach Simone has his hands full with the recent birth of Triplets bringing a total of four children in diapers at his house.  Good luck in the Zone defense coach !!!  The rest of the veteran Coaching staff will hold down the fort while Coach Simone builds a new playbook for his household.


The 3/4th grade Raiders come off a very successful year that ended in shock and disappointment. The Defense that had only allowed 4 first downs and no points all season finally cracked and allowed two TD’s in the second half of the championship game proving to be the difference in a 12-6 loss.  The team was one of the best Raiders 3/4th grade teams of all time. They return many players from that team and look to get back on track with the season opener. 


Our Flag program fields two teams this year and will look to build the future of the Raiders with new faces and new stories. We look forward to watching our newest and youngest Raiders learn  how to be a Raider and carry on the proud tradition we have taken so many years to build.


It is Chiefs week 2013! The Necco Raiders will travel to Line Creek for a great day of football. The weather will start off cool and then move to perfection. Put on some Silver and Black and head to watch some of the best youth football in the city. 

 Here are the matchups:


8:30 am     Raiders comp Flag (1-0)        vs.       Chiefs comp Flag (0-2) 


10:00 am   Raiders 3/4th grade (3-0)      vs.       Chiefs 3/4th (1-1)


12:00 pm   Raiders 5/6th grade (3-0)      vs.       Chiefs 5/6th grade (1-1)


2:00 pm     Raiders 7/8th grade (3-0)      vs.       Chiefs 7/8th grade (1-1)  Game of the day


4:00 pm     Raiders inst.  Flag (2-0)         vs.       Chiefs inst. Flag (1-1)


The Necco Raiders had another successful weekend at the Simone Tournament. the Necco 7th and 8th grade team went undefeated for the day and beat the Chiefs in the Championship. The 3rd and 4th grade Raiders also went undefeated beating the Central Sharks in the championship,which provided a small measure of payback from last year's Super Bowl loss to the Sharks. The 5th and 6th grade team also made it to the championship but were beaten by the Chargers. It was a beautiful day for football and made the football Spirit hit the air with the excitement of the regular season to get started this weekend!



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