Last Updated: September 5, 2017
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2017-18 RABA Winter Youth League (Ages 7-15) Registration To Open September 5th!

August 23, 2017 – 01:00 PM


The Town Of Ramapo Amateur Basketball Association (RABA) will be running its 8th annual Winter Youth League at the Joseph T St Lawrence Center for the ages 7-15. The RABA program gives all kids an opportunity to become more proficient in basketball while developing a sense of achievement in a league that is focused on community, sportsmanship, and fair play.  Whether a returning player, or new to the game, RABA provides a positive environment for your child to learn/improve their basketball skills and grow their love for the game.


Registration will open September 5th and run until October 5th (or all spots are filled). Registrations will be accepted at the Joseph T St Lawrence Center (115 Torne Valley Road Hillburn, NY).


***We rely on volunteer coaches to help run our programs, if you are interested please email Mike Leslie (  The more coaches we have, the more teams we can make***


Ages 9-15 (Price: $185 For Residents/$210 For Non-Residents)

Divisions: 9-11 Year Olds and 12-15 Year Olds (Dependent on Registration)

Season Runs: November 1st-February 15th

Schedule: Practices will be scheduled by coaches.  Game schedule will consist of 10 games + double elimination playoffs.  Games will be scheduled on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays.

Format: A Player Evaluation/Draft System is used in these Divisions to try and create teams as fair as possible.  Because of this, we can only guarantee that coach's kids and siblings be placed on the same team. 


Ages 7-8 (Price: $100 For Residents/$125 For Non-Residents)

Children will participate in a clinic style format that will include: building on the necessary skills to compete in a game, team building drills, and plenty of fun!  Games will be added as the season progresses.

Format: We will be working as one team during practices, and teams will be made weekly once games begin.

Season Begins: November 14th-Feb 6th

Schedule: Tuesdays (Clinics) and Sundays (Games)


All questions/inquiries please email Mike Leslie (  Hope to see you this season!



Congratulations Titans---2017 RABA 10-12 Year Old Summer League Champions!

August 25, 2017 – 03:30 PM


Final Standings

1) Rockets 8-0

2) Titans 6-2

3) Ramapo PAL 4-4

4) Clarkstown Warriors 2-6

5) North Rockland Ballers 0-8


Playoff Schedule


Tuesday, August 8th @ Herb Reisman Sports Compex Court 1

6:00pm: #4 Clarkstown Warriors vs #5 North Rockland Ballers---Clarkstown Warriors Win 34-16


Wednesday, August 9th @ Joseph T St Lawrence Center Left Court

6:30pm: #2 Titans vs #3 Ramapo PAL---Titans Win 31-28

7:30pm: #1 Rockets vs #4 Clarkstown Warriors---Clarkstown Warriors Win 31-17 


Monday, August 14th @ Joseph T St Lawrence Center Right Court

6:30pm: #2 Titans vs #4 Clarkstown Warriors---Titans Win 28-24


Congratulations Titans!  2017 RABA 10-12 Year Old Summer League Champions!




Congratulations Warriors + Blazers---2017 RABA 13-15 Year Old Summer League Champions!

August 25, 2017 – 03:00 PM


Final Standings

1) Rockland Thunder 8-0

2) Rockland Warriors 5-3 (Tiebreaker: 3-1 vs Raptors/Blazers)

3) Raptors 5-3 (Tiebreaker: 1-2 vs Warriors/Blazers; Win Blazers 49-46)

4) Revenge Of The Blazers 5-3 (Tiebreaker: 1-2 vs Warriors/Raptors; Loss Raptors 49-46)

5) Gnome Squad 3-5

6) Rockland Lions 2-5

7) Rockets 0-8


Playoff Schedule


Tuesday, August 8th @ Herb Reisman Sports Complex:


6:30pm: #3 Raptors vs #6 Rockland Lions---Raptors Win 50-22

7:00pm: #2 Rockland Warriors vs #7 Rockets---Rockland Warriors Win 43-12

7:30pm: #4 Revenge of the Blazers vs #5 Gnome Squad---Revenge of the Blazers 41-32


Thursday, August 10th @ Herb Reisman Sports Complex Court 1:

6:30pm: #3 Raptors vs #2 Rockland Warriors---Rockland Warriors Win (4)

7:30pm: #1 Rockland Thunder vs #4 Revenge of the Blazers---Revenge of the Blazers Win (5)


Monday, August 14th @ Joseph T St Lawrence Center Right Court:

7:30pm: #2 Rockland Warriors vs #4 Revenge of the Blazers---Co-Champions Determined Due Scheduling Conflicts


Congratulations Rockland Warriors + Revenge Of the Blazers On A Great Season!





Congratulations 12-15 Celtics---2016/17 12-15 Year Old Winter League Champions!

February 17, 2017 – 12:30 PM

Wednesday, February 1st

8:00pm: #4 Celtics vs #5 Nets---Celtics Win


Thursday, February 2nd

8:00pm: #2 Cavs vs #3 Warriors---Cavs Win 60-46


Sunday, February 5th

10:30am: #1 Knicks vs #4 Celtics---Celtics Win 67-30

11:30am: #5 Nets vs #3 Warriors---Nets Win 58-36


Wednesday, February 8th

7:30pm: #2 Cavs vs #4 Celtics---Celtics Win

8:30pm: #5 Nets vs #1 Knicks---Knicks Win


Sunday, February 12th

10:00am: #2 Cavs vs #1 Knicks---Knicks Win (OT)


Monday, February 13th

7:30pm: #4 Celtics vs #1 Knicks---Knicks Win 60-50


Wednesday, February 15th

7:30pm: #4 Celtics vs #1 Knicks---Celtics Win


Congratulations 12-15 Celtics 2016-17 Champions!

Congratulations 9-11 Knicks---2016/17 9-11 Year Old Winter League Champions!

February 13, 2017 – 04:30 PM


Sunday, January 22nd

11:00am: #4 Raptors vs #5 Celtics---Raptors Win 21-19

12:00pm: #3 Cavs vs #6 Nets---Nets Win 31-29 


Wednesday, January 25th

6:30pm: #2 Knicks vs #6 Nets---Knicks Win

7:30pm: #1 Warriors vs #4 Raptors---Warriors Win 38-22


Thursday, January 26th

7:00pm: #3 Cavs vs #5 Celtics---Cavs Win 30-12


Sunday, January 29th

10:00am: #1 Warriors vs #2 Knicks---Warriors Win 31-23 OT

11:00am: #4 Raptors vs #6 Nets---Nets Win


Wednesday, February 1st

7:00pm: #3 Cavs vs #6 Nets---Nets Win


Thursday, February 2nd 

7:00pm: #2 Knicks vs #6 Nets---Knicks Win


Sunday, February 5th

9:30am: #1 Warriors vs #2 Knicks---Knicks Win


Wednesday, February 8th (Championship)

6:30pm: #1 Warriors vs #2 Knicks---Knicks Win 24-22


Congratulations 9-11 Knicks 2016-17 Champions!





RABA Zero Tolerance Policy + Youth League Gametime Responsibilities

October 23, 2011 – 12:00 PM

It is important FOR ALL RABA BASKETBALL LEAGUE TEAMS/PARTICIPANTS/FANS to remember the following so we can avoid potential problems as the season progresses:

ZERO TOLERANCE (Arguing/Swearing/Overall Conduct)

The officials and facility staff have been given specific instruction that this policy is to be strictly enforced in all RABA leagues.

Any loud outburts, demonstrative actions, unsportsmanlike conduct, arguing, fighting, etc. are subject to techinical fouls. Do not yell across the gym at the officials, or officiate the game while you are coaching/playing.

If you have a question about a ruling, ask in a calm,respectful manner during a timeout and it will be answered with the same courtesy. Arguing rule interpretations, however, will not be tolerated.

The official's explanation are final and should be accepted and respected at all times. They are not to be abused by players, coaches, and/or fans. They, like coaches and players, are giving their best effort and are essential for the leagues to operate and should be treated repectfully.

The first technical foul is your warning. It should be accepted as so, for if a second technical foul is given you must leave the game and playing area sight and sound or the game will not begin until done and may be forfeited if not done in a timely, quiet manner.

If you earn a ejection, a suspension will be assessed. Any disciplinary action that is needed to be taken will be discussed amongst present staff, referees, league commisioner, and referee assignor based on severity of the account of situation. All rulings are final.

For Youth League games, please remember that table personnel is part of the officials staff for that game, so please no yelling or giving instructions when filling one of these roles.


Prior to gametime, the book should be ready 5 minutes before the posted gametime. Adult League- Check in (Name + Number) with facility staff at scorers table before taking the floor. Youth League- Write all players on roster in book prior to the game and cross out absent players prior to start of the game.

Teams will get 5-10 minutes (may vary due to time restraints) to warm up, check-in, get volunteers for their table, and have the scorebooks ready to go.

Teams are encouraged to show up at least 15 minutes prior to the posted gametime.

HOME TEAM (Youth League)

Is responsible for providing the clock operator and the official scorebook at the table. One person is not to do both unless absolutely necessary. Parents please volunteer to help out your coaches when needed.

VISITING TEAM (Youth League)

The visiting team is to have one person doing an unofficial scorebook at the table to verify/correct the score. Please check at each stoppage of play that your book and home team's book match.


Make sure when your game is finished that the players clean up the bench area. Facilty and janitorial staff should assist with spills, especially blood, but water/sportdrink bottles and fan trash should be tended to by all participants and fans of the RABA (not just coaches) at the conclusion of each game.

Thank you for participating in RABA Basketball Leagues!