Last Updated: November 20, 2017

(WPEBL) Western PA Elite Baseball League - Youth Division

Pittsburgh Bulldog Baseball Club - 16U Team
Home site of our 16U club team.

(WPEBL) Western PA Elite Baseball League - High School Division
This is the home site for the WPEBL 16-18 year old division. Our club is well represented here by some of the finest HS baseball players in western PA.

(NABF) National Amatuer Baseball Federation

AAU Baseball

USA Baseball

USSSA Baseball

West Penn Baseball Prospects
WEST PENN BASEBALL PROSPECTS is a newsletter that highlights the abilities and increases the exposure of western Pennsylvania high school baseball players. The newsletter is provided free of charge via email to college and junior college baseball coaches across the country and is expected to lead to increased opportunities for local student-athletes to play college ball.

(COYBL) Central Ohio Youth Baseball League
This is a travel baseball league.

(ECTB) East Coast Tournament Baseball
East Coast Tournament Baseball. This league and tournament series is primarily in the eastern part of the state and expands into the surrounding states.

(GLBL) Great Lakes Baseball League
This is a travel baseball league.
This site is known for posting many tournaments in the Great Lakes area.

(MWOBL) Mid-West Ohio Baseball League
The is a travel baseball league.

Midwest Super League (Ohio)
This is a travel baseball league.

Travel Ball Select USA
National Scouting and Ranking Service complete with All-American status for Youth Baseball.

USA Sports Rankings
National ranking service for travel baseball.


InfoSports Baseball Forum
Youth baseball web forum.

Pgh Umpire Association
This is the umpiring group that will be used for our home games.

John Skilton's Baseball Links
Comprehensive baseball locator site.

Baseball 2 Day Coaching
A site for coaching resources.

Bat Speed
Comprehensive study of the baseball swing. Rotational hitting vs. Linear hitting.

Hitting (Rotational Hitting)

Quality Coaching Baseball
This site has great interactive link showing player movements during relays and cut-off for different situations.

The Science of Baseball
Neat site which gives some insight on the science of baseball.

Web Ball
Baseball skills website for beginners

Junior Baseball Magazine

Greentree Sportsplex

Peak Sports Performance
Sports Psychology....
Instilling Confidence for a Competitive Edge

Winning State Confidence Books
When the pressure is on and doubt consumes an athlete's mind it's like committing competitive suicide because they're doing it to themselves.

"WinningSTATE Confidence Books"show athletes how to maintain composure, so they can face the competition focused and confident, ready to compete.