Last Updated: July 19, 2017
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Clinic Rules

We are looking to create a low key, fun, learning experience for the girls in our softball program. This is not a competitive league. There should be no practices other than our clinic meetings.

We will meet from 6:15 - 7:30 pm on Mondays. The first 20 minutes to half hour should be spent on drills and practice. Everyone has been provided with throw down bases to set up their own area, which should be in the general area of the softball field.

Drills - Keep it Basic.
1. Catching the ball - Thumbs up, Thumbs down. You might even need to go over how to put on and take off a glove.

2. Throwing - Overhand, underhand and follow throughs.

3. Batting - How to hold the bat, body position, and swing.

4. Running the Bases - Some girls might not know which base is which or in which direction they should run.

5. Field positions.

6. * * * * SAFETY * * * * on and off the field.

After practicing with your team, you are to play a game against another team. Every child plays on the field. The team up should give every girl a chance at bat and then the teams switch places. There is no score keeping.

Girls will bat off the tee provided with your equipment. About halfway through our schedule, the coordinator will review this requirement and decide if it is time to pitch to the girls. Pitching is to be done by coaches only. * * * *NO GIRLS ARE ALLOWED TO PITCH* * * *

All injuries must be reported to the league coordinator immediately.
Encourage everyone to try every position. Be prepared to be flexible and above all, have fun.

* Only G.C.A.A. pre-screened and approved volunteers will be permitted to participate in assisting during the practices or games.