2017 Mustangs Programs are available now!

Teams featured in our full color programs are:

Varsity Football / Cheerleaders

Middle School Football / Cheerleaders

Midget Football / Cheerleaders

Pee Wee Football / Cheerleaders

Mercer's 5M Marching Band

Varsity Soccer - Boys and Girls

Middle School Soccer

Cross Country

Golf Team

Varsity Volleyball

7th and 8th grade Girls Basketball

$10 located at the Touchdown Club apparel table right before you come in the gate.  Get yours today!



Congratulations to the following winners at our 7th Annual Gun Raffle & Pig Roast!

1.  Tiffany McCandless

2.  Gary Holder

3.  Jesse Badger

4.  Geannie Warholic

5.  Monte Clelland

6.  Gregg Buchanan

7.  Jenn Moore

8.  Dave Kress

9.  Dave Knopp

10.  Michael Intzes


Side Raffle winners:

1.  Garth Stewart

2.  Joe Wasser

3.  Jenn Moore

4.  Brian Messina

5.  Chris Castagnari

6.  Jenn Moore


The following individuals won $100 each at the event:

1.  Dave Sabo

2.  Chad Warholic

3.  Bertha Nissen

4.  Allie Smith

5.  Chad Fragapan


          Touchdown Club Meeting         
FEBRUARY 11, 2018 at 7:00pm
** at the Mercer High School Library**  
Come learn what is being planned for next season!  We'd love your input & ideas.  This meeting is open to Football & Cheerleading Parents of Varsity, JV, & MS players, and all community members who'd like to help support these programs.
2017-2018 Touchdown Club Officers
Allie Smith - President
Michele Lontz - Vice President
Amy Hesselgesser - Secretary
Allie Smith - Treasurer