Last Updated: June 19, 2017
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Football Coaches for 2016 Season/Note the name change for Biddie and Midget to Junior Varsity and Varsity
Flag: Brian Gary/ 908-319-5504
Peewee: Vinnie Majewski/ 908-303-6998
JV (formerly Biddie): Ken Gangaware/ 908-328-6382
Varsity(formerly Midget): Bobby Brunner/ 908-329-4658
New Weight limits this season
Flag- none (kindergarten thru 2nd grade) (ages 5-7)
PeeWee - 115lbs (3rd thru 4th grade) (ages 8-9)
Junior Varsity  - 130lbs (4th thru 6th grade) (ages 10-11)
Varsity  - 155lbs (5th thru 8th grade) (ages 12-14)
Players must play at their age bracket
Riegel Ridge Football is a proud supporter of USA Football's "Heads Up Football" program. Our coaches will all be certified in the skills and principles of Heads Up Football, and it is how we will be teaching tackling and fundamentals at each level.