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June Letter from the President

June 20, 2009
"If you aren't going all the way, why go at all?" - Joe Namath

Welcome to the start of the 2009-2010 Streamwood High School Booster Club year!

I know that it's only June, but there are a lot of things that we are working to accomplish this year and we can't wait until August to get started.

Let me first introduce myself to those who don't know me. I'm the President of the SHS Booster Club for the 2009-2010 year. My name is David Rice and my family has lived in Streamwood since 1991. My wife, Mary Kay, and I have been involved in the community for a number of years, including being Team Parents, Coaches and a Board Member for a variety of Streamwood sports organizations. We have three children; Chris is currently attending U of I, Nick has just completed his sophomore year at Streamwood (Football, Volleyball) and Kelly will be in 8th grade at Canton this fall.

The rest of the Booster Club officers for 2009-10 are Vickie Hanover (Vice President and Past President), Val Pudlik (Secretary), Mindy Gould (Communications & PR) and Sonda Eisen (Sabrewear). Our Treasurer position is currently open.

The purpose of the Booster Club is to unite students, faculty, parents and the Streamwood community in support of our athletic programs at Streamwood High School. Our GOAL is to increase school spirit and to provide financial support to ensure the continuing improvement of ALL Streamwood High School athletic programs.

Since we can't succeed without you, I am asking for your help to meet this goal. Last year, there were about 700 student athletes, but less than 40 Booster Members. Far more people volunteered for concessions, banquets, etc, for which I thank you, but being a paid member of the Booster Club is something all parents should do; it has a significant impact on our revenues and what we can achieve as an organization. I have attached our 2009-2010 Membership Application for you. It should also show up with your athletic registration materials and a copy will soon be available on the Booster page (It has also been translated into Spanish by Ms. Trippicchio)

We have big goals this year. Working with the Athletic Department at SHS, we have agreed that the Booster Club will be fundraising this year for projects that U-46 will not be funding and that will improve the overall quality of SHS and its athletic programs.

These projects include (but are not limited to):
• Purchasing 24 'Add-a-Year' Banners for the Main Gym to replace the placards which are out-of-date and falling down
• Purchasing 'Records' boards for various sports for the hallways that celebrate the record-setting achievements of our Streamwood HS athletes.
• Painting the Weight Room and paint emblems, logos and inspirational quotes on the walls.
• Painting the ceiling of the West Gym
• IF not replaced over the summer, repair and paint the equipment garage by the football field.
We are waiting for quotes on doing some of these projects, and we won't be able to fund all of them in full in one year, but we want to get started now and do as much as we can this year.

We are going to try and do more to raise money this year, despite the tough economy. This includes a Booster Club membership drive (get a Booster Club t-shirt!), business memberships and a 'Sabres for Change' program where we'll ask you to drop in your spare change at our concession stand or any SHS Booster Club event.

It's important to know that the Booster Club is not just about the money; we value and need your time contribution as well. If you cannot find the funds for a Membership, we are pleased to have your time to serve on a committee, work concessions, or help on any of the projects listed above.

The Booster Club is seeking people willing to head up some committees (or serve on them) that will allow us to better support our student-athlete community. Currently, we are looking for people for:
• Team Liasons - Some teams already have this, but we'd like to be sure that every sport has a parent or group of parents who can work with the coaches on tasks like sport fundraising and volunteer scheduling. (Coaches should coach!)
• Concessions Logistics - Responsible for purchasing supplies for both outside and inside concessions
• Concessions Volunteers - Responsible for working with coaches, etc. to schedule volunteers for all concession/Booster events.
• Business Fundraising - We are instituting a Business Membership program with contributions from $50- $500. We are looking for parents to promote this program to local businesses.
• Community Outreach - Working with the Village and other organizations (VFW, etc) to raise awareness of SHS athletics (let's fill those stands!).
• Middle Schools - Parents on the PTA's at Canton and Tefft who can start those parents thinking about their students who will be at SHS next year.
I'm sure that there are other areas where we can use your help, let us know and we'll be happy to use your energy wherever and whenever possible.

We welcome your ideas, but don't expect the Boosters to turn those to reality if you're not going to pitch in and help. I've always operated on the principle that 'None of us is as smart as ALL of us.' It's also true that none of us can DO as much as all of us. I look to the parents of our student-athletes to contribute what you can, in either time or funds, or both.

I have set high goals for the Booster Club this year and we on the Board have every intention of achieving them....with your help! We have a great community and a wonderful group of student-athletes at Streamwood High School that deserve our support.

I hope that you will join us in making this the start of a great year in Streamwood High School athletics.


David Rice
Streamwood High School Booster Club

Sabre & Skull t-shirt designs

Proposed T-shirt Designs
Since the Streamwood HS mascot is a pirate, I thought the students (and some parents) might be interested in purchasing t-shirts with some sort of Sabre & Skull graphics. I have posted some of the ideas for you to look at, and take a POLL to see if they're popular (or not!). Please look at the graphics (which can also be found in the HANDOUTS section) and complete the poll which can be found in the POLLS section. (Both of those tabs can be found to the left.)

July Letter from the President

Whew! I just got the July letter in just in time for August. I've had a lot of people asking me about the Booster Club this month, and there seems to be a lot of 'interesting,' if not downright 'incorrect' information out there. So, in deciding to answer some of these questions, I decided to come up with

The Top 10 Things You Might Like to Know About the Booster Club

10. Why Do We Charge for Membership? Membership in the Booster Club gives you the right to vote at meetings and to serve on the Booster Club Board as an officer. This is how you can best influence the issues that are important for your student athlete. The charge is kept low so that no one is excluded, but to be perfectly honest, membership fees are a money-making opportunity. While we can’t speak for every school, we know that Bartlett and South Elgin High Schools charge $25 for Booster Club memberships. Last year there were about 700 student-athletes at SHS. If one-third (240 families) were to join the Booster Club, we’d have an additional $3600 to support our athletes.

9. Do I have to be a Member to Volunteer to Help Out? Absolutely NOT! Your time may actually be more valuable to our athletes than your money. Membership allows you to vote and hold office, but it doesn’t prevent you from offering up your skills and time. Using the example above, if we could get 240 people to donate just three hours each (720 hours over the course of one year) we might have to hunt for jobs for people to do! Over the last few years, much of what the Booster Club has accomplished has resulted from the work of maybe 10-15% of our student-athlete families. We’ve accomplished a lot through small groups of dedicated volunteers, but imagine how we could expand our support of every athletic program by sharing the work. The Booster Club isn’t a year long commitment (although if you’re up for it, we’re happy to have you!). It’s about offering a few hours of your time that fit into your busy schedule. Our volunteers range from full-time employees with extensive travel schedules to night shift workers, but every one who helps finds gratification; this is important work and our student-athletes appreciate it. If all you can give over the course of 365 days (8760 hours) is three hours, we welcome you and thank you!

8. Why does Football Get All the Money from Football Concessions? This is a HUGE misconception. Football gets ZERO dollars raised at the football game concessions! Football earns money the same way as every other sport; by internal fundraisers and by working inside concessions during the Winter and Spring seasons. All of the profits earned at football concessions go directly to the Booster Club to support every athletic program. If you're student-athlete doesn't play football or Cheer/Poms, volunteering for concenssions at a football game would be a great help to the Booster Club. Most of the parents who do work concessions at football have a child in the game and it sure would be nice if they could watch them play! And to clear up another misconception, gate receipts at District U-46 athletic events go to the District to cover event costs (janitors, security, etc), not to the host school. That being said, football concessions are the Booster’s biggest fundraising opportunity, so have another hot dog when you’re at the game!

7. Is Working at Concessions the ONLY Way to Volunteer? Again, absolutely NOT! For example: Folks with people skills are needed to solicit business memberships, or food and supply donations for our fundraisers. During the year, we need muscular people with minivans or trucks for pickups at Sam's Club and loading in the concession stands. Volunteers are needed to work during Fall Registration to sell Sabrewear and sign up new Booster members (check the Streamwood HS website for registration dates SHS website). Sabrewear volunteers are also needed during school hours of Homecoming week, at the seasonal Sports Banquets and at the Secret Santa Shop before Christmas. “Top chefs” are needed to prepare food and work the buffet lines at the Chili Cook Off, Spaghetti Dinner, and Pancake Breakfast. Note that these opportunities may only require an hour or two and most don't conflict with your athlete’s sporting events.

6. Is It Always About the Money? Not at all. It’s about promoting Streamwood High School athletics. The Booster Club does that by purchasing equipment, uniforms and paying for the daily Activity Bus and we hope to do a lot of physical and image improvements to what you see around the High School athletic facilities (See June Letter from President ). It’s kind of a chicken and egg situation. If the Booster Club is successful (improving equipment, facilities and school pride), then sports become more successful as more students want to participate. As more students participate, we win more and more people want to contribute to the ongoing success of Streamwood High School athletics. (Maybe we’ll get more press and have scouts coming to look at our players!) The bottom line is: to do all the things we want to do, we need money to pay for it, or for people to donate time so we can do more things to raise money!

5. Is the Booster Club Part of the Athletic Department? No, the Booster Club is an independent, not-for-profit organization with its own Board of Directors and volunteers. We support the Athletic Department and Streamwood High School by helping them provide the proper sports and safety equipment AED Purchase as well as work to provide the best possible facilities and atmosphere (like getting more fans in the stands!). As District U-46 is forced to cut costs, Booster Clubs are going to have to try and do more to maintain and increase our athletic programs.

4. Does the Booster Club do anything to benefit the entire school? While our by-laws task us specifically to support our student-athletes, many of the things that we support benefit the entire student body and the school as a whole. Some examples would be the Activity Bus, which is paid for by the Boosters, along with the Athletic Department, but is open to all students to use, including Band, etc. The Boosters also provide the bulk of Sabrewear to the student population and the re-painting of the Main Gym and new gym floor benefits everyone. I think in the end, however, the ultimate goal of the Booster club is to involve the students, parents and the community in the High School. Whether we think about it or not, the success of our athletic programs has more to do with school and community spirit than any other single aspect of living in Streamwood. We want every student and parent to be proud of their high school and their community.

3. Does the Booster Club Want My Input and Ideas? Yes, more than ever! But the best ideas and input will come with solutions and your willingness to jump in and help out. This year, the Booster Board is more diverse than ever. Volunteers have athletes in football, baseball, softball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, golf, cheer and poms. We want ideas from all sports and all parents. This year, the Board has committed to further outreach by offering forms and newsletters in Spanish. Money is tight, and we’re always going to have to prioritize projects, but our goal is to fairly distribute the Booster Club’s support. If more people bring ideas and help out, then we can raise more money and fund more projects, including the one(s) you’re interested in!

2. The Who/What/Where/When/Why and How of Booster Meetings. If you want to take a more active role in the Booster Club, our meetings are held in the Sabre Center near the Commons on the second Tuesday of September, November, January, March and May. The meetings start at 6:30 PM and usually last an hour or so, depending on business. Meetings are open to all Booster Club Members, all other interested parents, SHS faculty, and coaches. The meetings will encompass financial status, upcoming events, recent and upcoming purchases and any other business brought before the Booster Club. Election of Officers takes place at the May meeting. We WANT to see you there! For specific meeting dates and other Booster Events, click here. Booster Calendar

1. How does the SHS Booster Club communicate? By smoke signal and telegraph…or at least that’s how it seems! We have recently started a website (you’re probably on it now!) at This is the best place to find out information about what’s going on with Boosters. I, as President, have committed to producing a comprehensive (read: long) and concise (read: rambling) newsletter each month to keep you up to date on important dates and volunteer opportunities. In the future, you’ll be able to access Booster Club meeting minutes and Treasurer statements on the website as well (but we’d still like to see you at the meetings!). If you haven’t given us your e-mail address, please do so by clicking the cleverly named Join Our E-mail List link to the left under the menu boxes. The more people we can talk to, the better we can support our athletes!

It may not have been as funny as David Letterman, but I hope it gave you some insight as to who we are, what we do, and why we need your help.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Black and Gold Scrimmage on Thursday, August 20 at 5PM at Millennium Field, the first event on the Athletic Calendar!

August Letter from the President

Squeaked another one in under the deadline! Not much to say this month except to thank all the people who made August a GREAT month for the Sabres!
The equipment garage is about 95% completed (some more stenciling coming), thanks mostly to the efforts of one man, Tim Rees, who did the repair of the building during the evenings and weekends of August with the assistance of Louis DePasquale and Steve Daley. Thanks also to his wife, Chris, who helped out with the lettering and other aspects of the project. It wouldn't be done without them.
The building was painted with the assistance of Roy Montemayor and Gordy Pokorney as well as a local artist Eric Ashenhurst, who did the Sabre logo.
We had our first home football game and thanks to the efforts of Karen and John Gallione, lots of people were fed from the concession stand and everything ran very smoothly.
I'd also like to thank all the people who worked in the concession stand during the games and helped make our opening night a great one, especially so close to the start of the school year.
Our Pasta Dinner is coming up on September 16 (see article below).
I spoke about a lot of things at the TARGET/Fall Sports Meeting, so please keep your eyes open for Letter Jacket special in the next week or so (running through October 9), and also remember to hold onto your spare coins for the Sabres for Change program that will be running all through the school year. We're also going to be doing a Blackout for Bartlett at our next home football game on September 25. Wear black and show your Sabre pride! Don't have any Sabrewear? Don't worry, we have you covered!

Letter Jacket Special Offer

Bartlett Sports, working with parents and the Booster Club, is pleased to offer special pricing on Streamwood High School Letterman/Varsity jackets.
The boy's jacket is black wool with black leather sleeves and the girl's jackets are all black wool with a Vegas gold hood lining.  The jackets are trimmed in black, white and Vegas gold.
The jacket price includes one sport word on the back and a name embroidered on the left front chest.
If you are interested in ordering a jacket, please fill out the form in the HANDOUTS section and return it along with a check payable to BARTLETT SPORTS.
Complete this form and drop off in the Booster mailbox in the Athletic Department, or mail to:
Streamwood High School Booster Club
ATTN: Letterman Jacket
701 W Schaumburg Road
Streamwood, IL 60107

(Delivery will be by Thanksgiving)

If you would like to see the jackets, or try them on for size, they can be seen at:

Bartlett Sports 310 S Main Street Bartlett, IL 60103 630-289-0090

September Letter from the President

Another month gone and some big opportunities along with it. We have had very good responses for Booster events this year, including the Pasta Dinner (about 220 served), Sabrewear sales, and the Bartlett Black Out. It's great to see the Streamwood Sabres community coming together and pitching in, especially when times are hard.
I want to thank everyone who has come out to help the Boosters by volunteering your time, becoming a Member or both. We know that it's a lot to ask, but we can't possibly be successful without you. We'll continue to do a better job of utilizing our volunteers, so if you came by and were turned away, I'm sorry about that. Let us know in advance (Mindy usually sends out an e-mail call to action) so that we can find a place for you.
We've seen a lot of football and cheer parents this Fall, but since the greatest fundraising opportunities for the Boosters come in this short period, it would be great to see participation from the other Fall sports, or even from parents with student-athletes in the Winter or Spring. We had a wonderful group of parents come by and help us at the Powder Puff games when we were overwhelmed by the crowd. We can't thank you enough for taking the time to support the Booster Club on a moment's notice.
It's an unfortunate truth that the majority of our funding comes in this short period during football season (Homecoming, Pasta Dinner, Sabrewear sales, etc), but that's the reality of the situation. Every sport benefits from what we do in a few short weeks.
As a final note, Steve Gertz and I are working with a company to get the new gym banners ordered and in place as soon as possible. We are hoping to work out a payment plan with the supplier that will allow us to order all 24 banners this year for display in the Main Gym. These banners, celebrating the successes of SHS Athletics will really be gret to see for us and the other schools that visit Streamwood High School.

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