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2nd Place 2013 JRSYSA Varsity Playoffs
2013 James River District Champions
2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl Champions
"6 Time Super Bowl Champs"

2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl Champions

 "Reigning Champs"




The BCYL Varsity Knights Split 1-1.

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity football team defeated the Cumberland Dukes 26-0 a couple of week ago. The next game the BCYL Varsity Knghts travelled to Randolph Henry High School to play the Charlotte Patriots. In Game 3 of the season, the Kinghts pulled off a squeaker by defeating the Patriots at Gene Dixon Park by scoring a touchdown with 00:04 on the clock to take a 14-12 lead. The Knights have gotten better since that last game...but so has the Patriots. Can the Buckingham Varsity team pull another game away from the Charlotte's Varsity team like they have alway done in the past.

Game Summary

On the kick off to start the game, the Buckingham County Youth League Knights took the kickoff to the house to score a very early touchdown. In the first 12 seconds of the game, the Knights took a 6-0 lead. The Knights then recovered an onside kick to keep their offense on the field and what looked like a day the Knghts was going to put up a lot of points. However the Patriots defense kicked in and neither team could add to the scoreboard for the remaining of the 1st half. The Knights went into half time with the 6-0 lead.

The third period was much like the 2nd period... tough defense! Going into the 4th period the score remained 6-0 with the Knights holding on to the thin lead. Late in the forth period of the game, the Patriots got on the outside of the Knghts defense and scored a touchdown and converted on the 2 point conversion as the Charlotte Patriots took the lead for the first time in the game 8-6 with less than a minute left in the game. When the Knights finally got their offense on the field, they had about 00:25 seconds left in the game to put up a deep pass. The pass was intercepted and the Patriots sealed the game by scoring on the turnover as they defeated the BCYL Varsity team 14-6.


BCYL Varsity back to Winning

After a loss to the Emporia Renegades, the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team hosted the Amelia Raiders Varsity the following week. This was the start of the 2nd half of the season. Leading in the James River District with a 4-1 record, the BCYL Varsity team have defeated all of their district opponents. The Loss to Emporia was to a non conference team. Now starting the 2nd half of the season, its time to get back to a winning status.

Game Summary

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team got off to a slow start against the Raiders Varsity team after a slow 1st quarter of a scoreless game. But the Knights got back to their offense scoring on two drives in the 2nd quarter to take a 13-0 lead at the half. The second half was pretty much like the same as the BCYL Varsity offense scored another touchdown to defeat Amelia 20-0.



BCYL hard battle in Emporia

The 4-0 Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team travelled the 2 hour trip to Emporia to play the 4-0 Renegades. Just like the Knights Varsity teams being in 1st place in the James River District, the Renegades are in 1st place in the Southside District. The day started off perfect, but a light rain started just before the half and ended before the third quarter. Still a good day for some football.

Game Summary

In the beginning of the game, it looked as if both teams were flexing to see who was the strongest. The Knights made some plays on offense and look to move the ball pretty well. But the Defense of the Renegades wouldn't give them a break. The Knights and Renegades varsity settled for a 0-0 score at the half. In the third period, the Renegades' offense punched through the Knights defense to take a 6-0 lead. The Knights defense came back with a fumble recovery and touchdown to tie the game in the 4th quarter. With the score 6-6 at the end of the game brought up the varsity' first "Sudden Death" of the season.

In the second Overtime period, the Renegades offense punched through the Knights defense to take the 12-6 victory. The 4-1 BCYL Varsity Knights will concentrate on a good Amelia team tomorrow at Gene Dixon Park. Game start around 1:00 pm.

BCYL Varsity Win a Close Battle


The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity football team came off a short week of practice as they played a makeup game against Cumberland on a Tuesday night. With only one day of practice the BCYL Varsity had to go up against a tough Charlotte Patriot team. A team that always played the Knights real tough in the past. There have been many close games against the Patriots and this was no different. A typical Buckingham/Charlotte game.

Game Summary

The game between the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity Knights and the Charlotte Patriots started with the Knights looking to run away with the game. The Knights scored first in the game putting 7 points on the scoreboard that went in to the half with a 7-0 lead. Late in the 3rd period the Patriots scored a Touchdown of their own, but couldn't convert on the PAT as the Knights took a 7-6 lead going into the 4th period. Late in the 4th period, the Patriots got back into the end zone and took a 12-7 lead with a little more than 2 minutes left in the game. The Knights bounced back quickly by scoring a TD with :04 second left on the clock as the BCYL Varsity took the 12-14 victory.


BCYL Varsity 2-0

The Buckingham County Youth Varsity team played their makeup game against Cumberland this past Tuesday. For the past couple of years the BCYL Varsity team have beaten the Cumberland Dukes youth team. And with Cumberland Middle school starting a Middle School Football program. This took away from the youth league's program where as most of the players opt to play for the Middle School. But the games must go on.

Game Summary

The BCYL Varsity team jumped on the Cumberland Dukes early in the game. Even with four penalties that called back touchdowns and long yardage, the Knights scored 15 points in the 1st period and another touchdown in the 2nd to take a 21 to 0 halftime lead. In the second half of the game, the Knights scored another TD to cruise to a 27 - 0 victory.

This weekend the Varsity team will host the Patriots of Charlotte. With a short week of practice the Knights have to get ready for a team that have played the BCYL Varsity real hard in the past couple of years. Game starts after the JV game about 1:00 pm this Saturday at Gene Dixon Park.


BCYL Varsity Even the Score Against Amelia

This is the 4th time the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team has opened the season agasint Amelia. The first two years the BCYL Varsity Knights have started off their season 0-1 after playing the Raiders at Home. Last season the Knights came away with a 20-13 victory to end the Amelia's win streak. Due the the change in the schedule for the Varsity teams in the JRSYSA, that was the only regular season game with Ameila. The two team met in the 2013 James River District Game as Buckingham defeat Amelia 24-6 to advance to the 2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl. But all of that was in the past. The Amelia Raiders and Buckingham Knights have played many games in the last 17 years and you don't know who will come out victorious until the clock is reading 00:00. Buckingham has the Super Bowls, but leading into this game, the Knights have been 1-2 against Amelia in the last three openers. Can the Varsity Knights even the score?


The Buckingham County Youth League Knights scored early in the 1st Quarter, in fact on their first drive of the game. Scoring a TD and a 1 pts conversion to take the early 7-0 lead. The next score came in the 2nd half as the BCYL Varsity team took a 14-0 lead at the half. The Raiders tighten their defense and kept the Knights from scoring in the 3rd, but the Knights "D" wouldn't allow the Raiders to thoughout the game. In the 4th period the Knights scored two more TDs to take the 28-0 victory.


The Buckingham Varsity will get ready to play the Dukes of Cumberland at Gene Dixon Park this upcoming weekend.