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Home of the BCYL
Varsity Football Team
2nd Place 2013 JRSYSA Varsity Playoffs
2013 James River District Champions
2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl Champions
"5 Time Super Bowl Champs"

2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl Champions

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity football team went into the James River Southside Youth Sports Association Super Bowl in 2nd Place. After defeating Pr Edward in the 1st Rounds of the Varsity Playoff and defeating Amelia in the James River District Championship. The only team that was left was the 1st Place Lunenburg Lightning team. The reason the Lightning Varsity was in 1st place is because they was the only team that have giving the BCYL Knights Varsity a Loss in the regular season.

The game started off with the Knights playing pretty good defense. The Lightning couldn't get too much positive yardage on their opening drive. On Buckingham's first possession, the Knights fumbled the football and Lunenburg recovered to start their second drive in the first quarter. A few plays later, #3 Freddie Jackson of the Lightning rushed for a Touchdown from 50 plus yards as Lunenburg drew first blood with a 7-0 lead.

Late in the first quarter, the BCYL Knights was back up against their end zone on a 2nd and very long 35 yards when QB/RB #35 Philip Monterrozo hit #22 Dashawn Bartee on a long pass that took the ball to the Lunenburg 5 yard line. The next play, #35 Monterrozo rush in on a QB keeper. However, the Knights could not convert on the 2 pt PAT and went into the 2nd quarter down to the Lightning 7-6. In the 2nd quarter, #35 Phillip Monterrozo scored his second of three Touchdown as the BCYL Knights went into the halftime leading 12-7.

The second half of the game was the BCYL displaying total dominance on the defensive side of the football. Even when the Lightning looked to get a drive started towards the end zone. The Knights defense would cause the Lightning to turn over on downs. In the 4th quarter, #35 Monterrozo got to the outside and on a 70 plus yard Touchdown run. QB #10 Daquandre Taylor hit #22 Dashawn Bartee on a short pass for the 1 point PAT to put the game out of reach for the Lunenburg Lightning Varsity team. The BCYL Varsity Knights defeated the Lunenburg Varsity team 19-7 to win the 2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl Champions. 



BCYL Varsity To Another Super Bowl


The last game at the 2013 James River District Championship was the 2nd place Buckingham County Youth League Varsity verse 3rd place Amelia Parks and Recreation Varsity team. The BCYL Varsity team did just like the BCYL Minors and JV teams did earlier. The BCYL Knights scored on their initial drive early in the 1st quarter. The Knights put in another touchdown early in the 2nd quarter to take a 12-0 lead in the 2nd period. With seconds running out in the first half, the Knights added another touchdown to take an 18-0 halftime lead.

The Amelia Raiders scored a touchdown in the 4th period, but only to allow the BCYL Knights to score a TD of their own. Late in the fourth, the Knights played good defense to get the ball back in their possession to kneel and seal the game. By defeating the Amelia Raiders 24-6, the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team will advance to their sixth straight Super Bowl. In the 2013 JRSYSA Super Bowl the BCYL Knights will play the team that gave them their only “Loss” of 2013 the season… the 1st place Lunenburg Lightning. The undefeated Lunenburg Lightning Varsity team advanced to the Super Bowl by defeating the 4th place Cumberland Dukes Varsity team in the Southside District Championship Game earlier during the day.




BCYL Varsity Shutout Another team...The Gators

The BCYL Varsity team jump on the Nottoway Gators real quick by getting a Safety early in the 1st period. In the 2nd period of the game, the BCYL Varsity scored two more touchdown to go into halftime 14-0.

The 2nd half of the game was all Buckingham. Scoring another TD in the third period, the Varsity Knights cruised to a 22-0 victory over the Nottoway Gators. The next game will be the 1st Round of the JRSYSA Varsity Playoffs that is hosted by Amelia. Buckingham will play the Eagles of Prince Edward.


BCYL Varsity Shutout Patriots

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team started their game a little different than the previous games of the day. The Varsity Knights had some big plays called back on pentalties on their opening drive. But keeping together they still manage to put a Touchdown run and converting on the 2 point PAT to take a first period lead of 8-0.

The BCYL Varsity scored on two Special Teams plays for the game. One in the 2nd quarter on a block punt and with another rushing TD the BCYL Varstiy went into the half up 22-0. The 3rd period the Patriots kept the Knights from scoring, but he Patriots could not put any points on the scoreboard because of the defense the Knights was applying. In the 4th quarter the Knights scored from another punting attempt from Charlotte. Along with another another rushing TD, sealed the game as BCYL Varsity shut out the Patriots 34-0.


 The next game will be at Gene Dixon Park where the BCYL Football program will host for the Gators of Nottoway. Also, this will be Buckingham's Homecoming. The time for the festivities will be announce later this week.



BCYL Varsity Recovered Very Well

After taking a week off after a Loss to the Lunenburg Lightning, the BCYL Varsity team travelled to Cumberland to play the Varsity team from Prince Edward. Due to the change in the Varsity's schedule, the Cumberland Varsity team had a "Bye" and this what lead to the Knights playing a Pr Edward team in Cumberland.

The Knights produced a score in each quarter while ahutting out the Eagles Varsity team for the game. The Knights scored two TDs quickly in the first period. Converting on one of the PATs, the Knights took a 14-0 score. In the second quarter, another TD was scored before the Knights took a 22-0 lead going into the half.

The second half was all Buckingham as they turned up the defense as they scores in the 3rd and 4th periods of the game with two pick sixs to end the game defeating Prince Edward 34-0.




Lightning Strikes in Buckingham


Due to the James River Southside Youth Sports Association not having enough Varsity football teams, the schedule has changed (just a little for Buckingham) to accommodate the teams that would have only a four game season. Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team hosted the Lunenburg Lightning instead of playing Prince Edward.

Against the Lightning, the Varsity Knights played solid defense in the first period to keep the Lightning out the end zone. However, after stopping the Lightning on a fourth and goal with a couple of yards to a TD put the Knights back in their own endzone to end the 1st period. On offense the Knights recovered their own fumble, but this gave the Lightning a safety and 2 points on the scoreboard. With no team scoring an offensive score through the rest of the period the Knights was down 2-0 at the half.

In the 2nd half, the BCYL Knights continued with turnovers and their defense couldn't keep the Lunenburg team from gettin 1st downs. With a couple of minutes left in the 3rd period the Lunenburg Lightning scored their first TD taking a 8-0 lead. The Knight after another turnover played good Defense by getting an INT from a Lunenburg's pass and taking it back to put the team at mid field. The BCYL Varsity team finally got their offense together scoring a late TD, but by missing on the 2 pt PAT that would have put the game into Overtime, the BCYL Varsity Knights was defeated by the Lunenburg Lightning 8-6. 




BCYL Varsity Exploded Against Gators

In the Varsity games between the Buckingham County Youth League Knights vs the Nottoway Gators it was the Knights all over the Gators. The Knights scored on a mid field TD run to take a 6-0 first quarter lead. In the 2nd qtr, the Knights scored another TD run and also an INT was taken in for a Buckingham score as the Knights took a 18-0 halftime lead.

The second half of the game was just like the first half...All Buckingham. Scoring TDs in the 3rd and 4th periods, the Knights defeated the Nottoway Gators 30-0. This will give the BCYL Varsity a 4-0 record for the season.

The next game will be a HOME game at Gene Dixon Park against the Lightning of Luenburg County. Game time will be at 12:00 pm. Right after the Minors game between Buckingham and Prince Edward.



BCYL Varsity Gives Out Another Shutout


The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team on offense committed a lot of penalties in the first half, but managed to score a Touchdown. The Knights' Special Teams blocked a punt scoring another TD to finish the first half leading 12-0.

In the second half of the game they committed a lot less penalties, but turn the football over a couple of times. But the Knights played good defense not allowing the Patriots to get into the end zone, and the offense scored another TD to shut out the Patriots 20-0.



The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity team next game will be an AWAY game. They will travel to play the Gators of Nottoway along with the rest of the BCYL team.

Due to the lack of varsity teams in the James River Southside Youth Sports Association, the format for the 2013 season has change from a two district league for the Varsity teams. All of the James River District teams (Buckingham, Cumberland, Amelia, Charlotte and Prince Edward) will team up with the varsity team in the Southside District (Nottoway and Lunenburg) to make up separated league. All of the Varsity teams will be scheduled to play each other. A different schedule has been sent out with some changes. These changes don't effect Buckingham as much as the other, but you can go to the Form and Handout Page to get the new BCYL Varsity's Schedule.




BCYL Varsity Shut Out Cumberland!

In the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity game, the Offense scored two touchdowns and the Defense scored two safeties in the first half to take a 16-0 lead. In the second half of the game, the Cumberland Varsity team at times looked to come alive. Especially with the Knights’ offense producing turnovers in critical times. But the Knights defense kept the Dukes scoreless and the first half points was all needed as the Knights defeated Cumberland 16-0.


The next game will be at Randolph Henry High School as the Charlotte Patriots will host the BCYL Knigths in our second AWAY game this weekend. Click on the "Directions" tab to the left for directions to all of the AWAY venues.





Varsity goes up 1-0

In the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity season’s Opener against the Amelia Parks and Recreation Raiders, it was the Knights scoring on a Special Teams. The Raiders was backed up on their first offensive set and force to punt. This gave the Knights an early 6-0 lead as Buckingham punt returner scored. That was short lived as Amelia bounced back with a long TD pass and converting on the PAT, they lead 7-6. The Knight came back in the 2nd period with another TD run as they went into the half leading 14-7.

In the second half the Knight scored another Touchdown and late in the 4th period a BCYL INT help sealed a 20-13 victory against a really good Amelia Raiders team.

Next game the Cumberland Youth Varsity will visit Gene Dixon Park for our first Home Game of the 2013 season.




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