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1st Place 2015 James River District Season


2015 James River District Champions


2015 James River District Champions...9 time winners. 

The James River District Championship game is nothing new for the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity football teams. The BCYL Varsity Knights have won this title for the past eight seasons. Each one gets harder to defend but the Knights manage to take on the task and have prevailed.

The BCYL Knights was the first place seed in the JR District playoffs but had a tough Charlotte Patriots team in their way to win their ninth straight title. The Knights defeated the Patriots in the first meeting in a close 13-0 game and lose to them 2-0 a couple of weeks ago in a defensive battle that gave the BCYL Varsity Knights their first and only conference loss.

Unlike the game a couple of weeks ago, the Knights came out hitting on all cylinders scoring in the 1st and 2nd quarter to take a 13-0 halftime lead.

Without letting up on defense, the Knights kept the Patriots our of the end zone in the 3rd period of the game as they continue adding to the scoreboard with another TD and 1pt PAT to take a 20-0 lead. Late in the 4th the Charlotte Patriots scored a touchdown, but not enough time to come back as the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity football team won their ninth James River District Championship.


The BCYL Varsity team will now move on to 2015 JRSYSA Super Bowl where they will meet the Renegades from Emporia


Game 6

Buckingham Knights  at  Amelia Raiders

And here comes the BCYL Varsity Knights.

In the first meeting between the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity football team against the Amelia Raiders on the season's opener game, the BCYL Varsity team scored in each quarter except the fourth to win 19-0. Now at the beginning of the 2nd half of the season when every team in the league has gotten better, how will the Knights perform as with a 4-1 overall record and leading the James River District.

BCYL Varsity line in the pits.

In the first quarter of the game between the Varisity Knights and Raiders it was mostly a defensive game. In fact, throughout the first 3 periods of the game no team could get into the endzone.

In the 4th quarter the BCYL Knights broke the ice by getting into the endzone but failed on the PAT to take the 6-0 lead. It seems that was all need as the Buckingham County Youth League Varsity remains in first place of the JR Distict with a 5-1 overall record.

With good blocking up front, the BCYL Varsity moving the football.

The Varsity team have already advance to 6-1 this week because the next game Cumberland don't have a Varsity team and have been Forfeit by the Visiting team.






Game 5

Buckingham Knights  vs  Emporia Renegades


BCYL Players getting ready for defense.

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity Football team hosted the Renegades of the Emporia-Greenville Recreation Association in our first non conference meeting of the season. The two programs met for the first time ever in 2009 in regular season play with the Knights winning both games that season. The next time the two team met in regular season action was last season. The Renegades defeated the Knights in both games. Last weeking is the 5th regular season game between the two clubs to break the tie.

Kicking off to start the Half of the game.

In the first period of the game, the Knights defense stuffed the Renegades offense early not allowing them to score in the 1st period. But the defense didn't hold up long as the Renengades scored the first TD in the 2nd period and converting on the 1pt PAT to take a 0-7 lead going into the half.

The Knights looked to move the ball at times as they did get some yardage on their offense. But could keep the Emporia team out of the end zone. Emporia scored again in the 3rd period of the game to extend the lead 14-0.

BCYL Varsity dropping back to pass, but all Wideouts look covered.

In the 4th period of the game the Knights allowed the Renegades in for their third TD as the Emporia Renegades seal the game taking the 21-0 victory over the BCYL Varsity Team.

The 4-1 Knights is still in 1st place of the James River District as they travel to Amelia next week to play the Raiders in the 2nd half of the season game.

Check listing for game times


Game 3

Buckingham Knights  at  Charlotte Patriots


BCYL Varsity with their dominating defense

The Knights really played their 2nd game of the season on this weekend. Due to Cumberland not being able to field a Varsity football team, the BCYL Knights had two week to prepare for the Charlotte Patriots. However, the Charlotte Patriots drew Cumberland and Prince Edward for their first two games, so this was their first game of the season. How would it go for the two good football clubs.

BCYL Varsity on the move offensively

After a 0-0 1st quarter, the Knights scored in the 2nd period of the game to take a 6-0 halftime lead. In the 3rd period of the game, it was almost like the first period ending with neither team scoring.

After a 13-0 victory over the Patriots the coaches, players and cheerleaders get together

In the 4th period of the game, the Knights broke through the Patriots with a mid field TD pass and with the Knights converting on the 1 point PAT, the Buckingham Knights sealed that game with a 13-0 victory.


Buckingham Knights vs Amelia Raiders

The Buckingham County Youth League Varsity Football team have been very successful in the past. The Knights have gone 2-2 against the Raiders of Amelia Parks and Recreation in the past four straight seasons opener games. So Amelia is a team that you can not take lightly in the beginning of the season.

BCYL Varsity Offensive Linemen blocked very well against Amelia's defensive front.

The BCYL Varsity Knights was the only team that came out strong in the first period of the game. Scoring on their first drive and continuing to pour it on the Raiders on the offense and defense side of the ball. Scoring in the 1st and 2nd quarter of the game, the BCYL Knights took a 12-0 lead at the half. Amelia started to get going after making some halftime adjustments, but it wasn't enough as the Knights scored another TD and adding with the PAT. The Knghts won their season's opener against Amelia 19-0 to start the 2015 season.

With good blocking the Knights was able to move ball throughout the day.

The next game for the BCYL Varsity football team is an AWAY game against the Cumberland Dukes. Check local listing for game times.